Has Nick Really Changed?

Once again, Days has found a way to keep me hooked on this show.  Of course, there aren’t a lot of options now as to what soaps to watch, but I digress.

While my first post on this blog was about how much I loved Gabi and Nick together, I have to say that after watching the show since then, I may have to bite the bullet and retract that statement, given how Nick has been behaving in the last few weeks.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I think Nick and Gabi were (are) good together.  However, it seems the anger side to Nick’s character is appearing more and more, which in turn is making me shake my head in disgust.  For instance, Nick being angry that Will is having second thoughts about being in his child’s life is totally uncalled for.  In the first place, Nick has no biological connection to said child, and secondly, Gabi needs to step up and control her soon-to-be husband in the decision making department.  Last time I checked, it was her body, her choice, NOT Nick’s baby, so she should have the utmost say as to whether or not Will should be involved in the baby’s life, especially now that all of Salem knows the truth.

Secondly, Nick’s lack of controlling his emotions is clearly evident in the way he’s getting all annoyed with things Gabi says (for instance, the fact that Cameron could tell something was off with Gabi’s date of conception), and the way he’s trying to put Will in his place as to who the “real” father of Gabi’s baby is going to be (I mean, really, Nick, you don’t have to constantly shove it down Will’s throat that you are going to take care of the unborn child), and let’s not forget the way Nick practically scolds Will behind his back for being a gay man.  Really, Nicholas, look in the mirror and judge yourself first before you start casting stones at other people.

With all these factors piling up, I have to seriously look at Nick and say, “have you REALLY changed for the better?”  Maybe, just maybe, Nick, you need to watch what you say and who you say things to, because sooner or later, those words just may come back to haunt you.  Frankly, it’s hard for me to even like Nick’s character again, because now he’s reminding me greatly of the Nick of the past—very shady and very controlling.  He may even give Christian Grey a run for his money in the control department.


  1. Kimberly says:

    Nick really isn’t my favorite person on Days,but I’ll answer the question any ways.
    With some things he’s changed, but with other things he’s still the same old Nick. He and Gabi should work together with Will and (Sony) to let Will see his child. you all know that now that Sami knows about her grandchild she is not going to let things the way they are now.

  2. Sharon Smith says:

    Nick is creepy…..he hasn’t changed….he is mean spirited….and look out he is going to go after Will because of what he heard and use it against him..Glad that EJ got “the best” attorney for him for child custody….I think that Nick will try and Blackmail Will with the info. that he has and Will will give up his rights…..Going to be some “fireworks” in Salem.

  3. Lisa says:

    Nick is ugly he’s immature he needs to step up on the plate and except will being the baby’s father if he don’t he might end up loosing Gabi and be totally alone,Gabi needs to be with will not Nick,and Will needs to realize that he don’t need to be Gay he needs to be a family man,and Marry Gabi and have a good life together……

  4. sarah says:

    I don’t like anything about nick I think he should be off the show again. I mean he is not good on days and I think days should consider dropping him.

    • Inez says:

      Did u see the man in prison he’s going to be from Nicks past and when he gets out I think he’s coming after Nick so we might not have to worry about Nick for long.QI hope that’s what’s going to happen

      • Kathryn says:

        I definately am excited for that guy to get out of prison. I agree with you Lisa!I hope he takes care of Nick. I just hope it is Nick he goes after and not Will. Nick is such a creep, he could be in cahoots with the inmate and have the inmate going after Will. (You know the twists Days puts into the show…just sayin)

  5. Donna says:

    Yuck, I don’t like Nick and never have both he and Gabby are terrible actors to boot. Okay for the storyline but it has to wrap up and Nick has to be exposed, with he and Gabby’s past it is stupid writing to have him blackmail anyone and isn’t that against the law? Probation officer needs to know. And while we are on the subject, the Chloe thing has outlived its interest too and she needs to go, that was ridiculous with Abby! I don’t even watch the Brady/Kristen/Stefano part at all, pretty soon I won’t be watching at all but I don’t think the writers care if long time watchers still watch.grrrrr…..

    • I totally agree.. this thing with Chloe has gone on way to long, psycho stalker! She doesn’t even look attractive , she is so mean! Nick, too, must go!! Homophobic nut

  6. Marge Thibeault says:

    I think we can all kick back and relax Nick will soon be having a visit fro an “old” friend.The calendar was circled on March 15th I believe for his release..More drama.

  7. Kathy says:

    Will was never comfortable with not being the acknowledged father of Gabi’s baby. Now that everyone knows, and he nearly lost Sonny, he still wants that baby. Nick is controlling, menacing, threatening and Gabi needs to watch out. Gabi is meek around Nick and meekness is not one of her usual traits. I wonder if they are going to have Nick abuse her, too? He has changed, he is worse.

  8. Cynthia Nickles says:

    Will should shoot Nick and have better luck than he did with EJ. I am so sick of Nick trying to run everyones life in Salem. Gabby is no better. She acts innocent and knows she’s as devious as Nick is. Both of them are dispicable!

  9. i thank nick need to go off the show i don’t like him …

  10. Patricia says:

    Every time Jennifer, Daniel, and/or Chloe are on, I mute my TV. I hate that Jennifer is so dumb that she does everything Chloe tells her. She needs to be honest with Daniel. He can handle this. Before, I could hardly wait for the next episode, but now I dread seeing Chloe win another one. Nick and. Kristen are just as bad.

  11. I was thinking that after Will saving him and staying with him that they (the writers) would make him have a change of heart about ‘allowing’ Will to be in the baby’s life. After yesterday (5/28) he scares me more than ever!!!!! I wouldn’t let him anywhere near that baby!!!!!!! Can’t wait to see what they have in store for us today!!!

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