Kill The Braavosi…Bring The Girl!

Arya Stark!!  Lady Arya Stark, that is!  She’s braver than Michael Corleone!  As a matter of fact, the entire series is reminiscent of The Godfather in many ways; power struggles, back-stabbing, theft – just to name a few.  And there are so many character similarities between those in GRRM-land and the world of Don Corleone.

When I heard the Gold Cloak say:  ”Kill the Braavosi…bring the girl”, I couldn’t help but laugh out load.  It had the same delivery as, “Leave the gun…take the cannolis”  Aw, come on, you have to agree!   So, it got me thinking of the various characters in both worlds and I couldn’t help but make comparisons.

Let’s take a closer look at the Lannisters.  For example:  Who does Tywin remind you of? I say Don Corleone.  He’s feared by all and everyone seems to owe him something.  And there’s Jaime, his first-born – so much like Sonny, loves and good fight and makes wrong and impulsive decisions.  Did he really have to push Bran out of that window?  That action was one of the first causing the war in the 7 kingdoms!  Then there’s Tyrion so Michael-esque.  The son that doesn’t really want to be part of it all, but then gets sucked in as Hand of the King and surprises himself by doing a pretty bang-up job.  And my favorite comparative character:  Gregor Clegane – who is he like?  None other than Luca Brasi himself, meting out Tywin’s so-called justice.  Will Gregor the Mountain sleep with the fishes?  I think not!  He’s the one that delivered the fishes in Season 1, if you recall.

To find Fredo Corleone, you’ll have to travel over to the Iron Islands where Theon Greyjoy was born.  What a loser!  In his defense, he couldn’t catch a break, but he’s ANOTHER one that makes rash and stupid decisions without thinking, worsening things.  Just the thought of him entertaining the thought of  killing the Stark boys is proof that he’s just plain stupid.  Misguided, and really stupid!

I found just the opposite stereotype with the women in GOT.  You wouldn’t find Catelyn Stark making sauce in the kitchen for a family of 12 or so.  No, she is the anti-Mrs. Corleone determined to do things for herself.  But she also makes some bone-headed decisions like taking the Imp prisoner and then letting Jaime Lannister “escape” as a trade for her two daughters.  Really?  She shouldn’t be left to her own devices.

Then there’s Cersei Lannister, the meanest of Queens…  I think she’d give most of the Godfather men a run for their money. Her brother/lover Jaime sits rotting in a cage like a wounded animal and she’s taken a youngin’ Lannister cousin to bed who she recently promoted after Robert’s death.  She’s the one who orders the Pyromancers to start making Wildfire around the clock to ward off the Stannis army attack.  Yes, she’s one to be reckoned with.  In Brooklyn, we have a word for her; starts with B….ends with itch.

And last, but not least there’s my beloved Maester Luwin – may the Old Gods and the New Gods rest him!  He was the ultimate consigliore.  A true wise man, loving and faithful to the Starks and their children.  He’s nothing  like that devious, dirty old man,  Pycelle who totally fits in with Lannisters; bunch of back-biters anyway.

So that’s my take on it.  I guess GOT has all the components of a classic even without all the fantasy elements, which I absolutely love.  I’m going to look further and see if I can recognize other characters from other books/movies.  I’m sure I will.  With the abundance of personalities GRRM has created, how can I not?

To think, all this rottenness is a result of an honorable man – no, two honorable men: Jon Arryn and Ned Stark.  Like they say – no good deed goes unpunished!

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