It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like…Well,”General Hospital” Again!

As Grandma Evil aka Helena Cassadine, pointed out to Robert Scorpio, over at Wyndemere, “this is not the 80′s Mr. Scorpio.  Yet with all the faces of the returning vets that have been checking back in to “GH” lately, it sure is feeling a lot like those glory days of old.

First off, I have to say how thrilled I am to have Monica back in action.  After all She is Chief-of-Staff, and it is wonderful to have Her in a new really good storyline, rather than never on screen, with just Her name being paged over the Hospital intercom once in awhile.

Thanksgiving day, at Monica’s House (I know, Alan gave it to Her) filled to the rafters with Quartermaines, for one last traditional Quartermaine Thanksgiving with Edward, or His ghost, leading the family in song was such a delicious treat!   After Tracey saying, “remember what Daddy always said,” and the Others chiming in, “first We sing, then We eat.”  But what caught Me totally off guard, was when the camera panned down to reveal Edward and Lila holding hands, and court, over their family!  What a beautiful scene, complete with Edward and Lila’s voices, retrieved from the archives, and then watching Lila stand up from Her wheelchair, as the Q’s Patriarch and Matriarch ascended that famous staircase, one final time together, fading into the white light, had Me crying like a baby, and I am not too proud to admit that!  Simply beautifully done, and I dare any long time Fan to deny they did the same…

Oh, and speaking of that funny, beautiful day, I would be remiss NOT to mention one of My all-time favorite characters, Heather Grant Webber, and YES You read that correctly!  Come on, Who else but Heather could throw herself off the roof of Port Charles General and LIVE to tell the tale?  Makes Me have to wonder if She does indeed have nine lives, and question whether Her Mother, Alice Grant mated once with some breed of cat, resulting in Heather…

But after Diane read Edward’s will, it makes Me wonder, what does Heather know, that the Quartermaine’s don’t…YET?  Could it be that Edward neglected to divorce Her?  Could AJ indeed be Rick Webber’s Son?  After all Monica did cancel that Paternity test all those years ago, based on Lila noticing a birthmark that looked just like one that Alan also had…   By the way, KUDOS to Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati for NOT killing off Heather!!!!  I mean on a SOAP it is always best to just send them away, to bring them back later, like Heather, to spread Her very own brand of sunshine all around Port Chuckles… Now, moving forward…

Given Olivia’s recent premonitions, like the one She had after being told by Lesley Lu and Dante that they had chosen Maxie as their surrogate, makes Me wonder.  Does Maxie have a plan to get Spinelli aka the Jackal drunk or something, to get Him to sleep with Her resulting in a baby of their Own, not Lante’s?  Is Anna using Her brain, like Robin did, to fool Duke, eh Faison, and is she finally on to His game?  I would much preferred it to be Robert and Luke, there rescuing Anna, by the way, tell Me again where the hell is Luke???   And just Who or What is keeping Laura from returning to Port Chuckles, where She belongs?

And how about Alexis finally coming out of “dry dock,” FINALLY!!!  I repeat, Alexis actually got to have sex!!!   While across the city those scenes with Lante, tangled up in the sheets and then Michael and Starr, taking their relationship to the “next level!” Not only has OUR new Executive Producer and Head Writer given Us back cliff-hangers, and major twists and surprises, almost daily, but “Love in the Afternoon” as well…  “GH” is finally back, and once again, I never miss a single episode, it is truly once more “Must see T.V.” and the ratings are proof of that!  They have also brought so many of Our Vets back along with their TRUE rich history, proving to Me and so many others, these guys know what they are doing, they have given Us OUR “General Hospital” back, and I for one am loving it!!!!  And now, Lucy Coe is back in town, in all Her glory!!!

Oh, just one last thing…  A truly brilliant line, delivered by Blair:  “Fool Me Once, Shame On You…Fool Me like a thousand times, it begins to become a tad bit redundant!”  Please feel free to add any and every thought or comment that You wish, and until next time, keep watching GENERAL HOSPITAL!!!  As well as getting You family and friends to start watching again too…We lost so many fellow-fans, during those pesky Frons/Guza/Jill Farren Phelps years aka the Sonny, Jason, and Carly show…

No Helena, this is not the 80′s but, it sure is nice to have so many familiar faces back, in all new storylines!

-Buddy Lee



  1. Lisa Anderson says:

    That was a beautiful ending with Edward & Lila for Thanks Giving!!!!!!!!! Seriously loved the ending!!!!!!!! Thank You so much

  2. susan says:

    I am so excited about GH every day.I have watched from the very 1st day on Abc.I hope it stays on a lot longer.Long live the greatest soap on air!

  3. Carol says:

    I would like to see Robin come back in time for Christmas, seeing as how we are never going to get our Jason back !

  4. linda b says:

    love this show

  5. Lois says:

    I am loving GH again. Love the old characters that are back! Lucy is my Favorite! Keep it up!

  6. lois f says:

    I got so sick of watching the Sonny show that I stoped watching GH. Now I’m slowly coming back to it.

  7. Ronn says:

    Brilliant blog. General Hospital has definately come back from the dead- Again! As a viewer from the late 70′s til today (off and on due to changing hands and BORING storylines which took forever) GH has found itself ‘new’ again due to the ‘old’- classic characters and revisiting long almost forgotten storylines- such as Susan Moore-Heather-Jason’s birth etc….Brilliant. Longtime viewers knew instantly what that was all about. Characters such as Holly, Robert, Anna, Luke (Laura, God willing), Felicia, A.J., Duke, Faison etc are like old friends whenever they reappear….and the storylines are forever connected to Port Charles and our memories. You know what you’re talking about Buddy Lee- better than anyone else I know!

  8. Ed B says:

    Love the show, and so glad to see the existing characters coming back, and really want Laura back on the show. We miss her. Love the article, you covered all the major points of how much the show has turned around. So glad to have the old GH back! Now bring back Laura!

  9. laurie ferace says:

    after a 5 year hiatus from soaps, GH has me sucked back in like a Hoover. I love the real use of all my old favorites and look forward to even more showing up. and yes, I cried too when Lila rose from her wheelchair and climbed the stairs with Edward

  10. Kristin M. says:

    I LOVE GH!!!

  11. cindy howard says:

    I for one enjoyed the jason and carly and sonny show…….and I miss him terribly and you forgot to mention how Micheal just doesn’t seem to get any smarter, and I am not clear on what you mean when you said could it be that Edward didn’t divorce her ? do you mean he neglected to tell monica she was not really divorced? clarify please. good job on the review.

    • Buddy Lee says:

      Dear Cindy, I was talking about Heather, when She snuck in the back door and read the will that Diane did not… Remember after Lila died, and Jed Allen played Edward, Heather tricked Him into marrying Her? That was just one of the theories I tossed out there as a possibility for why Heather, back at Ferncliffe , that had her repeatedly saying “I know something the Quartermaines don’t, I know something the Quartermaines don’t”

  12. Angie C says:

    Edward & Lilas ending was perfect. He will be missed for he was a big part of this show for so many years. Sweet to think of them being together again at last.

  13. TBH says:

    Love the show! And good article Buddy Lee!!

  14. Laurie says:

    Where is Bobby? And bring back Scottie1

    • Buddy Lee says:

      Laurie, last time that Bobbie was mentioned on the show, Carly told somebody that She and Lukas were living in Seattle… Perhaps Bobbie is working at Seattle Grace Hospital’s 10th floor’s Nurses Station… ;) As for Scotty Baldwin, when Luke left Laura at the airport, to board the ELQ jet en route to Paris, once it was in the air, Scotty appeared from behind the curtains, shocking Laura and all of Us as well… I too would love to see Bobbie, Lukas, Scotty, and especially LAURA come home to Port Charles, and sooner rather than later!!!

  15. Bettie says:

    I have always enjoyed GH, and especially when Sonny and Brenda were first introduced. Their storylines were fresh and exciting, and the two of them tore-up the screen whenever they even looked in each other’s direction! They were HOT! I wish Brenda could return, with her son, and this time have Sonny and Brenda remarry, and let Sonny be the kind of Dad to Brenda’s son that only Sonny can be. But the writers must really understand the relationship Sonny and Brenda shared, not the messed-up storyline the writers dumped on S and B the last time she returned to GH. We want the real S and B back on screen, and for keeps this time. It’s been enjoyable to see a lot of the older characters return to GH, but Sonny and his storylines are what make me continue to watch GH. Maurice Benard is such an exciting and talented actor, and he has the Sonny character finely tuned, and can capture an entire scene with just a simple facial expression. He’s the best! I hope GH isn’t cancelled, but there is a lot of advertising for a show called “The Taste” coming in January. I wonder what that means for GH?

    • Buddy says:

      Bettie I agree, when the previous regime was in charge, whenever they actually did bring a favorite of ours back, like Brenda, there was so much character assassination that they were barely recognizable to their true past… They also did it with Holly, turning Her into some type of monster of something, only there to destroy lives, with not one thought to Holly’s true and very rich history… And when Frons/Guza/Phelps weren’t bringing back people to totally rewrite their history, like Rick Webber, they were just simply indiscriminately killing off beloved characters left and right, without any sense of rhyme or reason!!! I am just so thrilled that those years are over, and that We have a great Team running the ship at Our beloved “GH” now, and drawing on the rich history of every character they bring back, as well as fully utilizing the current characters, who had been back-burnered for way too long!!!

  16. Penny Lewis says:

    I have been a General Hospital fan since I was in middle school. I am turning 50 in 3 days. If I can’t be home to catch it during the day,
    I always watch at night to keep up. I love all the new plots and twists. I am getting a little tired of Connie. She needs to go back to Kate and get with Sonny. I hate that Jason is gone. I loved him and Sam together and wanted to see them happy and in a long marriage. Please keep up all the great story lines. LOVE, LOVE, Love them.

  17. Melody says:

    I also enjoyed the Sonny/Carly/Jason show…my fave characters. And i liked the mob stuff too, Sonny and Jason are hott, And I miss Jason like crazy…but i like the format now too, no complaints. Except i can’t stand Connie……..

    • Carson4ever says:

      I LOVE Sonny, Carly and Jason and don’t think that GH was so bad until last year, last year was a disaster. It started with the “Brenda show”, She’s the worst character Ever I don’t like her at all. Her scenes with Carly where the only scenes I could stand,because Carly saw her for what she really was,a annoying selfish twit. If Brenda returns again…sorry GH but I don’t think I can watch then. Then when Wolf took over last year I thought the show was going to get better,but no it was almost worse. I once again only watched Carly scenes and didnt give a crap about the rest,not even Sonny bc he was so bad written. But now with Cartini in charge it’s SO AWESOME! It really is must see tv! The only complaint I have is: Reunite Carson!! I miss my S&C! bring Jax back and they could pair him with Connie/Kate ;)

  18. Sheila says:

    Pretty good article. Do you actually watch the show? It seems not. And who is Lante? It’s a soap, how hard can it be to get these things straight.

    • Buddy Lee says:

      Hi Sheila! First off thanks for the compliment on the article. Yes, I do watch “General Hospital” and have been a loyal fan basically since birth, literally. Sorry that the reference to Lante was confusing. I was speaking of Lulu and Dante, of course. That is their fan designated combined name, used for all the couples. Like JaSam is short for Jason and Sam, Scrubs for Robin and Patrick, and LiAson for Liz and Jason. I am very sorry for any confusion.

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