Rafe & Nicole: Like Minds

Am I the only person who  noticed that both Rafe and Nicole only seemed to think about Sydney at Christmas time?  They both went out of their way to buy a special gift for the child… but did NOTHING for any of her siblings, even though they were just as big a part of each of their lives as Sydney was…  Talk about favoritism…  EJ is only Johnny and Sydney’s daddy, but he openly declared his thoughtfulness for Ali during the Christmas season…

Rafe is starting to get more and more on my nerves lately.  This whole thing with him falling for Sami’s sister and not wanting anything to do with Sami until after she showed signs of getting back together with EJ has just made it worse.  Nicole has not wanted anything to do with EJ either… going so far as to claim to be afraid of the man… and yet we have spoilers saying that she is going to lay a kiss on the man New Years Eve so to distract him from the fact that her own date (Rafe) plants one on Sami…

Give me a break!  This isn’t junior high school folks.  These are ADULTS.   These writers seem to expect us to forget the fact that first Rafe wanted nothing more to do with Sami… and then Sami wanted nothing more to do with him…  but now, we are supposed to buy in to the garbage they are throwing at us, that they are both longing for each other????  Color me confused…. Did I MISS something????  When did Sami forgive Rafe for telling her lies while he told her sister the truth?

I say let’s move on… EJ and Sami are just alike… Rafe and Nicole are so much alike it’s not even funny… Why not pair EJ with Sami and Rafe with Nicole?   Lord knows there is a ton more chemistry in both pairings than there is between Sami and Rafe or Nicole and EJ.

I personally love RACOLE (Rafe and Nicole) and their potential… Nicole has been becoming a better person… all on her own.  The writers have gone out of their way to make sure that we know that.  So, why not put her with the town hero?  Then maybe they can have a miracle baby of their own, and they can leave Sydney to her REAL parents instead of acting as if she is really theirs.


By Faith Loveright


  1. Denise says:

    #1 John can’t act. #2 whay don’t the charcters don’t speak to each other the way everyone does. They talk in circles and create situations that would not happen. I know this is about drama but, you could be more real life and have plenty od drama. John has special ops training and he has not caught Kristen in her lies. They keep getting trapped and they have the means and knowlege to bust her. Good greif!

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