GoT 3.2 – We Don’t Get To Choose Who We Love!

I was overjoyed seeing my other faves last night:   Arya, Bran, Jamie, Brienne, even The Hound who showed up just in time to recognize Arya hanging with the Brotherhood Without Banners.  Not to give away much not shown on the series yet, but if it’s true to the book, our little she-wolf and that big dog are going to have some time together.  It’s interesting how the Hound’s fate seems to be tied up with the Stark girls.  First, he saves Sansa from rape and murder and now, he’s bumped into Arya!

Not much happened with my beloved Jon Snow this episode.  Well, maybe that’s not entirely true; he did see two things he’s never experienced before.  First he saw a giant and then a warg.  I guess that’s something Jon Snow knows now :)

I think Margaery Tyrell has the capability of being a much better Queen than Cersei.  She is diplomatic and clever, like Cersei, but she has something we don’t see in Cersei; Margaery is showing kindness through her gestures to the common people.  Cersei commanded Ser Janos Slynt, Commander of the City Watch, to lock up the city gates when they were concerned about having a long winter and not having enough grain to feed them.  Margaery is giving away presents to the orphans of the Battle of the Blackwater and asking the Septs to contact her, and only her, when they are in need of anything for the children.  The way she handled Joffrey in last night’s episode was very well played.  She wants to be Queen and it looks like she will.  And, her grand-mama is a force to be reckoned with.  Hats off to Lady Olenna Tyrell.  Who’s gonna mess with her?  Not many, I think.

I thought Sansa was going to have a meltdown when she started venting about Joffrey’s true character, but she managed to contain herself.  But, then Lady Olenna Tyrell was insistent and wore her down.  Sansa admitted that Joffrey is a monster.  Well, now they are warned!!

Sansa’s trust in Littlefinger is enough to give anyone the chills, but Shae has been warned by Ros to look out for Sansa with Littlefinger.  Ros knows Littlefinger well enough to see that he will exact his toll on whatever good he may do for Sansa.  Littlefinger does what’s best for Littlefinger.

Unfortunately, Shae’s protective nature toward Sansa led to an argument with Tyrion when 1) she found out that he slept with Ros…twice and 2) Tyrion thinks Sansa’s beautiful – both discoveries awoke the green dragon in Shae and she was not too happy, but she kissed and kissed our little Lion and then…all’s forgiven!

On a heavier note, I cannot help but express dissatisfaction in the way Catelyn Stark confided herself to Talisa.  Even without benefit of reading the books, this is not being true to Catelyn’s character.  Her relaying the story of Jon Snow and how she wished him dead as a baby and then recanted to the gods, asking for Jon to live promising she would love him like a mother and even ask Ned to have him declared a Stark.  Are you kidding me?  Catelyn MAY have wished Jon dead; that I can believe.  She MAY have recanted in fear of the gods; that I also can believe.  To promise to love him as her own?  NEVER.  I don’t know why this was handled this way, but I cannot agree.  I think they were looking to tie it up in a little bow with Cat’s thinking that her terrible behavior was punished by the gods in the form of the casting down of all the heartaches on her family.  It was like when you know someone and they do something to totally belie their basic character…it’s not working for me!

Back to a lighter note, but still a serious subject:  Jamie Lannister came up with the best line of the episode in my opinion and something that was very close to his heart when he and Brienne were verbally sparring per ususal.  Jamie picked up from Brienne that she really had it bad for Renly.  Jamie was trying to provoke her alluding to Renly’s sexual orientation and Brienne seemed to be getting more pissed off by the second.  But then he looks up at her, after she has him by the hair looking ready to kill him, and says to her, “I don’t blame him.  I don’t blame you either.  We don’t get to choose who we love.”

Ain’t that the truth???


  1. Anita Marie says:

    Interesting analogy. Apply your logic to the relationship between Catlan and Jon Snow that you accepted so readily with other characters: “We don’t get to choose who we love.” Ever babysat for a kid you didn’t like? Imagine not being able to send him home. I know, I know, we all want to think of ourselves as more noble than that, but the poor woman was forced to take in the child of her husband’s lover. He should have helped her through that process. He didn’t. Know anything about the story of Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar? Interesting comparison, no?

    • Magneto says:

      that’s exactly what I was thinking. Somewhere in the books (I don’t offhand remember exactly where) Catelyn’s shown thinking that “many men sired bastards.” even her own father might have…She could’ve accepted *that* since it is such a part of the culture. But it is also shown that most men do not then turn around and demand that their wives raise such children along with their own. That is what Ned did, and that’s why Catelyn had issues over Jon from the beginning. She could’ve tolerated Ned having a child by some other woman, if she didn’t have to be reminded of the fact every single day by seeing that child around the home….but that’s exactly what happened.

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