Is it the End of Adam and Chelsea?

Adam’s lies to Chelsea about his deep and real involvement with Sharon make the show “The Young and The Restless” even more interesting.  Those who have regularly watched its episodes are wondering if the lies made by Adam and the new challenges that the couple faces signal the end of their pairing.  From the moment Sharon stayed in the cottage, the couple’s place has become even more intriguing because it indicates some sort of a triangle among the three important characters.

What makes it even more interesting is that the three characters are drawn together not only because of the terrible consequences of the arson but also with Adam’s different responses to the two women.  It can be instantly noted that Adam is pulled towards Chelsea and Sharon for different reasons and fans of the show, especially those who are in love with the Adam and Chelsea pairing are already worried if this is already the end of the two.

But despite the signs of an impending breakup between Adam and Chelsea, I think that they will still end up together in the end.  True, Adam’s lies are infuriating and these ended up hurting Chelsea, but I think the characters will deal with all these in a more mature way.  Of course, you will see Chelsea mad, emotional, snarky and skeptical for now but she will eventually realize that her relationship with her husband is worth the fight.  In the end, this will lead her to believe what her gut instinct tells her and that is to bring back her trust in her husband.

This will also hold true for Adam.  Eventually, he will realize how Chelsea means to him.  Adam and Chelsea’s relationship has more meaning, especially once you start to compare his involvement and reactions to Sharon.  Adam and Chelsea have more chemistry so I believe that this pairing will last until the end.  I also believe that Adam’s love for Chelsea is deeper.

If you spend time looking through Adam and Sharon’s relationship, you will realize that there is something wrong about it.  What they have is actually a “sick love”.  In fact, you will notice that the two of them are not really happy when they are together.  Sharon and Adam hurt each other too much that you will instantly realize that what they are presently sharing is not real love.  Among the major signs indicating that there are no flames between the two characters is that you will rarely see Adam long for Sharon.  Sharon does not also carry Adam’s photo around.  True, they have a connection but I believe that their love is non-romantic.

When Adam is with Chelsea, the story always runs differently and more positively.  You will view their relationship as something which is founded on real love.  Looking at them more closely, you will realize that they are not just lovers but friends who are greatly connected by all the things that they have gone through.  With Chelsea, Adam’s laughs/smiles are more frequent.  I know that it would be hard to bring back Chelsea’s trust after Adam lied to her, but I think this can only make the couple stronger.  This challenge can provide more sparks and substance to the relationship of the two.

My vote’s for Adam and Chelsea! What’s yours? Share in the comments below, please.


  1. amy r. says:

    Yes Chelsea and Adam all the way! Sharon needs to find Sam!

  2. R. Scott Shinko says:

    I am totally team Chadam…I <3 Chelsea and Adam together and I can not wait to watch these two fall inlove again, and again!!! I will even like it more then the Victor and Nikki sagga. I can hardly wait for a little baby for the two! :-) <3 Y & R!!!

  3. SHARON ZECH says:


  4. Donna M. says:

    I think Adam and Chelsea make a great pair but I hate what the story has done to Sharon. I’ve been a fan of Sharon and Nick since they first fell in love. Sharon has always been a sweet person and when she was paired with Victor that just made no sense to me. She has never been about the money and power. I’m so tired of this entire story line and I wish the new writer would get a clue on how to write a great story line.

  5. Melissa says:

    Enough w the Sharon drama!!! Why isn’t she getting help from her MOTHER? ?
    And the bipolar diagnosis is NUTS! After one visit???
    She needs to leave town. Get some integrity and learn to say NO! !
    Adam &Chelsea? Who cares? In real life they woulda left town too.. lol.

  6. lavonne says:

    Don’t spoil the relationship between adam and chelsea they are great together. You spoiled sharons image she was such a sweet person and her and nick were good together. Phylis is a pain she and nick were all about sex that spoils the show completely. lavonne

  7. linda says:

    Yes.Adam and chelsea Adam and Sharon are over.leave it that way.

  8. RebeccaGreen says:

    Yes please keep Adam & Chelsea together.

  9. Genevieve says:

    I don’t think it’s the end for them. I have a feeling it going to be a rough road for them though….with the event of “helpless” Sharon back in Adam’s life.

  10. Susan says:

    Yes, Chelsea and Adam and Sharon with Nick are true teams!!!

    • Rose D. says:

      I don’t think Sharon & Nick should go back anymore He is much better with Avery she really makes him happy….

  11. chelsea and adam….sharon needs to find another soap to act on….one that I DONT watch

  12. KatieRose says:

    PLEASE let Adam find out about the baby…. and just realize how much he truly loves her and SHOW her how much.. so she’ll come back to him and they both can have a REAL family.. the one they both deserve.. I think it will change Adam in ways we will all like. He gets to raise his very own child.. but what I see will be Dylan being caught up in the Chelsea baby daddy scenario and THEN Adam will find out about the baby. And of course, Sharon will open her legs for Dylan before it’s over with.. She must be a sex addict or just a rip !! I would just ADORE it if you got RID of Sharon… she really has no part and is left with really nothing to do with anything but the kids.. and Nick can take care of them.. just keep Adam, Chelsea, Chloe, Cane and I’d like to see you all get rid of Tyler and is sister.. bring Drew back!! YEAH!! that’d fix the nutcase!! And please,, don’t kill Avery off.. that senator already plays on another soap too.. leave him there. and Leave Victor and Nikki alone too… and I’ve never seen MS progress this fast in my life.. my family has alot of MS in it and they have, after about 20 years, just now gotten to where one of them can’t work.. let me up. It just don’t work that way.. sometimes I think the writers think we’re stupid and it insults my intelligence… :) but.,. it’s the BEST DAYTIME SOAP ON TELEVISION!!! even my HUSBAND has to watch it! I’m disabled and I watch each episode TWICE daily!! during the day AND on SoapNet at 7 est. :) I live to watch Y&R and on fridays and saturday nights, it’s reruns of Brothers and Sisters.. which I missed that whole show while it was on television!! amazing huh..

  13. Starr says:

    Chelsea & Adam belong together. Chelsea will probably pay for Dylan to go to school. Dylan will play Cupid for her & Adam…cause he will suspect the truth about the baby if he doesn’t already…however this whole thing will be the catalyst that brings him & Avery back together too….at least it’s what I’m hoping for. Now that Adam has Sharon out of his system Chelsea won’t have any reason to be jealous, insecure or doubt his love for her once they are reunited. It’s almost like Y & R is giving us a modern day Shakespeare’s version of “A Midsummer Nights Dream” combined with a more modern version of a Jane Austin novel like “Sense & Sensibility” or “Pride & Prejudice”.

  14. natalie says:

    wow…sorry all…i gotta vote for adam and sharon..just cant help it ..and even tho the baby is adams ..i just love dylan..he is so kind and loving and will be the better dad anyways and better man for chelsea…as far as nick goes..stay with avery and i hope michael forgives lauren but who knows

  15. natalie says:

    well sorry but once again I do not want adam and Chelsea together…not sure of the reasoning but I don’t..i think Chelsea and Dylan…he is one hell of a man right there..and as usual…adam and Sharon LOL

  16. Adam and Chelsea belong together and I hope it happens real soon. As for Sharon I hate that they made her bypolar. She and Nick should be together for ever. They should rekindel their relationship. They were a great couple CAN SOME OF THE WRITERS LISTEN PLEAAS.

  17. Oh and Avery is so needy she dosen’t fit with Nick. Now Dillon and Avery belong together. I know it’s a Soap Opera and the writers do these things to keep us wathching every day. Please give us some hopes that the writers will give us some satisfaction.

  18. Patricia says:

    I do like Adam, and I am crazy about Chelsie, but together NO WAY! Two different people totally. She is such a good person, and is doing what she thinks is best for her child. I mean who could resist the father of the baby “now”? He is so kind and soooooo good looking. But most of all he is so good to Chelsie. He is not struck on himself, as Adam, he belongs with yes himself, maybe Sharon, although, I do like her also. She took a big change too fast. Hooking up with what’s his name? Mrs. Chancellor’s son, the tyrant. I miss her so much, I mean after watching this since I was 16 and now 58. Nikki was a stripper at a night club that Victor went to, oh my gosh, so much has happened over the years. I just hope to see, Chelsie and her “fiance”? together with no one butting in the way. Of course if Adam left the show, then we have to worry about Chelsie’s mom letting the cat out of the bag. And she gets closer and closer to that now. She wants his money really, rather her daughter to have the money. This is a great story and doubt if I will continue with the B&B, tired of Brooke and Taylor, that was enough, now their daughters, No Way, I said if Liam went back with Brooke’s daughter, that would be it for me with them. So say la vie!

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