Hooked on Revenge

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“Revenge Season 2 Is Coming!”

Oh, how do I love Revenge? Let me count the ways:

(1)   The series is a female take on the classic novel, The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. Now seriously, who does not like to have some classics on their TV? Doesn’t that just make you feel smarter? I know it does to me, at least.

(2)   Emily VanCamp is perfectly cast as Emily Thorne, the protagonist of the show. She looks cold, calculated, and sinister all at once, to great effect. I know some people have dismissed Ms. VanCamp as somewhat bland and wooden, but her brand of blandness I think makes for a great Emily Thorne. Her almost calm but tense expression just makes me nervous all the time. It almost makes you want to know what is going to happen next, as it seems that there were times during the first season that she would crack under all the schemes and the pressure.

(3)   Madeleine Stowe as the Queen of the Hamptons, Victoria Grayson, is pitch perfect. From the flawless, obviously-Botoxed face, to her amazingly hatched schemes and plans, the actress just knows how to reign the bitchiness but at the same time solicit a bit of sympathy for her, especially when her equally evil husband comes to play. You get a feeling that all her grand evil schemes are just to protect herself and her children. I have no doubt that Emily will realize this soon.

(4)   How amazing is Josh Bowman? I mean, he is just a dreamboat, but at the same time, the son of the couple responsible for the downfall of Emily’s dad. Daniel Grayson doesn’t look like he has one mean bone in his body, which makes it difficult to hate him by virtue of him being a Grayson. What a darling! Obviously, he loves Emily so much; he is willing to look past her faults, which are getting more obvious in each passing episode.

(5)   I would love to have a best friend-protector like Nolan Ross. I mean check out that house! I was so irritated when Ashton destroyed his lovely furniture when he abducted Nolan. But yes, Nolan has the best intentions for Emily, and I think he mirrors the viewer, as it seems that he also gets anxious with some of Emily’s riskier schemes. I find myself relating to his character the most.

I could only think that after that first season,

  1. Victoria is still alive. She cannot be dead. The show will not be the same without her. The show is Emily vs. Victoria, after all.
  2. Jack Porter will discover who Emily really is, way before Daniel.
  3. I am still very much torn whether I will be on Team Daniel or Team Jack. Can’t one of them just go with Nolan? After all, Nolan is bisexual, right?


  1. septsecond says:

    Emily is perfectly cast in the fact that she is attractive, but not stunningly beautiful which would distract us from her intent. Her concealed motives, her circumspect ways – it all creates the perfect person who is totally willing to wait to serve up the cold platter of revenge.

  2. Billy says:

    I love this story hope to see it in sept.

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