Jason’s And Sam’s Love Story: What Happens Now

Despite Jason’s unsolved murder and apparent exit from General Hospital, a lot of fans, including myself think that Steve Burton’s sudden disappearance from the soap is a great loss. In fact, many are still hoping that he would reappear and be with Sam again since their love story is one of the best on the soap opera.

There is no doubt that Jason and Sam are one of GH’s super couples. Tracing their romance back to 2004, their love story is one filled with so many challenges. In fact, their first meeting was made possible by an arrest. They even fought a lot and there was a lot of tension that has been created between them. But this relationship is one of the best since it has a lot of trust and acceptance in it. Their love for each other is not one that began with a spark but one that grew over time. It is one that is so strong that it has even survived amnesia, and even near death episodes!

This relationship which started with the need to protect Sam paved the way for their bond to become stronger. This is a relationship that has seen both the worst and the good in each other, and to me, they should be back together. I am hoping for a sudden reappearance of Jason into the soap opera since Jason’s body has never been recovered. It’s just not the same without Jason in the show.

Can you imagine the chaos it will cause Port Charles upon learning that Jason is actually alive? He helped make the show quite interesting. They should bring Jason back just like how they brought his “supposed to be dead” brother back, just at a faster rate. To me, killing him on the show after 21 years is just ridiculous! But leaving the story line open ended was also brilliant since it can give Jason the chance to reemerge when the plot provides for the scenario. The lives at Port Charles will surely be shaken, especially that of his murderer Duke Avery.

Audiences will also be in for a treat. Will Sam wait for the love of her life to come back to her, or will she grieve forever knowing that Jason will never come back? Or will their love story continue on? I do hope Jason “comes back to life” and give GH and Sam the love story it deserves. After all, this will make the twists and turn of events at Port Charles really, really interesting.



  1. Jennifer Brown says:

    he doesn’t want to come back,GH didn’t fire him, he just didn’t renew his contract,he will only return when Kelly Monaco decides to leave GH,then all three will exit together.I don’t see that happening since she has a paying job and is under contract!

  2. Leticia Medley says:

    I need Jason back! The show is just not the same without him.

  3. Jay feliciano says:

    I think Jason should come back he is missed deeply n Sam been though too much already. He should enjoy his son n raise him with Sam together. I’m not a writer but they could make it look like someone found him is helping him get too n sooner or later goes home.

  4. Patty Laws says:

    I just don’t see Jason coming back any time soon. He let because he wanted to spend some time with his family. I think that is really great that he is putting aside his career for quality time, at least for now to be with loved ones. Who really knows what is going on in his personal life. He will be back when HE thinks it’s time. He knows how much he is missed.

    • Samantha Oeck says:

      If that’s the case? Going to Y&R is not Kentucky and family!!! Someone @ GH wouldn’t give what he needed to stay! BIG BIG mistake! Do what has to be done to get Steve Burton BACK!

  5. While I want Jason to come back more than anything, I don’t want a replacement Jason. I have grown up with this show and Jason and if he doesn’t miss and want to come back to the show then I think it should end. There will never be another Jason and that shows what an outstanding actor he really is. I understand him wanting some family time. I just hope he decides to figure a way to balance his personal life and the Jason life he has shared with us for so many years and come back. His GH family really misses him…

  6. Csunb says:

    I wish Steve Burton the best if he has moved on in his carreer he deserves it.
    As far as the show, we all miss him and want him back. I am glad they left an opening for the possibility. It is a shame, Sam and Jason need to be reunited with his son and enjoy a bit of mortal happiness underneath the still true to character that Jason has always been. The fixer, the calm one the big brother to all.

  7. Kathy Hedrick says:

    I know Steve is so very happy now that he is living in TN, which makes me happy but I miss him so very much on GH and I’m going to continue to be happy for him and hope that Frank and Steve can come to some kind of arrangement that will allow Steve to return to GH so we can continue to have our wonderful Jasam family but also allow him to spend extended time in TN with is family.

    • Kathryn Mauritz says:

      I agree ~ Even if Steve Burton is only in a few scenes, here & there, … at least they find him alive, & he can enjoy his wonderful family that he FINALLY has, with Sam & his very own baby boy, which is soooooo neat that they found out that it is really Jason’s baby!!! I’m sure they can do a whole day of taping with the scenes of Jason in them, & then he can fly back to Tennessee. So it would be only like once every two months that he would have to fly here to film. I REALLY wish something like this could work out!!! I MISS JASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. jason is and was and has been the best ever on g.h. and its not the same with him gone he and sam have always had stuff to keep them apart ,now they need to be together and finish with their son ,and be a happy family growing in love and happiness and going forward come on back jason your missed more than anyone ive ever known and your so loved by all of us ,we need you the show needs you badly as does sam so were waiting love ya steve burton

  9. emare says:

    From your comments I have just learnd what Steve Burton is up to & I too am happy for him. However, I think they should bring the charactor back even if it means a different actor for awhile so he & Sam can have their life. Not to mention what is Sunny gonna do without Jason??????

  10. Wendelyn Sullivan says:

    Maybe after SB has a little time off to spend quality time with his family over the holidays, in the New Year. He will decide to come back to Gh to bring back his character Jason. Jason is really needed on the show, and with Aj suddenly turning up alive, there would be alot of storyline for Jason. I just don’t want it to be that Aj has to be the bad brother all the time. I would like to see a better relationship between Aj and Jason. I would love to see Sam and Jason reunited, so they can be a family with their Son, Danny.

    • Marge Stone says:

      That would be great! I love Jason and Sam and it would be interesting to see them back together now thatAj is back. I didn’t watch whae Aj was on before.

  11. nina says:

    The author of this article acts like this doesn’t happen on every soap all the time. He will or wont come back even if you saw his guts splattered all over the place.. It could be many years like with AJ. and there is no point in killing the show and a great story line by waiting for Steve Burton to decide he wants to come back. I vote for a recast… it happened many times with many characters and it works just fine. Look at Todd, Edward, AJ, Maxie, Kate/Connie, Carly– you get the idea.. it will be fine..

  12. Yes I as well agree maybe even let them be together and leave to go away with each other and then if and when let them be able to come back on GH as a couple but I have even lost interest in watching GH as well the other story lines are not as good with out Jason Morgan ( Steve Burton) He was a great Actor and I understand he wanted to leave to spend time with his family and to do other projects he is so missed and I hope soon they may be a better story line with Sam And Jason this was just not a good end of a great Actor at all Please rewrite and please bring Steve Burton back for a great send off !!!!!!!! As He Deserves !!!!!!!!!!! Come On 21 Years !!!!!!!!!

  13. jamie andrews says:



    • Marge Stone says:

      I totally agree with you nut I read it was Steve Burton’s choice! He had other things he wanted to do. I loved him and think it would be hard to accept a recast but I so love Jason and Sam together it will be hard to accept a new actor

    • Jennifer Pisano says:

      I agree, The show sucks right now without Jason, I can’t imagine it coming back to life unless Val comes on the show for good and sweeps Sam off her feet, Then I’ll be hooked again or of course Jason comes back!!!

  15. Sandi says:

    I agree Jason needs to return. Not just for Sam and the son he left behind but for Sonny, Monica, Michael Jr and everyone else that miss him, including the fans. I don’t think Steve Burton will return but the character of Jason needs to return. If so, whoever replaces Steve has some BIG shoes to fill.

  16. Marge Stone says:

    Steve Burton ( Jason) left because he wanted to pursue other things.
    I read he had some land he wanted to go and work on. He will be missed. It is not the same and i loved him an sam together.

  17. sherry says:


    • Lizzie says:

      GH need to take time and replace Jason. The new people they have gotten Britt,Sabrina and Trey have nothing, so they need to seriously take their time and replace Jason. didn’t you know everyone is replacement, and SBu as jason can be also. BUT do they want to replace him. Don’t if they go the route that went when SBu was there, they basically made him a butt monkey to Liz. Gave him no scenes with Sam or no part in his baby story. At adventure SBu was the best, and Sam could have done better than John and Dante on the waterfront. The hold scene with Dante looking like Teenage Ninja Turtle and John doing a round was comical. They had people who could have made that work,BUT FV/RC was to busy pimping the oghe 2 that will never be seen as hot. For GH to survive either FV/RC needs to go, it would be best if both go, BUT one or the either none to be gone.

  18. karen russell says:

    Well its the Soaps lies happen all the time, oh well move on, I loved Jason just as much as anyone else,…He has been gone along time recast have him be found wearing bandages on his face and the one guy that has Robin also has Jason and has changed his face and was trying to brain wash him, but Jason was able to escape and head back home but not before he had his face changed. That sounds good to me

  19. Linda Hunt says:

    I think you Jason should come back . Sam getting the baby back and its Jason’s the baby needs his daddy and Sam needs him to let them be a family. if they can with Aj back in Port Charles.

  20. I think their lives were rudely cut off and unfinished. They should be celebrating the fact that Jason is little Danny’s Daddy, not mourning his death. And Stop shoving john Mcbain At Sam. I just hope Steve Burton will come back.

  21. I really would like to see Jason comeback to General Hospital but if he needs time with his Family ,then i understand ! I miss him though on the show ,just not the same ! If he decides to get on Young & Restless then i will start watching that soap too , i would really like for him to come back to Sam and his baby because there needs to be some kind of closure there for that story line . I think Sam shouldn’t end up with John Mcbain either ,I liked her with Steve Burton better !!!! I will keep watching GH To see what happens next , Good Luck to you Steve Burton!

  22. Connie B says:

    I think Jason needs to come back, the love he has with Sam is so touching that’s the main reason I watch the show I mean there’s no love like there’s. He has a son & he don’t even know that he’s the father to Danny. He needs to be in Danny’s life not John McBain get him away from Sam. Come on bring our Jason back.

  23. mj says:

    Bring Jason back somehow. The rest of it is crap. I don’t know why the stuff has turned the way it has. Good writing takes time. You have been given the time. Whatever it costs bring Jason back. He will replace Lukes quirky personality when he goes off. He will go off. But you are missing the boat with the rest of this stuff. Sure sonny’s mysterious mob stuff can take a back seat to training his sons. Set up a proper company and put his boys at the head of it. Starr is acting ridiculous. talk about overacting. What about Robin??

  24. mj says:

    Sam and Jason should have had some time together before he was killed. They didn’t even consummate their reunion. Duke Lavery killed him???
    I thought it was Faison. Now I hate Duke. Stupid old love affairs, bring in some new ones.

  25. Joan Ruth says:

    Steve is a wonderful young man. I met him personally & he is a gentleman too.
    He loved his family & wants what’s best for them. I’m sure he thought long & hard about leaving GH
    I think he was tired of always being the second guy. He deserved better. They needed to give him much more air time. I love Sonny too, but, got tired of his constant bullying Jason!! Jason needed to be equal to show his many sides. How’s many ways can they break his heart? Lets see Emily, Alan, Courtney,Sam, Elizabeth, Jake the worst of all. I miss him & watch Y&R
    Just to see him. I wish him every happiness life can offer him. And will always be a loyal Steve Burton Fan.

    • Judythe says:

      If your going to write about port Charles then please get names right (Duke Avery), is wrong , Duke Lavery is more like it…

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