Imagine A Bionic Woman

bionic woman

“Bionic Woman”

Imagine if you can an almost human woman who can hear small sounds from far away, bend steel with her arm, throw for very far distances and run more that sixty miles per hour.  Imagine too this woman is a beauty.

All these attributes belong to Jaime Sommers the “Bionic Woman”.  “The Bionic Woman” ran for three seasons in the mid 70s.  This sci-fi show was a spin-off of the “Six Million Dollar Man“.

Jaime Sommers (Lindsay Wagner)  was a normal woman who was a well known tennis pro.  She and Steve Austin (the “Six Million Dollar Man”) were special friends from childhood.  They were on a date skydiving when Jaime was severely injured in a skydiving accident.

Recently Steve had asked Jaime to marry him.  He was devastated with her  condition and so Steve begs the people responsible for his bionic existence to save Jaime by giving her bionics  also.  They agree and  the bionic woman is born.  She is given enhanced hearing in her right ear, great strength in the right arm and enhanced legs.

To help reimburse the government for the expense of her bionic transformation Jaime is to  do some work for the Office of Scientific Intelligence, when needed.  This is the same organization of the U.S. government employing Steve.

During the series Jaime was involved in many adventures.  At times she would go undercover and take on a secret identity .  Many times she was drugged and then kidnapped.  When she woke up she would be bound and attached to a bomb.  She was able to free herself using her special bionic powers.  The bionic woman was able to stop a mad scientist from his plan to destroy all life on Earth.

Jamie’s bionics look real except when they become damaged or malfunction. In one episode in addition to malfunctions she is having severe headaches.  Its found she has a cerebral clot.  Jaime is thought to die while on the operating table.  She is successfully revived after undergoing a cryogenic technique treatment, but this causes her to lose her memory of her relationship with Steve.

At the end of the series Jaime comes to realize that she is not quite human.  She is burned out from her work with the OSI and resigns.  The outfit wants to keep her in a safe community where they can watch over her.  Jaime runs away only to eventually return and again agree to work for company.

The Bionic Woman was an action packed show which was suitable for watching by the entire family.   The three seasons of the show have been made available on DVD.


  1. Prince's Mommy says:

    I want to be you Jamie.

  2. Prince's Mommy says:

    BTW: The $6Million Man was Steve AUSTIN ( Lee Majors)

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