Insecurity vs. Being Strong: How Days Women Handle it and How Viewers Relate

The women of Salem seem to lead a life some of us in reality would want to have—getting any guy they want, having a job, that while we’re sure they’re doing it, we never actually SEE them working, and then of course being really lucky and finding that one special person to be with….until disaster comes along and makes them question their every move.

With so many women on screen, it would be hard (not to mention one long article!) to write about each woman and how they define being insecure to being strong.

In past articles, I’ve touched on this topic a bit in regards to the females I was posting about, so I’m not going to repeat myself for my (or your!) benefit.  Instead, I’ll touch upon how the ideas of insecurity and being strong factor in to a female character’s role and place in Salem, with some examples, of course, as well as how that gets portrayed to the female viewers on a daily basis.

For this piece, I will focus on Abby Deveaurax, Marlena Evans-Black and Kristen Dimera.  Abby, in my eyes, has always been a goody-goody girl.  I mean, she’s grown up with the Horton standards flowing through her veins, so it only seems natural that she would join the golden circle club in high school, and promise not to lose her virginity until marriage.  Heck, in the world we live in today, I highly commend her for that!  Even though she’s very interested in Cameron, she also showed the viewers her insecurity with “should I/shouldn’t I sleep with Cameron?”  In remaining true to herself and her beliefs, Abby is showing the viewers that she’s trying her best to keep her promise, and yet, still go on with her life just the same.

Dr. Marlena Evans has always held this moral high-horse for as long as I’ve watched DOOL.  She always puts in her two cents when it comes to her daughter, Sami’s, love life, but yet, way back when, she also had her own affair to speak of with John, resulting in daughter, Belle. Marlena fights for what she believes is right, and that is also something that viewers should note In what makes a woman strong—we never give up what we believe is true in our hearts.  However, it always seems that just when something goes right with Marlena and her love life, suddenly, the storm rolls in—in this case, the storm being Kristen Dimera.

Now, as for Kristen, I admit, I feel somewhat bad for her (and yes, that took a lot to write out!).  I mean, I’m of the belief that everyone deserves love, but Kristen tends to push that limit for me.  Her return to Salem to extract revenge on John for leaving her, and Marlena for taking John has been played out before, unfortunately not in a positive light for Ms. Dimera.  But now going after John’s son to get her revenge? Clever chess move, but IS SHE NUTS?! Kristen, in this storyline, is the downfall to portraying a positive image for women viewers in that, she’s demonstrating that she’ll do whatever it takes to hurt a past love just so SHE can feel better about herself.

No matter what one says, we all love seeing the women of daytime fight for what they want, and yet at the same time, come out as total…well, you know the word I want to add in here. While some of these women are true inspirations, some, will never be. And frankly, I’m okay with that…this is, afterall, a fantasy life.



  1. mary stevens says:

    I love Marlena,and Kristin is a hot,fascinating mess,but Abigail and her mom are just boring,snotty,shrewish,and holier than thou.They need to go away.

    • barbara says:

      after watching DAYS for 17+ yrs, i hav seen many villians but i think tht DAYS has been surprised with how many of their viewers, including me, hate thr Kristen/John/Marlena/Brady web of hurt. We want the old DAYS back with strong couples remaining 2gether, in love, right now DAYS has all peo unhappy.Wemiss Alice & Tom(RIP) but we do want the old Christmas Tree show where “happy couples” hung xmas balls 2gether.We also cannot believe tht DAYS writers would not write a good storyline for BO when he is a beloved character & has given DAYS 30+ yrs of exceptionsl ratings, we “the fans” of Peter, grieve every day he is gone and WE hold out HOPE tht you will write him back into show, WE dont want any other person to play BO, Peter is BO. Please dont let us down.

    • barbara says:

      i do think they write Jennifer as a child, they have her act like one & Abby is o.k., i admire her chasity in these times, think u should keep it in, but let Jennifer act like a Woman.

  2. Megan D'Imperio says:

    i love days

  3. Nancy says:

    Nothing much to say the story is getting worse and worse, John is such a bastard, know it all can do no wrong, he is running true to his DiMera background. I am finished watching.

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