Gunsmoke Challenge

Test Your Knowledge by Taking the Gunsmoke Challenge and discover your Gunsmoke Skill Level and your honorary status in Dodge City

1- What years did Gunsmoke run?
a. 1920-1930
b. 1929-1939
c. 1950-1972
d. 1955-1975

2- What years did the radio version of Gunsmoke run?
a. 1900-1919
b. 1920-1932
c. 1952-1961
d. 1945-1950

3- How many episodes of Gunsmoke were there?
a. 635
b. 249
c. 427
d. 500

4- Who played Marshall Dillon on the radio version?
a. John Wayne
b. Lorne Greene
c. William Conrad
d. Chuck Connors

5- On the TV version, who played the role of Festus?
a. Ken Curtis
b. Gene Autry
c. Forrest Tucker
d. Randolph Scott

6- On the TV version, who played Kitty Russell?
a. Maureen O’Hara
b. Marilyn Monroe
c. Amanda Blake
d. Lucille Ball

7- What famous Hollywood actor introduced the first episode of Gunsmoke?
A. Clint Eastwood
B. Gregory Peck
C. John Wayne
D. Humphrey Bogart

8- What actors were considered for the role of Matt Dillon?
a. Clint Eastwood, Burt Reynolds & Fred McMurray
b. Gregory Peck, James Stewart, Dale Evans
c. Denver Pyle, Raymond Burr & John Wayne
d. Roy Rogers, Gene Autrey & Ward Bond

9- What band did actor Ken Curtis sing for prior to his role in Gunsmoke?
a. Glen Miller Band
b. Tommy Dorsey Band
c. Duke Ellington
d. Count Basie

10- Who replaced Doc Adams when he left the show for health reasons?
a. Allan Lane
b. James Ellison
c. George Montgomery
d. Pat Hingle

11- What was the name of the 1987 re-make of Gunsmoke?
A. Back to Dodge
B. The Return of Matt Dillon
C. Return to Dodge
D. The Final Episode

12- What was the name of the restaurant frequented by residents of Dodge City?
A. The Long Branch
B. The Vineyard
C. Sully’s
D. Delmonico’s

13- There were two popular saloons in Dodge City – one was the Long Branch owned by Kitty Russell, what was the name of the other popular saloon?
a. The Lady Gaye
b. The Blue Plate
c. The Iron Horse
d. The Wagon Wheel

14- Which cast member went on to form the Arizona Animal Welfare league?
a. Sarah Selby
b. Burt Reynolds
c. Dennis Weaver
d. Amanda Blake

15- Which cast member performed in Vaudeville and on Broadway?
a. Amanda Blake
b. Dennis Weaver
c. Milburn Stone
d. Buck Taylor

16- Which cast member was also a college track and field athlete?
a. Buck Taylor
b. Herb Vigran
c. Pat Hingle
d. Dennis Weaver

17- Which cast member taught himself to play the guitar and fiddle by ear?
a. James Arness
b. B. Buck Taylor
c. Roger Ewing
d. Glenn Strange

18- What was the name of the first episode?
a. Matt Gets It
b. Marshall Dillon
c. In The Beginning
d. The Gunfighter

19- Which cast member named two of their sons after two Matthew after Matt Dillon and Glenn after Glenn Strange?
a. Ken Curtis
b. Buck Taylor
c. Amanda Blake
d. Pat Hingle

20- In the episode “I Have Promises to Keep” a preacher attempts to build a church to preach the bible to the local Indians. The Chief meets with Festus and explains his people are not interested in the white man’s religion. What does Festus give the Chief as a gift?

a. A saddlebag full of gold
b. His hat
c. His mule
d. His revolver

1- D- Gunsmoke started out in black and white from 1955-1966 changing to color from 1966 to 1975.
2- C. The radio version of Gunsmoke ran from 1952-1961.
3- A. 635 episodes were made.
4- C. William Conrad played Marshall Dillon.
5- A. The role of Festus was played by actor Ken Curtis.
6- C. Kitty Russell was played by Amanda Blake.
7- C. John Wayne introduced the first episode.
8- C. Denver Pyle, Raymond Burr and John Wayne.
9- B. The Tommy Dorsey band.
10- D. Pat Hingle replaced Doc Adams playing the role of Dr. John Chapman.
11- C. Return to Dodge
12- D. Delmonico’s
13- A. Lady Gay
14- D. Amanda Blake
15- C. Milburn Stone
16- D. Dennis Weaver
17- D. Glenn Strange
18- A. “Matt gets it”
19- B. Buck Taylor
20- C. Fetsus give his mule Ruth to the Chief as gift to honor the old ways of respect.

Below is the grading chart, you can score you r own exam and see your Gunsmoke skill level.

Skill Level:
20 – Avid Couch Potato, you watch too much TV and are an honorary US Marshall
16 – 20 – Couch Potato, you watch a fair amount of TV and are honorary US Gunfighter
10-15 – Official Gunsmoke Fan and honorary citizen of Dodge City
6-10 – A falling asleep in the Lazy-Boy Gunsmoke fan and honorary drunk at the Long Branch
Less than 6 – You need to watch more Gunsmoke and you are an honorary drifter just passing through Dodge

Thanks for taking the challenge

By Greg Pospiel


  1. mary meszar says:

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  2. mary meszar says:

    gunsmoke is my husband’s most favorite tv series, and I hope that it never goes off. thanks much………..god bless

  3. mary meszar says:

    gunsmoke is my husband’s very favorite show. plz dont take it off, it is wonderful, and we both love it

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    Its My All Time Favorite Tv Series.. So Keep It On The Air :-)

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