Knight Rider: Less Known Quirks

Like it or not, Knight Rider was no perfect series. It was over the top at times, there were dialogues which seemed out of place, and there were quite many unbelievable things (even if we are to follow only the logic within the movie).

Nonetheless, if we are to consider the fact that the series was an entertaining one these aren’t mistakes but little quirks, at most some inconsistencies. And Knight Rider is an entertaining show, no matter what.

The small detail I would like to take into account is the turbo boost with which KITT was upgraded. As everybody knows, KITT has quite a few features, making it actually the real hero of the film. Even more, at times, it seems that the car’s only weakness is its driver – the human element always disrupts how a fine piece of technology works.

The problem with the turbo boost is not that, at times, it changes its place on the board or remains in the same place while all the other buttons confusingly appear and disappear during the same episode. The problem is that Michael has to push the button whenever he wants to use this feat.

As a side note, KITT is an AI, proved over and over again. Then the question is: why does it have so many buttons, if Michael could simply ask for something? And, as a side note to the side not (if I may), why do the buttons confusingly change their place even during the same episode?

As said, Michael has to push the turbo boost button for this feat to work. However, KITT can also use it even if the driver isn’t in the car. The question is: who pushes that button, as long as there needs to be a driver for this upgrade to work?

Another quirk would be the most recent news about KITT. As everybody knows, William Daniels was the one to voice it during the original series, while Val Kilmer did it in the short-lived reboot.

The quirk is that David Hasselhoff and KITT are rumored to be the protagonists of Killing Hasselhoff (a 2014 movie) and that KITT will be voiced by none other than Justin Bieber (a news confirmed by Yahoo News and MTV).

Talk about strange things happening…

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