Golden Men Part II

We know quite well how Sophia and Dorothy for that matter felt about Stanley Zbornak!  I can’t  count the numerous times that Sophia referred to him as a “yutz”, or a “botchagoloup” among other things!  Dorothy at times can’t believe she married him, falling for his “smoothness” to get her to sleep with him!  There are times we see Stan as a wimp, a deadbeat and often showing up at the girls’ house to eat their food!  But how much do we really know about the real man behind the yutz?

Hebert “Herb” Edelman was born on November 5, 1933.  And just like his character on The Golden Girls, was originally from Brooklyn, New York!  Before becoming an actor, Herb attended Cornell University to study Veterinary Science, but left after only one year.  He served in the US Army as an announcer for the Armed Forces Radio, unlike Stan whom Dorothy once shared that Stan was little “freaked” out about serving:  “Paint my nails, we just invaded Korea!”  After his time in the Army he then enrolled at the Brooklyn College as a Theater student but dropped out.  Herb was also at one time a hotel manager and a cab driver!

While working as a cab driver, director Mike Nichols was once a fare!  It was Nichols who cast Herb in his breakthrough role on Broadway as the bewildered telephone repairman in Neil Simon’s ‘Barefoot in the Park’!  After his stint on Broadway he appeared in several movies including the film version of Simon’s Barefoot in the Park, The Odd Couple, California Suite, and he also appeared in an installment of the Japanese movie series Otoko wa Tsurai yo!

However he is most famous for his work in TV series such as “That Girl”, “Welcome Back Kotter”, “Maude”, “St. Elsewhere”, and of course “The Golden Girls”!

Miles Webber was a million times different from Stan Zbornak!  Miles was an educator with proper etiquette techniques and was always a one woman man!  And that was not much different from Harold Gould who brought Miles to life in the series!

Harold V. Goldstein, Ph.D.,( better known as Harold Gould) was born on December 10, 1923.  Although he is best known as Miles Webber on “The Golden Girls”, Harold worked for nearly 50 years, appeared in more than 300 TV shows, was in 20 major motion pictures and performed in over 100 stage plays!!  He also received Emmy Award nominations five times!

He was no dummy either!  Upon high school graduation, Harold was awarded Valedictorian!  He then attended what is now the University of Albany to study education so that he could be a Social Studies or English teacher (another thing he had in common with Miles Webber).  After two years of college Harold, like Herb, also joined the US Army, although he served during WWII!  When the war was over he went back to the University of Albany and studied Drama.  A short while later he enrolled at Cornell University to study Drama and Speech.  In 1948 he earned a Master’s degree of Arts and in 1953 a Ph.D.  It was then he met his future wife Lea Vernon.

Sadly, on July 21, 1996, Herb Edelman (Stan) passed away at the age of 62 after suffering from emphysema.  Herb was married twice and had no children.  The world said goodbye to Harold (Miles) on September 11, 2010 from prostate cancer. Harold and Lea were married for 60 years and had three children together!

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