Janet Evanovich: Three Favorite Novels

Plum Spooky

“Plum Spooky”

First let me say that Janet Evanovich is one of my favorite authors.  She is a very prolific writer and in my opinion, although some of her work is better than others, all are pleasant reads.   My absolute favorites are her By The Numbers Series featuring inept bounty hunter Stephanie Plum.  I’ve loved them all and, in fact, have already pre-ordered “Notorious Nineteen” which comes out in November.

My ranking from good to better to best are:

“Wicked Business” a Lizzy and Diesel Novel.  This is another series written by Ms Evanovich.  In “Wicked Business” a Harvard professor is murdered and thrown from his balcony.  He has been searching for an ancient relic, the Luxuria Stone, the stone of lust.  Lizzy and Diesel take up the search after his death and in their quest leave behind a trail of mayhem. This book is a very fast read.  Its pleasant, very light, but lacks the spontaneous humor found in the Plum series.  In this book the humorous passages seem a little forced.

“Plum Spooky” is a Stephanie Plum between the numbers book.  I enjoyed this one more than “Wicked Business”.  The story takes place in  Trenton New Jersey.  It features a place known as the Pine Barrens. This area is home to the Jersey Devil who rises above the treetops at night and also is home to a bunch of monkeys.

The Pine Barrens are the new playground for opportunist and killer Wulf Grimoire and his new partner Martin Munch.  Munch is a genius who received a doctorate in quantum physics at age twenty-two.  At this point Grimoire is hoping to obtain world dominance.

Diesel pops back into Stephanie’s life and together with the crew from the Stephanie Plum novels work to hunt down Grimoire and Munch getting a monkey along the way.  The book is a light, funny, very enjoyable read.

In my opinion, the best of the three is “Explosive Eighteen”.  This novel is the most recent one published in the Stephanie Plum By the Numbers series.

Stephanie comes home to New Jersey from a less than successful trip to Hawaii.  When she unpacks she finds a man’s photo in her luggage and tosses it in the trash.  A little later she learns her seatmate on the plane has been murdered and bad third world people are looking for a photo he had.  Of course, the photo is probably already in the landfill.  Stephanie then works with an FBI sketch artist to try and recreate the man in the photo.  She only makes him look like movie stars.  She is not believed when she claims to not have the photo and has to watch her back when the bad guys come looking for her.

Its business as usual at the bond office with Stephanie and Lula trying to catch FTAs until Vinnie’s temporary office in a bus explodes.

Stephanie’s family and friends try to find out what happened on the vacation trip to Hawaii and why she has a place not sunburned on her finger where a ring would be. Joe Morelli or Ranger?   Stephanie isn’t talking.

Another laugh out loud book.  Reading and enjoying “Explosive Eighteen” is a wonderful way to spend a few hours.


  1. shawn says:

    I love Stephanie Plum and her hilarious predicaments!! Please write more Janet!! I really love your books!!!!!

  2. Christine says:

    Janet I have no certain favorites they are all fabulous

  3. Gwendalynn McKone-GoForth says:

    Luv ur wk. Thanks 4 fun /inspiration! My Kevin in heaven : a prolific reader enjoyed Stephanie plum bks. We share that w old friend /new hubby Robby -frmr chef when I hostessed @ 24 hr restaurant -30 yrs ago when in HS, dating Kevin 1981-? Married k&g 1997. R&G 3-11-11. Happy anniversary 2 us todayb4 nxt mo.-2 yrs.

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