Golden Men

Our four golden ladies were wonderful in their own right, now doubt, but without the right supporting cast and crew, they would never have been able to pull off some of their infamous stunts and even funnier lines!

Enter Herb Edleman and Harold Gould!  Their recurring roles on the Golden Girls gave us added enjoyment, laughs, drama and a few door slams to the face!  Of all the guest stars, these two men had more permanent roles on the show and were perhaps part of the framework that made the Golden Girls the…well, Golden Girls!

We first met Herb, better known to us as Stan Zbornak in the first season during the second episode titled, ‘Guess Who’s Coming to The Wedding?, when Dorothy (and Stan’s) daughter was getting married.  Instead of getting married in the Bahamas, Dorothy insists that she throw a wedding for her daughter right there in Miami.  Kate agrees, only if both of her parents can be there!  The remaining girls ban together to help Dorothy through this most difficult reunion with her recently divorced ex-husband after 38 years of marriage!  As we all know, Stan left Dorothy for a much younger woman named Crissy.  This episode is the first of MANY in which see Dorothy slam the door shut in Stan’s face!  “Of course I recognized you, that’s why I slammed the door in your face!”

Through the seven years the Golden Girls were on the air, Dorothy and Stan fought, became friends, fought some more, rekindled their romance, almost got married again, and fought even more until the last episode when Stan drove Dorothy to the church in a limo  so that she could marry Lucas Hollingsworth!

Harold Gould is most famous (at least to me) for his recurring role as Mile Webber, Rose’s love interest on the Golden Girls.   However, the first time we actually see Harold, was NOT as Miles!  During the third episode of first season, called ‘Rose the Prude’, Harold played Arnie Peterson, who was one of the first men that Rose dated after her beloved Charlie’s passing.  Blanche convinced Rose to go on a blind date with Arnie and much to Rose’s surprise she had a wonderful time!  When Arnie asked her to go away with him, Rose was in a difficult position.  She had feelings for Arnie, but could she go through with going away with him, alone??  In the end, Rose did go, and she had a wonderful time then too!

We don’t see Harold again until season 5 which is the first time he played Miles Webber.  Rose meets Miles at a ball room dance club.  After finding out that Miles is a college professor, Rose cannot understand what he sees in her and tries several times to break it off with him, but Miles won’t have it and thus starts a long relationship between the two, even a marriage proposal from Rose after she won a free all-expense paid honeymoon for two to Paris, France!  “Viva la France”!

Though the relationship between Rose and Miles is not as tumultuous as the one between Dorothy and Stan, Rose and Miles have their share of ups and downs!  Miles’s daughter does not approve of Rose, Miles is tight with his money because he is not budgeted to live as long as his doctors have predicted, forcing Rose to go out to dinner with another man.  And the ultimate wedge in their relationship is when Rose learns that Miles is part of the witness protection program and he is NOT who she thought he was all along!  What a loop to have to go through!

Every wonderful leading lady needs a wonderful leading man, and we got tow of them with Harold and Herb!  Thanks for all the laughs fellas!


  1. Pamela says:

    Thanks for another great article!!

  2. How about a new spin off of Golden Girls… Silver Guys!!! Same wonderful stories of Guys sharing a home in their Silver years.

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