Let The Countdown Begin!

Well guys, we made it to March.  Just 30 days to go.  The anticipation is killing just about everyone I talk to.  We want to see what’s happened with our beloved characters (the ones that are still alive, that is); we want to see the new characters.

I can’t wait to get a gander at Mance Rayder.  I think their choice of Cairin Hinds to play him couldn’t be better!!  Being a dyed-in-the-wool Anglophile, I’ve seen him in countless movies and television shows.  I especially loved him as Julius Caesar in HBO’s Rome.  He’s going to totally kick ass as Mance.  He’s perfect!

Also, the thing that impresses me so much about Kit Harrington as our Jon Snow is the amazing ability this young man of 26 years has to emote.  His face is an absolute myriad of expressions, but not animated; his eyes tell all.  The dialogue and action with him and Mance is going to be intense; I just know it!  There’s the basic conflict with Mance defecting and Jon feeling loyalty to the Crows, but I wonder what Jon’s experience with the Wildling King Beyond the Wall and his followers will bring and what impact it will have on him.  There’s a budding relationship, undefined as of yet, with Ygritte.  I think it will open an entirely new world, literally, to Jon and I can’t help but think that he will be very affected by it.  So much so that it will change him, irrevocably.

There are so many other scenarios to wonder about:  What will happen to our poor little Arya?  What about Sansa and the Stark boys; poor little lords.  The devastation that happened to this family is unbelievable.  And Robb, just passed boyhood himself, calling the banners, declaring war and then becoming the King in the North.  Mind-blowing!!

Then there’s Lady Brienne of Tarth “escorting” Jamie Lannister back to his family thanks to Catelyn Stark, once again, taking matters into her own hands and making another bone-head move!  Somebody should gag her!!  All this started with Catelyn taking Tyrion prisoner forcing the Lannisters to react.  She can’t be trusted to make any right moves.  She may love her children, but she’s put them all in harm’s way by her reckless, impulsive behavior.

And, what is Cersei going to do with her cousin, Lancel, if Jamie does make it back alive?  She’ll have to kick her little boy-toy to the curb and hope he keeps his mouth shut.  Poor Jamie, caged up like an animal while his lovely ‘twinnister’ plays with the youngin’ – what a mess!!

I’ve been distracted of late writing about other characters, but now must mention my favorite, Tyrion Lannister.  He’s a favorite among most of my friends as well.  We all love this guy to death.  What bodes for our little lion?  Now that’s he’s been demoted and discredited again, his basic default position with the Lannisters, what will he do?  What will Shae do?  Their last scene together left me teary-eyed.  When Shae told Tyrion that he is hers and she is his, I wept.  Tyrion’s expressions were heart-wrenching.  He was holding onto her for dear life.  He has no one else at this point.  May the 7 watch over our favorite Imp!  Or, if you prefer to pray in the Godswood, have at it!

And let’s get to my least favorite – of course, you guessed it:  King Joffrey, boy King who was hit in the face with a cowpie after seeing his sister, Myrcella, off to Dorne.  The crowds showed just how much they loved their King, didn’t they?   Boy, did I love that!  What a sadistic little worm he is.  He’s coming out after Season 2 smelling like a rose when all he did was cower in his quarters during the Battle of Baywater because Cersei didn’t want her baby harmed.  Spawn of the devil, he is!   I so hope GRRM has written a very good comeuppance for him.  Being as he so loves to kill off characters, we may get satisfaction.  If not, I’m just going to bust.

I have a million questions floating around in my head and am getting dizzy with anticipation that at least we will get some of them answered this season – please, maybe, hopefully…

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