Knight Rider The Movie

A couple of years ago there were talks which said that The Weinstein Company was moving forward with an adaptation of the Knight Rider series. The plan was to update the show and make a single movie, with plans (maybe) for a big budget franchise. Updating the series meant making it more action oriented than otherwise.

It was 2012 back then, and 21 Jump Street proved that it is possible to take a cult series and translate it successfully for the big screens, as long as the new movie is self-aware of its origins. However, since then, there was no news, the movie being stuck in development hell.

In a recent interview, David Hasselhoff said that he would very much enjoy it if Michael Knight and KITT became the characters of a much more realistic action movie, just like the latest James Bond ones. Then again, The Hoff isn’t so sure that he will appear as a lead character in the film (he is 62 after all). And it appears that the studio has other plans too.

The latest name tied to this project is the one of Guardians of the Galaxy fame, of actor Chris Pratt (who will be seen in the sequel of another classic, Jurassic Park). Previously, comedian Danny McBride was rumored to take on the role of Michael Knight.

Will this movie be made, in a way or another?

David Hasselhoff believes that, for now, it would be very hard for the studio to make this movie happen. As he says, could you imagine getting that script where you have to talk to a car? But we say that stranger things have happened in the recent years, the best example being the Transformers series, who has gathered quite an impressive fan-base despite its ludicrous/peculiar premise.

This wouldn’t be the first time when the concept of the Knight Rider is being recycled. In 2008, a short-lived series aired (only one season), a series which followed Michael Knight’s estranged son driving an upgraded KITT (an acronym for Knight Industries Three Thousand, as opposed to Knight Industries Two Thousand from the original series).

There are still no definitive news/announcements about this project. However, back in 2012, it was said that the script will be penned by Brad Copeland, who also worked on the Arrested Development series.

As it seems, for now, we can just relax and revisit the original series. Or we can watch again and again how The Hoff cruises with his KITT replica, with Justin Bieber in the passenger seat.


  1. Conroy145 says:

    ive loved knight Rider ever since I was little. When the new series came out in 2008, I wasn’t thrilled about it at first because relaunches of original TV shows don’t usually go over well and wasn’t sure a show dealing with a talking car would interest people in 2008. But after seeing the pilot movie and the first season, I loved it. Was disappointed when the station pulled the plug. Honestly I don’t think a Knight Rider movie would do well in this day and age. Ratings would be own the toilet.

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