Is the Fifth Element a Sexist Film

The feminist journal Women’s Studies in Communication considered sexist to be one of the film’s main themes. They say the film has eliminated women from the introductory scenes, by pointing out Leeloo’s remaking the second time a woman showed up in the movie after 20 minutes. They claim women make appearances in the film, their status is said to be passive objects. Such as the sexualized flight and McDonalds attendants, or stripped of their femininity like a butch major iceberg. The book Subverting Masculinity, published by Rodopi, also said the film “echoes stereotypical beliefs about gender” with regard to all women in the film, including Leeloo. Leeloo is considered to leave her passive role in the film for 2 minutes and 10 seconds during her fight with the Mangolores. At the end of which she is as helpless and reliant on Korbin’s masculinity when she fell in his taxi.

There are a few characters appear on a regular basis, and the character saved the day is female. The Women’s Studies in Communication journal are blowing the feminist horn. They seem to consider every spot in the movie should have strong women. This is not realistic. There will be strong and weak characters in every movie, book, or TV show. That applies to both people and girls. Everyone has bad days, and if the sexy flight attendant is happy with herself who are we to judge. If they can hold their heads high, then we have no right to say something is sexist or predigest. Thanks for listening and I will see you at the same time next week. The movie stands as one of the best films in 1997 and it by itself is far from being sexist. What do you think? Could this be the grounds for more rights for women actors? What are your views?


  1. R Williams says:

    Ridiculous. I hope they are not implying that women have to be strong twenty-four hours a day, and that we all don’t want to be taken care of a little, at times. The film has many diverse characters, and is one of my favorite films. Do we have to pick everything apart?

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