Jennifer: Lucky or Not so Much?

I have stop and wonder if Jennifer Rose is the luckiest woman in the world that she has her very own renound surgeon at her disposal to continually save her life; or the most UNLUCKY woman ever, for constantly finding herself in need of his magical surgical abilities…

Seriously… since Jennifer has come back on the show, she has had her heart, literally ripped out of her chest, and Daniel had to put it back in for her…    Then she almost had her appendix burst, when she was conviently in the middle of nowhere with no one but him and Nicole of all people… now we have spoilers that yet again, Jennifer is going to find herself back in the hospital.

At this point, I have to say that the poor woman needs to be involved romantically with a doctor, if for no other reason than to make sure she doesn’t just drop dead out of the blue for no explainable reason.  This used to be a tough girl who could stand on her own two feet and wasn’t afraid to face down anyone for any reason… The writers have turned her into a needy woman, whose own virgin daughter looks more mature than her, at times.

When the powers that be, brought Jack back on set, the few DANIFFER fans out there, forgot all about them as a couple and fell back in love with JACKIFER… only to have Jack killed off.  The way she has been thrown back into a relationship with Dan so fast after Jack’s death, without really taking any time to mourn the loss of the “love of her life”… is nothing short of disrespectful to the many fans of this one time supercouple. Jack and Jen had a lot of diehard couple based fans… The powers that be have thumbed their noses at the loyalty of such fan bases…

If you ask me, Jennifer is unlucky… in love… in health… and in the way she is written… First the writers destroyed EJ as a character (for the sake of his father)… then Sami (for the sake of Rafe… don’t get me started on THAT travesty)… then Nicole (for EJ… again… don’t get me started… you won’t like the outcome if you are an EJOLE fan)… now it’s Jen (for Daniel) and Marlena (for Kristen)… who will it be next?   How about a little respect for the general audience and fan bases as well as the personality of the character in question.

I miss the character driven storylines, instead of what we get now, which are story arcs that have characters doing completely uncharacteristic things in a way that destroys them, all for the sake of the story.   It’s time for a change… Take us back to the days when soap operas were about ROMANCE and true love. And for the love all that is Holy… give the characters their own personalities back… and stick to it, already.

By Faith Loveright


  1. Delma Jantzen says:

    Marrying a doctor is not what it’s cracked up to be. I was once married to one for fifteen years, and he broke my heart over and over. I agree, bring the romance back! Right now on DOOL there is not one happy couple, unless you count Maggie and Victor. Right now, I am not happy with John. As soon as he found out about Brady and whats-her-name, and started ragging on Marlena, all I could say is, “Suck it up, John!!” He should know to trust Marlena’s instincts and respect her opinions, instead of tearing her down from the inside out.

    • Sherry says:

      I agree with Delma, John has turned unrecognizable. He would NEVER treat Marlena the way he is. I am seriously disallusioned by him and don’t like it one bit. He’s a creep. And Brady? GROW UP! He’s acting like a young kid in puberty. He KNOWS what Kristen has done and yet everyone can go to hell, HE’S GOING TO KEEP GETTING HIS PIECE OF @$$ no matter who he hurts. I’ve always really liked Brady, but I’m looking so forward to when he finds out the truth. Don’t cry Brady, you brought it all on yourself! Chloe is evil, and never used to be. Jennifer needs to grow a set and speak up. NOT liking Rafe and Kate, get real. Oh! And could Vargas KICK NICK’S @$$ AGAIN!!! Can’t wait for big tough Nick to be knocked down a few notches!

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