Jason Voorhees: The Best Of

Even if you are not talking about the slasher franchise, uttering the words Friday the 13th immediately makes you think about Jason Voorhees. And you must admit this: when the first film appeared back in 1980, making such a known date a brand of your own was a stroke of genius.

But leaving this aside, what’s the worst that could happen? What is the most terrifying thing that could happen on this day? Well, I have a few ideas, and they all have Jason Voorhees at the core.

Besides all the gruesome murders, for what else are the slasher films best known? Of course, it is all the gratuitous nudity. A first scene that I would like to remember is the epic confrontation between Jason and Freddy (from that other slasher franchise). Freddy vs. Jason was said to be a show about Monica Keena’s cleavage – and, by all means, it was exactly like that.

But consider the following succession of events: cleavage – Freddy controls Jason – cleavage – Jason vs. Freddy – cleavage – Freddy believes he has defeated Jason – cleavage – Jason impales Freddy with his own claws. And the end is, obviously, another cleavage. It doesn’t sound so bad, right?

And this succession of events leads to another scene of epic proportions with Jason Voorhees as a main character. We are now 10 years back, in Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, in what is probably the best scene in which the premarital sex is punished.

In this scene, we have Deborah and Luke getting cozy (so to speak) in a tent, with no regard to the fact that bad things always happen during pleasant times. Everything is going according to the plan – we even have several shots with Deborah’s bust. But, suddenly, a barbed wire spike pierces her chest transforming everything in a gore-fest. Jason Voorhees is not done, since (maybe) the two lovers might still have a chance of rekindling the fire between them. So Jason yanks the spike and splits Deborah in two. He has definitely ruined the moment.

The final scene I’d like to remind is an even more hilarious one. We go back a little bit more to Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood, in which we see what a frightened young woman would do when faced with a murderer: obviously, she will hide under the bed.

But since she is in a tent, she just hides in her sleeping bag. Also, she is naked (but I believe I didn’t have to mention that, like I don’t have to mention what she was doing with her boyfriend). Jason drags the sleeping bag out of the tent and starts bashing it into a tree, while she (Judy by her name) screams in panic.

Now she isn’t Judy any longer, she is Mashed Judy.

These are just three moments from the long history that Jason Voorhees had – by far, in my opinion, they are the best.

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