It’s Time to Recast Jason on General Hospital

If ever the time is right to recast Jason Morgan on ABC and SoapNet, the time is now! Now that Roger Howarth has returned to General Hospital as the re-casted Franco – blonde, no less – perhaps it’s time to recast his fraternal twin brother as well.

Maybe not all fans of Steve Burton would appreciate Jason’s recast, but as long as Jason’s body is not found dead, it’s possible for Steve Burton to agree to return to his originated part in the future on GH.

Not that fans should hold their breath, so to speak, waiting for Steve Burton to return, but if Franco has been recast, it seems easier to suspend disbelief and accept that both characters have been recast together in this warring plot between Jason Morgan and his antagonist, Franco.

It has been a challenge for some GH fans to accept the initial introduction of One Life To Live characters from Llanview when they first arrived to Port Charles: Todd Manning, the owner and founder of Manning Enterprises and publisher of The Sun newspaper, his daughter Starr, and John McBain, the cop. Also appearing briefly from Llanview were Starr’s boyfriend Cole and their daughter Hope, who were killed on the day of their arrival, and Todd’s ex-wives, Téa Delgado, and the mother of Todd’s daughter Starr, Blair Cramer.

Given that GH was not canceled like OLTL and AMC, GH fans can feel relieved that the Llanview characters came to Port Charles rather than the other way around. But just as the GH fans got used to the Mannings’ and McBain, and have even grown to enjoy watching them within the past short year, those three main characters all picked up and left on the same day, leaving Port Charles for good. Michael Corinthos suddenly lost his beloved girlfriend, Starr.  Carly Corinthos-Jax was left torn for turning away from Todd, to whom she was attracted to, yet felt he was not “good” for her as he left Port Charles.  And Sam McCall had to bid farewell to John, the loyal and loving friend who helped deliver her baby Danny.

The reason was a fair one, given that the three actors from OLTL went to re-launch their canceled soap on Hulu and online. However, when they returned to GH on ABC and SoapNet one month later, fans had to get used to them all over again, with literally hair-raising changes to all three characters and their appearance. The American Broadcasting Company had no choice but to change the appearance and character names of those three actors from OLTL because ABC was being sued by the studio that revived OLTL and AMC, Prospect Park, for over $25 million. Aside this egregious lawsuit abuse, the reason why these actors even returned to GH at all was because they were on contract, so the show has to pay them whether or not they’re on-screen.

But this reason for the characters’ “bait-and-switch” was neither fair to GH fans nor to the ABC GH ratings.  For GH fans it’s yet another suspension bridge of disbelief to cross over as the network hopes to keep ratings afloat. For most of those OLTL fans that watched GH when their Todd, Starr, and John came to Port Charles, changing those characters now will not keep them from changing the channel or turning their TV off. One can’t speak for everyone, but generally, any hope for adding the OLTL fan base viewership to GH is now D.O.A., yes, dead on arrival. According to the ratings for the week of May 27-31st, GH is now in the fourth spot behind Y&R, B&B, and DAYS.

So now Kristen Alderson, who played Starr Manning, is Lauren Jerome Frank, or Kiki for short, and she’s no longer a blonde. Michael Easton who played John McBain is now Silias Clay, the doctor with the silly ponytail. And Roger Howarth, who played Todd Manning, is now none other than Franco, affectionately called “Bobby” by his mother.

Franco the character was originated by the actor, James Franco, and his hair was jet black. When Roger Howarth returned as the blonde “Mystery Man” for a week, nobody saw it coming that he was none other than Franco himself. GH fans all know and understand that Franco has a sick and twisted obsession with his twin brother, Jason, and Jason’s return would add a lot of riveting drama for fans to enjoy. Or, maybe if both characters get recast together and if a softer side of “bad-boy” Franco can be achieved by the writers and the talented Roger Howarth, then a truce between the brothers is possibly believable. The point, once again, is if Jason were to ever be recast, the time is now.


  1. Elizabeth Lovejoy says:

    I wish it could be Steve Burton but if he doesn’t want to come back then it is hopeless to get him back so there really is nothing we can do about that and neither can GH so on that note i guess you have no choice but to find someone else. I wish Steve Well and I hope whoever you find can fill his shoes. Good Luck with it.

    • Diane says:

      Sense Steve left GH hasn’t interested me, I hate the story like regarding Franco being Jason.Lets face it Noone can fill his shoes. I just keep Praying he’ll come to his senses and come back. I want Starr , Todd and John to go back to there original roles , I ‘m not happy with how things are going !

      • If Steve Burton won’t come back as Jason, I think they should just kill off the character for good, and get another love interest for Sam…..I love GH..but lately, all this same stuff is getting boring… (Give Steve a raise $$$, and get him back)…..

        • Pauline Dagley says:

          I agree……Give Steve Burton MORE money,get him back on the show,no one can replace him as Jason.GH has already lost a lot of viewers because of him leaving and several people have told me they would stop watching if Jason is recast.And I also agree,if Steve Burton soesn’ want to come back,then Jason’s body needs to be found …..End of story

        • debbypainter says:


        • It’s not a $$ issue, it was that he was spending too much time away from his family in TN; Y&R allow him to work 3 days and be with his family or Port Chuck Band

      • Glenda says:

        You obviously are not a true GH fan then. I love Steve Burton, too, but as Jason he wasn’t the total show! I’ve always only watched the ABC soaps as they just always seemed more real to me and not so melodramatic! Just as we were able to get used to a blonde Carly we will also get used to a well played Jason!

    • Toni says:

      Dont like Todd playing Fracko he is not a good Franko n Star needs to b Star not Kiki I nso wish Steve would come back n oh ya dont like Jonn AS A DOC I will still watch but the show seams to b loseing all the good actors so glad they brought back the real Maxie she is the only good Maxie onn GH N WHAT HAPPENED TO REX N GEGE

    • deanna moody says:


  2. Annette says:

    Qutie frankly, I’m really sick of the character change and the tired storyline with Patrick, Britt and Sabrina. Please recast Jason. GH needs a shot of adrenaline. I’m a looong time fan and there are days when I want to chunk a shoe at the screen, wishing it would hit someone on the other end.

  3. Donna Weise says:

    haven’t watched GH much since Jason left and all these new characters showed up! PLEASE BRING JASON BACK!!!! He’s ok on Y&R, but GH is not the same without him!

    • Deborah says:


      • Dee says:

        I love Steve Burton on Y&R. He needs to stay there. I get to see him act. It’s nice. He’s really good. Also, they need to recast Jason NOW, before fans of the show don’t care anymore. No need to lose a great show over one character.
        Also, the Patrick, Sabrina and Britt storyline is lame. I think the storyline may be linked to Dominic, Lulu and Maxie. Britt stole one of their embryos to pass off as Patrick’s, right? Just saying it needs to be over soon. Real soon.

    • debbypainter says:

      to bad 4 u recast jason please11111111111111

  4. DeDe says:

    Do not recast Steve Burtons role. I will no longer watch General Hospital. iI want Steve Burton back!

  5. Laura Schultz says:

    The storyline is really bad. Why bring those characters back. None of them fit in the other actors and the storylines are pitiful. Really don’t like the fact that they brought the ex-Diane from Y&R to this show. She wasn’t good on there and is worse on General Hospital. Like Y&R, you need to get better writers (producers).

    • Denise says:

      I agree!!! All of a sudden you see her every day! She stinks!!!! I would watch older character’s then her! Come on GH!!! Your better than that!!!!

  6. C. Saunders says:

    I use to love General Hospital but now with all the changes its not only crazy its down right STUPID. Its not even a daytime drama no more. Its a late night comedy stupid show……Sorry. Please bring back the originallity !!!!!!!! Actors & Actresses come & go , some you like , some you dont, but the storyline needs to improve, MAJORLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. wanda vanboesschoten says:

    I say let it roll recast Jason

  8. Sue says:

    Just cast Sonny a new Enforcer…’s obvious that no one can or should try to REPLACE Jason! I can’t see where he has an improvement on the roll he’s playing now. To me, it’s beneath him. Thanks!

  9. jo greene says:

    I am sorry, but I think its weird that Franco & all his family moved into the Quartermain Homestead. That is Monica’s home! I do not like the returning cast as different people! Go back to the original plot.

    • barb says:

      I agree its monica;s home how did all the people get it just jump right in there get all those people out get everyone back to there own soap get Jason back

  10. R T says:

    The Llanview characters should have stayed there. The “new” GH stinks. There are so many characters that it takes way too long to go back to a storyline. What the heck are the writers thinking. The storylines are awful, unbelievable and often very shallow. I think they will be cancelled very soon.

  11. Donna McCusker says:

    Only thing I can say is the new blonde Franco , really confuses me. At least give him black hair.

  12. ann landino says:

    I Love G.H. and I started liking Days only because of soapnet. I do feel you can re-cast Jason even if Roger Howarth wasn’t re-cast as Franco

  13. Laura Willis says:

    Steve Burton was not the only actor to play Jason! While I really love for Jason to be the same ,Sam could really use the support! Sonny also needs Jason! We all want Jason!

  14. Dottie Andrews says:

    It use to be i would not miss GH but now its like i can miss a coupledays and no biggie ,not the same with out Jason ,,Steve,, he all ways made the show exciteing and Sam is great but she needs her Jason back ,they wanted a baby soooo bad and look Jason never even knew or got to hold i really miss their song when something special was going on between them ..GET GH BACK TO NORMAL .The new people are good but let them play their own parts ..PLEASE

  15. Trish says:

    I saw it coming; Franco was the only identity for the “mystery man” that made any sense. Especially with adding Kiki (hate that nickname, sounds like a seagull) and her mother. I would love for them to bring back Jason and I don’t necessarily mean Steve Burton. I always hated that Jason never knew that Danny was his natural child.

  16. Well, I am a loyal GH fan, and I will watch no matter who comes or goes! I did like Todd, Starr, and especially John McBain; but, I understand why those characters had to leave the show. I am glad they came back, and I am trying to get used to the new characters… I am glad that Roger and Kristen still play father and daughter..Not sure about this Silas character, though… So, unlike the wonderful John McBain!

  17. wanda vanboesschoten says:

    If Steve Burton doesn’t want to come back to GH recast him ASAP and come up with a better story line… But I am starting to think that Silas is going to end up being KIKI dad and if that is the case her and Michael can be together.

  18. marie says:

    I want the original cast back I miss them all…For the one’s that past away i pray for them who really past away for the one’s that die because of the show I want everyone back..

  19. marie says:

    i want the original cast back period… It was a great soap that way i watch it since starr was a little girl and before that, i loved jason(Steven Burton) Please help the soap before it so south… Because I am losing interest because the story is going south.. With the new people portraying other people.. Not a like..We need to do something about that or we are going to lose it…Please we need more of a good story. PERIOD!!!



  21. Danielle says:

    Please Bring Jason Back Sam & Danny Need him!!!! And Franco May Crap Has Pants….

  22. please dye Starr’s hair back to blond!! she is so much softer and believable,,not a good brunette!! she looks hard and not a natural actress…she looks like she is forcing her responces! Starr the blond was more soft and natural.. And John Mcbain’s character and Sam is already attracted to each other..they could be a match…sounds good to me.. however todd as franco just does NOT work..he will never be as cool and busy, and sneaky as franco. yep he should have black hair…casting made a big mistake….

  23. Tamika Mareno says:

    I am 35 years old and have watched GH faithfully since the age of 12. If I don’t watch anything else that day, I watch GH! Now, I haven’t watched GH for the last month in a half. What does that tell you? Disgusted with the storyline and character changes. Not believable at all.

  24. Sandy Claeys says:

    This is really getting pathetic between the new characters, recasting of Franco, grown up Morgan – the storyline is stupid, send them back to Llanview. Don’t blame the fans for not watching – to me GH was the best soap – never missed it and always watched the same episode a second time on soapnet. Now, it’s on but I hardly pay attention to it. Offer Steve Burton lots of money and bring him back!!!

    • Carol Beam says:

      I agree with you. General Hospital has promised it’s fans of 50 years, the best year yet? Really, first they bring on the writers that got OLTL and AMC cancelled, then they shove OLTL characters on us and then suddenly those characters are recreated as new characters. Please GH, get back to the GH that has lasted 50 years…forget all this abnormal stuff. And if you can’t have the OLTL chgaracters play themselves…then let them GO!

  25. Dawn says:

    You are fooling yourself if you think GH fans are happy with the new OLTL Actors in new roles on GH… you are also fooling yourself if you think people are shocked to see Roger as Franco… we seen that coming a mile away!!! I foresee GH being cancelled if things do not change, Roger is not believable as Franco… although I like KIKI.. her mother has got to go, what a horrible actress and very boring to watch! To be honest…. myself being a fan for over 25 years.. I can take or leave the show now.. every day its the old OLTL characters and not any of the GH characters! Do yourself a favor… Beg Steve and Kimberly to come back to their roles to save the show!!! Patrick and Robin and Sam and Jason were the best love stories I have seen by far…. even above Luke and Laura!!! Save the show.. get your head out of your asses!

    • michele says:

      I LOVE the new characters…and I may be alone at this point, but a yr from now, I WONT be… You all need to go with the flow…LOOK how clever the writers are bringing all these smaller story lines together. The show is make believe anyway…just use your imagination! I love it and watch it everyday…you all are missing out!
      As for Jason being replaced, I leave that decision to the writers also… the show has been around 50 yrs, I trust most of their decisions… THINK they should have kept Connie, our lose.

  26. Terri says:

    Nobody will be Jason except Steve Burton!! If he’s not coming back forget it!!

  27. Daisy Day says:

    They are ruining GH for us fans. We loved GH the way it was. These new outcasts from OLTL are horrible – there is hardly a difference between the old and the new characters except for the change in hair color/style. A good actor can change into a new character by his acting skills and not the character’s name or hair color/style

  28. Paula says:

    I think Silvia’s is Kiki,s dad and something will happen to Brits baby and she will steal maxis

  29. Michlle Rae Hayes says:

    I Would love Steve Burton to stay on He easy on the eyes. He is very good on This show playing Jason Morgan.

  30. dawn turner says:

    iam a big fan of gh oltl some actors and actress can and should be changed starr manning has been star manning since the beginning same with todd and john and of coarse STEVE BURTON aka JASON MORGAN I hate the fact that is role is being recast NO ONE CAN PLAY JASON MORGAN but STEVE BURTON.

  31. Linda says:

    Steve Burton is doing great job as Dillon on Y&R.. I’m a GH fan but sorry.. I like him on Y&R too :)

  32. lisa says:

    Who cares if Jason is recasted, he left the show because he wanted more time with his family and low and behold he’s now on young and the restless.

    • michele says:

      Steve was able to get the contract he wanted from the Y & R, that is why he took the job. He still gets lots of family time

  33. I to like the cast of oltl.But G.H. Should be original.Why cant they bring back Stuart Damon and Natalia Livingston and bring back Georgie and bring back Grant and Celia Andrews.Make new story lines for them.And bring back Tristen Rodgers and Sean and Tiffany Donnelly.And please PRETTY PLEASE.Offer Steve Burton lots more money than Y&R. is paying him to come back as Jason.His family and Sonny needs him bad.Just please bring back the old G.H. that everybody loves.

  34. keisha says:

    I like the storylines they have. I think roger is playing franco excellent quite honestly I think he plays it better than james franco. Roger still has his todd manning humor too. And as the role of Jason coming back I got used to him not being on gh nomore. But if they did bring Jason back it will probably be when Dr. Clay and Sam gets together so she would have to choose between the two.

  35. Confused says:

    When are Elizabeth’s kids going to grow up? Morgan is an adult and those boys have been kids FOREVER!

    • Deborah says:

      Elizabeth needs to get to abeach too … she looks like she dead! Too pasty for the middle of summer … My Goodness can’t they even use a Bronzer on her or some tanless lotion?

    • michele says:

      They havent been showing much of her kids lately so they must be busy growing up!

  36. Stacey says:

    I am not happy about the character changes. Todd makes a horrible Franco. James Franco was the best person for the part. No one else, besides Steve Burton, will make a good Jason. The OLTL characters do not fit into their new parts. Really disappointed in how the show is going.

    • Daisy Day says:

      Stacey, I agree. James Franco is one our best young actors and it was a thrill to have him on GH. Not many actors of his caliber will do daytime.
      No actor could do justice to Steve Burton’s Jason but, it is time for the role to be recast and hopefully someone that resembles SB and needs to be a really great actor.
      Don’t get me started on the recast outcasts – worse acting on GH in years.

  37. Paula Bausman says:

    Sick of the storyline, don’t even watch anymore. Hate the so- called re-casting of the actors playing the parts of the ones we loved so much that left and moved on. So, I don’t
    watch much television at all daytime or nighttime. And stopped satellite over 3 month’s ago. All because of the major changes and price hike of satellite as well. And don’t miss it at all. If you want us back as faithful viewers, then may I suggest you leave well enough alone. Until then…… click

  38. I am really fed up with the writers of GH, Ok if we can’t get Steve back then get someone similar to him, certainly not Todd play like he is Jason. You all are losing viewers by the minute.

  39. Debra Giangrande says:

    I think it’s time to recast Jason. He was great, we all adored him but it’s not like he is irreplaceable. Get some hot new blood on GH! I hope Easton, Alderson and Howarth are here to stay. I love the story lines of Silas and KiKi. Franco’s needs to be turned around but I’m sure the writers can make us love Howarth again!

  40. I have watched General Hospital since is came on 50 years ago. I do not like what is going on on the show. I do not watch it everyday. I might just stop watching it I am not sure. I really don’t like the characters that came over from one live to live but is I keep watching it I guess I will get use to them. But right not I don’t like the story line about Franco. Yes bring back the old characters which I would gladly like to see.

  41. Daisy Day says:

    Steve Burton left because GH PTB would not give him a work schedule that would give him more consecutive days off so he could spend more time with his family in Nashville. Y&R taping schedule is different than GH – more flexible. This gives all the actors (including Steve Burton) less commuting and more time off.

  42. If Steve Burton does not want to come back to GH (since he is now on Y&R), I think the part of Jason Morgan should be recast. But NOT with Roger, let him stay Franco. I was just getting used to him as that character! I do like the fact that KiKi is NOT Michael’s cousin as I like the two of them together! Glad she is not Franco’s daughter, but Silas Clays…

  43. I also think that Britt’s baby belong to Danta & Lulu. I think she stole one of their eggs and is trying to pass it off as Patrick’s. I want Maxie to keep her baby but I also want Dante & Lulu to get THEIR baby, which Britt is carrying..

    • Deborah says:

      I agree … And now that Britch is going to want her Cassadine birthing coach, she’ll be happy to come clean and give them her / their baby! She can see she’s not getting patrick, and the baby will hold her back from getting her new man….

  44. Carol Clark says:

    I’ve watched GH since it’s beginnings but like others I’m getting tired of the same ole rehashed storylines. The conniving, crazy doctor determined to have Doctor Drake was just played out, however, now we have it somewhat again in the Brett storyline. The sick child that is going to die was done not long ago with Carly’s little girl. In my opinion, I think GH is bringing in to many new characters and taking the action away from the original ones we love. I’m happy to see Duke back. There are a lot of possibilities and directions they could go with his character. Roger H. is one of my faves and I’m glad he’s joined GH. I think he can pull any role off, if he is given a good script. My complaint there would be … give him his dark hair back. They’ve taken away his handsome, sexy looks. Like others, Jason, Steve Burton, became the main reason to tune in everyday. I’d love to see him come back. If he chooses not to, then recast the character with someone who can pull it off. I would like to see some new action-packed storylines with CARLY in the middle of it. She and Jason were the spice that made me want to watch GH.

  45. Chloe Davis says:

    Why Not Just bring the real James Franco back?? Todd is way to old to play him and this may be one of the dumbest story lines in history!

  46. DeeDee says:

    Franko with his tumor is now Jason….. this is a really special kind of stupid storyline. If you make Franco a really bad guy, that will lower his time on camera…. STOP! Silas as KiKi’s dad is great…. could churn some burning coals to Morgan’s heart. I think that you shouldn’t recast Jason. Bring another new guy in. An unknown…..

  47. sherry says:

    i had netflix for a while, no General Hospital :( but when i returned to the world of GH i was so lost and confused with the re-casting of the OLTL people. so thanks for the break down of why this happened. it had to be done. i hope somebody comes back as jason we do need a jason and we can learn to love him as we have most of the other replacements. i’m up for some drama. .lol at least on tv

  48. anna says:

    I have been watching GH since its conception, and I have to say this is the first time I have been disappointed in the show. Steve Burton really needs to come back to GH no matter what you have to do! I watch Y&R too, but unless theres some hugh secret about to explode, his character is rather boring. I don’t like the nick name KIKI for any character. It sounds cheap. GH needs to hire writers that can at least give a good story-line. I will never stop watching GH, but at least for now I know I don’t have to watch it but once or twice a week to keep up with it! WAKE UP GH!!! WAKE UP!!!????

  49. Deborah says:

    Steve Burton is THRILLED to be on the Young and the Restless, loves his castmates already, and the fans are loving his presence! He is in a great storyline, and he has the schedule HE wants so he can spend time with his family. Don’t look for him to come back to GH! He fits in just fine in Geneoa City, WI! As for Prospect Park vs. ABC Lawsuit … as a long time viewer of OLTL, I say go for it PP! ABC had no respect for lifelong fans of OLTL when they cancelled this soap, and PP only agreed to lend the ABC the subject actors to begin with. ABC looks like it has a big mouth full of sour grapes. If they had cared about OLTL’s actors they shouldn’t have cancelled the show. ABC trying to use these actors to pull fans into GH and push the numbers up and that’s fine, cameo appearances are great, but these folks are not ABCs permanent property. I watch Y&R, B&B and GH …. I refuse to watch The Chew–no matter how many times Tracey Quartermaine wants to push her relish on the show! ABC BLEW IT. I was loyal to OLTL for decades and tuned in EVERY DAY and they got the ratings points for it, but I won’t EVER tune in to The Chew .. Some Network Exec should be fired for cancelling OLTL and losing ALL THE LOYAL VIEWERS THEY HAD! I hope PP has enourmous success with OLTL! Maybe they’ll even sell it to Oprah so it can run on Television again! I’ll be watching…..

    • Carolyn Smith says:

      Deborah, My sentiments exactly!!! It`s true, as the article states, that all this switching of characters is not fair to General Hospital fans. It is no one`s fault but ABC. They didn’t care about fair to the One Life to Live or All My Children fans. I am 100% behind Prospect Park and OWN tv for recognizing a good thing and trying to bring it back to the fans. I so hope they succeed in their endeavor. As for the Chew, I also will not watch . I will not watch whatshername that is now in the General Hospital slot since GH is now in the OLTL slot. Our soaps are on Oprah`s OWN channel but for now they are repeats of the ones that were on Hulu.
      I want to say a special thanks to Prospect Park, Hulu and Oprah for giving us back our beloved shows. Just wish they were on more than twice a week. And also to the actors who were willing to come back and try again. To the fans, keep watching! And to ABC , I would like to say EH!

  50. Larri says:

    Im sure Steve is coming back because they keep showing the picture of Jason and Sam and its Steve Burton. Love the job Roger Howarth is doing with his many characters. He brings humor to the show. I love it. Nicholas and Brit are a great couple. He will see the real woman and not the conniving one. Too bad Elizabeth you passed him up! Sonny and Olivia belong together.

  51. NMC says:

    I say recast now. I do not want Sam with that Silas Guy. And Steve Burton is the one who left, the execitives and writer’s should not wait for him to change his mind. It’s a difficult decision but it needs to be done before September, the 2nd anniversary of JaSam’s wedding.

    The Franco storyline I can live with, to perhaps show anyone can change.

  52. Nancy Burns says:

    I wish they would bring back robin

  53. Nancy Burns says:

    I wish they would bring back robin I miss her so much and get rid of connie

  54. Rachel says:

    A TRUE GH fan would NEVER turn their back on this show!!

  55. Debbie says:

    I love the show I am 50 so I grew up with this show. If it stays the same for the last 50 no one would watch change is good. People move on I like steve in Y&R but I love GH

  56. Allison says:

    I used to watch AMC and OLTL, religiously. I tried to watch GH when the characters moved over, but as soon as all the characters started changing and Propect Park started airing my shows again…I stopped watching…mostly because I had a hard time getting into the story lines and the new characters were hard to watch. Since I’m in Canada, I’ve actually stopped watching all soaps….b/c Hulu isn’t available in Canada. I just have to say, it’s all so ridiculous and I’m saddened by the stupid choices the network made. I’d been watching soaps for almost 30 years. :(

  57. Lynn braucher says:

    All the One Life cast have been recast terribly!!! Ava Gerome is getting more air time than any of the GH cast…who is she anyways??????? This show that has been my favorite for many many years is going down the drain!!!

  58. If you can’t bring Steve Burton back as Jason, then kill off the character, because no other actor would do..(Give Steve a $$$ Raise$$$) & Bring him back!. All this story line now is really getting boring.

  59. There is only one Jason, wish this new guy luck but he will not fill the shoes!


  61. Sherry says:

    This show is a mess…again! I’ve loved GH for a LONG time, but this is just making me nutty…I hate the current state of the show.

  62. NMC says:

    Recast Jason out of princible. the role of Jason is bigger then one man. For years OLTL proved that with Trever St James playing Todd. And I don’t want to see Sam with anyone else.

    And when Robin comes back Patrick’s gonna need to make a decision about Sabrina

  63. Debbie says:

    General Hospital is getting stupid… Come on guys you want to go off the air too.. Bring the original Jason BACK….. Sam and Danny need him now…. Just stay the way you use to run the show…..

  64. NMC says:

    Recast Jason out of princabal the role is bigger then one man, OLTL proved that when they recasted Todd with Trever St James all those years.

    And I think Robin is coming back and when that happens Patrick will have a decision to make about Sabrina.

  65. Terri Myers says:

    STEVE BURTON the only true Jason. BRING HIM BACK………………………………..

  66. Anna says:

    It is truly shocking that GH is still airing on television! This once #1 soap is so disgustingly bad! There are no words to describe how disappointing it is to witness
    such a dramatic downfall. Story lines that once were riveting, exciting, interesting and derived from creative, artistic, talented, AWARD WINING writers with millions of viewers are now pathetic, pointless, STUPID, SENSELESS. attempts for air/screen time. Roger.H. as Franco is the most unbelievably pathetic act of ignorant writers and producers. No need for blond Franco, either hire James Franco or don’t bother writing stories for the character of Franco. As far as Dr. Clay and Kiki characters…NOBODY CARES!!! All 3 need to go along with the talentless, ignorant writers and producers. Either they all go or General Hospital will most certainly go.

  67. If you can’t bring Steven back,then forget it.

  68. Natalie says:

    we r happy to have GH. on u took off all te rest of our soaps. I have been watching GH for 50 yrs. I love the show we only have one hr.a day to forget our troubles the actors fit in n yes we need Jason back. n at this point we don’t care who takes his place. don’t take me the wrong way we love the old Jason

  69. Nicole says:

    I too am sad Steve Burton left, but I’ve watched GH since Luke raped Laura and I’m not going to stop now. I do agree the storyline has been a bit dry but its starting to get interesting. I LOVED Sam and Jason together although the writers took too long making that happen but I love to see Sam and JOHN together.. I’m having a hard time with Silas but I’m trying. There are times when I just want to turn GH off and watch something else. However, like a dysfunctional relationship, I come back for more. What GH is going through right now is growing pains, since OLTL and AMC were picked up and it threw a monkey wrench into GH’s plans. Nevertheless, recasting Jason would be a horrible idea. Let it go and move on. Steve Burton makes the character of Jason work, no one else can do it or should even try. (remember all the flack the new maxie received while Kirsten Storm was out, just horrific) If they want to bring him back they should wait and nice LONG while (if they have it) to do so.. Now would be a bad idea..

  70. Valerie says:

    Loved John as John NOT Dr Silas, we need Starr back with Michael and Todd is Todd NOT Franco and certainly not blonde !!!!!

  71. RICHIE #1 GH Fan says:

    I miss Steve too, but as the realest Fan commenting on here; I would miss the Show more! WTH are ya’ll talking down on the show for if you are Fans? True Fans stuck it out through all the stupid storylines of the past, and knew that the Great ones were just a show away. I will Forever support General Hospital. No matter what! I cried like a baby when Sonny and Carly split up, but then I learned to love Carly/Jax. You see, you just have to go with the flow, and really appreciate how special the show is, and respect it’s history. No fairweather Fans. If you all get my show taken off the air, I will haunt you!

  72. Laurie says:

    Todd Manning was one of the best daytime characters on ABC… regardless of which soap he was on. To have him portray a different character simply by coloring his hair is laughable. The writers goofed on this one and it could cost GH it’s life.
    As far as recasting the role of Jason,,, we lived with new Carly’s, Lucky, Maxie, Lulu and a Nicholas, so it’s not a bad idea. A bad idea is trying to pawn off established characters (Todd, Star and John) as different people

  73. NMC says:

    For the fans of the way GH used to be I’m sorry but it’s the 21st centrey the story’s are not going to be the exact way they were in the 80′s. Everything will be fine as soon we rid of Silas and bring Jason back. And getting Bob Guza back woulden’t hurt.

    As for thse who can’t imagine another person playing Jason, well the writer’s and execitive’s don’t have many options by the end of September. Unless you all wand to picit CBS and force them to fire him, a recast will have to do.

    I do not know why so many people are hostile about that ideaa i mean after Sarah Brown how many times did the recast Carly, and Tamera Braun and Laura Wright did good jobs. And Peter Bergman of Y&R was a recast and he’s won how many emmys.

    If the Actor does not play the chareter exactly the same way well that’s how it goes, actors can’t go around immatating other people’s performances.

  74. Elizabeth Sullivan says:

    I can completely understand how people wouldn’t want Jason to be recast. I CAN’T STAND the fact that Franco has been recast – mainly because the character was created by the irreplaceable James Franco. As much as I LOVE Roger as Todd, James will be the only Franco for me.

  75. Crystal Mantler says:

    Growing up i watched All My Children, One life to Live, and General Hospital. All three of the soaps were great. Now that two out of three i used to watch have been cancelled. I worry that the same thing will be done with General Hospital.

    Jason Morgan, I love the stone cold character. I hope he comes back soon.
    I have watched Y&R from time time, but i think Jason should come back to General Hospital.

  76. gin9rrsnap says:

    Why recast – Howarth is perfectly capable of playing a dual roles making Bobbie and Jassy identical twins. Burton can mumble his way through Y&R with his beloved EP the woman who ruined GH for so many years.

  77. I do not like the three characters from OLTL recast as different characters. Michael Easton will always be John McBain, Todd will always be Todd, and the same with Starr. I loved them when GH brought them over as their original characters and kind of kept LLanview alive. I don’t watch OLTL or AMC anymore, I lost interest when they were canceled. What about Robin, will they every know she is alive.?

  78. April Dodds says:

    How can Franco be Jason’s brother? Jason is the son of Alan Quartermaine and Susan Moore. Some of the short timers might buy it, but I sure don’t. I know for a fact that Susan only had 1 baby, not 2.

  79. Barbara Weaver says:

    We want Steve Burton back. I will agree it’s time for him to come back. They need to get Steve off the young and the restless and back where he belongs. This is general hospital 50th year. He should be on.

  80. Deborah says:

    I don’t want Jason back or Steve Burton back keep him dead please, he’s a fking turn coat, I want Sam With Stilas they are good together Stilas is a good guy he’s no criminal like Jason is its time Sam has a new love in her life like stilas he’s got a good Real job he don’t go around killing people grr

  81. gennie says:

    I have gotten used to jason being on Young & restless…I watch Y&R also, and didn’t think he would fit in there, but I like him better on Y&R ..he didn’t have a chance to show his true acting on GH. he never had a storyline…just every now and then , but on Y&R he has a great story line, and you really get to see alot more of his acting…I don’t blame him…I would have left GH too. he knew what was fixing to take place there, and didn’t approve of all the B.S. with the story he left…good for you Steve!! GH has gotten to where it is not worth watching. and steve seen this coming!

  82. Bri says:

    I used to love watching GH now ever sense robin and Jason left i have stopped watching it for good until you make the show better and get rid of john i am not going to watch it and you really need to get the old Jason back and not recast him

    • Sandy says:

      I am loving General Hospital. I hate for the show to end every day and can’t wait for the next day.
      Getting like it was in the old days. Lots of story lines going. So glad Franco, Silas, and Kiki are back on…….It was hard to except the change, but I love those characters. Hate the name Kiki though. So glad Robin is coming back! Is Britt’s baby really Dante and Lulus?
      Have they recast Jason?

  83. guy says:

    it not the time to recast jason because he is dead can’t be alive because of the ocean in the water so let alone recast jason so don’t need anyone to replace just have it presume dead and not found. so don’t need jason is alive because when no body is found is being dead gone so just keep hand off so thank. it better to have jason left off the show for good.

  84. Gina says:

    No Steve Burton – no return of Jason! Steve Burton made that character. There is no one in the world who can replace him. I believe I would even stop watching GH if someone other than Steve Burton played the role of Jason. It would be such a slap in the face. I have been watching GH since 1978 and have been a loyal fan. I know a lot of characters have been replaced by different actors; however, Jason is just not one of those characters that cannot be replaced by someone else! My analogy is… It would be like replacing Luke or Sonny with someone else. Really? It doesn’t work that way. Maybe since Steve Burton’s character’s life just fell apart on Y&R, he will return to GH. Yes, that’s right – I have been suffering through Y&R just because Steve Burton is on the show. My advice to GH is that they beg Steve Burton to come back. GH is not the same without him. Please, please, please bring Steve Burton as Jason back to GH where he belongs.

  85. Kelly says:

    Yes time to bring Jason back,Grayson McCouch would be perfect for the role!

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