Golden Obsession

Everybody has at least one, maybe even more!  Obsessions!  They can be for fun, for a hobby, out of interest or they can also be not so fun, scary, dangerous and even deadly!  Our favorite girls were no different!

One obsession we all know and love about our ladies was their obsession for cheesecake!  I happen to enjoy a good cheesecake myself, but I can’t imagine having one for every serious life choice I have to make or every dilemma that I face either!  But, the other “golden obsession” I am thinking of when it comes to the girls is the one they had with Elvis Presley!

Elvis Presley was of course the King of Rock and Roll!  He recorded numerous #1’s, made dozens of movies and gyrated his way into the hearts of millions of girls and women around the world!  Upon his death thousands of people stood in line to view his body, and 80,000 people lined the processional route from the service to the cemetery.  That is amazing!

I don’t know where or how the GG’s became obsessed with the King of Rock, but there are many mentions, and references to him through the series!  Of course the first one that comes to mind was during season four when Rose was approved to hold a chapter of an unauthorized Elvis Presley fan club called Hunka Hunka Burnin Love!  Blanche insisted she should be club president because after all, “she had slept with Elvis once”, Rose conceded!  At a meeting of the Hunka Hunka Burnin Love club, they actually had a genuine Elvis artifact…”a partially eaten pork chop” eaten by Elvis himself!  Upon Dorothy’s scoffing, she was thrown out of the club!

The very next episode was when Sophia married Max Weinstock.  Once again Rose steps up to the plate and mixes up the wedding invitations with the Elvis impersonators list and instead of having Sophia’s closest friends and family there to share in her special day, the room was filled with Elvis impersonators!  One of which was none other than Quentin Tarantino!

During the first season when Rose’s blind sister Lily comes to Miami for a visit the girls decide to have a garage sale, where Blanche tries to sell an Elvis salt and pepper shaker set.  She was so offended when she was offered a dollar for them that she launched into a speech about buying them at the Graceland gift shop, the same day she thought she saw Elvis himself walking around.  When the customer offered a dollar and a quarter, Blanche nearly hyperventilated!

Another Elvis reference that stands out to me is during the sixth season when Blanche is in the delivery room with her daughter Rebecca.  Rebecca is getting ready to give birth to her daughter that she conceived through artificial insemination.  When the doctor comes in, Blanche tries to explain the reason that the baby’s father is not there.  “I read the form; I have a pretty good idea what he’s busy doing.”  Blanche tries to recover by stating that “it was the father’s last wish, that and that people could visit Graceland.”

I researched everything I could think of to find where or why Elvis was referred to so many times throughout the series, but came up empty handed.  One thing is for sure though, I don’t have an Elvis obsession, but I do have a Golden Girls obsession!!

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