If You Had to Choose. . . .

The group is splitting up, and you’ve got your choice between teaming with Rick and Carl, Glenn and Maggie, Andrea, or Daryl. We all have our favorite characters, but who would be the best one to back you in the worst-case scenario? Following are what I feel to be the strongest pros and cons to each:

Rick and Carl

Pros: This father and son team has been through a lot, but not even Lori’s death has managed to slow them down. Rick’s experience in law enforcement has allowed him to remain levelheaded through much adversity, and Carl’s calm and somber demeanor would likely be an asset were you to find yourself in the center of a swarm.

Cons: These two might just be a little too calm and collected despite all they’ve endured. Rick clearly snapped immediately following Lori’s death, and the emotional effect of growing up in such an unforgiving world might end up consuming the little that remains of Carl’s young and tortured soul.

Glenn and Maggie

Pros: These two are good-hearted, reliable, and willing to go to great lengths to ensure they and theirs have all the supplies they need. Glenn proved himself as a formidable opponent in the most recent mid-season finale and Maggie would be willing to risk life and limb to protect her people.

Cons: Their strong bond could end up being their greatest weakness. Maggie gave up the group’s location at the first threat against Glenn, and she would likely crumble were something to happen to him.


Pros: Andrea seems to be full of surprises. Not only has she proven to be an excellent marksman, thanks to her training with Shane, but she managed to survive the swarm at the farm by herself. She’s resilient, and that makes her a force to be reckoned with.

Cons: She’s got terrible taste in men, and her poor judgment in that regard has put more than one group member in jeopardy. She fell for Shane just when his mental state began to crack, and she let the Governor in just as easily, her instincts failing her when Michonne saw the warning signs at Woodbury from nearly day one.


Pros: With that crossbow in-hand, Daryl is nearly unstoppable. He survived a fall from the cliff in the woods beyond the farm, and remained focused even with an arrow pierced through his side, fighting off a zombie and scrambling up the difficult cliff-side. He’s loyal, resourceful, and dependable even when the odds against him seem impossible.

Cons: With Daryl at your side, you might just find yourself being stalked by Merle—and that man is a ticking time-bomb just waiting to self destruct and take out anyone standing in his way.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with my assessments? Who do you think would be the smartest character to team up with, and why?

Leigh M. Lane is a speculative fiction author whose works span from sci-fi to horror. Her most recent full-length works are The Hidden Valley Horror, Finding Poe, World-Mart, and Myths of Gods. For more about her work, go to her website at http://www.cerebralwriter.com.


  1. spliffsmommy says:

    daryl..just think of what yas can do in the down time;) lol

  2. Martha says:

    Daryl, he’s a survivor and he’ll won’t go down easy.

  3. holly says:

    daryl, definitely, strong, knows how to handle stressful situations.

  4. marc petrick says:

    I’m rooting for the zombies. The survivors of this show need to be bitten and bitten now!

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