John Wayne Survives Soviet Assassination Team

Marion Mitchell Morrison (aka John Wayne) born May 26, 1907 died June 11, 1979 was a conservative Republican. He helped create the Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals in February of 1944. A proactive anti-communist and president of the MPAPAI in 1947 and supporter of the Un-American Activities Committee and became a target for assassination under Joseph Stalin. The HUAC was a nerve committee that investigated acts of disloyalty, activities and other acts on due part of citizens, public employees and those who are suspected of having communist times. In was created in 1938 to uncover citizens with Nazi’s party ties that were in the United States. How did John Wayne association “mark” him for an assassination attempt by a KGB hit team?

John Wayne Heads up Anti-Communism in Hollywood

Sergei Gerasimov attended a gathering in the late 1940’s in New York for Cultural and Scientific Conference. Gerasimov learned that John Wayne headed up the MPAPAI. John led the charge against communists in Hollywood. Apparently, Mr. Wayne had a “Blacklist” of communists in the film industry. The blacklist destroyed the careers of hundreds of actors, screenwriters and directors. This list was far from perfect and because so many refused to testify or hand alleged communist sympathies, their reputations and life styles faced ruin. John Wayne’s anti-communist became a concern for Joseph Stalin, and the order was issued to eliminate Mr. Wayne.

FBI and Wayne Scare Russian Assassins

Yakima Canutt saved John Wayne’s life once; the so-called incident may have happened in the early 50’s.The The FBI informed Yakima of the KGB intention to eliminate Mr. Wayne. The FBI showed up and so did the assassins. John and his scriptwriter wrote a plot to abduct the assassins, John’s goal was to scare them, and it worked. The gunmen made it to the office of John Wayne and tried to make the attack. FBI agents arrested the KGB agents and handcuffed them. They went to the beach with the blindfolded men to a secluded beach. They were marched down to the beach and had the blindfold removed, and John and Grant drew pistols and shot at them. The rounds were blanks and it took the gunmen a few moments to realize they were alive.


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