Hanging Over the Cliff

This holiday season fans have just one wish for General Hospital. Fans wish that the ABC network will not replace their favorite soap opera with a cheap imitation. A number of soaps fizzled down into the drainpipe like suds, washed away by shrinkage in viewership, while production costs continue to threaten to flush even more soaps down the toilet. And all for what? Another reality show?

A recent article published in the New York Post reports that in spite of a recent spike in ratings, ABC has plans for remaking General Hospital into its own reality show, at a hospital with real nurses and doctors, without even a prescription pad for a plot. Apparently their plan is to save on costs by erasing their reliance on unionized actors and script writers. But this concept of cameras rolling live at some hospital featuring the lives of real nurses and doctors is a gamble for the network. The show will likely loose loyal soap viewers without gaining a new dependable audience and mirror the ratings drop as seen by The Revolution.

After all, General Hospital is neither a soap about a hospital nor just about the nurses and doctors there. In fact, the soap has been dubbed “General Mobspital” at one time when the focus was squarely on the war between Sonny Corrintos and the Zacharas’. The writers are doing a fantastic job now integrating key characters from the cancelled soap, One Life to Live, and moving away from mob storylines.

Although not all fans may agree with which storyline is best right now, or which actor or actress should stay or go, or who should return, perhaps the writers can do themselves a favor and not kill off so many characters in the future. Of course, that’s provided General Hospital isn’t shot dead in its own future. Characters like Nicholas Cassadine, Lucky Spencer, and Rick Lansing are just out of town, while Matt Hunter is in jail for a crime he likely committed in self-defense, and Jason Morgan’s body has not been found. Those characters can be returned easily without re-writing soap history or leading fans to burn down yet another suspension bridge of disbelief.

Currently one feature a reality show can never replace a soap with is a well scripted cliff hanger. Viewers can see how a situation will resolve when they tune in again the next day.  Unfortunately, whether or not General Hospital will tune in for another year is the biggest cliff hanger of all.


  1. Melanie Dale says:

    I have been watching GH since I was a little girl. It’s the only daytime soap I have ever really liked. I hope they continue with the show and not make it into another reality thing. Pretty tired of all those shows. In fact I don’t even watch them. I love GH and the characters. I

    • Donna says:

      Please, Do Not cancel GH I’ve been watching since I was a little girl to… I love that show as well as All My Children and One Life To Live I was devastated that those shows went off the air Please don’t do the same to GH We really don’t need yet another reality show So sick of them enough is enough already….

      • Billie Honeycutt says:

        I have been watching GH since it started and it is my favorite show of all shows….Do not cancel GH, this is ridicolus to even think of another reality show. I definitely will not watch whatever you put in place of GH.

        • James says:

          If this goes to a reality show I guess I will not have to turn on the tv. There is no need for another phony reality show. If the actors want to keep working offer less pay or they can become one of the axed. Then lets see if they can make money elseware. There are plenty of actors that are out of work and could use a job. The way the job market is they better think twice before being greedy.

          • Dgonzalez says:

            They are not being greedy, why don’t you take a pay cut, to see if you like it. All those people that work for General Hospital, are worth what they get paid and more. They are good, that is why we tune in everyday to watch them, and if we miss it, we watch them on line. Steve Burton, please come back.

      • Teena Abbott says:

        I can’t remember a time I didn’t watch General Hospital. I remember when it was still in black and white. What is wrong with these station owners. I have enough reality in the real world. Besides everyone knows most reality shows are scripted. Leave General Hospital alone it is an icon in Daytime television. I am pretty sure they already have reality shows involving real doctors and nurses or at least they use to.

        • marge says:

          I too love gh and have watched since the begining. keep it as a soap about doctors nurses and the current cast with one life to live characters

      • karen cordell says:

        yes i have watched GH for years I started watching GH.with my mom at the age of 14 i do love GH.please keep GH on I watch it every day if i am not home i do record it and watch it after dinner.i love sonny carley sam michael and alot others.as long as GH is on I will watch it.thanks

      • A Marquis says:

        AMEN!!! Please do not take away my one daytime vice…

        • I have been watching Gh since it started with the characters like Jessie, Lucy, Steve Hardy, and Audrey. NOw it is the only one left on ABC, and I was happy to see some of the stars from OLTL come to Port Charles. Please do not cancel GH. I don’t understand that we are getting sick of reality shows. We have our own reality in our own life, and would like fantasy. NO MORE REALITY SHOWS!!!!

          • Gail says:

            I agree, no reality show can replace what GH brings into peoples lives. I thought that the TV world was suppose to be entertaining. The reality shows are not a way of taking people out of their own world and into another. There are a lot of people who forget their own problems and get lost in GH’s problems. Do not replace GH with some stupid reality show.

      • Donna says:

        PLEASE DO NOT !! TAKE GH OFF THE AIR… I REALLY LOVE THAT SHOW I’ve been watching that show since the late 70′s IF YOU TAKE GH OFF THE AIR I to will not be watching ABC anymore…..

        • Amertkt says:

          I’m with ya Donna! I only watch 2 soaps now. If GH gets canceled I will not be picking up any ABC shows. That’s for sure!

        • Juliana says:


        • Please don’t take the show off the air there are millions of watchers it take us away for 1 hour a day away from reality. We all love the show.we love the actors and actress’s you’ll be just hurt in the network just saying…

        • Mike H says:

          I have been watching GH for 35 yrs and it’s such a part of my daily grind.Please Please Please pay attention to your loyal fans.

      • gerard says:

        GH is a joke take it off the air

    • Teresa Hicks says:

      Yes , me too Donna, since i was little ive been watching GH for over 40 years now, my grandmother got me started on it back when Jessie brewer, Steve Hardy and Audre we very young. I love that show, I hate all these stupid reality shows, talk shows, food shows and really dumb one’s like this honey boo boo crap. I really hope they don’t take Gh off the air if they do, ill just do what im doing now for AMC and OLTL and that is watch them on rerun’s on the soap net channel.

      • Carla Miller says:

        Please, please, please do not destroy General Hospital or take it off the air. All My Children and One Life To Live, are and that truly sadden my heart. I started watching all these shows when I was a little girl, back when Dark Shadows came on also. I’m tired of talk shows and reality shows. There is no sense in changing things, that don’t need to be changed. Please don’t take General Hospital away or make it into something it shouldn’t be.

        Carla Miller

        • Kathy says:


          • Elizabeth Lovejoy says:

            I don’t watch any reality TV it is so stupid to me. How many reality shows can you possible put on TV. I love GH and will not watch any reality shows.

        • Another thing I am tired of is cooking shows. Most people are busy working and taking care of their families, don’t have time to spend all day and night in the kitchen, making all these dishes.

          • mary says:

            leave g.h. the way it is i am so sick and tired of these reality shows and cooking shows if some people do not like g.h. thendon’t watch it but leave it alone i have been watching my soaps for many years and i DO love g.h. get rid of the other programs people are not interested in reality and cooking shows. don’t need real doctors or nurses to do g.h. to methey seemreal so lesve well enough alon or you or going to find that not too many people including not watching channel 5 or a.b.c

          • Cindy Hall says:

            Amen, I have never watched the chew and I never will and if you replace GH i will not watch whatever you replace it with


      • susan watts says:

        I remember Steve, Jessie, and Audry. Also, Kimberly was a little girl then.
        havn’t heard if they rescued Robin yet?? know she was being held hostage by Faison. thought he was dead long ago. Oh so many memories like Luke and Laura’s wedding for one. Oh please don’t take GH off the air. been watching it a long time. my mother and grandmother watched it when I was little and have been watching it ever since.
        Hope they keep it on the air.

        • Jenn says:

          I have been watching GH since I was 4 (30) years!! I used to watch it with my mother and now y just barely 5 year old watches it occassionally with me. I would be ssad if the show ended, I woul be even sadder if they lessened the “rememberance” of GH by making it a reality show. Daytime is not meant for reality TV and TV does not need any further assistance with the reality line-up! PLease keep GH as is!

    • Ann says:

      YOU are soooo right I’vewatching since 1961. GH is like Family. REALITY show OH NO Keep GH on

      • Patti says:

        I can not believe you want to remove yet another soap opera ,then you change the time too. I was a loyal abc soap opera fan. I could see All my children it was going no where. the best two were One Live to Live and Gh. If I wasn’t watching them I was recording them. Then to put on more talk , and reality shows PLease….. Help overloaded!!!!!! stop Cant we get our dreaming men and bitching woman back!

    • Jackie says:

      I too have been watching GH since I was a little girl. This soap opera is one of the best TV shows ever. I helps me forget the troubles of the real world and go into fantasy land. I too will not have ABC on my television ever if GH is discontinued. Why can’t the fans dictate what they want to watch rather than have TPTB dictate to us. I am a baby boomer and this show has been in my life for a long time. Keep GH ON !!!!!

      • Rita Smith says:

        GH is the only daytime show I watch now. They take this off the air, and I won’t be watching ABC at all

        • michelle yates says:

          I like all of these ladies have been a loyal fan of GH since I was 5 watched it with my great grandma and grandma i will be so disappointed if it is taken off the air and I definitel would not watch a reality show. This is the only show tthatI get upset if Iit doesnt record or when itt is a rerun do to the holidays… please don’t take GH AWAY FROM US

        • lisabryanfinkler says:


    • SANDY PATTON says:


      • CAROL says:

        I agree and if the powers that be decide to make this into a reality show.. IT WILL DIE a horrible death.. all the ABC fans of GH will make it so..we can do it we have the power we took off the REVOLTING Revolution show we can KILL any show that takes GH place.. believe it.. we are mighty when we get riled up. KEEP IT ON THE AIR and the same as it has always been,, a GREAT SOAP.

      • Samantha says:

        Ditto here sick of reality tv. loveGH!

    • Jeanie says:

      Ditto x3!

    • Annamarie says:

      I too have been watching General Hospital since I was in junior high and I am now 50 years old. I don’t want to lose the last soap that I have to watch. I love this show. No way do I want a reality hospital show to take its place. Keep General Hospital on it is a lengendary show and must be able to keep its doors open to all those who have watched it for years. It is not just a show it is family to some of us along with friends we have watched growing up over the years.

    • Susan Vaughn says:

      I have watched G H since it aired on April of 1963. Everyone on that show are my friends. I look forword to watching them every day. Please do not put a reality show in it’s place.No one will like that. Susan.

    • sheila snyder says:

      this is our fav soap,dont you dare do that,you will lose so many viewers

      • Peni says:

        A huge disappointment!!! Let’s be real, GH was great the way it has been. Love the mob stories with Sonny & Jason. Turning it into a Reality show are you kidding me? What idiot came up with that idea? Bad, bad idea! You can’t save a soap by making it a reality show because the billions of ppl who love old school soaps growing up watching them their whole lives, it just won’t be the same. Eventually every1 will turn to the last other soaps on 4 & 5. ABC U SUCK!

      • Carla Miller says:

        I to agree, why do we need another reality show for? Don’t you have enough them on in the evenings? I loved AMC, OLTL and I love GH. I’ve been watching all those shows ever since I was a little girl. Heck I even watched Dark Shadows. Please do not take GH or turn it into another boring reality show. Leave GH just the way it is.

    • nancy says:

      Please….keep gh going,I have been watching my favorite soap for over twenty years and I still love everyone and every episode.I will not watch any kind of reality show those shows are silly.So please do what ever it takes to keep gh on for years to come please .

    • Bonnie says:

      the article came from the NY Post….i cant believe anyone would believe that…..check with ABC before going into a panic…last i heard GH’s contract was renewed for at least another year….plus they can see the mistake they made by taking away OLTL.

    • sue howard says:

      I love General Hospital. It they replace it with this reality crap, I promise I will NOT be watching. Why do they have to take everything away from all the loyal fans, many who are elderly and this is something to look forward to each day. The sponsers should realize that we are the ones who spend the money. And now with the computers and ordering on line makes it so easy. I just hope the keep it on just the way it is. I turned off the shows that replaced All My Children and One Life to Live. I am boycotting them. I go to the movie channel or the Food Network. That is what I will do if they replace GH.

    • Amertkt says:

      Please Please!!! Do not cancel General for another friggin talk show or reality show. I can’t take it. Right now I watch 2 shows daily; Days of our Lives & General Hospital. Days I watch out of habit & would not be upset if it were canceled. I would be CRUSHED if General was taken of the air. PS…I wouldn’t watch it if it were on line only. It’s not the same.

    • donna says:

      Really again?? R U idiots????????? People they dontc are what you put on here they will do what they want.. They have ruined daytime T.V. They actually knew last year… Well guess we will all get more done, hopefully they will lose so much rating they will go under to the deep never never land. they have changed soaps history, what about one life to live, all my children?? Really another reality show.. Are you just plain stupid or something??

    • Joanne says:

      I had been a true fan of general hospital. My thoughts on this is we don’t need reality shows/ they already basically took over night time television, so what I do is watch GH on the soapnet channel. GH in my opinion is by bringing old charcters back bringing new story lines is how to make it work RC has been doing a fantastic job keeping up with great story lines. hey if your a big fan like me & watch 2x aday it has to be good. GH is one of the best on tv in my opinion been watching 22 years. I think we can make this work the soap is 50 years old so what if we make another 10 wouldent that be great!! we hAVE TO SAVE THIS SOAP.

    • June Van Norman says:

      Sick,Sick,Sick of reality t.v. We get enough reality every time you turn on the tube. I LOVE GH!!! I have watched it since Steve and Audrey were on. It was bad enough when they moved it to a different time for another talk show. If they cancel the show I might as well get rid of my t.v.

    • Kathleen Santuccio says:

      leave GH alone it is at its best i willnot wacth any more of Ch. 5 why areyou doing this you know we want GH please i see it on my PC and now i want a tablt so i can wach it all the time

    • Sheila says:

      I also have watched GH since I was a little girl-The show is SO great & won’t be the same if they change anything-Lately it has been SO good-Please don’t change anything!!!!

    • ginger dehart says:

      please don’t take away general hospitial its all i have left to watch and dont make it into a reality show i hate those and there is to many of them on now and there are also to many yukky talk shows on to please stop the removal
      of our shows we are disabled we need these shows to keep us company all day

    • Jane says:

      I have been an avid fan of GH since 1970. I watch the show religiously because I enjoy the characters whom I’ve come to love over the years. I hate the fact that Steve Burton left but if you are heading towards a reality show format, I don’t blame him. It’s wonderful to have Anna, Robert, and Lucy back with Luke et al, and I’d love to see Holly Sutton and Tiffany Hill return too. If GH becomes a reality show to save money. I will have no reason to turn on my TV during the day. I am completely sick of Reality Shows…. PLEASE keep GH as is!

    • Pauline Dagley says:

      please bring jason back and get rid of the vampires…please……..aj is back,jason hasn’t been gone long,but long enough to miss his good looking butt.and i sure hope what i read the other day standing in line at the grocery store the other day.the soap digest said that steve burton(jason morgan ) was going to young and and the restless.please say it isn’t true……

    • Brenda says:

      I have been watching GH (and OLTL ) since I was a child. Another reality show? Really? I do not watch reality, I watch TV to escape reality. Besides half of those shows are so fake it’s pathetic!! If ABC cancels CH I will never, ever, watch another show on any ABC network. NEVER!! As it is I only watch GH since they canceled OLTL.
      How much money do they need to save to compensate for the loss of their viewing audience?? Just plain idiotic if you ask me.

    • kathleen says:

      Leave GH alone you will be sorry we all will not wacth anymore if you take GH off the AIR !!!!!!!

    • Debbie says:

      Seriously another reality show? If it isn’t broken, why fix it? Leave GH alone..It’s perfect just the way it is..If you take it off the air, you will be sorry..NO ONE WILL WATCH !! You took off two other good shows & added two “talk” shows..One was a total flop & the other isn’t doing that well either..Listen to your fans..WE KNOW WHAT WE LIKE & WHAT WE WANT..

    • Elizabeth Lovejoy says:

      I agree with you. I have been watching GH since i was a little girl and watched it with my mother. I hate reality tv and i do not watch any. Do yourselves a favor and let someone be happy instead of always gloom and doom on the soaps. That might help your ratings.

    • Deanna Bezanson says:

      Please do not pull the plug on GH. I’ve watched it since it started. You took away All My Children and One Life to Live in which it was a crying SHAME on you all for doing that!!!!! Since you pulled the plug on that I refuse to watch the STUPID Chew,it is terrible. If I want recipies I can get them on the computer. Well if you do cancel GH this lady will definitely turn your reality show off whatever it may be. Ladies who stay home and even those who tape the soaps,needed a little drama in their lives,including me.I know people tape them because my daughter-in-law does and she wouldn’t miss GH for anything. I watch GH and now go to another channel to watch Bold and the Beautiful and the Young and the Restless. Don’t do it or I believe you all will be sorry. Please knock it off with the reality shows. My husband is also really sick of them too. He also likes GH too. Again I say,”Shame on you for even thinking about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Deanna Bezanson says:

        Please do not moderate anything I said. And why don’t you get All My Children and OLTL too. I believe your ratings would go sky high. I do not know who the big guy is who took those soaps off but I fell that he is not laughing all the way to the bank now! :-)

    • Rose says:

      I hate that they are talking about cancelling or “remaking” GH. No reality show is going to get me to watch it. Maybe they should do what OLTL nad AMC are doing and go to the internet. So happy they are coming back. PLEASE DON”T MESS WITH OUR SOAP!!!!

    • wanda hurt says:

      Me too since I was a child and stayed loyal this show. If it goes to a reality show I will NOT watch it and neither will millions of others who have made the rating stay in top place and they will infact, bit off their nose to loose viewers… There are enough doc and nurse shows out there and what about patient privacy in the hospital who wants to be on TV when they are struggling for their lives or sick in anyway. Really do you think everyone is a see me whore on TV person… GH is one of the things I watch to escape my wonderful blessed life with drama in others.. please do not do this…

    • Debra says:

      I’ve been watching this show with my Mother since I was 13. That’s 47 years. If they change the show to what is mentioned above, I will not watch it any more. They need to get rid of the Vampire mess too. I like the old cast coming back and the new folks from the other soap but please don’t change things to a reality show, we have enough reality shows on tv and they are the pitts.

    • Alicia says:

      PLEASE DON’T TAKE GH OFF THE AIR!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!! Sorry for the caps but it’s SOOO important to me to not let this SOAP go! I know my family and some friends think I am crazy…but I have been watching GH since I was 9 and now I am about to turn 46…I love the people they have been bringing back and I hope it isn’t to send off the show! Don’t replace it with non-sense bull$hit reality of real doctors and nurses…you can’t tell me that one of them is a sneaky/hate-able/loveable/charismatic/daring/nonchalant/hard core person like Luke Spencer is!!! And he is just a START to the talent that makes up GH!!! Daytime will NEVER be the same without having ANY daytime SOAPs on it…WHY MESS WITH WHAT PEOPLE LIKE WITH CRAP WE DON’T??? That’s what cable/satellite tv is for…to give you “OTHER” choices!!! There is NOTHING more loyal than a SOAP fan!

      I LOVE YOU GH – 4EVER A FAN!!!!!!!!!

    • Laura Oparaji says:

      I also have watched GH for 20 years and ❤ it!! Please, Please don’t make it a stupid reality show!!’ Reality shows are too fake and too much Ghetto like drama!!

  2. Elizabeth Snitgen says:

    Please don’t take the last of my soaps that I have watched for more than 20 years. You took All my children , and One life to live and that hurt real bad, plus look at all the people who got put out of jobs. both in front of the cameras and behind the scenes. I was happy to see some from oltl come over to GH. So don’t take away my entertainment and get away from it all time, and putting more people out of jobs. Please think long and hard before you act.
    fan for life!!!

  3. Terri McKinster says:

    When ABC took off AMC and OLTL I vowed I would never, ever watch the “cooking” show that took their time zone. I never have. I never will. I won’t even let my cable box be on ABC when I’m not going to be home to make sure that it’s not tuned to “that cooking show”. (and yes, I do know the name of it, I’m making a point) CBS and NBC has benefited from those cancellations, because I now DVR their soaps and I enjoy them. It’s not the love I had for the ABC soaps. I certainly hope this article is untrue, otherwise I’ll have to boycott ABC altogether merely out of principle.

  4. nikki howe says:

    please keep GH on the air

  5. 'D' says:

    Please…..do what you have to do to keep GH going, but NO reality show, there is too many of them and they will ALL be off the air before long, for just that reason.

  6. Faith Jordan says:

    I am sick of reality TV shows, I love watching my GH we record it everyday and watch it after work as a family. We have our favorite chartcers and we always are guessing whats going to happen next. Don’t Change our GH

  7. Terri says:


  8. denise says:

    Please do not cancel this show. I watched it growing up with my mom who is now passed away and now enjoy it with my daughter. It’s a tradition and I HATE reality shows. I would not watch it… don’t kill this show – it’s one of the few shows I watch on the regular networks. Most of the good TV is now on the cable networks. This show is even better now with all the old cast coming back etc.

  9. catherine says:

    PLEASE don’t make ANY changes to our last ABC soap……….the network will surely lose watchers including me.

  10. TAMI ALLEN says:

    Please don’t take away G.H. . I’ve been watching for over 25 years. I would not watch the new reality show that you would replace it with. I pray that it does not
    get cancelled .

  11. Sandy says:

    This is the only soap that I watch. Some of the others feel/felt like incess happening all the time. I enjoy most of the charactures and story lines. I DO NOT watch ANY reality shows now, and will not in the future. ABC will lose a viewer permanently if this show is cancelled. You already cancelled the only other soap I did watch.

  12. Jean says:

    If you take G.H. off, i will not be watching whatever takes it’s place. In fact i never watch reality shows, i think they are a waste of time.

  13. Bonnie says:

    I have watch General Hospital for as long as i can remember and all i can say is .. it gets better and better. It would be a disgrace to remove such a wonderful show from the lineup. I agree, they have done a wonderful job bringing in characters from One life to live etc. Keep it going….. This is one time slot i take a break from life itself just to watch. Keep General Hospital!!!

  14. Lynn says:

    The new writers of General Hospital came in & made it One Life To Live.
    They are getting rid of GH actors & bringing in their peeps. I have been watching
    General Hospital since Jason was in high school & I am not enjoying it anymore.
    They just got rid of Scott Reeves & now rumor has it Rebecca Herbst might be
    next. If Becky goes, so do I.

    • Maria says:

      I am on the line between stay and go. Rebecca herbst character should go. fans get to spun up as if the character is real. You cant make comments or speak your mind about characters (not actors – but fake characters) without being taken off the line or critized. I had been watching since 1969 on and off. I wish this GH soap all the luck the need to stay. I wish the paring was better , to many people after the same women – Carly, Nurse Webber, for example. Good Luck!

    • Patricia Powell says:

      please people leave G. H. the way it is been watching the frist day it aired. when nothing is broken do u fix it no because it isn’t broken we have none other soaps to look at. this is my favorite so stop massin with anything that is great please

  15. Barbara Tatusko says:

    Getting fed up with abc. Maybe it is time for a change. Like shutting you off. Other than Castle, DWTS and GH, You have nothing worth watching. Reality hospital drama……. you have sunk even lower than I thought, It is bad enough you paid a mint for Katie Couric . Who is Boring.

    • Karen says:

      I agree, I find it very hard to find something to watch on channel four anymore, they took of “all my children, and One life to live” now they are threatening to take off GH, I will not watch a reality show about a hospital, never. I hate reality shows, if you want to see reality look out your front door, there it is and it is not interesting, and you don’t see beautiful actors, and handsome men, storylines, nothing about reality is worth watching.

  16. Linda Martin says:

    I have been watching GH since it started in 1963…everyday I watch…I will tell you right now IF you CANCEL GH…I WILL CANCEL YOU…I will never watch your channel again no matter what you put on….I LOVE General Hospital and all the people. I have family and friends who watch also and they will not watch your channel again either. When you dropped OLTL…I was pissed….I refused to watch the new show you put in its place. Reality shows are fake…I don’t want to watch another reality show.!!!!!! STOP TRYING TO KILL GENERAL HOSPITAL!!! Sponsers watch out too…this show goes, so does my buying any of your products no matter how good they are. I swear I will use my last dying breath to boycott your channel!!!!!

    • Karen says:

      and the same goes for me and my family.

    • kathy slonaker says:

      I’m with you. Since they took off AMC & OLTL I don’t put ABC on for anything. I record GH due to the fact I’m not home during the show. I don’t watch reality shows, they are the stupidest things I’ve ever seen. And the cooking show? Have more than enough of them on cable. And more interesting to say the least. I’ve spent enough time at the hospital with my husband lately & I really have no interest in watching what goes on in them. I already know.

    • Patricia Konisky says:

      I agree. Enough with the reality shows!!! If General Hospital is taken off then I will stop watching ABC.We love our soap opera.Please listen to the fans.

    • Like so many of the others, I have watched GH since day 1. I don’t watch any reality shows. If you cancel it there won’t be any reason to watch ABC anymore. This show lets me escape the reality in the world. I couldn’t believe you got rid of Robin and Jason. Now you want to kill off all the others in Port Charles. I started watching your this show in 1963, i’m 70 now and am not ready to give up my 1 hour of tv entertainment. Please keep on GH…..

      • cheryl Hatfield says:

        Please don’t take general Hospital off the air its one of the best. Please bring back Robin,Nicholas and jason

  17. Marlene Bower says:

    please do NOT take this show off the air. this is all I have left to watch during daytime. I hate reality shows. Not at all fond of game shows. And we do not need another ‘talk’ show. The shows they are trying to make us watch at night are stupid anymore. Whenever they do get a decent show on they only do 5 or 6 shows then they are done for the season ??????

    • inez t rydzak says:

      i agree keep on gh i have been watching since i was young and now its the only thing i look forward to watching… i watch it at 2pm, 9pm, and 12pm on soap channel i don’t like talk shows, cooking shows, realality shows they stink… they put on surviner shows and find the million , all stupid batcelor and batchlerette who cares just want somethng we can relate to like soaps.. they took off one life to live, and all my children which were great shows hope you don’t take away gh

  18. Duray Rossa says:

    Please dont take GH off the air…I have been watching since i was 5y/o, yes 5… now 46…still a huge fan. Now altho I watched at a young age, and surely didnt grab the concept @ 5….@ the age of 7 i did. Been a loyal fan since. I love love love GH and all the characters.I have 2 daughters myself, age 6 & 8 and they too are huge fans. Watch with me everyday. I wish I had the money to travel and see some if not all the cast @ a soap event. I did see Port Chuck 1x in Pt Pleasant NJ, and going again in February.

  19. If they do that then ABC will be blocked off my TV as it is now I only watch GH on this network and will be more then happy to block it

  20. Misssy Fisher says:

    I’m finding this very disturbing that they want to get rid of General Hospital. WE DON’T NEED ANOTHER REALITY SHOW!!!!! Why do people in your business feel the need to MESS THING UP. I mean whats next….. getting rid of ABC of together? I think the whole situation is TERRIBLE. You want us fans support so freaking much… BUT YOU AINT LISTENING. YOU SHOULD JUST leave it alone.

  21. you got to be kidding me General Hospital is one of if not the best TV show on television now it keeps getting better what is wrong with these writers we do not want another stupid reality show they sucks get real people do not make the mistake of stopping GH because in the longrun you will regret it

  22. Dolly Decker says:

    If ABC does away with General Hospital the soap. I will have no reason to ever watch anything on ABC again. I am so tired of them telling us what we want. They get plenty of advertising to pay for the soap.

  23. Bettie says:

    The “powers-to-be” at ABC should do a reality check on themselves. Whoever was responsible for canceling All My Children and One Life To Live should be sent out to pasture. Aren’t the big shots aware that Baby Boomers are retiring in droves, and they are soap fans, for the most part, and will be available to watch their soaps in “real time” now, and not have to record the soaps? Also, with the increase in the Latino population, there is another huge audience that loves “novellas”, and therefore could easily become an additional audience for the soaps. But, because of some misguided idgits’ ideas of saving money, and canceling AMC and OLTL, ABC only has GH left to entice the Baby Boomers and the Latino population for the afternoon programing schedule. Thus, NBC and CBS will be the winners of these two newest potential audiences for soap operas. What a shame that ABC was left in the lurch, with no weapons in their arsenal to fight-off their competition for the soap fans. Can we say “poor planning” by ABC? So, for heaven’s sake ABC, save GH at whatever cost, so you can garner at least some percentage of the newest segment of the viewing audience.

  24. Taryn says:

    Keep GH! Obviously it’s great it’s still winning awards! I’ve been watching since middle school and I’m now 21. Keep it going!

  25. Tiffany Myles says:

    I will not watch if General Hospital is replaced. Quit being cheap and give the fans what they want or a smarter network pick it up!!!

  26. Michele O'Neill says:

    I love GH and I dvr it every day!! I’ve been watching since I was a teenager back i the 1970′s, DO NOT CANCEL this show!!! I love the old characters coming back, but I also hate to see any of the current characters leaving! I am so sick of reality TV – do not waste our time with another stupid show like that. I’ll just watch reruns on USA or something rather than watching that garbage!

  27. Jill Ed says:

    No more “reality shows” I won’t watch. I’m sick of them. Keep General Hospital.

  28. Already 2 failed shows since cancelling AMC and OLTL. Does that not say enought. Please keep GH!!!!!

  29. thesecretary says:

    I am so tired of reality tv, leave my soaps alone. If I want to see reality tv I tune into the news and C-span. I will not watch reality TV! I would just as soon grab a book as to watch reality television. I can listen to a radio or tune into a movie channel I do not have to watch it and I don’t. It is making the television programming I like turn into what is now Classic Television. I do not find pleasure in watching other peoples real pain and loss and I feel like something is the matter with people who enjoy it. Watch out television you could become extinct as a dinosaur with this mindless cheap way of programming. Cable and internet now exist.

  30. Beverly Horn says:

    What the heck are you people thinking…? You have already taken away one of my all time favorites “One Life to Live” now your talking GH? what?? please no.. you have a GREAT thing right now.. you have monies coming in and you have pulled some all time favorites from OLTL to be on GH.. That is an awesome thing. Gh can go on forever if you guys will just leave it alone and keep on writting.. We have so much to look forward to with GH , It has a lot of growth room with the kids of GH and their lives, we can and should be able to watch them all grow old on the show.. So Please keep this show running, I think you will have an awesome thing here, Lets have the longest running soap out there. GH rocks. & so do the cast members of the show.. Thank you for NOT taking GH off the air!! I am praying for you all..God Bless.

  31. Stephanie ferguson says:

    It would be a dark day if GH is gone!! I have wAtched for 30+ years. I will not watch a medical reality show. I live that in reality. As a nurse that would be the very last thing I would watch. Love my GH ” friends” . The writers are doing an awesome job right now! Keep it up and keep our favorite Soap and characters in our nonreality life!!!!

  32. Janet Chastain says:

    I for one really look forward to watching GH on a daily basis. I have been watching soaps since I was 6 years old with my Mom and Grandmother. So for 44 years I have been intrigued by the story lines that keep me watching. I do not watch the shows that have replaced the soaps, so if there is another talk show put inGH’s spot I will not watch so viewership will go down, because I am certain there are others out there that feel the same way. please keep GH on air.

  33. Joyce B says:

    A reality show? to replace GH! never! Keep this show going another 20 and you’ll have decades of watchers! I’m one– 47 years!

  34. Jennifer Brown says:

    Hope it is cancelled next year,these new writers have turned it into”OLTL Bring Back The Dead”!! It’s awful. I have watched since 1963 and still try but just cant, when all OLTL actors came on awful, and taking Sam and Jason’s baby that did it for me. Cancel soon before all dignity is gone.

  35. Lavon says:

    I’ve been watching G H for a very long time I remember certain character when they were kids and we grew together IN college I would have my class around G H we do not need another reality t v I hope G H last and all that’s involve can work things out

  36. Gayle Sullivan says:

    AGREE. Leave my last damn soap ALONE.

  37. Barbara Sieber says:

    Cancel GH and I promise my tv will NOT be turned on till 8 pm…. and not to ABC!!! I am sick of reality TV and talk shows…. for the money we pay just to watch television, we should be able to watch what we like….

  38. Dee C says:

    They have taken all the other soaps I loved off the air, now they are talking about taking this one. That is BS. I have already stopped watching ANYTHING on ABC since they took off One Life To Live and All My Children . I wish they would just leave GH alone . I dvr it on soapnet and watch when everyone else is in bed for the night. It is my one hour of quiet , me and tv time. I don’t watch anything else on tv since they took my other soaps off. I guess I will just sell my TV and DVR and save a little money each month on the bills .

  39. Lori says:

    No one wants GH to be taken off the air and replaced with any other kind of show!!!! I’ve watched this show religiously since 1980!!!!! No one wants another talk show or reality show to take it’s place!!!!! For God’s sake ABC, leave us just one please!!!!!

    • theresa says:

      I am a loyal fan of GH and have been like some since I can remember. I believe tv in general is going down the tubes. I will not watch daytime tv if they replace GH. Too many talk shows about the same people, things, disfunctions in families etc. Most of us have our own family disfunctions and we get tired of that reality stuff in a hurry.. I like a show that entertains and has quirky schemes that don’t seem to be all to real. GH is the best show on daytime, remove it and I will be removed from daytime tv also.

  40. starlene davis says:

    please do not take general hospital off good tv is very hard to get now,we don’t need another cooking,live type shows,or how too do.for one hour a week i can forget daily stress and watch my soap.i have been a fan of gh for along time pleas keep it going.

  41. darlene says:

    What is wrong with the people in television. We have to many stupid and i say STUPID shows on tv already, from talk to reality they all suck! I have been watching GH since 1963 when it first premiered. I will be devistated if it goes off the air.

  42. Kathy says:

    I will not watch any show that replaces General Hospital. They are very short sighted if they think a reality show will cut it. As a matter of fact I believe that Dr. Oz did this already. Don’t know if it was a sucess or not. If the ABC suits are paying any better attention now than when they canceled our other wonderful soaps they will see that reality is pase’ and losing the audience. More and more scripted drama’s are showing back up on TV because there is only so much stupid people will buy no matter how cheaply it is sold. I love my soap and have watched it all my life. I will not watch the spew, Katie, or the five hours of talk/news that they are trying to force feed me. I have a buffet of channels to turn to and turn to I will. ABC daytime will be as dark as night at my house.

  43. Lois Bryan says:

    Oh noooooo!!!! Not this again!!!! For heaven’s sakes, when are the powers at ABC and these other networks going to get it through their thick heads that the days of “reality tv” are LONG over. Done. SO over. SO boring!!!!!! SO unsavory. Nasty. Bleh. Have I made my point yet???

    But a good quality soap will never be anything but GREAT. Character, plot, suspense, humor … all the GOOD stuff. Did I mention plot?? PLOT???

    I’ve LOVED the new GH … always loved the old one, but adding characters from recently deceased ABC soaps has been Pure Genius!!!!! How CAN they even CONSIDER taking GH off????

    WHAT is this world coming to????

    KEEP GH!!!! KEEP GH!!!! KEEP GH!!!!!!!!!!!!



  44. Paula says:

    I can not believe what I am reading.General Hospital is the best I have been watching it for years.I talk about it with my family and co workers.There is no way a reality show can replaceGH.

  45. I have since years no TV anymore – and I’m very happy this way! No wasting time with blah-blah-shows! Time for more quality time in life – and it worth’s!

  46. Trish says:

    Once again, ABC will shoot itself in the foot if GH is off the air..how did that show with TY Pennington, The Revolution, work for you….?? oh yeah, it’s off the air now…. total and complete crap…. and the Chew?? what the hell is that? 5 people sitting around slurping food? ugh… !

    Granted the audience for soaps is not like it used to be…we get that.. but there IS an audience. Those of us who lost OLTL and AMC got over it and we’ll get over GH, too if it’s gone, but it shouldn’t be. And if ABC is smart, they’ll keep it, too…these other fill in shows are crap and just embarrass the network. We’re not stupid to think those are good shows…they’re not. They’re shows you put in to fill in for the mistakes of taking off long standing, solid show.

  47. Judy Caruso says:

    Let them pick on another channel that still has soaps instead of getting rid of the one soap opera that is still on the air for ABC. I’ve watched GH for about 50 years. I started watching with my best friend’s mother after school. I think it was on for only 15 minutes at the time. Then it made it to a half hour, then a full hour. It’s the only soap that I watch that’s left. Please don’t take it away. I hate reality shows. They are contrived and stupid, not to mention humiliating for the so-called actors in them. I will never watch a reality show.

  48. Peggy Ward says:

    Please do not cancel GH. Watched it forever. Will not watch ABC channel for anything if you do. Reality Shows stink. Hate them.

  49. The only issue I have is the story-line re: Jason & his “death”…It was sad enough to hear he was leaving & then to kill him off in such a manner.. I, as a die hard GH fan can’t believe the way he died..He was supposed to be “Stone Cold” & for Faison to shoot him in the back is ludicrous ,he never would have been so careless as to turning his back w/threat of a mob war imminent.. Just sayin

  50. Bonnie Stewart says:

    I have wach for at lest 45 years. I watch with my mother. At one time I stop watching because you keep bring back the dead. I really like the show but don’t screw it up. I will for sure stop watching and so will my girls.

  51. Rita Gordon says:

    O.k. Enough is enough! It is obvious that not all viewers like every story line, but it is just as obvious that long time viewers love general hospital. If the writers haven’t gotten the message, and the producers aren’t listening to the viewers, be prepared abc for losing more viewers.. And, not are viewers tired of reality shows, but if you are like me and also more tired of inane talk shows hosted by over paid big time “stars”, please add like to my post. As I said, enough is enough. It’s bad enough that elected officials don’t listen, but entertainment people don’t listen either, h e l p !

  52. CP says:

    Please dont take our GH! Especially for some crappy fill in “reality show”
    GH is like family…most of us grew up watching it and we continue to enjoy it…so sad it would be to lose it :(

  53. Changing GH into yet another boring reality show would be the stupidest television move of them all. I have watched since 1976 and never missed a day, and it is the ONLY soap opera I have ever watched. Admittedly, we took a blow when Steve Burton left, but we are recovering nicely with Robert Scorpio/Faison story, Sonnie/Connie, Todd/Carly and all the rest of the truly great actors that GH has always been known for. Bottom Line – Change General Hospital – I will never watch any ABC show again.

  54. Vanessa says:

    I remember my Mom watching General Hospital when I was a little girl, I have been watching it ever since, now all my daughters watch it daily, even the hubby tunes in to see what is happening. The families of General Hospital have become a part of our family. Please don’t take a part of our family away, this is the only time I really watch anything on ABC, if this is gone I will have to reason to watch this channel anymore. This is the only soap I have ever stayed true to and watch it every day. Please don’t take a part of our lives away!!!

  55. Deb Van Trigt says:

    If they take away GH I will be done with ABC as I won’t even see commercials for other new series or specials I might have otherwise considered viewing. Right now ABC has me glued to the set for 5 hours in an average week. If they cancel GH they loose that.

  56. nancy weiss says:

    please just like the others i have been watching since i was little, it’s bad enoughABC took the other2 soaps off, and left them in cliff hangers and make fsans think ABC would bring them back, were they left off, it’s unreal why u would even think of more talk,cooking, realty shows, we dont need any more of that crap, please dont take gh off, u at ABC lost money as it is now and u cant say u havent!!!!! leave thins alone

  57. Theresa Pinks says:

    i have been watching GH since i was little with my grandfather its one of the few memories i have with him and me and my sister still watch it to this day and talk about what he might say if he was still here with us it’s really the only show i actually watch on tv now :) so if it gets canceled i will really cry and probably remove my tv all together!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Melody says:

    If General Hospital is cancelled or turned into another fake reality show I will delete all of my recordings on my DVR for ABC and never watch that channel again or another other channel affiliated with ABC

  59. Ciblena says:

    Please ABC don’t take GH off the air too. We all miss All my Children and One life immensely already. Please don’t!! I like the story line now. All those who I saw the other night complaining about Anna and the story line please stop because I was afraid something like this might happen. People complain and when something is taken away then what? Geez!

  60. Leah Johnson says:

    This is a stupid idea and if it happens I will never watch it, I will just turn to one of the cable stations and quit watching ABC at all and hopefully ABC will sign over the rights to these soap operas and let the cable stations take it on. I’m sick of ABC and their stupid decisions!!!!

  61. Jane says:

    General Hospital has been an afternoon staple for years. Many of todays viewer started watching after school or college classes. I am a Senior Citizen who still works, and looked forward to coming home from work to watch GH. Then they change the time of the show. Now I am not home in time to see GH, nor are their younger viewers who would have been there viewers in the future. The only thing this enabled me to do is now watch Eileen. What doesn’t ABC understand about it’s viewer? ABC has replaced everyone of their popular Soaps, featuring people that have become part of our lives, with Junk Shows with a bunch of performers no one cares to watch. I am sure CBS and NBC are laughing all the way to the bank.

  62. Deb Mc Carran says:

    Please do not cancel General Hospital. We have lost All My Children and One Life to Live , that is bad enough. I have watched General Hospital since I can remember back in the 70′s and this show continues to have great story lines…the actors on this show are excellent performers. I and I know that many people will be very disappointed if this great show is canceled…please safe G.H.!!!

  63. Donna McCusker says:

    Please ABC don’t make any changes in General Hospital.

  64. I have been a fan of GH since I was 12, if ABC develops this new show I definitely will not watch it. I do not believe that any show can replace this award winning soap.

  65. chrissy says:

    I have watched this show since I was six years old , my sister , my mother , my grandmother all watch and watched the show . It’s not just a soap , it’s a part of us like family ! Reality shows will never live as long or have an effect on us as much as GENERAL HOSPITAL , MY 11 yr old daughter is now very into it and I want it to be there for when she is inher 30n40′s and to look at her kids and say your grandmother and I used to watch this together . Please don’t ever take this show away , you don’t understand what you would be doing . If this show is ever gone I refuse to watch anything from this station .

  66. Kathy says:

    PLEASE don’t change or take General Hospital off the air. I record it every day and look forward to watching it. You aren’t going to get higher ratings doing a stupid reality show or a talk show. I won’t watch the channel at all if GH is taken off or made into ‘reality’

  67. Michelle says:

    These corporate losers seriously believe their own fake fantasy world, that these brain dead “reality” shows actually interest anyone WITH a brain. Taking GH off the air will not only stop me from watching ABC ever again in life, but the many friends I have as well, not to mention the protests from angry fans. Wake up call, there is no such thing as reality in a “reality” show. General Hospital is an American classic. Stand behind. Don’t make the same mistake that was made with One life to live and All my children.

  68. Marge Stone says:

    I am 72 years old. I have been watching soaps since I got married at age 17. I watched As the worlld turns and Guiding Light and they were taken off. Since them I have watched Young and Restless and Bold and Beautiful and General Hospital. General Hospital is by far the best of all. What is a older lady to watch. Everything else on during the day is Junk!

    • I beat you! I am 82 years Old and a long, long fan of GH. We tape it and the highlight of my day is watching GH every evening. I swore I would never watch your cooking crap and never have. Love the characters from OLTL and thanking you for weaving them into the plot. That’s the kind of thinking we need at GH.

  69. Darlene A. says:

    I agree – do not take General Hospital off the air … I have also watched the show for a very long time. I get disappointed when something ‘overrides’ the show. There are so-o many reality shows (that aren’t even reality) we do not need any more!

  70. susan says:

    If abc takes GH off the air,I will no longer watch any thing on this network!

  71. Colleen says:

    Please please leave General alone! It’s one of the things in life I enjoy! Saving it will be worth it. The reason there is less money is because your taking away the greatness of tv. The more great shows you remove the less people want to watch. This in the end is why you have no money. I have been watching General for over 30 years.

  72. Gladys Rath says:

    I have been watching GH since the 70s. Still the best one around. It’s the only one I watch NOW!! Please keep it. Do not like reality TV. They suck. Thanks.

  73. ann marie moore paladino says:

    Please do not cancel General Hospital its my favorite show i even make sure i watch it at night when i cant catch it during the day i gave up night shows just to watch my soap i love the new stories and they added one life to live on it I’ve been watching since i was a little girl in the 70′s with my mom . I miss Jason but because he is not on i still watch it i love all the characters please keep it going there is no other soap i enjoy

  74. I have been watching this since it first started.Please keep the show going!

  75. cyndi says:

    I cant frickin believe they are getting rid of another fave of mine disney wake up

  76. lillian sue roe says:

    there are too many reality shows now! please do not change general hospital. I love the actors and actresses. I love the story line. Really their is too many talk shows and realality shows.

  77. Lori Netka says:

    If GH is cancelled, you will loose viewers of your tv channel.
    This is the best soap on the air of the 3 that are left. I can
    guarantee that I will not watch a reality show, I think that
    reality shows 15 minutes of fame are over. No one wants
    to see anymore, they are done. There are too many talk shows
    on that are failing, no one DVR’s a talk show, but a soap, yes.
    I watch every day m-f, listen to the fans take Gh off, it will hurt
    you far more than you realize.

  78. Jennifer Brown says:

    I say NOOOOO to the reality show, also believe GH has had a good run.I think it needs to go with dignity as the show has gotten off point for some time now.Have watched since 1963.When they brought in OLTL characters in went south ,also Sam’s baby so wrong. Robin will come back to exit with Patrick and Jason will return to leave with Sam and Danny.All good things come to end

  79. Patricia Jones says:

    I don’t see 1 person that wants to see any changes to GH. We watch because of the characters not to see more reality. It gives us a break from reality.
    Just let it be the longest soap running. You have loyal watchers why don’t you want to please us ??????

  80. Diane Goodrich says:

    I loved watching All My Children, One Life to Live and General Hospital. When ABC took All My Children and One Life to Live off the air I refused to watch the reality shows they put on in their places. If General Hospital also gets axed I will refuse to watch whatever is put in its place. Oprah should pick these soaps up and I’d bet her new network would become #1 in no time.

  81. Shirley says:

    I’ve been watching Luke and Laura (yeah, I still call it that) for over 30 years. I may get angry when they distort reality to the point where they are doing a disservice to the public, but I watch GH to forget about reality for awhile. Their problems are always even worse then mine. Makes me feel like I got it easy.

  82. Marsha says:

    Don’t even think of doing it!!!! It’s the only one left I’ve been watching for years, and the BEST!!! I like the oltl characters in GH…keep them coming!!! Bring back old players…good idea!!! Nicolas, Lucky, Ethan etc. They add suspense and sex appeal!!! Do your thing!!! Thanks, Marsha

  83. gloria says:

    please keep GH going. it’s the only soap I’ve ever liked and watched since 1978.

  84. Carolyn says:

    I have been watching GH for yrs and would be very pissed off if you replaced it with a reality show, MOST ARE BORING . and talk shows are also boring. just leave it alone!!!

  85. truckie says:

    Please leave this alone. Its so good.

  86. Mary says:

    When you moved GH to 2 PM, I just knew your plan was to cancel GH next. You said OLTL was not getting the ratings…so you put GH in the same time slot and now… YOUR going to take it off. I am soooooo fed up with ABC. I watch Castle and GMA …the rest of your crap is just that CRAP !!!!

  87. Carol Toth says:

    The whole idea of watching a soap is to take the viewer away from their reality into “pretend”,,,,,I’ve watched GH since day one of it’s showing,,,,I have stopped when this nonsense with the defunked One Life to Live, writers, and actors showed up,,,,,,now it’s all who’s in who’s bed which is what killed olt,,,,,GH used to have great storylines,,,,,,,,,,BUT AS FOR TURNING IT INTO A REALITY SHOW, PLEASE THE WORLD HAS ENOUGH OF THAT JUNK, WHO CARES ABOUT THOSE PEOPLE EXCEPT THEMSELVES,,,,,,,,,,,DEFINIATELY DON’T WATCH ANY OF THEM AND NEITHER DOES ANYONE I KNOW

  88. Joyce says:

    I have been watching General Hospital since it started (almost 50 years ago). If you cancel it, you will lose me COMPLETELY from your network. I watch GH and Wheel Of Fortune but most of your new shows aren’t worth turning on the TV for. Reality shows are boring and so are most of the talk shows.

  89. Tina says:

    Please keep GH. You can have the reality shows. But LEAVE GH ALONE

  90. Crystal says:

    When I was little my mother watched this show and I started watching with her when I got a little older. I have been watching for over 20 years. At least once a week I text one of my friends that watch “Are you watching? Did you see what they did?” We sometimes watch together and anytime we get together the topic of conversation always comes around to what is going on in Port Charles. I have often wished I could start at the beginning and watch them all! I don’t want my show to change! I won’t watch yet another reality TV show. You could find other ways to save money or make more. Don’t destroy the last soap I have left please!!!

  91. Candy says:

    Please do not get rid of GH or make it another stupid reality show that I will not watch. I have been watching GH for over 33 years and just love it!! I am happy you guys stepped back from the mob stuff but please stop making the women on the show look like they are clueless and bring back the summer adventures, they were great!! Keep the show going, it is the only thing I have never stopped watching.

  92. joy meyers says:

    Please don’t take off General Hospital i have loved that soap sense i was little girl i rember so much about that show i love all the charters just leave that soap opera a loan you took away All my children One life to live for no reason Please leave GH alone it has always been my favorite soap i love GH don’t take it away from all it fan that love the show take fans inconsideration

    • Debbie Snelten says:

      Please do not make General Hospital into a reality show. I love Carly,Sonny, Luke . I have watched this show for a long time. We do not need another reality show. Story lines are excellent. And seeing how characters have grown and changed makes watching General Hospital a pleasure each day. Save GH!

  93. Marie Thornal says:

    Have been a loyal Fan for over 37 yrs., please do not take away another of my soaps (One Life to Live)!! Enjoying seeing both merged together, as well as bringing back older characters…… even though some favs have recently left, (permanently or temporarily). Reality show will not be watched in time -slot my me!!.

  94. Michelle Lycette says:

    Please dont take off general, and, please dont turn it into another reality show. We have enough reality shows already. I have been a fan of general Hopspital since middle school and high school, and even after I graduated high school. Its not fair, that took All My children , and, One Life To Live off the air. I love to watch General Hospital. Please leave the show as it is.

  95. Helen says:

    Please, not another soap! We have lost all the good ones, we can’t lose this one too! Many of us have been watching it since the beginning and don’t want it to go! New ideas would be great…but stop making things drag out so long! Keep it moving but keep it on! Please!!!

  96. Jacque grimsley says:

    I love GH! They already got rid of my OLTL, which was crazy, please don’t do it again to us! I watch it daily and I watch it when I get home from work to wind down!

  97. Linda Dombkowski says:

    I have been watching GH since it’s beginning. I tried watching others, but eventually lost interest in them. I have quit watching most regular TV channels. If ABC decides to cancel GH, then I will abandon it too. Cable TV is much more interesting anyway. GH has continued to entertain me throughout its existence. I will not be surprised if ABC cancels it in favor of some reality show. Life is enough reality for me. I enjoy an escape once in awhile! Are you listening ABC?

  98. Marie Vannucci says:

    Please keep General Hospital on the air!!!!!! The power to be forget the retired or people in nursing homes—This show and the ones you cancelled are the times for us to escape our problems and try to see thoses of others. We don’t need cooking shows -there are enough of them on at other times of the day and most of us know how to cook. We could teach the younger people how to make a beef roast or chicken feed a family for a week.Please listen to your regular viewers!!!!

  99. Jaclyn says:

    I watch GH daily and would be so upset if it was cancelled. I have also watch it since I was a little girl and I am loving all the old characters returning. I was just explaining who Duke was to my sister who is a fan also. Please keep GH!!!

  100. Laura Cheney says:

    I have watched General Hospital since i was little it is the only soap left that i like i hope and pray that they do not end the show they already took One Life to Live. please dont take General Hospital too.

  101. Joanne says:

    Please keep GH just as it is. It has been a part of my life for a long, long time.

  102. brian shepherd says:

    I watch it daily and if you mess with it I just wont watch ABC anymore. you guys are already controlled by the BIG WIGS and cannot speak the truth but you go messing with my soap and I will just do as I have done in the past TURN off your channel and I know a lot of other people will too. if there is one thing I hate more then anything else in this world is another reality show DUMB DUMB Idea ABC but hey we know how Dumb you already are for some things in the past.

  103. CAROL says:

    I don’t want REALITY I can get that at any other network.. I want fantasy and excitement and that is GH.. If they cancel I am DONE with ABC. TOO many shows now are on with the same damn theme..lets watch them and see what happens in their lives.. WHO CARES?? It won’t work ABC.. I am telling you Katie and all the other shows will fail where GH and other soaps OLTL AND AMC did not!! I hope to GOD they listen to the fans.. saving money will LOSE you viewers for sure!!

  104. michelle kleiser says:

    Same as every one else I have been watching GH since i was a lil girl I DO NOT LIKE REALITY SHOWS AND WILL NOT WATCH IT if you change it to THAT GARBAGE!!!

  105. Kim Buca says:

    please do not even consider taking g.h. off the air it is the best soap around I started watching at about 3 and a half when the great gramma and mother watched it for a break in their day.. I am now 43 it is still my fave soap! lately bringing some of the original cast back has been great!! I do not nor will I ever watch anything else on abc because of what they did to those other soaps of which i didnt even watch i just feel it was unfair! no one wants or needs another so called “reality” show what is reality anymore even?? the reality shows even have scripts these days! I think to take gh off the air would be a huge mistake! please do not consider this! there will be alot of disappointed fans I know at some point all good things must come to an end but the show just got revamped and has a lot of viewers please dont disappoint us!!!

  106. Tamara says:

    Myself and my husband both grew up watching GH with our mom’s: my mom is now passed on: Now my husband and I watch GH with our boys: we record it and watch it with our boys who are now teenagers: its a family thing for us: its like a family translation: My mother in law even call us from long distance to say Hey did you see this or that on GH its kinda funny. We always will try to solve the mysteries and see who is right. I love the mob stuff. and the cassadine stuff. That is what makes the show so great. It sure beats all other stuff that most soaps have done as traditional cheating love affairs. sure it has had that share but the mysteries and all that make it more of a prime time type of shows that even men get into. This SHOW rocks. I know it won’t get the it has to get more ratings that those stupid talk shows do. SO BORING. what has this world come to. Boring stuff. gossip shows. So dumb. reality shows every where. If you take off at least put it on PRIME time. it would get lots of rating’s there. like a two hour show on Saturday nights. or Friday nights. the show can’t end. its too awesome of a show.

  107. Janet says:

    Please don’t take GH off the air or remake it into something it isn’t. I know there are a lot of cut backs going on, but GH should not have to go through that. Being on the air over 30 years doesn’t mean it needs to be taken off or replaced. It is such a good show and has millions of followers. I have watched it since I was little and I watch it daily, after recording it and watching it without commercials. The GH cast are my family. I am an only child and I don’t want to see it end or change. Please save GH!!!!

  108. I will not watch GH if it is turned into a reality show. I have no family left left, have watched GH since it’s inception. The characters are my family.

  109. Angel says:

    Leave GH alone I wont watch another reality show and any ABC shows that changel will be off My Tv.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. Tamara says:

    you can’t get rid of an great show like this: it has been in family for generations:
    it is the best show on TV. to replace it with a dumb talk show in the afternoon is not wise. The mob wars, and the lessons the talk about on the show from Aides to breast cancer awareness I have never seen a soap that brings things to light and attention like this show does. They touch on hard issues. They are fun to watch. Great Actor’s and Actress . The mob stories and all that make it more interesting that the other soaps were any ways. It brings mystery instead of all the affairs etc. Sure they have had there share of affairs . Like Lucy , and Monica, Allan, Carly , but that isn’t brought so much to attention as the mob and the Casidines that is more drama and mysteries and more entertaining you don’t know what is going to happen next . or who is going to turn up from the dead. LOL IF they were to take it off the air: my suggestion would be to make it a PRIME time show on a weekly basis for 2 hrs on Sat nights.


  112. Marcie Rotter says:

    Without G.H. Part of my day is missing.
    Producers,directors,……….. Don’t know what they’re asking for.In other words,I feel,……………….they’re gonna be up SH— creek without a paddle ! ! ! ! ! !

    • Marcie Rotter says:

      The network will loose most viewers if G.H. Is replaced by another DUMB reality show. G.H. Is reality! ! ! ! !

  113. Ivy Strong says:

    GH has been the soap opera I’m my family for four generations now. My great grandmother watched it when out started, my grand mother, my mother, myself and all of my sisters (7); and actually number five us beginning, all of our children are starting to watch and enjoy. This is absurd that the network would consider cutting GH for yet another realty/talk show. Seriously, that would leave us with days of our lives, and trust me even I would watch that over another talk show. Right now I enjoy ABC, but it was hard enough loosing Jason on the show, if you remove GH all together I sense a drastic drop in day time ABC television.

  114. Bonnie says:

    I watch less and less of the major channels, especially during the day. In fact more and more I find myself reading instead of watching television. Reality TV is crap. If I start to get interested in any new prime time shows they just end up dropping them! I am getting disillusioned with the networks!

  115. Jennifer says:

    the whole point of a Soap or other dramas is to ESCAPE from “Reality”!!! Why would we want to see actual horrific things happening to people in hospitals? We see enough of that on the news.
    I have been watching GH since I was a little girl and it’s the ONLY show that I watch religiously every day! It’s fun, dramatic and these actors don’t get enough credit for what they do. Sorry if the execs don’t think they are making enough money off of these shows to keep them on!
    We LOVE our Soaps! Don’t take them away! We’d be left with Honey Boo Boo and Redneck Weddings for entertainment! Seriously? I’d rather have crows peck out my eyes than watch yet another reality show!

  116. Paula Kate Prince-Meserole says:

    No soap viewer is ever going to tune in to watch yet another reality show built around real doctors and nurses in place of our BELOVED General Hospital. Ain’t gonna happen!
    Since ABC cancelled One Life To Live and All My Children, General Hospital is the only show I watch on ABC. If it goes…. I am gone too.

  117. Rachel says:

    I’ve been a GH fan for a long time love all the story lines BUT PLEASE do not turn it into ANOTHER REALITY show …. that’s. One thing we dont need… you alread already have a dr show DR OZ. NY medical…you are putting a big. CANCEL on our beloved show.

  118. Barbara Tatusko says:

    I am real tired of ABC saying they want to get rid of soaps to save money. In the old days ABC was left on day and night, Not anymore. ABC has a few decent shows at night. Castle and Revenge. Day time, nothing but General Hospital. Adding Katie was a big waste. GH has a lot of followers. I am 65 and have watched from the start. DWTS is considered a reality show. I do watch and love it. ABC’s other shows are boring. We now have choices . It is not the big 3 anymore (ABC, CBS, and NBC). Yes, reality shows are cheaper, No talent. There is not one brain on all the reality shows, you have, put together. If you take off GH, you might as well shut down. Yes, you can save money…..no one will be watching anything.

  119. Diane says:


  120. Dot Mittel says:

    Please do not even consider turning GH into a reality show … you would only lose ALL of your loyal fans! I’ve been watching it, too, since early in my working career (started on lunch breaks) and am still watching it avidly, after 15+ years into retirement! I also watched One Life to Live, and love the way you’ve interspersed the characters into General Hospital. It’s going well, as always, so please don’t remove our last good soap!!

  121. I am so sick and tired of reality shows if it wasn’t for movies ( and very few of them worth watching anymore so much Violence) I wouldn’t have anything to watch. I have also been watching GH for years and would hate to see it go but I am also sick of the storyline with ALWAYS problems with Robin. Please bring her home and I miss Jason so much. I hardly ever watch it anymore too much crap. Time to read I guess. Daytime t .v. is almost non existent. and the new shows on at night I like and they cancel them.

  122. Gina Laraway says:

    I have been watching General Hospital most of my life (42 years). I can remember my mom and I watching it when I was around 4 years old. I was able to watch it after school when it was on in the late afternoon. By the time I started working, I had a VCR, so I was able to tape it. Now I have a DVR and never miss an episode. I also started watching One Life to Live after I got the DVR and was really sad to see it go. I am sick of reality shows and talk shows. I am currently unemployed and am a little disghusted with all the talk sows. They seem to repeat the same thing all day long. We need some type of drama to look forward to each day. I will be very upset if they pull General Hospital after all these years.

  123. Elizabeth says:

    Do not even think about cancelling GH! That would be a very big mistake. It is so good and the new writers are fantastic. I certainly will not watch a reality show in its place…too many bad reality shows out there now. I will think twice about buying from one of the sponsors as well. SAVE GH!



    • Suz says:

      Me, too……Dark Shadows was my first than GH, AMC,OLTL…….Who are the idiots who are running things over there anyway?????. I guess they want us to go to NBC or other channels to watch the Soaps. Reality shows are really not reality…..they are scripted, too…..it is totally fake…….These people must really think we are like sheep and follow them anywhere……Look at your stats, ABC…….see an increase in the time slots you switched to talk shows and cooking shows…….I know I am taping only two shows now…Dr. Oz & GH…….and the reason for Dr. Oz is b/c we all fell in love w/him on Oprah. I don’t know if I would watch him if it hadn’t been for Oprah. I don’t like “Katie”……she is such a liberal……..

  126. Elizabeth says:

    Please don’t cancel General Hospital, like everyone else here I have been watching it since I was a little girl. I watched it with my Grandma and my Mom,and now watch it with my Daughters and Granddaughters. You have already taken our All My Children & One Life to Live away GH is all we have left….. To Hell with all these reality shows they suck !!!!! I just want to come home from work and relax to my General Hospital is that too much to ask ??? Just LEAVE OUR GENERAL HOSPITAL ALONE !!!! PLEASE !!!

  127. missy says:

    I am sorry but they need to do something new and save G H I heard that all networks want all soaps off by 2013-2014 come on they already took off Port Charles Passions All my children one life to live man I have been watching these soaps forever lets save them..

  128. Sandy says:

    Love General Hospital the way it is. Been watching for 45 years, No more Reality Shows.

  129. BDixon says:

    No way on this new reality BS! They really need to keep GH on air! So tired of them.removing our soaps.. and GH is my favorite!!!! People need to get over the fact that in real life Jason and robin had things they wanted to do… So bring back lucky and luke… And keep the show going. Best of luck!!!!

  130. T. Clark says:

    I like so many others are sick of so called reality TV. I personally watch television for entertainment. If I need a dose of reality I turn the TV off!! ABC in my opinion has gone down hill since taking OLTL & AMC off the air. If they take GH off or change it, there will be only of 3 shows on that network that I ever watch. Leave GH alone. Stop trying to fix what isn’t broken!!

  131. Tracey says:

    I have been watching General Hospital since I was about 13 years old. The worst thing they can do is change it to some reality show. Alot of fans will be upset and they will lose alot of viewers. Please don’t do that. General Hospital is the best.

  132. Maureen says:

    I have been watching GH since I was a little girl. It is by far the best soap opera ever and the cast is the greatest. If they were to cancel it or change it they would lose so many loyal fans. PLEASE do not take away my favorite show. GH ROCKS!!!!

  133. darlene says:

    They need to stop this $h!t!!!!! and leave GH alone. This really pisses me off. Why do they have to mess with a good thing.

  134. Laura White says:

    Please do not turn GH ito a reality show, I do not watch reality shows ever and will not watch that one..I have watched GH since I was a teen and it is the highlight of my afternoon..Please keep it on air, we have already lost 2 other soaps..

  135. Ralene says:

    There has literally never been a time in my life when General Hospital hasn’t been watched in my household. My mother and grandmother have been watching it since before I was born. I grew up with Robin Scorpio. I remember absolutely loving all of the spy storylines involving Anna and Robert and Sean. Cesar Faison is my favorite all time villain of the show. Characters have come and gone and come back in interesting ways. I have deep and lasting love for some of these characters and places that could in no way be replaced by another short lived reality show. We have too many reality shows already. Give me a little fantasy! Please don’t cancel GH. I miss One Life to Live terribly, and I thought it was a shame the way they ended All My Children.

  136. Jonnie says:

    Thanks for giving me a valid reason to only watch dvd’s on my tv, and cancelling my cable service. This is a real money saver, cuts down on my electric bill and cancels my cable bill, cause if GH goes, I will no longer feel compelled to “tune in”. I’m also addicted to Y&R and B&B!! I have watched GH since the early 60′s and I wondered what I would do about keeping up with the soaps that continues to roll on long after we don’t!! My house will be quiet now also, and maybe I can “hear myself think” for a bit. P.S. I loved how you made the pain of losing Jason more bearable by bringing in Faison. I am still laughing uncontrollable when I think about his snarly face as he tells Anna, “Anna I love You”. LOL! I only wish I could have recorded that episode to add it to my collection to watch in the future. I could watch it a thousand times, and still not get tired, also when Robert grabbed him and McBaine threw that substance on him. But, if you gotta go you gotta, I will miss you!!

  137. Judy says:

    Yeah, let’s make another stupid show and call it The Pew.” It will be after The Chew! Just leave the damn soaps alone! I have to get my daily drama dose in.

  138. Rhonda Walker says:

    DON’T CANCEL GENERAL HOSPITAL!!! DON’T TAKE ROBIN AND JASON AWAY!! I have watched GH since Robin was little….many years. I know the actors/actress may want to move on but General Hospital would not be the same without them. So many soap opeas have went off the air for more talk shows about “Who’s my Baby’s Daddy?” that watching TV isn’t fun anymore. GH IS MY FAMILY AND I DON”T WANT TO LOSE THEM. Everytime someone is killed off …. I cry all the way through the show. Please don’t change it.

  139. Buddy says:

    People, do You NOT remember the mid-season Prime Time show that ABC ran last year??? “New York Med” I believe was the name of it… Don’t jump to conclusions about this new show that is now in development, I am guessing this show that is unscripted surrounded by real medical Professionals in real life an death situations, is just that, ie: a mid-season or Summer Prime time show, perhaps called “L.A. Med” and not being filmed as a replacement for OUR beloved “General Hospital,” I mean get a grip… Since Frank Valentini an Ron Carlivati have brought in a new, yet familiar change back to “GH” the Characters are all being used again in their own storylines, done away with the Sonny Corinthos Hour, an have raised the Viewerships by 19% compared to where it stood during those oh so long years of Guza/Frons/ and Phelps!!! People are once again talking about how happy they are with all the legacy Characters, as well as not wanting to miss a single episode again… I for one out of so many, am loving MY “General Hospital” immensely again!!!

  140. Enajo says:

    please do not take gh from us you already took amc and ontl i have watched all 3 soaps my hole life and love gh so please leave it as it is….

  141. Sheila says:

    The networks do not care what we as viewers want they are like the government they will cram what they want down our throats. Well This is the only show I watch anymore on ABC since they took all the other soaps off. Not because I do not like any of the other shows they air it is because I will not support a network that doesn’t give a crap about what we as life time viewers want. I have been watching ABC soaps since I was a little girl with my mom and she just passed away the day before thanksgiving this year. Before she died she moved in with me and we again would sit together and watch General Hospital. When I lived in Guam she used to tape them all and send them to me since they were like 2 weeks behind on airing them out there. She did that for the whole three years I was out there. Not like I couldn’t wait the 2 weeks but she did not want me to miss two weeks worth when I came back ;) because they would have been 2 weeks a head then. If they ever take General Hospital away that will be it for me as far as ABC is concerned. I will never again support them or their affiliates. Or any companies they are associated with ie Disney and a long list of others that I have printed off when they took All My Children and One Life to Live away. “WE DO NOT WANT ANOTHER REALITY SHOW” They are starting to get annoying and I don’t watch them cause there is just to many of them and why would I want to watch a bunch of other peoples drama when I have enough in my own life. Give me the fantasy so that for one hour a day I can escape from my chaotic life.

  142. wanda says:

    ABC is getting dumber and dumber.I been watching GH for 30 years..replace it with a reality show..do not expect me to watch. They replace AMC with a show that was cancel a few months later .Keep making poor decisions and not respecting the audience. A smart producer and a smart channel is going to steal all us us away..if i had the money i will bring all the soaps back and take all those ratings in the middle of the day away.

  143. Alisha says:

    I don’t understand how they think they can do a reality show with real nurses and doctors. There is a thing called HIPPA. You cannot talk about real people’s medical histories. They just need to keep it the way it is now!

  144. Marsha says:

    Please leave the only soap on! I will quit watching ABC if they take it off and put on another stupid reality show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  145. jan treadway says:

    if they change or cancel I will not watch ,just like when they took one life to live off,I turn the channel when the damn cookin show comes on

  146. Diane says:

    Its bad enough you took OLTL off and replace it with a cooking show. Give me a break!!! You could put that cooking show on in the morning or 1 or 4 p.m. GH is one of the best dramas I have watched since I was a teen. Surely a gifted writer can think up storylines for these characters.

  147. Judy Alexander says:

    I have just about had it with these tv stations……..they take off everything that i like. If ABC takes General Hospital off the air, I will boycott ABC and will not watch anything on that station. I grew up on these soaps and they have already taken the other ones off. since that time, i have not watched anything that they replaced them with, nor will I. LEAVE GENERAL HOSPITAL ALONE. I don’t watch ANY reality shows. they are stupid. Just let us have something to get lost in for an hour a day.

  148. mary says:


  149. ERICA says:

    If they take gh off I will never watch abc again I don’t care whats on. They already lost viewers after taking off amc and oltl so I really hope they think long and hard about this one.

  150. Carol says:

    I have been watching GH since way before the Luke and Laura wedding. It has become a part of my day. My daughter has watched it with me since the day she was born. The day I brought her home from the hospital she would lie @ the foot of my bed and lie there and watch it ( well maybe it was just the colors). Butshe is now 34 years old and still asks me to record it every day for her while she is @ work. Please don’t change GH There is no other Soap that will ever replace it. AND I don’t think any of us current and long time viewers will watch ANY replacement for it.

  151. I have no family left, maybe a few in distant parts of the country and those who I have never met or know of. Please don’t take away the only “family” I have left on GH. There will be nothing to live for, everyone is dead.

  152. Ronda Zeneri says:

    Please, please, please…..Do NOT cancel General Hospital! I am such a devoted fan! I’ve been watching since I was a child and have watched the whole time that GH has been on the air. It is the ONLY soap that I watch! I can’t imagine not having GH to watch! It’s the only show that I watch on a regular basis! I will not watch a reality show! Hate them!

  153. Pat says:

    Pleeeeese do not cancel General Hospital; my mom got me started on this and the other two soaps that have been cancelled when I was laid up in a hospital for months and I will sooooo miss this show if it is cancelled. It will never be anything if turned into a Reality Show. Please, do not cancel.

  154. Heather says:

    If they cancel GH i will have no reason to watch ABC i hate reality shows.

  155. Bill says:

    Getting rid of a formula that has worked for decades is insane. I’m sure some smart collegiate sold the producers on the reality show concept. Well, you will loose me and many more if the old cast continues to be replaced. The company I worked for did and it’s been sold and practically bankrupt now because it laid off the people that made them money. The producers need to learn from other examples around that this is not the way to take the show.

  156. Joyce says:


  157. judy williams says:

    If they cancel GH i will not watch ABC shows. I have already been slowly moving away from ABC tv because they are too fast to cancel new shows. All they are about is the money…not the faithful viewers. I do not watch reality tv….they are a bunch of liars, and nasty people that air their dirty laundry on tv for the whole world to see and most of it is drama that is made up so stupid people will watch.

  158. S Abshire says:

    I admit it, I am a soap addict. I have been a soap fan since age 5. I started watching GH when my favorite days folks moving over to Port Chuck. I like a lot of folks despise reality and if the powers that be try to do that tho GH they will audience in droves. Just fix the issues. Find new writers if ya have to but don’t jack with the substance!

  159. I do not understand why you want to take GH off and put a reality show on. Why change something that people like to watch. You took two of my favorite soaps off and a stupid cooking show took its place. I do not watch it. Instead I turn the channel and watch something different. If I am not home I make sure to record GH so I can watch it later. I sure hope that you listen the soap fans and keep GH on the air. Why fix something that is not broken?? If it goes to a reality show it will end up a big flop , because no one will watch it. Keep GH and get rid of some of your stupid reality and cooking shows. Put them on in the middle of the night so we do not have to see them. I hope you listen to all of the people who want to keep GH on the air. Right now all I watch is GMA , the View and GH during the day. Keep cutting the good programs and you will not have anyone watching.

  160. Lisa K says:

    What? This is the first I’ve heard of this! I also have been watching since I was a little girl watching with my mother. I swear if they make yet one more reality show I will scream! I will not only NOT WATCH but will not view anything else on ABC. I have other ABC shows I like but will seriously pull my viewing time from them. This should let you know how seriously I feel about this. I do not want to see soap operas become a thing of the past. I think it will be a bad move business wise for ABC. Please don’t take this time honored tradition away.

  161. Sharon says:

    Oh Gosh, I certainly hope this is NOT True and ABC thinking of making GH into a Reality Show. That would be the worst idea ever!!!!! I am so sick of all the reality shows and GH is one of the last and best soaps. Love GH the way it is and enjoying having may of the oldies back on the show. Been watching since a young girl when Mom was watching all ABC soaps back then, picked it up as a young adult and when through the Luke and Laura wedding rushing home from work to see the show. Through VCR taping, now Online and DVRs watching to catch up when behind. Love this show and PLEASE don’t kill it off!

  162. Michelle says:

    I have watched GH for over 30 and do not want it to end ever. It has always been and will always be the best soap ever. We have enough stupid reality shows on tv now. If you change or get rid of GH you will loose a lot of faithful abc followers. Please dont t
    ake away or change GH. Its been a part of my life for so long I cant imagine not being able to watch it .

  163. Ann Bresnan says:

    This is crazy. First of all people will be having their privacy invaded in a show like this…that NO ONE wants to watch. Who cares if John Doe had to have their gall bladder out! No one will watch this show OR format. Leave GH alone! Throw in a few more ads for more revenue if you must but give us our show!!!

  164. Naomi says:

    Like most others here, I too, have watched this growing up as a kid with my mother, as I now do with my daughters now.

    I guess it really is all about the money? Huh? It’s not about people anymore. The network stations really don’t care about anything other then money. Well, I’d like to know what the percentages are of people that are home during the day, actually watching tv (REGULARLY). Not the waiting rooms, offices and bars across the country that have tv’s on for the public to watch & keep it on one channel everyday, but the ones that are home! What’s the most shows watched on a dedicated REGULAR basis by those people!??! You want to change the time slot? Go ahead! Don’t take it off the air completely! Perhaps you should learn to market the show!! Sell collections of the episodes on DVD a year of episodes per collection! Have an online store for the show! Have contests for live audiences! You people could be making plenty of money on the show, sounds like laziness to me. I’ll bet the board is filled with MEN/WOMAN that have never really connected with a soap opera and could care less about them or the people they affect by ripping off the air!
    Our loyalty to the show for the last several decades means NOTHING! The awards the actors/actresses & writers have received for the show/network must also mean nothing! It’s a shame that the network, much like the rest of Corporate America feed off nothing but profit!!!

    ATTN NETWORK BOARD: NOT EVERY SHOW IS GOING TO BE A WHALE!!! Slow and steady wins the race!

    We have ENOUGH reality & talk shows to last 10 lifetimes over. We look to escape reality… To dream! To laugh! To FEEL something! Honestly, I know I speak for millions when I say that we are so sick and tired of the reality shows (most of which are STAGED & EDITED!!! For the simple fact that reality ALONE won’t sell).

    I know that the GH fan base is going to be so crushed by the loss of GH and the history of memories that goes along with it. I can almost guarantee you lose a HUGE chunk of audience to another network out of SPITE!!

    I for one RARELY turn on the TV and DVR GH because I don’t have time to sit and watch it at that particular time. When I have the time, I do indeed watch every drop of them. As I’m sure many do that are now employed during that time.

    I’m so disgusted at the thought of this! I’m disgusted for the people that have entertained us for DECADES that already have/will lose their jobs.

    What goes up, eventually comes down. Stop shoving reality show after reality show down our throats. It’s monotonous already.

  165. Ronda Ricks says:

    Don’t do it. General Hospital is a show that I DVR and watch religiously when I get home from work. It is the way I wind down. I cannot believe that the network would replace it with ANOTHER reality show. I don’t watch any of those. General Hospital is as American as apple pie and to think that the network wants to move away from a great program that I have watched now for over 30 years is heartbreaking. I pray that they rethink this move.

  166. Bettye Hines says:

    I’m also a long time fan of GH. My family is made up of 2 medical doctors,one PhD and one nurse. Why would I want to watch a reality show about a hospital which would be scripted anyway because of privacy laws when we live it every day? The point of watching GH is that it is fantasy!! Most of its story line takes place outside the hospital any way!

  167. Debbie Barber says:

    ABC has screwed everyone out of some of their favorite shows (AMC & OLTL) NOW you are talking about taking GH off.. I have watched this show since I was a little child (I am now 60) DON”T take GH off and do not change the format. I WILL BOYCOTT ANYTHING ON ABC

  168. Sam says:

    OK ABC it is time to wake up, you seen what soap fans can do to your rating in 2012 and how they wll not stop fighting for the 2 soaps you took from us. Do you really want to go through the same thing ain 2013 and start another war and lose more fans by cancelling GH. If you cancel GH you might as well kiss your network goodbye.

  169. SALLY HAYOB says:


  170. Paula says:

    I lived for AMC & GH ~ since taking AMC off the only daytime tv I view is GH. If GH goes the way of AMC ~ I will have nothing of any value to watch on daytime tv ~ too many reality, talk, and food shows. Boring, boring boring!

    • Lin says:

      The GH family has been part of my life since it’s inception in 1963. They really are like family. I’d come home from school & mom was watching it, so we both did. I will NOT watch ANY stupid reality shows, nor anything else ABC replaced it with. You have NO idea how many people love this show & talk about it & the characters. First OLTL…I used to watch it too, but now just GH for years after stopped watching OLTL If they try this, they’ll be so sorry, because lots of loyal watchers will be sick of ABC & the other stupid shows they start.

  171. Cheryl says:

    i don’ t the last of my soaps to go to a reality show we have to many of them already. Just how much of that do we have to take. Leave GH the way it is I believe you will lose alot of viewers if you change it we like the fact that this is a soap opera that is why we have been watching it all these years. I am 59 yrs old have been wathcing GH since I was 12 you change it I won’t watch what replaces it just like I haven’t watched what replaced All My Children and One Life to Live

  172. Carol says:

    PLEASE DO NOT take off GH !!!! I have been watching it for forty years, and have never watched any other soap. It was bad enoughwhen Jason was taken out of it, but now you are going to completely ruin it for all the LOYAL fans that have been watching for many years. No one wants or needs another stupid senseless reality show. I ( along with many of my friends ) WILL NOT watch any reality show you put on, and will no longer be watching anything on ABC. So if you really want to destroy an entire network with your stupid idea of taking GH away, then I guess you don’t care about oyur viewers.

  173. Jeannette says:

    DO NOT TAKE GH OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Do they honestly think america needs more so called reality shows to watch. If people want to watch a reality show let them turn on TLC or Bravo which is nothing but people with scripted temper tantrums. GH is an icon, I have been watching GH since since my mother brought me home from the hospital and put me on the bed with her. I have been watching GH my ENTIRE LIFE. It’s awful enough that they took Jason out of it. That broke EVERYONE’S heart. If you can’t GH off I will NEVER watch ANYTHING on ABC that goes for Daytime and Primetime. f you don’t believe anything we say on this post, just try us.

    • betty says:

      abc is a crazy dumb ass they cant see what they got is good gh is good in my book loveing every mint of it. nothing wrong with it in my book abc is stuiped as hell.

  174. Jeannette says:

    Here is the link to contact ABC directly…..your welcome


  175. Jeannette says:

    please contact ABC directly….hopefully it will help

  176. Nilsa says:

    I have been watching GH since the late 60′s. They should just leave it alone. Sure I would love to see characters like Sabrina beat out the witch and a few more surprises but over all it is great. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

  177. Trina says:

    GH has been the one and only soap opera I’ve been loyal to. I’m 26 years old now and have been watching GH since I could remember and now my children watch it as well so it’s not like it isn’t still being passed down to the next generation. It’s bad enough Jason is gone but to take away the show entirely would be even worse… Not just for us viewers, but for the show replacing GH. We don’t need another reality tv show we are perfectly fine with the current show! As long as GH has been on air you’d think that replacing it with yet another reality show wouldn’t even be on the minds of the creators of the show or ABC. Listen to your viewers… Keep GH!

  178. Beth S says:

    What an incredibly STUPID idea!!!!! What the hell is the matter with you ABC?????????? I won’t watch that! I don’t want a replacement for GH, I want GH as it is, now!! Reality tv shows are so stupid and soooo over!! When will you get that? I don’t watch ANY reality tv anymore. They had their time and that time is waaay over. According to Nielsen ratings, GH is up in viewership and has been for quite some time now. GH also won for best drama for 2012 Daytime Emmy’s. Why would you consider cancelling a show with accomplishments like that? If GH goes, my family goes with it! I would no longer watch ANYTHING on the ABC channel, nothing!

  179. Heather says:

    Please do your research. The article said that it was going to make a reality show like “General Hospital”. It said nothing about a remake. In fact the show doesn’t even have a greenlight for the season. They barely have a pilot put together. I doubt they’re going to put a show like this on in the afternoon when it clearly belongs at night to a larger audience more obsessed with the lives of real people.

  180. I have been watching General Hospital since it was a half hour show. Please keep it as it is. Let the other networks have the reality shows. We get enough reality when we watch the news. We need more shows where we can escape from the real world.

  181. rebecca scholz says:


  182. betty says:

    leave my gh alone i love and like it the way it is dont fuc* with my soap there is nothing wrong with it i am loveing every mint of it. please leave it alone if you trune it into this other show i want be watching it i want to see gh my gh that i am watching now not a real gh. leave my gh alone or i want leave abc alone. thanks.

  183. bettyp says:

    NO PLEASE LEAVE GENERAL HOSPital ALONE’ bring robin back , and jason’ please”””””””””””””””” we have watched it since it first came on’

  184. Sue Shipman says:

    I have watched GH since the first episode (nearly 50 years). I know it’s a cliche to say, “the characters are like family,” but it is true. GH is the only daytime TV I watch. I don’t watch any reality shows. I’m not stupid. I know they aren’t real. Please, don’t turn GH into reality TV. The day GH does is the day I stop watching.

  185. Lisa says:

    Leave GH alone! Reality TV sucks and you are really crossing the line with patient privacy if you start following real doctors and nurses around. Besides their lives are pretty boring! What is wrong with you people anyway? You writers are ruining a great long-running show. You are getting rid of great characters, ruining storylines.Leave GH alone and bring back some of the awesome characters that made it the show it is today!!!!!!!!!

  186. Marge McPartlin says:

    ABC has made mistakes with their daytime programs already, and this decision would be even worse. They obviously do not care about their viewers, or their concerns. General Hospital is a mainstay of ABC Daytime, it should be treated with that respect. If ABC cancels GH I for one WILL NOT, watch any of their aftenoon shows ever again! ‘
    I would like to see more people boycott ABC afternoon programing if they cancel GH!!!

  187. PattyS says:

    I think it’s pretty ignorant of the TV exec’s to think that the GH viewers would just “switch over” and watch a “real” hospital show…..honestly! We watch GH because of the actors and their storylines…..not to mention, as much a we all feel like these characters on GH are “real people” to us and we get involved in the excitement of their TV lives….knowing its “fake” is a relief when there is sicknexx/death/murder, etc……Hey T.V. Exec’s…There is enough sadness in the world, I REALLY do not want to see “REAL” sick people who’s lives are REAL and families are REALLY crying and effected…..we watch GH for the escape from reality! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t get rid of our beloved GH family. Thank you!

  188. Jannette` says:

    If you do this I will no longer have a need to watch, I’ll just go to work. I’m tired of reality sh*t! Life is enough without all the different versions of Life!

  189. Janet says:

    Please don’t change GH! It is fine the way it is. You can find other ways to cut expenses besides leaving the actors go and changing the show. It will not be viewed by die hard fans if you get rid of the actors that are on the show now.
    A fan for 30 yrs.

  190. Cote Vaillancourt says:

    I have watched for over 30 years. I can watch any other lame reality show, change and I will too, to another channel and show.
    Why screw up a good thing for a fad?

  191. I have been watching GH since I was a little girl. I love the show. It is exciting. All I see now on TV is reality shows, talk shows etc. come on, don’t take it off or replace it. My gosh let it be and you will have a lot of happy people.

  192. carrie hill says:

    no we dont need another reality show it will only do this show harm and loose a lot fan .think about it we are the reason your show is still on. im tellin ya as a long time fan .dont do it,

  193. tonya abbott says:

    Please dont take gh off i have been watching it since i was little ..and i watch it everyday Cuz i record it ,so i don’t miss it …if ya take it off for a reality ill too will be mad ..reality shows are as fake as they come its just fake drama who needs it at least with gh ya know its fake …. i love gh leave it on the air!! thanks

  194. Lisa says:

    I have been a GH fan since I was very little as I would watch it at my grandmothers house everyday as she would watch me after school. The people of Port Charles old and new have been a big part of so many people’s life’s for almost 50 years now. They are truly our extended families. With the loss of AMC and OLTL, we have already lost family. These actors are the hardest working people in the industry and deserve there beloved jobs. Please leave GH the way it is and where it is. Thank you

  195. Tricia Sheene says:

    The sad thing is the soaps on TV were the only thing a lot of us enjoyed and there was no need to ever cancel any of them because they had loyal fans that would have watched them forever …..General Hospital has been a part of my life since day one …a long with OLTL & AMC…..I have been watching these shows since I was a kid ….Too bad that ABC though we needed more talk and food shows….( NOT ) and thought less of us the fans and all those wonderful actors and actresses that they put out of work. It breaks my heart when a good show is cancelled or when they feel an all time classic movie has to be remade ….Truth of the matter is if its not broke then don’t fix it….LEAVE General Hospital alone and give us back our other soaps and …and maybe ABC should ask us the fans what we want…… ABC know stands for All Bad Crap

  196. Jennifer Brown says:

    They already had or still have a reality show in the hospital! Is’s called “Trauma or Life in The ER”. real life enjoyed it lot. GH is a Soap Opera that has gone way beyond It’s expiration date! They brought in those actors from OLTL, killed off Jason, I know he wanted to go, Robin is gone, Luke most of the time. Story line is pathetic……yep time to go with what dignity it has left!

  197. Kimberly Sullivan says:

    I have been watching GH since I was 4 and Laura killed David Hamilton. I was already pissed that they change the time of GH and took off One Life to Live and All My Children. If channel 7 takes off GH I will never watch any show on 7 again. I already stopped watching all the ch. 7 shows except for GH I would never put 7 on my TV again. I already stopped watching HBO for years now because they cancelled Deadwood. I will have no problem doing it again for 7.

  198. Debbie says:

    please dont take General hospital off the air. I have been watching since I was a little girl with my grandma. I love it and all the actors. its a way to escape the reality of life for an hour a day. people need that, people with cancer and other pains watch them and it takes their mind off their problems for a while. please dont change them. your number 1 fan

  199. rose says:

    I love GH…I do think they need to bring back some people, like Robin and Jason…even a replacement for Jason would be good. I know there are good actors who would gladly play his part. As for reality shows….they are just scripted non sense, not REAL reality….don’t like them and don’t watch them…they are SO fake ! I think Genie Francis coming back is great !

  200. Melissa says:

    If GH is cancelled or drastically changed to something unrecognizable, I will stop watching ABC. The Chew in no way replaces OLTL. I turn the channel for an hour every day. But GH is scheduled to record and is protected from little people canceling my recording or deleting it by mistake. It’s not the same without Jason and Robin but I’m sure fans said the same 20 years ago about Luke and Laura.

  201. April says:

    I’ve watched GH since I was 10yrs old with my mom, I’m 42yrs old now. I was so sick when ABC got rid of OLTL and AMC!!!!! If ABC takes GH from me to I promise NEVER TO WATCH ANOTHER SHOW ABC PUTS ON WHETHER IT BE ON DAYTIME OR NIGHTTIME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  202. darlene says:

    If the powers that be follow viewer comments at all, i hope they are following the comments from those of us who do not want their beloved soap to be sent down the toilet only to be replaced by what SHOULD be flushed. And thats more reality based programs. Not only should writers and producers consider SOAP fans and not reality fans, they need to consider HIPPA law. How can you film in a hospital setting and avoid patients? I certainly would not want to have my medical stuff on tv with millions of viewers watching. If i were an actor ok. If i wanted publicity ok. But leave my health issues or reasons to need to be seen at a hospital off the airwaves.

  203. Steve says:

    ABC was once the dominating force with soaps. What happened??? They had a full afternoon of soaps with Ryan’s Hope, Loving, All My Children, One Life To Live, General Hospital, and (my personal favorite) The Edge Of Night. Where did those days go?

  204. JoMarie says:

    I have been watching General Hospital since it started when Jessie Brewer was a nurse, Emily Mclaughlin was a neighbor of mine ad she moved to california to be on the show. I have seen many story lines come and go and many soaps come and go but GH was always there to allow me to rest during the day and to also become involved in the lives of those REAL people from Port Charles. Keep it on as is, why change a good thing. if GH is taken off the air i will never watch ABC again .

  205. Madison says:

    Go ahead, ABC, and shoot yourself in the foot. If you cancel GH, I will no longer have a reason to watch your network at all. Katy Couric is BORING, even the sound of her voice makes me put in a movie instead, The Chew is repeating itself over and over and over. Already hated Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil. Oz has a different way to lose “all that weight” every day”, and Dr. Phil is turning into a “Jerry Springer wannabe”. I only watch The View because Whoopi is there.

  206. T.J says:

    i was like, yall suck when you cancelled All My Children and One Life to Live. i was happy to see that you took my favorite from One Life and moved him to General Hospital, ( i just love Todd ) and now you may cancell my most favorite of all 3. again YALL SUCK if its cancelled. that is all

  207. Michele says:

    Leave GH alone. Or ABC will NEVER be on my TV again. You will end up loosing money if you take away our last soap.

  208. Dee Zorn says:

    Just for once it would be nice to take public opinion into the arena. I am 75 years old and been watchin GH for over 30 years. It is my relaxing, my book, my family. None of which can be obtained from yet another reality show. Shame on anyone thinking of closing a show which so much talent has come from. Please, enough with reality shows, they are a bore!!!!!

  209. Fed up with ABC says:

    I have just about had it with ABC daytime. I don’t watch anything you have replaced daytime with – The Chaw, Katie BORING (Couric), Let’s Make a Speal, Judge this, Judge that – who cares? I’d rather see Alexis & Dianne in the courtroom on GH anyday! We go to GH to escape & we miss “love in the afternoon”. We’re glad to see some of that BACK!!!! Put Dianne & Max back together (too funny)!! Get rid of psycho Connie & bring Kate back! NO Reality crap – there is too much now! What are you going to do? Have Chris Harrison give his fake moderations about boring student nurse whats her name and that idiot other student nurse whats his name (they need to go!) – we have too many stories that work on GH!! Lulu/Dante, Maxie/Spinelli/Ellie, Michael/Star, give Patrick Robin back! Tracy/Luke/Anna/Duke, why write off Steve when Olivia finally gets a ring and a story? Geez Lucy/Kevin, What a waste with Sam – why did you let Steve Burton get picked up by Y&R? Your really angering long term GH fans and if you move in this direction….you could do it and lose the ratings you have been gaining – because soem of us have over 40 yrs of watch time in here! Hallejuah Laura is coming back! What a spin for Lulu/Dante/Luke

  210. frances williamson says:

    enough reality, cooking, stupis talk shows, leave general hospital alone.
    i only watch this on daytime tv , the rest is crap,only other show i watch on abc is
    nashville and if they take off gh it goes also. no wonder cable is doing so well,
    you have a choise in what you get to see. abc is a stupid bunch of losers. they have no concept of what people want, so go ahead if you must take off gh just means to me i never watch anything on abc again

  211. Linda H. Howell says:

    We have watched General Hospital since the 70′s and this is the only soap that we ever watch. Please do not change GH to a reality TV show. We enjoy watching all the great actors & story lines. If you change it to a reality show, I will never watch anything on ABC ever
    again. I do not know what they are trying to accomplish by doing this. They are bringing back some of the actors that have been off for a while. This is great or is this so we can see them one more time before you change to this new reality format. KEEP GENERAL HOSPITAL AS IT IS NOW.

  212. I don’t like remake shows and don’t watch them at all. So if GH is remade I will stop watching it all together.

  213. Jean says:

    I can’t believe that ABC would even THINK about changing General Hospital, I have watched this show for the past 30 years and LOVE IT! We certainly DO NOT need another reality show or food show! Please keep General Hospital just as it is-great actors, great storyline, great show all around.

  214. Rose says:

    I have watched this show since I was a little girl also and I cant bare to think of it being turned into a reality show, There are enough reality shows on right now. What we need is GH to not be reality but fiction, If it does get changed I know a lot of people that will stop watching the show and I will be one of them. Sorry to say but reality sucks

  215. Paula says:

    Yes get rid of the mobsters!!!!!! I have watched from the beginning, lets bring back the affairs of doctors & nurses, the Quatermains. the spencers, the other familys. Sonny is the biggest asshole no good inhuman jerk!!!!!!

  216. Sandy says:

    I’ve watched this show since day one. Leave it alone!!!! You have a good thing going with the new writers. I heard that GH has contracted for another year. And Sonny and AJ have both recently signed new contracts. Thankfully, I see no reality show replacing this in the near future.

  217. Terry says:

    I have been watching GH since high school. I taped all three of the ABC soaps. People often whould ask me (those that didn’t watch soaps) why I tape them. I would always say it was my escape from reality. Now that is all you can see on TV. I have enough reality in my life to last a lifetime, so please don’t take this show or the present format away. Also, why did we go all the way to the Faison climax and then stop all through the holidays and just now pick it up. Never even mentioned anything about Robin. Really want Robim and Jason back. Hate the current plot with Patrick. But still watching.

  218. Janet says:

    Soaps have always been about love and hate. The actors you really love and the ones you love to hate. Either way, they have been a staple on ABC for over 30 yrs. and were highly rated. If they go and change GH to a “new” show, it will destroy the ratings after all these years. I can’t imagine the reason that taking the “good” actors/actresses off of GH to put “real hospital people” on to save money would help the network. Anyway, I am very upset about the decision and very upset with Steve Burton, for lying about leaving the show and going with Young and the Restless. He could have told his fans the real reason he left to begin with.

  219. Jackie says:

    I would hope that the networks would provide shows the people want to see. If GH was on prime time at night it would definitely have high ratings. I am sick to death of cooking shows and reality tv! These have been shoved down our throats! I am sure people only watch these because there is nothing else!!! Don’t mess with our last ABC soap!!

  220. Joanne says:

    OMG Please do not take the last soap I watch. I will be heartbroken.

  221. Amber says:

    Please keep General Hospital going!!!
    I too am a long time fan, and would really miss my
    daily soap.
    We have enough reality shows already, which are
    worthless to me.

  222. charlene shelsky says:

    Do not cancel General hospital. ABC has gone in the toilet with cheap shows that are not worth watching. What you don’t want to pay obamacare and want to cut down on quality shows and put on cheap junk like reality shows with want a be actors. that everyone is tired of? Well the only show left on your main stream media is The Big Bang Theory . The rest of the time I will be watching Fox News. They are the only number 1 show left on the air. Way to go Disney you are blowing it.

  223. Bea says:

    If GH goes, there will be nothing left worth watching on daytime TV. I have been watching GH for 40+ years. I never watch talk shows, cooking shows, reality or talent shows. Robert Scorpio and Jason Morgan are my 2 favorite characters on GH.

  224. Della Mitchell says:

    NO, NO, NO, NO you can not take this one. It’s the only one I watch after the other 2 were taken off. I love GH and will always! Please no more reality shows I’m sick of them. If you have to change the time to p.m. that’s good too. Please do not take it away from me.

  225. Nikki says:

    I like alot of others on here have watched since i was a little girl. I have also always watched alot of nightime television on abc. When they took away OLTL and AMC it was a shame but i still have G.H., now with Jason gone i had wondered if the show would hang on but I still watch with anticipation and interest(huge Jason fan!!). If ABC decides to cancel or revise G.H. somehow, that will be the last time any of my televisions turn on ABC in my house! I just counted and in any given season, my husband and I have 10-12 ABC shows set to record on the dvr, that will also be erased if they mess with G.H. the world has enough reality t.v.!!

  226. Bianca Devones says:


  227. jamie hatley says:

    This is the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard of!!!

  228. Antoinette says:

    Email clear channel, they own ABC and have been making stupid decisions like this for the past year. Clearchannel ,

  229. Natalie says:

    I started watching GH when I was 19 i’m now 50 Please Please keep it on. ; )

  230. Gayle says:

    I love reality shows, at night, but would not watch this! Don’t mess with GH!!!!!!!

  231. Susan Filloramo says:

    OMG please do not take GH off the air. I have been watching it since about 1981. I hardly miss a day of it . People that miss it call me for updates on the show. I will be lost with out it. I have lots of GH stuff like a mug, shirt, key chain, book , towel & more.

  232. pat says:

    There is something wrong with the people in charge of ABC. They have ruined their daytime viewing & night. They don’t care about people that like a show. All they care about is their own wallets.
    I’ve watched GH for almost 47 years.
    We all need to write CBS & pled with them to take over GH! Then they will have the two soaps that were always up for soap awards on “their” network which as far as I’m concern is the” leading network” now a days.

  233. Liz says:

    I had been watching AMC,OLTL and GH for 37 years until the recent demise of AMC and OLTL. GH is the only one left and I am a loyal viewer. But after GH goes…so will I. I HATE reality shows. I’ve tried to watch afew and they are so phony. BTW, I also happen to be an RN and have no intention of watching the drama I live at work on my TV at home. ABC will be done for me forever!

  234. Karen Peterson says:

    I hate ABC anymore! And I so hate the reality shows!!! They need to take ALL reality shows OFF THE AIR!! ABC is going to go down the drain because it is going to lose all of its viewers! At one point ABC used to be on top but not anymore! And as far as I’m concerned they have dropped to the bottom of my list! I LOVE GH and if they replace it with a reality show it will be good bye ABC!!!

  235. Tina Motta says:

    ABC will never play on my tv again!! at least not in the mornings. I might even cancel the cable.. One more talk show and Im done!!

  236. joan says:

    I think That A>B>C> Is nuts to take GH off cooking and reality show watch never did and will not even start too. i can not stand the bachor show or any of that shit I enjoy watching GH and OLTL and AMC so abc is the fool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  237. Jennifer says:

    PLEASE PLEASE Do NOT NOT NOT Cancel GH. I have been watching it since the very early 80′s and have hardly missed watching an espisode or catching up in Soap Opera Digest. They took my other favorite soap, OLTL off the air a year ago and the stupid show they replaced it with lasted what, five/six months? You really honestly think that if you replace GH the same thing won’t happen? You cancel GH and replace it with a “reality GH” the ratings will be soooo bad, you won’t have watchers the opening day! People will boycott like you have never seen before. ABC, you’ve seriously got to read these posts and pay attention to what the FANS are saying. If it costs more to produce a reality show, think about how much more money it’s going to cost you to try and put on some idiotic reality show and the cost of that failing. Not only do you have the cost of breaking down GH but you then have the cost of bringing up the reality show then the financial aspect of it not working. Then you have to account for what goes in that slot next, then next cause none of us are going to accept anything in that timeslot except for GH. Sooo, save us all the trouble and headaches and DO NOT CANCEL GH!! Simple as that. Or at least, if you listen to the people who watch it should be!

    • Barb says:

      Please don’t cancel GH. Every day after work, I get home and can’t wait to put it on. Though it’s been kind of disappointing since Jason is off, Robin is still not back, and now Tray who I also loved with Christina is gone, I still look forward to this hour each day. Everyone I knows loves GH. The characters are amazing, and we all need to escape reality and stress for that one great hour each day. Leave it alone, and bring back Robin with Patrick!!!! :)

  238. Terri ... A longtime GH fan says:

    What ABC apparently doesn’t realize is that soap fans watch soap operas to ESCAPE reality for an hour. How they think that a reality show can replace GH is beyond me. I never even turn my tv on anymore until GH comes on at 2 pm. And the only reason I MAY watch anything after that is for white noise, until the news comes at 5. I don’t mind a reality show but not everyday all day.

  239. honey says:

    After watching todays episode of General Hospital,,I think falling over a Cliff would be less painful.. 1/16/2013 . What are the writers thinking ? VAMPIRES ?

  240. Terri says:

    I am so sick and tired of ABC taking Soaps off the air and replacing them with these stupid shows The Chew that what the foodnet work is for. I have been having to pay to watch tv for over 35 years they need to take that into account that we the people have to pay for a service to watch tv and are sick and tired of them taking away shows that we want to watch and have watched for years making them the stars they are and making ABC what they are. They are just like they goverment they don’t give a crap about any body they will get abunch of nobodys in there no ones ever heard of so they can make more money and not pay the actors on the soaps for a dumb ass show.There is tons of shows like that on other channels if people want to watch.I.m really sick of it . I hope the actors can do something about and not bail on us

  241. Christine says:

    Wake up, ABC, and get a reality check of your own. Your GH viewers don’t want to lose their last and best soap in favor of another reality show. We don’t need any more reality, cooking, or self improvement shows. We have cable for that. I’ve watched General Hospital since 1965 when my mother and grandmother watched it. My mom is 83 and still watches GH! I guess Steve Burton had the right idea to check out of ABC when he did! I know The Young and the Restless also has a few actors that were on AMC so maybe I should start watching Y&R instead of GH, as it looks like Y&R is at no risk of cancellation! It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee, ABC. Please keep General Hospital on the air in it’s present form and don’t mess with a sure thing. As an ABC viewer, I’m most loyal to the shows I love, but if you try to change GH, I can assure you that I will be bailing on ABC in favor of another network or the “off” button on the remote control!

  242. Frank Townsend McQueen IV says:

    Dear Abc… I cannot belive u would do this to a fan base lasting since 63.. i cannot imagine life without general hospital.. This is the only show i watch on abc.. And U will no longer.. have me… Dont Take off the best show in the last 70 years.. i understand young minds dont understand. it and change is a part of life.. But Come on its been on longer then most of the people saying that is getting canceled.. probably double there age.. THE WORLD HAS A MILLION REALITY SHOWS>> dont fuck up the only good thing u have ever done.. ABC

  243. I have been watch GH since the 60′s yes along time…PLEASE don’t take this show off,too…..I even DVR it so if I have to be away from home I don’t miss a show….I’m sure it can be worked out..these people we care about…..bad enough you “killed off” Jason…and You tease us with Robin being found alive…..PLEASE…don’t make this great- grandmother unhappy….

  244. Riddic43 says:

    You need to get back to General Hospital and not all the crap you,ve been showing. Give me a break, who cares about Vampires anyway. Let Lucy, John, Sam and whoever else were involved in this type of show go back to where they came from.
    You are destroying GH and it makes me sick after all the years of watching it. If you have to bring all these actors back in order to save GH then to me its not worth it.
    Stop screwing up our soap with these actors from way back. I want to see more of Robin and Robert’s storyline not a bunch of stupid Vampires. Jason really made the right move by getting out while it was still GH. Young and Restless got a great actor, way to go GH’s lost and a big one to.

  245. Donna says:

    Please do not cancel GH. I have watched this show since it first debut! We are sick of all the reality shows. Do not take GH away from us like you did All My Children and One Life to Live! Leave us a little fantasy in this crazy world!

  246. Angie Litchford says:

    Please DO NOT take the true General Hospital off the air! I will be so pissed. I remember watching it with my mother, growing up with it. My mother passed away last Janurary and General Hospital reminds me of her and all our memories. You took All My Children and One life to Live away…..please please please, don’t take General Hospital away. If you do, you will lose a lot of viewers.

  247. Denise says:

    I will not watch a stupid reality show. It’s bad enough GH lost its forever timeslot to Katie Couric. Now they want to get rid of it and make ANOTHER reality show? This viewer will NOT be watching. I’ve watched GH for most of my life and do not want to see it taken off the air. KEEP GENERAL HOSPITAL ON THE AIR!!!!!!

  248. Lori says:

    Don’t cancel GH. I too have been watching since it started and when I got married, got my husband hooked too. If you cancel it, there’s no reason to watch any daytime at all anymore. It’s ridiculous for you to start another reality show. Most people I know don’t even watch the ones on now and really? The Chew and The Taste? No original thoughts on titles?

  249. Connie says:

    GH is the only soap I watch. I even record it if I am not home. I do not watch any other soap. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE GENERAL HOSPITAL OFF THE AIR. I WILL TURN OFF THE TV AND NOT WATCH ANY OF THE REALITY SHOWS. I am so tired of the reality shows. And while you are at it, Could you bring Jason and Robin back?

  250. jksword says:

    Have they totally lost their minds? What in the world could they be thinking. People are sick of realty TV shows. GH is like part of the our family. We have been watched for as long as I can remember. Please do not take another great show from us. Bring back the GH we love to watch. STOP trying to change it.

  251. susan says:

    Does ABC never learn from they’re mistakes?GH is the best day time soap ever,Why would you be so stupid to change it?Leave well enough alone and let dedicated fans be happy with the way things are!!!!! I have been watching since the day it came on tv.

  252. Nilsa says:

    They are even talking about making it more of a reality show, which is pretty stupid. I know that I would not watch it. It it is not broken don’t change it.

  253. Barbara says:

    DO NOT TAKE GENERAL HOSPITAL OFF!! I do not watch the shows that you put on in One Life to Live and All My Children’s places. We watch another channel. I do turn it back for General. Cool down the vampire story line. I have been watching General since 1963 because my aunt watched when I was 8. I have been watching for 50 years. I watched All My Children and One Life to Live since they came on in the 70′s. You have General going good why mess it up? Bring back Robin and Jason. Robert also. Get rid of the vampire line. We watch for the escape from the real world. The reality shows are filled with bad acting and boring.

  254. Melody says:

    NOOOOOO!!! Leave GH alone. I’ve been watching this since I was super little(more than 35+ yrs). If you change it to a reality show, it’ll ruin it. I hate reality shows(won’t watch them). Please leave it as is. The characters are like family to all of us loyal fans!!!

  255. Debra Pezzin says:

    I have been watching GH since I was in grade school..would rush home from school to watch with my mom. Now it’s one of my favorite memories of time with my mom who has passed. Should GH become a reality show I am history!! I refuse to watch any of the replacements out of the principle of the thing. I was a AMC and OLTL fan and feel the network has slapped it’s fans in the face. We were loyal for so many years. I will see that boycotting becomes a career to these reality shows if GH becomes one.

  256. Lorrie Lohr says:

    I’ve been watching GH for more than 30 years. No way would I watch a GH reality show. No way!!!!! I’m so unhappy that ABC canceled AMC and OLTL, I refused to watch the Revolution and I don’t watch the Chew. I thought about boycotting ABC altogether, but I have to admit there are nighttime shows I still watch. I won’t, however, watch a daytime program that replaces a GH.

  257. Donna says:

    I’ve watched GH since I was a kid and love, love, love the show BUT I DO NOT LIKE REALITY SHOWS!!! They are some of the most stupid shows ever, such as the Kardashians, Bachelor/bachelorette, this is not reality people!! At least we KNOW that General Hospital is a soap and is scripted unlike those others that are supposedly not. ABC is really screwing up if they take the last remaining soap off the air!!! This really stinks!!

  258. Michelle L says:

    I love GH the way it is. I am NOT a fan of reality shows like they are proposing. I will not watch if it changes to a reality show. I will miss Jason’s charachter but I watch Y&R so I get to see him there. I watch soaps because they can bend the story lines to not be reality. I live reality and don’t care to have to watch it too. I watch tv to be entertained.

  259. beau says:


  260. JoAnna Bogle says:

    I am a big fan of GH and I thought it was just a crazy idea to make GH a reality show. Who does that? There are a lot of reality shows out there already and I don’t think we need any more. Its just crazy! I watch every day just as do a lot of other people. So why a reality show that’s just stupid. Please keep GH the way it is. It is actually great right now. The cast is great even the ones from OLTL have fit in just wonderfully. Again please leave well enough alone and let us house wives enjoy our day with our other family cause that is how it fells when you have them in your home everyday for over 30yrs. I LOVE GH AND WILL ALWAYS HAVE IT ON IN MY HOME! PROMISE YOU THAT. (unless you turn it into a reality show of course) thanks for listening

  261. JayCee says:

    Long time GH fan. Mom got me hooked on it when Luke & Laura got married. I was 5.

    Please — enough reality TV. I positively WILL NOT tune in for that. GH is one of my few viewing pleasures every day. I would miss it horribly if it were to go, and could only be consoled if it showed in reruns on SoapNet or something.

  262. Susan says:

    Their are plenty of talk shows and reality shows on we do not need another. Please do not take off GH we need at least one sope.

  263. JO says:

    I do not like reality shows, but if they go with the vampire storyline I will likely stop watching. Dont get me wrong I love GENERAL HOSPITAL. I just do not like the story line

  264. Joyce says:


  265. Jackie Miller says:

    OMG I would hate to loose GH to some reality show!!! As a little girl I would watch it with my mom and I look forward to watch it with my daughter! This makes me sad…Please think of you loyal fans and DO NOT CHANGE!!!!

  266. maine says:

    Did you ever hear if it aint broke dont fix it …you ppl at ABC have lost your minds….every good show on your station you have dropped or cancelled….if it is $$$$ you worry about sellout to someone that doesnt ruin things….idiots…..GH is ruining itself because you want it to.

  267. Sherry S says:

    I’ve watched GH since the very first show 50 yrs ago. I remember all the characters and who played them then and now. I’ve seen many deaths of actors on GH .. I mourned each and every one of them but have never forgotten them. I can’t believe that they would even consider a reality show. If they’re going to use actual people’s storylines then why bother to have GH at all? Through the years GH has been my safe haven. There’s one hour every day that I can actually forget my own problems and lose myself in the character’s dilemma. My biggest thrill when I was going through chemo (breast cancer) was that for one hour every day I could forget how bad I felt and how sick I was because I’d lose myself in GH. Now I have to face the possibility that my beloved characters won’t be my safe haven anymore? How sad is that. Go ahead GH .. be like all the other soaps and go down the drain. If you go reality I will NEVER watch the show again.

  268. jennifer baldwin says:

    PLEASE DON’T REPLACE GH WITH YET ANOTHER REALITY SHOW!!!!!!!!!!! And PLEASE DON’T REPLACE THE CURRENT FAVORITES. You’d be surprised the speed at which GH and ABC will lose viewers. They’ve already taken enough of our shows/soaps. Please help stop this.

  269. Sue Smith says:

    I think canceling GH and making it a realty show is a disaster in the making. We don’t watch the show to see reality, we would watch the news if we want that. The fans love GH because of the characters and the lives they live. I have been watching GH with my Grandpa since I was a kid. He’s gone now, but if he were here, he would still be watching. I love that the characters from the past have been brought back, I love the characters that were brought over from OLTL (which I did not watch, but have enjoyed immensely). The changes that have been made have been great and I hope to continue watching for years to come. If GH is replaced with a realty show, I will not be watching. I, and probably most of the fans, watch to escape realty. Please don’t take it away. I love my GH!!!!

  270. Kim Buca says:

    i have about had it up to here with non sense and bs story lines i started watching this soap with my mom and great gramma when i was a small kid i am now 43 i have watched almost my whole life why mess around? why insult our intelligence with vampires please stick to the actors the script and good story lines that are not too toi far fetched please!!!!

  271. Miriam Johnston says:

    I have enough REALTY and I hate Realty and talk shows……….. Please leave General Hospital on as a soap opera. Its my comfort show on daytime TV. The rest of the day my TV is off.

  272. Denise says:

    I’ll never watch abc or affiliates again if they cancel GH. It’s been on for 50 years with loyal fans. Obviously they’re doing something right. Leave GH alone. We love it. U cancelled oltl for a show that didnt last a year. Lots of us will never watch abc again if it gets rid of their last, longest running, & best soap opera.

    • Debbie Altiparmakis says:

      I for one say leave GH alone, when it comes to those reality shows in reality I change the channel or turn the TV off, they are boring and only good for one thing and that’s to bore ppl to death or put them to sleep, I’ve loved GH for over 30 yrs now and have been a loyal fan all these years, if you change GH, that will mean its end, I won’t be watching ABC shows after it goes, boycott I say.. I love GH cause of its characters and the story-lines the writers come up with, each day GH leaves me on the edge of my seat wanting more and its what keeps me coming back each day, if I want reality I can turn on the news for that or I can go to my neighborhood soup kitchen and see reality there, GH is my home and without it I am left without one, so please take in consideration us viewers like me and the many others that have commented here, WE LOVE GH JUST AS IT IS, PLEASE DON’T CHANGE IT!

  273. Leah says:

    Please don’t change GH. This had remained my favorite show since I was a small girl. If it changes, I will no longer watch as I’m sure many others feel the same way. U will b losing a loyal fan base and more than likely not gain anything.

  274. He visto GH desde 1979 cuando llegue a los USA. GH me ayudo muchisimo a practicar mi ingles. Por favor no lo cancelen! “PLEASE NO MORE REALITY SHOWS”

  275. Gail says:

    Please, do not cancel or change GH. Changing it to yet another reality show will loose your following. I have been watching GH since I was about 12. I began watching in the afternoons afterschool with my mother. She died in 1995 and to this day I find myself talking to her about the show as I watch.
    If you cancel/change GH from what it is today, I will stop watching ABC all together. GH and the early morning new are the only shows I watch on that network now. If GH is cancelled or changed into a reality show, I will find a new early morning new program and stop watching ABC.

  276. Please don’t cancel GH
    I have watch this for 45 years
    Started watching it with my Mama and sisters. I don’t. miss it unless there’s a emergency need GH in my life. Praying you bring back Robin and Jason

  277. Bette says:

    Please leave our show alone. I have watched for years and we don’t want new we like the old. Thanks, Bette

  278. Thelma Lesch says:

    Please don’t make GH a reality show.. it will go down. As of right now I am not happy with the story line of vampires…get rid of that story.

  279. Ellie says:

    Seriously? Don’t we have enough reality shows on the air? I’m sick of them. At least with a soap like GH you can escape reality and live in the GH world for an hour. We know the characters we’ve grown to love them, we know we can follow the story day to day, week to week. Keep GH on the air, don’t fall victim to yet another reality nightmare show.

  280. benjamin Franklin says:

    are they on crack ? really the only reason i watch GH is well for the drama and no ” reality” show will ever take me away from GH I mean really you can put a ” reality” version on ABC family or something but DO NOTHING TO GH GH is just fine.

  281. April says:

    I have been watching GH since I was a little girl. My daughter has too. I was SO dissappointed when AMC and OLTL went off the air. I had watched those since childhood also. We need to keep traditional american soaps on the air. Everything can not be a talk show or a reality show!

  282. Rae Brassard says:

    GH is cleverly written with a talented cast to speak the words. Honestly, I have watched the show since ’79, just before the whole Luke and Laura fun began. It has been the highlight of my afternoons ever since. The show has a faithful audience and I don’t think the powers that be will want to alienate a large portion of their viewership.

  283. Reta Smith says:

    I am 77 yrs old and GH is the only soap that I still watch and have watched it ever since I owned a tv. Those characters are my other family! Please, I beg of you, don’t mess with the best soap in the world!!!!! My youngest son who is mentally handicapped also looks forward to watching it every day and he would be devestated!

  284. Toni says:

    Another cheaplyy made reality show is a stupid idea. A camera in a real life hospital situation would invade a persons privacy and is a stupid stupid idea. Let us keep this one GREAT show.

  285. Carolyn Smth says:

    What has ABC suddenly got against soap operas?!
    They have already lost me as a viewer between the hours of 12:00 – 1:00. The only reason I watch at 1:00 is because they moved General Hospital to the 1:00 time slot. I was thinking of giving up ABC daytime altogether but continued because of some of the OLTL charactors that moved to GH. Take off GH and you lose me totally as a daytime viewer. I may stop watching your P.M. shows also, just because you have pissed me off so badly. You have made one big financial blunder cancelling these popular daytime shows!

  286. Mary says:

    I have been watching ABC soaps for over 3 decades I was heart broken when you cancelled One Life to Live and still have the last episode on my DVR. I still record and watch GH everyday and would be very upset if you cancelled it also. Please bring back Jason and Robin and keep GH going for a long long time.

  287. Bee says:

    I do not want them to cancel GH, this is an iconic show and should stay on tv.The acting is great sometimes the storylines I could do without but I still watch it. That is the only thing I watch on ABC during the day.NO more Reality Tv.

  288. Tina says:

    So it really was all a ploy as people have been warned ABC STILL wants to do away with SOAPS. So what better way to have the ratings take a nose dive but to change it up as so to blame poor ratings to pull it off the air once and for all.
    Also ONE LIFE TO LIVE and ALL MY CHILDREN ARE BACK!!!! and all the actors have resigned with the exception of Matthew & Destiny as their being recast. We will be able to watch when the www. “Online Channel” is up in March. Maybe ABC should do the same, by putting it online to save costs.

  289. Kristina says:

    I have been watching GH for 30 years–since Frisco and the “Ice Princess” story line. If they did this to GH I’d NEVER watch it, just like I don’t watch the “new” 90210. Absolutely not. GH would be DEAD in my mind. As it is, I’m not interested in this Vampire crap, I’m only watching because Lucy is back and they’re making her a nut-job and it’s quite entertaining and I’m glad Kevin “Doc” is back. GH is 50 years – A HALF A CENTURY – old, PLEASE don’t ruin it. Make it a web-only soap, but don’t make it a “reality” show. That’s what House, and Grey’s Anatomy are for!!

    • Teresa Hicks says:

      I agree with Kristina , if they cancel Gh I will Never watch the new show,ever! I too have been watching it sense Adrea was married to Phil Brewer and Steve was married to Jessy back when it was still in black and white, If it goes off the air I won’t watch a replacement. This is the best show they ever had in the fifty years Ive been watching it and it feel ‘s like a part of my life would be over if it goes off, I really love the show. So hopefully ABC will let this one Soap remain on as long as TV exists.

  290. Ruth says:

    Well, I have been watching GH for the entire 50 years…..and if there is ONE thing I have learned about soaps….it’s that MONEY rules and to hell with public opinion. So, we may have to kiss it goodbye along with many of our other loved shows. Anyone up for MORE reality shows, food shows, or advice crap like DR. OZ ( if you followed all his stuff and ate or consumed everything he suggests, you’d blow up! As I said…it’s all about MONEY now matter how much we like something.

    • Lisa Kirkman says:

      Been watching GH for thirty some odd years now. I can’t bear the thought of them turning it into a reality show. Reality sucks. I think your making a big mistake. If you replace GH I may not be watching ABC at all.

  291. Gwendolyn says:

    Wont watch a reality show in a hospital. Doesn’t even compare to GH.

  292. Christina says:

    Please do not cancel GH i have been watching this soap since i was a little girl with my Mother when it was in B & W …we really don’t need another reality show, food show, or a talk show please leave G H on the AIR !!!!!

  293. Laura Cheney says:

    Please don’t cancel General Hospital I have been watching GH since i was very little and we have enough reality crap on TV we don’t need any more. KEEP GENERAL HOSPITAL ON PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  294. Chaur says:

    I have NEVER complained about a storyline. EVER! Some may not be as good as others, but i have never left GH in 25 years! If all the years past complaints by people who are just networking for fun have anything to do with a possible cancellation I would bet they would take it all back. We dont always mean what we say. We just get into the conversations…. Not me of course and im sure there are more like me. Who are these morons in charge who make these STUPID decisions for the rest of us? THIS IS WHAT WE WANT!! GH to stay on the air for ANOTHER 50 years!! Not another ridiculous reality show. Besides, can you even imagine how cameras in the hospital would impact its patients? IT WOULD!!! I cant even imagine the lawsuits they would get. AND if its keeping it to smaller stories like in the ER, then we can get a dose of that on well, Trauma shows in the ER! I STILL wont watch Katy, OR the Chew. I watch at 1:00 (record) and I will watch evening shows. ABC has destroyed its daily lineup. Ok for a person who doesnt complain, I know i am, but ABC, get with it. Give the people what they want. Its NOT your stupid reality shws. Give us BACK our OLTL and AMC. I wish a cable channel could pick up all of our soaps ….The money may not be there, but it WOULD!! It could put them on the map and compete with the major networks…Hmm theres a thought!!! Ok im done. Sorry for the rant. Im just pissed!!

  295. D Sparrow says:

    have been watching GH since I was a little girl. It’s the only daytime soap I have ever really liked. I pray they continue with the show as is ,and not make it into another reality thing. i HATE all those reality shows and don’t even watch them. I love GH and the characters. have been watching

  296. Shirley Crosby says:

    I am 76 years old and started watching GH with my grandmother. When you took the other soaps off I just don’t watch their replacements. I feel too many of these types of shows have been shoved down our throats. Enough is enough. This is the only soap I have left. Please don’t take it off. Make a lot of veiwers happy for no change.

  297. genia nichols says:

    dont take gh off thr air u replacd amc with the chew which i dont watch if i want know about food i watch the food nework so that was a stupid ideal u replaced oltl with a talk show which i dont watch if i want to watch a talk show i will watch ellen and as 4 reality shows well there gd 4 watching at night and not all of them r gd the only 1s i do watch is surivior and dwts abc u r stupid if u get rid of gh its the only soap i watch now thanks 2 u taking amc and oltl off so dont take gh off if ur having money problems find writers that will work 4 less money hell i could write soap lines or let the actors and actress wing it they r gd at what they do if u take gh off the air u wont have a viewer on daytime tv u will lose a lot of ppl

  298. Kashee says:

    I have been watching Gh for probably 40 years. I have seen great storylines and stupid storylines, but when so many other soaps have been taken off the air, GH should be proud to still be running 5 days a week and with a huge fan base. However, bringing on a whole bunch of new people who can’t act to save their life and having ridiculous storylines like they did with Faison (whom I adore!) and now vampires, I myself am having a hard time watching the entire episode. I love that you’ve brought back so many of our former stars, but to bring them back and then make them look stupid is a shame. If this continues even us loyal viewers may be done.


  300. Marianne says:

    I have been watching GH for all my life. 53 years. I love the show and like so many others would find it very very disappointing if we lose the best Soap Opera ever !!!!

  301. mary Walker says:

    i really wonder if abc has lost it’s everloving mind.. dont get rid of general hospital you’ve already done away with two soaps ive watched since day one and general hospital ive watched since it began too i was 6 yrs old when it began…how many dumb dumbs does it take to see the light that sometimes people would like to keep watching shows that they have watched all their lives. Please leave GH on the air in the form of which it has always been.take it off and i will have no reason to watch daytime tv on abc..

  302. I have been watching General Hospital since Jessie Brewer was Dr. Hardy’s head nurse…don’t you dare do anything so absurd to icon of a “soap” show…GH rocks!!!

  303. Kim Parsley says:

    I LOVE General Hospital and have been watching it for 34 years and counting. Please, please, please don’t change it into yet ANOTHER reality show. There are already too many of those on television now! And they don’t last long, in my opinion they are a waste of everyone’s time!!! General Hospital is a GREAT show, with loyal fans who tune in everyday to see what happens in Port Charles. I like the addition of the One Life to Live stars, but I am not liking the vampire storyline! Twilight nailed that genre and nobody else needs to bother trying to compete with them.

    Please don’t let our daytime television be solely dictated by talk shows, reality shows, and the news. People watch General Hospital to escape from their own lives for an hour a day, and we love the characters and the storyline. I do not believe that I am the only loyal fan who feels exactly the same way!!!

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, P – L – E – A – S – E…… DON’T TAKE GH away from us!!!

    Loyal and faithful fan from Kentucky,
    Kim Parsley

  304. Tammy Drennen-Halstead says:

    I’ve been watching GH since the early 1980′s I would miss sitting in on the lives of my beloved soap families every morning with my coffee , I record it to dvr so I can watch it when the house is quite and few distractions. I do so hope that they choose to keep GH the way it is not turn it into an over drama sized reality show. I real hospital would have a hard time doing their jobs saving lives with a full camera crew, sound crew & the rest of what goes along with a tv production in their way. I know it all boils down to money but all I can do is ask them to PLEASE leave GH the way it is.

  305. Anita says:

    Well I have been watching General Hospital since high school, and I have been out of high school for almost 45 years. If they turn this into a reality show, I’m sure that I won’t be watching. There are so many reality shows now who wants another one. No wonder the tv stations are losing viewers. THis is what they do to shows in order to make another buck. Just saying…

  306. Melisha says:

    If I wanted to watch a reality hospital show, I’d watch a reality hospital show that is already on!

  307. Urana says:

    Please do not cancel GH. I started watching the show when I was in High School 1977. I love the you and the characters and the actors who portray them. I don’t not watch nor care for “Reality Shows”.

  308. mary clabo says:

    with the story line taken from the series “port “charles ” it was canceled is that what you want for “general hospital”? i myself am ready to walk away if you don’t get your head out of your ass n give us the show we have loved for so long!this is the stupidest shit you could have done!

  309. Antoinette says:

    We have enough reality shows as it is and you want to
    remake General Hospital, Big Mistake.
    I don’t even watch the reality shows that are on now.
    I love General Hospital

  310. mary clabo says:

    the other stupid shit is changing it to a reality show .i will not slow down as i walk away!

  311. Cindy says:

    ABC please do whatever you can to save GH, leave the soap alone, NO reality show, sooooo many fans…..:)

  312. Georgia says:

    The story line they are following right now stinks ..get rid of heather she has run her course… Get rid of Lucy she drives me nuts with her manic personality… I have watched since day one and it seems they are trying to kill it !!! I hate reality shows.. Get a good writer !!!

  313. Cricket Lynn says:

    Oh, no! Do not redo General Hospital!! I’ve watched General Hospital since its inception 50 years ago. GH is the only one worth watching. While not all story lines thrill me, the overall show has been quite acceptable. I love the multiple story lines coming and going over the 50 years. Please reconsider leaving GH as it is. Thank you!

  314. Paula Bianchi says:

    Please don’t replace GH with yet another reality show. Didn’t “the powers that be” learn from their mistake of replacing OLTL with the Revolution. There are still enough fans watching to make GH a viable show. Especially if they drop the vampire story and get back to focusing on characters that are the heart of the show. I’m loving the fast pace of the stories and bringing back all the characters that have a history in Port Charles. I will always be a loyal fan and will watch for as long as GH is on.

  315. GH’er all my life! I’m 51 and was once on GH as a waiter. DO NOT TAKE IT OFF!!!!!!
    If I want reality I watch the news. Letterman or Daily Show.

  316. Jannice says:

    I think this is the biggest mistake ABC could make. I’ve been watching since the beginning. I turn off the TV after the news in the morning and I DVR General Hospital. The Revolution failed, Kathy stinks and I don’t need to see another cooking show. So again, I will watch anything but ABC during the day. I’m also peeved that you took off Private Practice and Brothers and Sisters. I’m glad to hear that the Internet is going to start OLTL and AMC on line. I’ll be watching on the computer from now on. Hope everyone else does also.

  317. Jannice says:

    I think this is the biggest mistake ABC could make. I’ve been watching since the beginning. I turn off the TV after the news in the morning and I DVR General Hospital. The Revolution failed, Kathy stinks and I don’t need to see another cooking show. So again, I will watch anything but ABC during the day. I’m also peeved that you took off Private Practice and Brothers and Sisters. I’m glad to hear that the Internet is going to start OLTL and AMC on line. I’ll be watching on the computer from now on. Hope everyone else does also.

  318. Denise says:

    I have watched General hospital for at least 35 years and I love the show and the characters..Please do not make it I to a reality show!! There are enough reality shows on TV already we don’t need another one especially in place of GH!!! I along with many others will not watch the new replacement show….Leave GH alone!!!

  319. Pamela Johnson says:

    Been watching since the 80′s. Worked my college classes around it. Still enjoy it. It needs to stay a soap.

  320. SHARON GREEN says:

    leave our soaps alone,we like them just the way they are i will completely stop watching chanel 7 if they mess with it you stop making decisions based on money you dont know what we like to watch and changing actors is a stupid move

  321. Shirley says:

    ABC should do everything possible to keep GH as is. It is the BEST soap remaining and an important part of that culture.

  322. SU says:


  323. Carol says:

    I really wish that the soap operas would be left alone! I have been watching GH since I was a young girl. There are enough reality/talk/cooking/self-help shows on to choke a horse. Sometimes we just need to escape REALITY even if it’s just for an hour. Soap operas do just that if you turn GH into a reality show about doctors I WILL NOT WATCH IT that is the dumbest idea i have ever heard!! There are plenty of doctor shows on anyway. I’m not to crazy about the story lines right now on GH but I’m a loyal viewer and will continue to watch BUT if it is taken off the air I will not watch ABC anymore!

  324. Beth McLean says:

    As a long time fan of the soaps and most recently One Life To Live I can tell you it doesn’t matter what the viewing public and or fans want. It’s what the network wants and will do what ever it wants to do regardless of what John Q. Public wants. Just take for instance One Life To Live! We begged and pleaded with ABC/Disney not to cancel it but they did it anyway. And we banned together and boycotted The Revolution and The Chew, AMC for the good of those fans. I’m not even sure if those shows still exist and don’t care cause they took one of my friends away from me and I won’t forget that. Even if I have to watch the relaunch of OLTL online so be it. Can’t wait for it to come back.

  325. BOB says:

    I have been watching GENERAL HOSPITAL my whole life ! I am 52 years old and my whole family watches it together everyday. We all have our lunches scheduled at starting time and have had it that way always! We love the show and if ABC. pulls or changes the show we will never allow that network to be on in our house again . IT IS OUR FAVORITE SHOW OF ALL TIMES!!! Hopefully ABC will have enough intelligence to keep it the way it is!!!! I hope there are a lot of other fans out there that will ban together and BOYCOTT ABC IF THEY MESS WITH GENERAL HOSPITAL!!!!

    • jennifer says:

      I AGREE 110%!!!

    • Donna says:

      I totally agree with all of the above comments that are routing to keep GH!!! Ihave been watching GH since I was a toddler and now im 53!!!! I was devistated when AMC & OLTL were cancelled!!!!!!! If you take GH off the air, I promise u that i will NEVER WATCH CHANNEL 5 (ABC/WCVB.COM) again!!!!!!!! That would be a shame for you because the majority of the shows I watch are on Channel 5!!!!!!! I don’t care, I will find new shows on OTHER CHANNELS!!!!!!!

  326. desiree says:

    It will be a big mistake if they even consider replacing this show.. This is the only reason I still watch abc at all… I have my channel on abc only to see this.. I am watching less and less tv because of all the reality shows on.. and it will not be a problem calling up my cable company and just telling them to turn it off.. I will go to internet tv only.. you better listen to the fans of GH I have been watching since I was 5 years old and I will never forgive you for taking my favorite show away..

  327. We do not need another reality show. leave General Hosptial alone. I mean all of the other shows we used to watch, have been taken off of the tv. That was not right or fair to us fans at all. If you take off General Hosptial, you would have a whole lot of unhappy people . leave general Hosptial alone. Keep it just the way it has been. How much more clear do us fans have to be.

  328. jennifer says:

    Please Please don’t cancel GH it’s the only soap left on ABC. I’ve been watching it for as long as i can remember. If ABC is stupid enough to cancel it I for one will not watch ABC ever again, the only reason I watch now is for GH. so ABC DON”T BE STUPID AND CANCEL GH!!!!!!!!!!!

  329. Karen says:

    Please leave General Hospital alone. I don’t watch the reality shows that are on. There too many of them as is.

  330. Amy says:

    I have been watching GH for many years but before that I watched NBC soaps and The Edge of Night. All are Long Gone and I adjusted. I will switch to Young and Restless and nightime shows and just forgo reality if they take off GH. There is no replacement.

  331. Tiffany says:

    Okay I have had enough off this stupid idea of a reality show. No body wants it No body cares for it. I like the soap there is enough reality shows on TVs now in 21 and I absolutely hate reality shows. My opinion is keep the soap Going and BRING ROBIN BACK

  332. Michelle says:

    Please don’t take my GH and turn it into a reality show!! I will be 42 years old in a few days, I’ve watched it since I was 4!! Take some time and re-write some of the story lines, bring back those people that count! I like the Landview people ok, but was very upset about the vampires. Silly, silly for a soap opera…and how in the hell could you allow Steve Burton to jump ship??? What are you writers thinking?? If you need any help reparing the story line please let me know, I will be happy to assist you in any way as so would many long time viewers. Straighten out the mess you’ve made of it lately and move on with the story!

  333. Karen Julius says:

    I will not watch a reality show GH! I have been watching GH since the beginning I do not want it replaced with some poor substitute, I do not watch any reality shows, and never will! I have enough reality in my life, want some fantasy now.

  334. Heya i’m for the first time here. I found this board and I find It truly useful & it helped me out a lot.
    I hope to give something back and aid others like you helped me.


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