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“Tyler Perry’s- House Of Payne”

As with the other Tyler Perry shows “House of Payne” is a television comedy/drama.  It deals with the realities of a multi-generation family living in the same house in Atlanta.  This particular series deals with some of the darker issues of life such as addictions and drug abuse.

The father of the household is Curtis Payne and his wife is Ella.  These are my two favorite characters in the show.

Curtis comes off as a bit silly.  He has to be more mature than he appears since he was chief at the local fire department.  Curtis refuses to not eat his favorite foods even though he is overweight and once fainted because of a blocked artery.  When he wants to go past Ella he will stick out his arm to move her and more often than not she lands sitting on the sofa.  They are just playing – he is not being mean.  Curtis is always loyal to Ella and stands by her thru thick or thin.

Ella is the more mature of the pair.  She has a good nature which Curtis takes advantage of at times, but she gets back at him.  Ella is a stay at home wife and mother.  She is the religious one in the family and the person others turn to for advice.

Curtis and Ella have a son Calvin who sometimes attends college.  He also worked around the firehouse with Calvin until he becomes a partner in a barbershop.

C.J. is the nephew of Curtis and Ella.  After his wife accidentally burns down their home when she is under the influence of drugs he and his family move in with his uncle and aunt.  During this period C.J. also works at the firehouse.  Later he and his family move to Chicago. They return when C.J. is offered the chief’s job because Curtis is forced for health reasons to retire.  C.J. and his family then move in next door to Curtis and Ella.  C.J. wants Curtis to return to the firehouse to oversee several departments.  Curtis refuses because he had been forced into retirement.  However, Ella’s cooler head prevails and he does return.

House of Payne with its 254 episodes had more episodes than any other TV series with a mostly African American cast.  The show was originally rated as TV-PG but the rating was changed to TV-14 in later years because of the more mature contents of the episodes.

The series finale in August 2012 ended with a cliff hanger.  Fans were not too happy about this situation and many comments were made on Tyler Perry’s Facebook page and website.  Perhaps there will be another spin-off or maybe a movie which will answer the cliff hanger question.


  1. MaMoo61 says:

    I would love for House of Payne and Meet The Brown to come back with new shows. I enjoyed watching the show because of the different family situations which were real, the cussing was limited so kids’ could watch it and more reasons than I have room to type. Would love to see them come back. Will they be back on OWN?

    • Helen McQuerrey says:

      House of Payne and Meet the Browns are two great family shows. There is so much negativity in this world, that a little clean humor is good for the soul with God mentioned in every episode in one way or the other. Please continue these episodes for all the fans that love you so much. House of Payne had an ending that I have already “spoke my peace” about. We need more and a different spin that we received. Very disappointing to know that your favorite shows are ending and then to find out on one that Miranda is leaving her husband……..and Mr. Brown is not Cora’s father is just too much of a shock factor. Please continue these episodes and change these endings.

  2. DAPHNE HUGHES says:

    What was the cliffhanger and will House of Payne be returning ?

  3. Brenda Wilmes says:

    I really hate that house of Paine has come to an end I really enjoyed the show as well as Meet the Browns! I have never seen any Tyler Perry shows, plays or movies that I didnt like. I am a very big fan of Tyler Perry comedies!! I think I am going to see the new movie coming out even though its not my kind of movie!! Its still Tyler Perry!!

  4. Michael Morgan says:

    My only issue with House of Payne was the way the series ended. Expected more of a happy ending. But still love the show.

  5. carol B. says:

    Miss House Of Payne and Meet the Browns. I do not watch For Better or For Worse. Cannot get into it. Bring the other 2 shsows back please.

  6. Phyllis Whitaker says:

    Please Mr. Perry, bring House of Payne back!!!!! What is it going to take for us to get this show back on the air.

  7. Sylvia says:

    I love the House of Pain, Meet the Browns, and I like For Better or For Worse, but House of Pain is by far the funniest show that was on the air. For me House of Pain replaces the Crosby Show, we do not have many black shows on the air, hoping for a soon return to TV or you will truly be missed.

  8. linda jensen says:

    Well brother Tyler I love your shows, plays, movies and everything that you’ve made. I think that it would be interesting to maybe combine both shows together to see how it would turn out. God bless you and keep you.:) I love you brother Tyler Perry

  9. roz says:

    i would love to see the house of payne and meet the browns return w/new episodes they were really funny to watch and i loved the meanings behind each and every episode.

  10. Phyllis Reed says:

    I love you Tyler I love everything you make; I really need you to bring house of payne back see I’m one of your fans that really get into the show. I feel like the paynes are my family as well I miss them, I want to see what gone happy to Calvin.

    Would you please make a sound track to I can do bad by myself movie.

  11. Eula Lovelace says:

    HOUSE Of PAYNE is over but WHY?

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