Henry VIII According to Jonathan Rhys Meyers

After playing the food guzzling, beer guzzling, womanizing Henry VIII in The Tudors, Jonathan Rhys Meyers has switched to playing another (almost) historic character, Dracula. As he says, he switched from drinking booze to drinking blood.

But what were his thoughts on being in The Tudors? As you might have heard, when the series ended after the 4th season, Jonathan Rhys Meyers said that he became a bit unhappy on being on the show because it lasted too long. It wasn’t because he didn’t like the character – the actor says that making a longer series opens the unwanted possibility of making mistakes. And, as he frankly put it, it became tiresome on going on the same set, being with the same people and dressing with the same costumes over and over again, thus increasing the possibility of doing stupid things.

But then again he did prove that he was a great actor for the series, because he brought something else to the table. And he was happy about that, because he was able to present King Henry from a different perspective than other actors.

As he said, he could have grown a beard, dye his hair red and whatnot. But it wasn’t how the king looked, but how he was in real life that interested him when accepting the role. The more personal traits interested him: Henry VIII was kind of a tyrant and definitely a bad politician, since most of his decisions were made to fit his needs as a womanizer.

And Jonathan Rhys Meyers also understands that it was pretty easy to fall in such a trap, since back in those days being married as a king was a necessity: a child wasn’t necessarily a reason for happiness, but an heir to the throne.

Thus, marriage wasn’t the union between a man and a woman, but rather something that a king was politically required to do (if I may say so, marriage was a job requirement). Seldom passion had something to do with it. And, as the actor jokingly says, if there was passion then it quickly disappeared after the marriage.

So, ultimately, deciding not to put on a few extra pounds was a good idea. While history was tampered with, some crucial truths remained in there. And I believe that this is the most important thing.

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