In Defense of Victor Newman (Not That He Needs It, Anyway)


“Victor Newman”

Victor Newman – which soap opera fan has not heard of him? Since the 1980s, he has been the patriarch of the Newman family. He is basically the premiere character of one of CBS’ longest running daytime soap operas, “The Young and the Restless“.

Despite numerous changes in actors portraying different characters in the world of soap operas, Eric Braeden has been the only actor playing the part of Victor Newman since it’s creation 1980. For more than thirty years, Victor has gone through everything a soap opera character can encounter. He has  gone through several wives, had countless romances, built a business empire, plotted and destroyed the competition, and of course, had amnesia.

With almost everything already thrown at Victor Newman over the past 32 years, would it be safe to say that the character is already tired? Should he already be retired in order to give other Y&R characters their time to shine?

As a fan of the show, here are reasons why I think Victor Newman should stay. Yes, I fully believe that he should still continue his amazingly evil ways on the show.

Here’s why:

The Young and the Restless is still among the most popular daytime soap operas in the country. It cannot be denied that the program has kept up with the changes of the audience demographic. Since Victor Newman is still a vital part of the show, it means his character still works among the program’s audience. If it isn’t broke, why even try to fix it?

Victor Newman has continuously evolved with the show. Through marriages, business crashes and a million other plot twists, Victor has changed in so many ways. Audience reaction to him has gone through a lot during the years as well. From being in love with him at the very start of his ideal marriage with Julia – to despising him for his vasectomies.  From abhorring him for leaving Walter to die – to pitying him for his latest twist as someone with amnesia.  There just seems to be no end to the possibilities for Victor.

The show will still need a polarizing lead character, someone fans will either love or hate. Various male characters have appeared in Genoa City since 1973, when the show started.  Somehow, no one has been successful in soliciting as much hatred and support as Victor. Of course, any soap opera benefits from having a polarizing character – it keeps interest in the show. The show will definitely plateau without such a divisive character as Victor.

So, love him or hate him, Victor is definitely here to stay. He is that important to the show. Whether he remains to be a leading protagonist, antagonist, hero, and anti-hero rolled into one will be everybody’s guess.


  1. Sandra Ulrey says:

    I think Billy should bring him back home and Victor slowly regain his memory and teach Billy the robes, with Victoria as CEO but Billy calling all the shoots being the evil guy. Mean while Victor and Billy are one and everybody knows it !

  2. Katie says:

    I think he need to be brought home., get his memroy back. and go kick some dock owners butts. :) and for god sake do something with Sharon…and they are dragging paul and Philis stuff out to long. it’s time to get it over…..

  3. Barbara Openlander says:

    Victor definitely needs to stay, there is too many stories that can be revolve around him losing his memory and how did it happen? Did Sharon caused it? who knows. I agree, Billy needs to bring him back and help him to regain his memory

    • Hilda Geroux says:

      I’ve been watching the Y&R ever since it started in the 70′s the show is great and I’m glad that its still on the air. as far at Victor if he wasn’t on the show I don’t think that I could watch the same way and I might just stop watching it. so please we need Victor …..

      • Elma says:

        I have always been a fan of Victor. I only wish that he would support Victoria and Billy’s marriage because they really do love each other. As far as Sharon is concerned, never liked her! It is time to bring this story to an end. Adam and Chelsea – boooring!! I am still wondering about the shares that Abbey bought, what happened to it? I want Victor to get his company back.

      • Elma says:

        I think that Devon is a real jerk. Can’t stand him, He is just too rude and thinks the world revolves around him. Bad or not, Tucker is his father and he should respect him for that.

  4. Katie Jensen says:


    Love you mustashe man……keep up your great work. :)

  5. Katie Jensen says:

    Get rid of Tucker…………he is a useless jerk !!!

  6. Rita says:

    Victor needs to stay….. get rid of Sharon, sick of her already!

  7. Roger says:

    Wouldnt it be funny to find out that the company “Christian” is rallying against is really owned by Newman Enterprises?

    • Jane says:

      I’m wondering if this company isn’t Newman property anyway. Won’t it be funny to learn Victor is the one who put all this drama into place from the “git-go?”

  8. Glenda Marvel says:

    Victor remains tenacious and vital to the soap. Reminds me of a modern version Nellie and Mrs. Oleson of the long ago Little House series-hate him one minute and love him the next.

  9. Connie Cates says:

    Victor should stay…have watched since the first airing……but I think someone needs to fire the hair stylists there… Look at Phyllis, Sharon , Victorias hair….come on….

    • Kay Spicer says:

      I agree with you Connie. I’ve seen his hair literally sick out in the back. How tacky can you get. Very unprofessional. Fire the stylist!

  10. Cindy Brinson says:

    Love Victor…but can we change up the story lines a little more…how many times can the man keep going off and somebody rescuing him? And did the writers forget that Ricky planted a hidden camera in Phyllis’s apartment? I remembered….why didn’t they find it when they cleaned the apartment after TIM died there? Sharon does get old, but she is a major character. What about Victoria? Can we do a makeover and add some youth to her…..most of the time she dresses so frumpy……she is beautiful….she needs to flaunt it. That blue dress with the bow was ridiculous.

  11. anne munoz says:

    Bring Victor Back, Let Billy Get The Credit For It. Let Sharon And Nick Get Together, Nikki And Victor Remarry, Phyllis And Ronan Get Together. Also Jack And His Sister Get Back With Their Ex’s.

  12. hl says:

    Stay Victor…stay, stay, stay!!!! Oh, and bring Jill back too!

  13. Sue says:

    I think that the story lines currently on Y&R are some of the best ever. Each is so intriguing, and I would be hard pressed to pick one that is better than the rest. Congratulations to the writers! Keep up the good work!

  14. Jane says:

    With Victor, sincerely hope they manage to keep Katherine, Jill, Jack, Billy & Victoria, Nick and even Sharon (the love to hate diva!) and, O.K. I ‘spose even Phyllis! What would the soap be without all these LOVING characters!!!?

  15. TT says:

    I can’t wait until Victor gets back and puts everyone…ESPECIALLY SHARON!!!!!!… their place!!!!!

  16. Trisha says:

    I cannot stand Victor, but I also cannot WAIT until he comes back to GC and puts Sharon in her place (to the curb)!! i think I hate Sharon more than Victor right now. lol

  17. Sherri says:

    I have loved watching Y&R ever since Guiding Light went off the air. I wish Adam had never married Chelsea. I wish him and Sharon got back together. I loved them as a couple. I wish Victor got his memory back and had a little less gray hair (lol).

  18. Laina says:

    I have watched Y & R since it first started…please bring Victor back to genoa City, with Billy. The show would not be as interesting without Victor and NIki…….Adam and Chelsea are a great couple…….I am really not liking Phyllis’s performance…She seems too unbelievable, like when innher apartment she keeps her purse tucked up under her arm…who does that ? most women drop their purse on a table or chair as soon as they get in the house. NOT PHYLLIS, she holds on to her purse while talking to family members for what seems like hours. When she’s supposedly upset she seems to be holding back a smile. I really get annoyed watching her…..sharon has now become unbelievable as well. CEO of Newman, come on we are not a stupid audience. And who has the knife that Ricky was holding when he was shot?????

  19. Nellie Franczkowski says:

    So . . . what was that today?? Victor spoke Nikki’s name on the cell phone and then there was this big explosion. PLEASE don’t tell me that was a way of writing Victor out of Y&R.

  20. Roseann says:

    Kick Sharon to the curb, she is a whore and is greedy. Bring Victor back home he is why I watch the show since day 1 and now my husband watches too.

  21. kim sanchez says:

    I have been watching Y&R from the start. i have lived Victor and i have hated him, but he is what makes a big part of the show. a person sets on pins and needles wondering, what he is going to do next. I can see the ratings drop, if Victor were to leave. Come on back victor and show them , who is the man

  22. geor says:

    Victor’s part is one that helps keep the idea of this show together. Sharon- I’ve watched y&r forever and she has always ended up sleeping with whoever is there at that time. Always had been portrayed as sweet and innocent. She plays that part so well… This “crazy Sharon” is just that… Thank goodness Victor is alive. Please don’t break up Billy and Vickie over this. Tired of that! I love Adam liked him with Sharon but he and Chelse are so cute together We need to see some happy couples too!

  23. eac says:

    I have watched the show since day one. I’m so glad Victor isn’t leaving the show but PLEASE take Sharon off the show. The part she’s playing is just totally stupid!

  24. ellen says:

    take sharon off and bring Jill back .. Where is she ? I have watched this show from day one.. is like my family .. Victor don’t ever retire,wouldn’t be the same with out you… Nikki belongs with you.. Glad Adam is happy.. Phylis is a evil person needs to get whats coming to the show…

  25. Linda H says:

    I love Victor! He’s earned the right to be on the show for as long as he chooses. He’s a much better actor than a lot of other people on tv. I don’t think the show would really be the same without him! Stay on the show and kick Sharon’s butt, reunite with Nicky, get along with all your kids even if temporary.

  26. Cathy says:

    I saw Victor have a heart attack. Everyone else that was watching saw him. But did he really? Could he have paid the doctor(s)? Not to worry his family, but just to challenge them to stand up and save their legacy. Personally, I think he could do it himself, in time. He knows his kids, and Nicki are motivated enough, smart enough, experienced enough to do it. They just have to set their minds in motion and it can be done. With Billy working on the ‘inside’, and perhaps Katherine, and Phylis, I believe they could be an omnipotent force against Jack and win Newman back. If Billy doesn’t end up betraying Victoria and the Newmans. If Phylis doesn’t give up on getting Nicolas back, and gets jealous of her sister and Nick, and actually helps Jack. Katherine is the only one who I don’t think would betray Victor. She probably wants Jack to learn a lesson.

  27. Tracy says:

    I wouldn’t watch the show with out Victor and Nicky and they should stay together this time. There is too much history for them to be with anyone else. I also love Billy and Victoria, Adam, Chelsea and Sharon. I would like to see Adam welcomed to the family especially by Victor and then he should be the one to get the company back with Victoria’s help.

  28. Patricia says:

    I have been watching Victor Newman..(Y&R) for as long as I can remember. At first was when he was married to Julia and locked Michael in a concrete room so he would stay away from Julia. I think that was his name. I say “NO” Do Not Get Rid Of Victor Newman & I think Eric Braeden should be on the Young & Restless for as long as the good LORD gives him his health and is able to work. I love him and always have loved him on the show and “IF” he just so happens to leave the show.. I’m selling all of my televisions and never watch Y&R again. Or nothing else for that matter if I sell my tv’s..LOL Keep up the dam good work Victor (Eric). I love Ya! Friend & devoted Fan for LIFE!

  29. Sharon says:

    That soap opera will go straight to hell, if Victor retires!


  31. Marilyn says:

    As much as I hate Victor he is the center of the show…..If he left the show would suffer…..It would never be the same and they could never replace him with another actor….. that just would not work…… So I feel he is here to stay……

  32. Beverly says:

    If Victor leaves !!!!!!!! I leave ..that simple .

  33. I totally agree with Marilyn above: “As much as I hate Victor he is the center of the show…..If he left the show would suffer…..It would never be the same and they could never replace him with another actor….. that just would not work…… So I feel he is here to stay……”

  34. Kallie Briggs says:

    I do not watch it much but enjoy it when I do. I think Eric is a wonderful actor and should stay the course. I have met him in person and not only is he a fabulous actor but he is a perfect gentleman in real life.

  35. Michelle says:

    Victor and Catherine have been apart of this soap since I can remember, remember when Catherine face was burned in the fire Victor was their than and they will both be there when others are gone

  36. Carolyn says:

    Eric Braedens character, Victor Newman, is vital to Young and Restless and the story line. The show is really written around him and he intertwines the character with the other characters as they come and go and the long time cast members that have been with him for over 30 years. To take him from the show would diminish the fun and banter between him, Billy and Jack and the intertwining of future characters to come. I hope the show isn’t foolish and take him from us. I Love Victor, and what he brings to the show.

  37. Dee says:

    i will stop watching if Victor leaves. I’m really tired of Sharon. She’s needs to fade away.

  38. Anna Mary says:

    love Victor Newman he has to stay and love philis she is an amazing actor she really should be in moving come on she is that good i would love to see her in movies she woudl do a great job

  39. kathy says:

    I think they should bring that sister to Genoa City, the one Victor met at the docks in LA. Maybe she can retire from the sister hood and get it on with Victor…lol

  40. Pamela Malone says:

    Victor Newman can stay in the Young N Restless he is the star of the show
    Also Nick & Sharon i want them back together

  41. Laura Schultz says:

    To Kathy, Bonnie Franklin was found to have Pancreatic Cancer and that may be why she didn’t come back with Victor. To Pamela, OMG, not a chance for Nick and Sharon. Love him with Avery. She brings out the best in him. Victor should retire. Don’t like his manipulative ways. He should let his children alone. They are grown and are developing lives of their own. Also, not much reason for Nicki to be around. Send Sharon to a Psych Hospital and let that be the end of her. She can’t act.

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