Life After Collinwood

Actors all dream of making it big in their chosen media, be it small screen or big screen. Dark Shadows sparked or elevated the careers of the actors on this cult series.

Success for Kate Jackson was explosive. Her appearance as Quentin’s love Daphne Harridge on Dark Shadows, introduced us to this young beauty. As Sabrina Duncan and one of Charlie’s Angels, Jackson became a household primetime name. With her Angel role, came the  angel label of “the smart one”. Beauty and brains made her a hit with fans of the show.

Another great role for Jackson, came with the spy drama The Scarecrow and Mrs. King. She played Amanda King married to a spy codename Scarecrow. As of 2011 Jackson is preparing to publish her memoirs titled (wait for it) The Smart One. The book was originally scheduled be released on October 11, 2011 but has since been delayed to April 1st, 2014. Publishing delays or not, it’s certain this book will be well worth the read.

David Selby saw his career start with a feature-film debut in Up the Sandbox. It then heated up to include the role most fans identify him with, as Quentin Collins on Dark Shadows. After the series ended, he later returned to the soap opera genre, working with Jane Wyman, and taking a role on Falcon Crest as Richard Channing.

The big screen was just as kind to him, and his roles no less notable. In the movie Dying Young. He turns in a wonderful portrayal of a father who cares and worries for his dying son, but is overbearing in showing that love and care. Selby has given us several more characters in the movies, working with the likes of Sharon Stone, Richard Gere in the movie drama Intersection, and other well known actors.

These days you can find Selby enjoying his status as a playwright and writing poetry. He also continues to delight Dark Shadows fans (along with other former cast members) by being part of Dark Shadows Festivals and discussing their unique roles on this classic serial. For some of the actors, it is their bread and butter now as the years go by.

Yes, this memorable group has gone on to further leave their impact on us. We’ve seen loss among them as well. The year 2012 saw the death of beloved Canadian actor Jonathan Frid, who played vampire Barnabas Collins at age 87. His passing is still raw among fans and cast alike. Life after Collinwood can be liberating but, it’s good to see the surviving members, remembering and paying tribute to their Collins roots.


  1. SirLizard says:

    David Selby worked with Jane Wyman (the Oscar-winning ex-wife of Ronald Reagan) on “Falcon Crest”, not Jane Wyatt (from “Father Knows Best”).

    *Writer’s note* Correct is it Jane Wyman. This is what is in the article my friend
    M Revis ~

  2. Robert Sharp says:

    And don’t forget John Karlen, who went on to win an Emmy as Harvey on “Cagney & Lacey.” But Joan Bennett made her mark well before Dark Shadows.

    • MaryMRevis says:

      @Robert Sharp Yes indeed so true on both counts. Mr Karlan continued to bring us characters we could watch and enjoy. Ms. Bennett was Hollywood glam in the flesh. Great post!

  3. Hidoll22 says:

    David Selby was on Falcon’s Crest, John “Willie Loomis” Karlen, was on Cagney and Lacey,Kate Jackson, was on Charlie’s Angel,Louis Edmonds was on All My Children. A few of the others made appearance Joel Crothers was Mile Kavaugh on The Edge Night. Grayson Hall and Nancy Barrett was on One Life to Live for a few episodes. Poor Grayson Hall was battling cancer

    • MaryMRevis says:

      @Hidoll22 We can surely see that these actors endured after Collinwood and gave us their all in forms of other memorable characters *smile*

      • Hidoll22 says:

        Hi Mary :-)
        some actors and or actresses who were on Dark Shadows. Like Marsha Mason, Conrad Bains who played Arthur Hammond on Maude, then Mr. Drummond on Different Strokes, Abe Vigoda, Boardway actress Donna? I can’t remember her last name she was a dancer A Chorus Line. For now that’s all I can think of :-)

  4. I have been watching Dark Shadows ever since it started airing. The first thing I would do when I got home from school I would drop my books jump over the coach and get me something to snack on .For me this was a ritual I never missed a show and even enjoyed the movie of House Of Dark Shadows. And to this day I am still a big fan of the show.I have all the Dark Shadows episodes recorded and The Movie House Of Dark Shadows that just came on recently. I love old shows like these too bad they don’t make them like this anymore…..

    • MaryMRevis says:

      @Elizabeth Ellen Belitz-Smith And didn’t you just LOVE the campiness of the show? LOL. I always got a chuckle when an actor flubbed their lines, or a camera got into view haha. Great memories. I also did the same as you and no doubt a great majority of the fan based did as well *Smile*

  5. RelapseRob says:

    I had a crush on Kate Jackson during the Dark Shadows days. She went on to play a nurse in a forgotten crime show called The Rookies before her more famous role in Charlie’s Angels.

  6. Sharon Blizzard says:

    Denise Nickerson (Amy ) went on to play in the movie Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory. Lara Parker played an episode on Rockford files and was in a few movies.

  7. Phillip Cook says:

    Lara Parker was also in an episode of Kolchak: The Night Stalker as a witch.

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