Honeymooners: A Musical

A simple premise is always a guarantee for success, especially in the cases of the TV comedy series. This is also the case of The Honeymooners, who followed the struggles of two working-men trying to strike gold through various schemes.

While it lasted for just one season, The Honeymooners gathered the following of many fans, while also being named one of the greatest sitcoms of all time. It is no wonder that it has been permanently on air since the 60’s.

After being revived and rehashed several times since then in musicals, sitcoms, and even a feature film, the show is now tested again as a possible musical by the Goodspeed Opera House. For now, on the 7th of November in New York, this will be just a workshop where only those invited will be able to come.

But, if everything goes according to the plan (in other words bang, zoom, straight to the moon), The Honeymooners will be played in the fall/winter season at the Goodspeed Opera House. And, in my opinion, there aren’t too many things that could go wrong.

First, the cast is a stellar one for this two-week workshop. Ralph Kramden will be played by Tony award winner Michael McGrath, Ed Norton will be portrayed by the Emmy award winner Hank Azaria, while Alice Kramden and Trixie Norton will be brought to life by Drama Desk nominees Leslie Kritzer and Megan Hilty.

The musical will be directed by the Tony award winner John Rando, while the Emmy award winner Joshua Bergasse will be in charge with the choreography.

As I implied before, a simple premise is needed also. The Honeymooners The Musical believes that it has found it: Ralph and Ed win a high-profile jingle contest and are propelled on the Madison Avenue, to the surprise of their wives.

In some ways, this will be like a Mad Men meets comedy show, with the main characters torn between old and new, between friendship and success.

This isn’t the first time this musical was announced, in 2012 being shot down at the Old Globe Theater in San Diego due to scheduling conflicts. However, since the workshop is just a month away, what could go wrong?


  1. thomas cianci says:

    Norton Worked in a Sewer, Ralph worked as a Bus Driver. get it straight!

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