Leaving Behind a Legacy

Andy Griffith is a legend in all rights. His lost was a devastating blow to friends and fans alike back in 2012. As a TV legend, he has 53 credits to his name and as an actor; he earned 12 credits for appearances. This small town hero from Mount Airy, North Carolina left us a large hole in our hearts. His best roles were that of the Andy Griffith Show, A Face in the Crowd and Matlock.

Early Life and Career

Mr. Griffith’s early career started as a monologist. A monologist is a solo artist who recites or gives dramatic readings for the entertainment of an audience. One such reading was “What it Was, Was Football,” from the backwoodsman point of view on trying to figure out what football is and it was released as a single in 1953 on the Colonial Records label, reaching number nine on the charts. He moved on to Ira Levin’s teleplay of “No Time for Sergeants in 1955. He took the role and turned into a full-length theatrical version to Broadway in 1955. He earned the Distinguished Supporting or Featured Dramatic Actor nomination at the 56 Tony Awards.

In Remembrance of His Passing

Andy Griffith’s associations with other famous people such as R.G Armstrong, Don Knotts, Dick Van Dyke, Ron Howard and Daniel Roebuck helped keep the laughter rolling onward. The second anniversary of Andy’s death has been memorable, as we head out into the future. Make sure to mark July 3 for Andy Griffith. Take the day to watch Matlock or the Andy Griffith show. Mount Airy has a Mayberry day once a year in loving memory of the show and of the cast. Andy has denied that the town had any influence on “Mayberry,” but assumptions are made anyways. Thanks for reading, have a great week.

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