Is Madea’s Presence a Stump for Tyler Perry’s Religious Movies?

Some viewers would constitute most of Tyler Perry’s movies as religious. With the occasional presence or cameo of Madea, it almost shakes the notion off completely, but not apparently so. You have to admit, the questionable but lovable character makes it difficult to say that Tyler Perry’s film is Christian.

Not all movies or plays that Madea shows up in are secular or Christian in the entirety. To make it fair, we can just assume that Tyler Perry’s works are somewhere along the line with an awesome salty twist. Madea’s character is completely contrary to what Christian films are about and are meant to deliver. Aside from the fact that she smokes, drinks and threatens people with her gun bravely, Madea also has a tendency for taking advantage of religion.

In addition to that, the big woman’s family isn’t anywhere close to Christian. Joe, her brother, for one thing makes a lot of typical, moderate but masculine jokes. There’s a constant mention of viagras, and strange jokes about incest. If anything, that would have been a very anti-Church and anti-Christian point to help conclude a movie is completely unreligious, even blasphemous.

In Madea Goes to Jail, Madea resulted into a ridiculous defense mechanism; oddly and cynically using religion to avoid being thrown into jail. In her usual, loud but un-Church-like voice, Madea exaggerated on her religious bout at the court. There was no sincerity whatsoever and it’s easy to see she was making fun of or imitating how stereotypical, devout Christians act.

It becomes more apparent that Madea is quite anti-religious in Madea Goes to Jail when she called Cora’s WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) bracelet useless. To top that off, she also causes a rude driver to crash into a Church announcement sign. Normally, that would have been a coincidental scene in any movie but since Madea sarcastically commented to her daughter about her bracelet’s message, it’s hard to ignore the truth. “Did you show him your bracelet, Cora?” was what Madea said after the guy who cut them in traffic yelled at her daughter for trying to talk it out.

To make things fair for Tyler Perry fans, his movies are not central to Madea. In fact, there’s hardly any of her in it besides Madea’s Big Happy Family where the story is all about her. Even the movies where titles include her name don’t have much of her presence in them. Some movies even only show about ten minutes’ worth of cameo appearances.

Apparently so, one can’t entirely tie Madea with the Christianity or secularity of Tyler Perry’s movies. Individually, her character is extreme and every time the scene transfers to her, the audience is suddenly swept off into an absurd but entertaining moment. It’s like experiencing a complete change of country in an instant; you get cultural and religious shock but recover in laughter.

No matter how Madea undercuts Tyler Perry’s messages, there’s always some way that he gets it back on track. Tyler has admitted being tired of Madea at times. Even so, her appearance as a contrasting nature to the message preached somehow emphasizes its severity by making it out as the prevalent truth despite her absurdity (dressed in humour).



  1. Susan Smith says:

    Almost everyone has a Madea or Uncle Joe in their family. After watching I always get the Christian meaning and in a way I think “Madea” does too, lol. Let them both be they’ll come around :-)

  2. Cindy A Thomas says:

    It is not difficult, Madea is christian, She may not verbalize it correctly or appropriately at times but she has the jest witch is more than a lot of people. So I have a question what does a christian look like? Food for thought, be blessed

  3. i’m a spiritual person,god’s not in a box and neither are tyler’s movies. they depict the everyday lives of all mankind,so religious people dont live in your glass houses!!you better move on!! love the talent god has annointed him with. god bless you mr. tyler perry. the more you complain about his revealing you in these movies the more you attempt to critisize he laughs all the way to the bank. keep it up mr. perry

  4. Linda Gray says:

    I struggle with the reasoning of whoever wrote this article. Sounds like something a present day Pharisee might write. Sometimes Christians have a tendency to major in the minor and not see the heart of what is ultimately being conveyed. That is quite sad to. That is also why scripture tells us there will come a time when Jesus will tell many so called Christians…”I knew you not.” I absolutely love Madea’s character…she is a mess, she smokes, cusses, and carries a gun, but underneath all that hardness I see a heart for God and great wisdom…a wisdom and heart that many so called “Christians” do not possess. I assure you that these movies have had an unbelievable impact on millions and have influenced so many in a way that has brought glory to our God. I truly believe that when the day comes for Tyler Perry to stand before Jesus Christ…His words to Tyler will be, “Well done good and faithful servant.”

  5. Camisha says:

    Most people need to go back and define Christian. You can be a Christian and never step foot in a church. I know many that claim to be the but are not. Both my grandfather and my uncle new the bible inside out. Very different but true men of God. There are many Christians that does the same as made a cuss, smoke, and carry a gun.

  6. Charles Northey says:

    I love Tylers movies and plays and I have to remind myself that Madea is not a real person. LOL She is rough around the collar but, if you stop and think about each movie, it has a story line with healing, prayer, forgiveness, love and acceptance. That is what the world needs today.
    Thanks Tyler for sharing your gift that God has given you. Don’t ever stop!!

  7. Tyler Perry is a true gentleman. Made a is funny; however, Tyler has to answer for any of the film’s content. At times I.feel they are racy, and I wonder why the film could not be done without all of the cursing and sexual content. We live in a world where this is easily.accepted because we love and respect the actor. But when we stand before the Lord, we won’t answer to Tyler Perry. We don’t have to act look the world or look like the world. We need to be Christ like! Jesus sat and ate with sinners but he did not do what they did. He shows them the truth, the way, and holiness. I realize this is an entertainment toy, but there are so many Christians that long for godly movies to purchase. No one is going to walk away from Tyler and his movies if he cleans them up. He could do a movie where Made a truly gives her heart to the Lord and go from there. The change would not be shell shot then to her followers. Made a doesn’t have to end. People love her character, but what happens to us when we get saves? Jesus cleans us up. We are not perfect. It doesn’t happen over night. Made a makes Tyler big money and that doesn’t have to change but Made a could. The reason Tyler is questioning his work is because as Christians we know when we do wrong and God puts it on our hearts to repent.and do better. Tyler affects and influences many lives, but just like all of us will stand.before the Lord one day. Tyler needs to ask himself what he should do differently. No one can answer this but himself with umption from the Holy Spirit. We as the.public.Love him already and would stand behind him and appreciate his obedience to the Lord to make changes.

  8. Debbie Griffis says:

    I think Tyler Perry should continue to do Madea, because in his movies or plays, he always gets the point across n u always get the christian meaning point out. I have watched his plays n his movies n i have cried, laughed n always at the end, ive been refreshed n blessed!

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