Jennifer Deveraux: Helpless Woman or Desperate for Love?

I was having a little difficulty coming up with a topic for this week, but after watching Days for the last few weeks/months more religiously than I have in the past, someone caught my eye, so I figured I’d run with it.

Now, as with my last post, this character earned my feelings of like toward her, but I must admit, there are times now where I want to tell her where to go, and kick her off my screen.  This, dear readers, has to do with one Jennifer Horton Deveraux.

Forgive me, as I don’t know the entire history of Jack and Jen, since I didn’t start watching Days until my final years of high school, and then sporadically in college, then moving to full time watching in my adulthood.  There were times Jack and Jen bored me to tears, and annoyed me to no end, especially when Jack would just up and leave his family, and just as Jen moved on, Jack came right back, and suddenly, Jen felt so guilty for being with someone else, that poor man would get dumped, and she’d run right back to Jack’s arms.  In recent times, the pairing of Jen with Daniel was having me hooked……..wait for it…..until she started turning into this needy, meddling woman.

I mean, sure, she should be eternally grateful to Daniel for saving her heart (literally) with that crazy storyline Days ran of having Jen’s heart removed at the prison infirmary.  But now, it seems to me that Jen is turning herself from grateful patient/grieving widow to obsessive stalker over Daniel and what he is doing in his life.  Suddenly, I feel like I am seeing Jen try to mother Daniel by telling him what he should or shouldn’t do (as in the case of having the hand surgery), to who he should be with (not Nicole),  or to following his every move in the hospital, and bothering poor Nurse Maxine to find out where Daniel has run off to.

It seems like Jen is trying so hard to either place herself completely in Daniel’s life as “The Woman”, or is trying to control his every move.  I’m sorry, Jen, but isn’t Maggie mother enough for him?  When Daniel was involved with Nicole, Jennifer would tell him over and over again about how Nicole was bad news.  Jen, dear, I like you and all, but but take a step back and see what you’re doing! Daniel is a grown man, he’s able to make his own decisions, and frankly, this writer is glad he found the light and now knows what kind of woman Nicole really is.  But hold your granny panties, Jen, I don’t think Daniel is going to just up and run right into your arms just yet.

I really hope that as the show continues, we see Jen in a new light, and maybe even with a new love.  I mean, she has her children (speaking of, where IS Jack Jr?) to mind over, she’s still grieving for Jack, and yet, is also now become a woman who is trying to find her way having lost the man she fell in and out of love with so many times.  I just wish her way of stepping out into reality wouldn’t involve obsessing over her friend Daniel’s life…..


  1. Delma Jantzen says:

    At this point, they both love each other, but are afraid to declare their love.

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