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“Janet Evanovich”

Years ago while checking out some books, the librarian asked me “have you ever read a Janet Evanovich book?.  My answer was no and she went on the tell me how much she enjoyed the  new series.  This was about the time only three by the numbers books had been published.  I picked up “One For the Money” and I’ve been hooked on the Stephanie Plum series ever since.

With Jersey girl bounty hunter, Stephanie Plum, and her group of “helpers” Janet Evanovich has created a hilarious cast of characters.  I can be alone at home reading one of these books and will be laughing so hard tears roll down my cheeks.  If anyone saw me they would think I was nuts.  No other author has been able to bring such laughter.

Stephanie was an out of work lingerie buyer who takes a job with her cousin Vinnie as a bounty hunter.  Vinnie is a really sleazy owner of a bail bond company.  He is said to have questionable sexual appetites.   His office is run by the very competent  Connie .  Rounding out the office staff is Lula, a former Ho who does the filing and accompanies Stephanie on her adventures when she tries to track down and capture a skip.

Stephanie with or without Lula is less than competent as a bounty hunter.  She has several cars blown up.  When her car is destroyed she’ll drive a 1953 Buick stored in her parent’s garage or Ranger will provide a car for her to use.  When tracking a skip  both she and Lula get into first one problem than another.

Lula likes to carry a gun and Stephanie does not.  Lula often needs to stop for fast food especially after something has gone haywire.  When the girls get into trouble they are often helped out by Ranger who has his own security service, but  also works for Vinnie on the bad skip cases.  Ranger has been a mentor of sorts for Stephanie.  She has romantic fantasies involving the rangeman.

Stephanie’s other love interest is long suffering policeman Joe Morelli, someone she has known since school days and been involved with off and on thru the years. Joe and Ranger tolerate each other and have been known to team up to rescue Stephanie from trouble she has gotten herself into.

Dinner is often held at Stephanie’s parents home with her long suffering mother and father and Grandma Mazur.  Grandma likes to have a gun and sometimes it will go off.  Grandma also likes to attend viewings at the local funeral home and has been known to cause havoc there.

When I pick up a Stephanie Plum novel I will not put it down until it is finished – it is just that entertaining.

I’ve read and enjoyed all eighteen books in the series so far and look forward to number nineteen coming out the end of the year.  Hopefully the series will continue for many more years to come.

The first book “One For the Money” came out as a movie early in the year.   It too was very enjoyable.  Debbie Reynolds as Grandma Mazur was especially funny.  In the future I’d love to see more of the series made into movies.


  1. JANE says:

    I love all of your books. The picture of you with your St. Bernie, is great. My whole family are great animal lovers. Neice once stopped on major highway to rescue a lost St. Bernard, the kids named him “Highway”, after article in local newspaper with pictures, the owners finally got their beloved pet back. But we
    hated giving him up.

  2. Stephanie says:

    I would just like to add that my husband was so curious about what in the world was making me laugh so hard. You know the typical book wormish – lost in space demeanor that a reader can get tagged with. You my dear are the only one that can take credit for making me get a laughing snot bubble! Love Ya! :D

  3. Rhonda Dennison says:

    I would like to know of there is a fan page or site i can subscribe to me and my mother spend quality time reading the books together just love em if anyone knows please email me at wolfsdolphin67@yahoo.com thanks

  4. Rhonda Dennison says:

    Looking forward to more movies

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