Golden Girls Four Great Friends

The Golden Girls was one of the best comedy series of the late 80s early 90s.   Each week these  four wonderful women handled whatever problem came into their lives.

The four ladies had all been previously married and now they are of a certain age and live together in Blanche’s home in Florida.   Dorothy is divorced and the others are widows.

In one episode the girls recalled how they came to live together.   Blanche posted a sign in a local store offering rooms for rent.  Dorothy and Rose responded to that ad.  Later, after the nursing home where she lived burned down, the three were joined by Dorothy’s mother Sophia.

I always thought Dorothy and her mother were the most sensible of the group.  Dorothy was a substitute  school teacher and appeared to be pretty no nonsense.  Sophia had a sarcastic way about her but she was a good hearted soul who tried keeping the younger girls in line.  Blanche was a former southern belle who was a bit man hungry and had lots of male admirers.   Rose was raised in a small Minnesota town and she told strange stories of her life growing up in her hometown.

I know Dorothy  married her ex-husband Stan when she became pregnant in high school and that the marriage lasted about 38 years.   The marriage ended when Stan left Dorothy for a younger woman.  He appeared off and on throughout the series.  What I have never been able to understand is why Dorothy found him attractive.

When her uncle came for a visit Blanche described Dorothy to him in less than  flattering tones.  To get even the uncle and Dorothy decide to pretend they fall in love.  Actually they really do fall in love and during the final episode they marry and move out of state.  There is a very emotional scene when Dorothy bids goodbye to her mother and the girls.

The Golden Girls was great fun.  It showed you didn’t have to be a twenty  or thirty something to still enjoy life and participate in  many the same things as the younger set. It  also showed older women can have doubts and fears just as younger women..

Bea Arthur played Dorothy, Betty White was Rose, Blanche was played by Rue McClanahan and Sophia was portrayed by Estelle Getty.  The chemistry between the four just worked.

The Golden Girls was one of the highest rated shows during its time.  The program won many awards and over the years each of the four Golden Girls won an Emmy Award .  The show can still be enjoyed in reruns.

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