1. John Goodman says:

    I would totally love to give this to my girl, who has officially and recently become adddicted! :)

  2. Dan Schaller says:

    Loved the show, died too young! Glad Serenity was made!!

  3. Amazon Annie says:

    God Grant Me The Serenity… nothing else… I’ll take care of the rest! :)

  4. Matt Church says:

    Love this movie

  5. melissa fletcher says:

    I would love to get Serenity. Great movie.

  6. melanie palmer says:


  7. Ron says:

    They have so much more of a story to tell.

  8. Suzanne Rallis says:

    I have all the episodes on DVR, but I don’t have the movie, would love this! :)

  9. Steven Trewin says:

    Great Series and great film

  10. Ron says:

    Cancel glee and bring back firefly!

  11. Kendra Horn says:

    Leaving a comment ;)

  12. Ronni DuLaney says:

    I’m a Browncoat! Would love to win this.

  13. Robert Payes says:

    “The Little Space Ship That Could.” Long may she fly.

  14. What I love about Serenity and Firefly is the quality writing. Some of the most marvelous sci-fi stories ever because they never once forgot to include the human element, made real by the quality cast chosen to portray the characters.

  15. Barbara Moorman says:

    I would love to win this! I don’t have a copy yet.

  16. Carla Leibrock says:

    I miss Firefly. I wish they would make another movie!

  17. Chris Arnold says:

    Serenity… what can be said about Serenity, or Firefly for that matter, that hasn’t been said before?

    nope. I can’t think of anything either.

    So I’ll just say that to me, Serenity is EPIC! xD

  18. Richard Plaskon says:

    “If someone tries to kill you, you kill them back.”

  19. Nathan S. says:

    Such an awesome movie. It would be so awesome to win it.

  20. Andrea says:

    Always wanted Serenity on DVD. Great show, taken off the air WAY too soon.

  21. Michael says:

    Browncoats FTW!

  22. Ishon Prescott says:

    Firefly, oh, how I miss you! Maybe one day you shall grace us with your presence again!

  23. Earl Bricker says:

    Still optimistic that Firefly will get a reboot although so many of the actors in the original series are irreplaceable.

  24. Laura Sosnow says:

    This DVD helped me get through a tough breakup one grey, rainy day last month. I’ve always loved this movie, but now I respect the bejesus out of it even more. Thanks Joss, cast and crew!

  25. Patrick Riley says:

    Gone to soon.. I watched you on fox and blame everyone who hopped un the wagon far too late. At least many understand why I was so fanatical now.

  26. Michelle says:

    This movie is my most favorite. I can’t even begin to say how many times I’ve watched it. However, my husband and I split and he got the DVD. Really needing my own. =)

  27. Topher says:

    Luv this vid!!!!

  28. Mindy says:

    I love Firefly and Serenity more than words can say!

  29. jen says:

    best show EVER!!! watch episodes almost every night. can’t go to sleep without a little mal and the crew to rock me off to sleepy… damn love me some mal!

  30. Love Firefly so much my box set is a mess.

  31. Brian Bennett says:

    The hero of Canton the man they call Jayne.

  32. LOVE this movie.

  33. kit says:


  34. Annie Wehrli says:

    Will they just make more seasons and movies already? Until then, I’ll watch Serenity and Firefly over and over again.

  35. Tim Ekberg says:

    Always been a fan an always be a fan

  36. Calvin Conner says:

    This show needs to make a come back. Nuff said.

  37. John says:

    Firefly rules!!!

  38. Laura Wolff Evans says:

    yes please

  39. Courtney Carmichael says:

    So wish this show had never been canceled….all the great ones last one season and are gone :(

  40. David says:

    I never win anything, but when it comes to watching SERENITY, we ALL are winners!

  41. Tonja Hathaway says:

    I Love Firefly!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Ralph Hoefelmeyer says:

    I’d love a Firefly/Serenity follow-on -every one has aged a few years .. what happened after the broadcast?

  43. Debora Kummer says:

    <3 Firefly…want to win please !!!

  44. Linus Svensson says:

    Bring back Firefly plz!

  45. Don Jones says:

    “If wishes were horses, we’d all be eating steak.”

  46. Stella Luna says:

    Wonderful giveaway! I love Serenity!

  47. Nikos says:

    Fireflyisthebest. Wewantmoreinanyform #season2

  48. Debbie Hires says:

    Good Morning Serenity!!
    Truly miss new episodes of Firefly, I have them all…watch them over and over, love them every time! But still wish for me…does that make me a selfish person?!?! Anyway, love all of you both as characters in my fav sci-fi western, and as actors. Keep doing what you are doing and stay shiney!!

  49. Firefly rocks

  50. Bina says:

    I L-O-V-E Firefly!

  51. shawn says:

    I really wish they would bring firefly back to tv.

  52. dale says:

    i love this show, make more plz

  53. There ain’t no justice. Why, indeed, has Jersey Shore run for so many seasons, with no-talent, self-absorbed posers making what . . . $40,000? per episode . . . while a truly imaginative, creative, funny and . . . dare I say it? . . . noble work like Firefly gets canned? In another world, where the majority of people acted sensibly, in their own enlightened self-interest, nothing like this would be possible.

  54. Harold Berninghausen says:

    A great series! a wonderful movie!!!! I miss Firefly SOOOO MUUUUCCCCHHH!

  55. Robin Petrowski says:


  56. Robert says:

    Loved the movie. It’s always on my iPad so I can watch it any time.

  57. Brandon Gray says:

    Cool giveaway!

  58. William says:

    My all time favorite movie.

  59. Michael says:

    Firefly. Best show ever.

  60. Kelly says:

    I have helped the ‘verse gaining two more browncoats. This would be an excellent gift!!! :)

  61. Bobby Nolen says:

    Love Serenity/Firefly. Would love to have this back in my collection.

  62. Heather Williams says:

    I love this series and love the movie.

  63. Melodae Farley says:

    I would love a DVD of Serenity!

  64. Mary Farley says:

    Shiny! I love Firefly <3

  65. Sabrina Cox says:

    Love firefly want it to come back

  66. Brad B says:

    Love Firefly and Serenity…wish there were new projects coming up for this property.

  67. Betsy McDonoff says:

    One of the highlights of my movie collection is my Firefly series. I only wish it were more expansive!

  68. Dale Fredette says:

    I have turned most of my friends on to firefly and the subsequent movie that ties it all together. It was by far the best show on TV for its time and deserved more backing from the Fox.

  69. Marissa Celeste says:

    “No Power On The ‘Verse Can Stop Me!”

  70. Joe Barletto says:

    Love this story ….from the making of the series ..to the faith everyone involved had with eachother to keep the story going and then the movie ….the friendshps showed not just on screen ….

  71. Justin B says:

    I just postponed applying for a job so I could comment on this. If my efforts for today produce nothing else, at least I may get a copy of a movie I really, really like. Hey.. you guys looking for a Barista? I’m house trained and fit in a carry-on bag. ;)

  72. Rob B says:

    I love Firefly and the Serenity movie!

  73. marc petrick says:

    Great show and a great movie!

  74. Anna Stanford says:

    Would love to have another copy!

  75. Robert Long says:

    I can’t run to the DVD section of Fry’s and I can’t crawl to Ebay. Someone please carry me to this movie.

  76. Michael says:

    Firefly came and went too fast. Loved the show. I’ve probable seen Serenity a dozen times. I am a massage therapist. The name of my business is Serenity Massage.

  77. larry wysocky says:

    Looooove this movie!

  78. Bowny B says:

    Well worn out my copy now as watched it so many times. Converted numerous to Firefly/Serenity .. and sure there will be more to do. Just wish it was allowed a fair chance to evolve rather than the short stint it got.

  79. Donna Brown says:


  80. Kim Novosel says:

    I am a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar.

  81. Brandon Knepper says:

    Browncoat for life. Shiny!

  82. julia brown says:

    “Take my love, take my land
    Take me where I cannot stand
    I don’t care, I’m still free
    You can’t take the sky from me…”

  83. ciaran tsangari says:

    I love this film, even more so now my boys can watch it with their weird old dad!

  84. Greeny says:

    Who wouldn’t want this? A crazy person, that’s who.

  85. Ken B says:

    I already own the series and movie(actually just had the new g/f watch all the episodes with me over the last 2 days and the movie last night too)..I ‘walked’ her through the meanings and sequence that was…not done very well..(by the executives-in-charge) and the eventual canceling of the series…NOT IMPRESSED oh-yea-of no common sense…you know who you are…

    Love all episodes and wished it would have continued..but,alas,,it was not continued..but cut short of it’s life-span by those same powers who slashed the sequence of shows (for their own gratification it would seem..at least from this end anyway)

  86. Rebekah Wells says:

    Classic series. Please, bring it back….

  87. Fox took the sky from me!

  88. Richard says:

    You can’t take the sky from me…

  89. Jules says:

    I named my motorcycle Serenity … because she is my freedom and represents for me what Serenity was for them

  90. Marcela says:


    …what else can I say?

  91. Tom Gillies says:

    If I aim to misbehave, does it make me a big damn hero?

    Thanks, Firefly!

  92. Karla Korkodilos says:

    I love Firefly, anything by Joss Whedon, long may he Rock. =)

  93. Dianna Richards says:

    Just love Firefly! Wish there had been more seasons of it.

  94. Darren Barratt says:

    Keep Flying, and Stay Shiny!

  95. Lila says:

    Great movie!

  96. Melanie says:

    Would love this as am sure everyone else here would too, to bad they didn’t come out with a second movie, left it kinda open or even a spin off something.

  97. Carmine says:

    Still one of the best shows/movies ever. I watch it every other week lol

  98. Terri Mize says:

    I have the box set but need this to complete my collection!

  99. Jay says:


  100. Jana Miskova says:

    I’ve just fallen in love with Firefly. And I haven’t seen the movie yet, cause I can’t get in here – in the Czech Republic!

  101. Keith Sellmer says:

    Oh, God, oh, God, we’re all going to die. Best Movie EVER!

  102. Tina Ober says:

    I aim to misbehave, always!! :)

  103. Mary Perry says:

    I love this movie!!!! I have the series and thought I had the movies, but apparently not. Please help me complete my collection.

  104. jennifer robinson says:

    I just recently found Serenity and Firefly and I am so hooked!! It sucks that it only had one run. My 15 yo son and I watch this together and I love having the quality time with him.

  105. Stephen Brantley says:

    I miss these characters a lot. They had such a dysfunctional family feel. I can’t wait to start my 10 month old son on the series.

  106. Lauren H. says:

    “Love it” doesn’t even start to touch on the depths of my shiny, shiny obsession with this series, and even though I still cry at Wash’s last line, I love the movie, too. Damn you, Joss!

  107. Colin Bramwell says:

    I already own this and DVD and Blu-ray so if I won it I’d give it to someone to get them hooked on Firefly :)

  108. NewEnglandDevil says:

    Love the show. Love the movie. Browncoats!

  109. Debra Klein says:

    I wish they would bring Firefly back with all the characters and expand more on the story lines or at least make another Serenity movie filling in the time between the show ending and the movie’s beginning.

  110. Cindy Barker says:

    Why didn’t I discover Firefly sooner! I want to watch this over and over!

  111. Mag Post says:

    It’s my birthday……..love Firefly & Serenity; this would make my birthday so very ‘shiny’

    thank you for running Firefly on the Science Channel

  112. juan sandoval says:

    Bad Ass ! Show !!! I need more ..more i said !!!!

  113. Jon M says:

    This movie is an awesome creation with some of the best graphics and storyline available.

  114. Jackie M says:

    Just love this series…………………..

  115. Rick Greene says:

    Looking for a copy of the DVD, would be great to get a free one.

  116. Vickie says:

    We want more Firefly, Mr. Network Executive!

  117. Wendell Campbell says:

    Love Firefly…bring it back!!!!!!! Love the characters…Would like to see Serenity..

    • Sam says:

      Hi Wendell,

      Congrats! You are the winner :) you have been notified via email.

      Thank you for participating!

  118. Jon Johnson says:

    Would love to have a loan-able copy, already have an extra copy of Firefly just for loaning out!

  119. Aaron D McNIchols says:

    Would love to put this on my shelf next to my Babylon 5 DVD’s, A brilliant show next to another brilliant but unappreciated show.

  120. Donn Mukensnable says:

    Firefly/Serenity is a hidden gem! Everyone that I have introduced to the ‘verse has been amazed and re-watched the episodes and films many times. Yet, there has not yet been a successful resurrection of the setting… The answer may be in more evangelizing. Passing out this DVD to a future browncoat is a good start!

  121. Aaron Robbins says:

    Love the giveaway. I hope Joss is able to bring it back for us.

  122. Thomas Kountz says:

    BROWNCOATS RULE!!!!!!!!!!

  123. Mathew Wyckoff says:

    I’ve bought the series DVD 5 times, once for myself and 4 times for gifts to friends and family. Serenity itself I’ve bought the DVD and blue ray version, but this would be sweet!

  124. Forest says:

    Would love to put this in a place of honor among the greatest movies of all time being collected.

  125. Mark says:

    I love the movie and the series and would be happy to win :-)

  126. Acer says:

    Hey, does anyone know where I can find season II of Firefly ?? !!! LoL

  127. Brett Johnson says:

    This would look great next the Star Wars and Lord of the Ring sets on my shelf. Now, if only Joss would get on with making the next movie…I’m thinking “Big Damn Heroes” for a title…

  128. peter says:

    hi love this show so love that i went to a fancy dress as Malcolm

  129. David Watkins says:

    Love Serenity and Firefly. If I had three wishes, one would be for Joss to bring them back.

  130. Joe Masset says:

    Saw the movie first, then watched the series (over one weekend) when it hit Netflix. Amazing show!

  131. Matthew W Clark says:

    I started watching Firefly when it was on SciFi, before they changed the channels name to what it is currently. It was an instant hit for me. I loved the way it was written and cast. I still miss the series, and somehow, every day I think of something from the show. The movie was great and sad. Sad in 3 ways: 1. Sheppard Book last breath of words. 2. The shocking way Wash was ripped from the crew. 3. The ending of the movie, because I knew that was it for the whole story line for me to enjoy.

  132. Kelley Stillman says:

    Love Firefly!

  133. Margaret Boeling says:

    Love the series and the movie. Can watch over and over. Their like family.

  134. Amy Hotchkiss-Kerby says:

    Who wouldn’t want to win this? I love all things FIREFLY/SERENITY.

  135. Darla Mundwiller says:

    Love everything Firefly. Even the text based internet game. Would love to have this.

  136. I wanna win! :)

  137. Linda says:

    Serenity is how I discovered Firefly! Probably my favorite show ever.

  138. Abby Turner says:

    Loved this series and movie!

  139. Don Hill says:


  140. Dennis McNerny says:

    Saw the movie first, then watched the series (over one weekend) when it hit Netflix. Amazing show!

  141. Jessie James says:

    Browncoat until the very end.

  142. Tammra Parretta says:

    I would sit and watch it over and over. That way I can see the things that I missed all the other times I watched. This is a great show. Needs to come back soon!!!

  143. Wendy Helms says:

    Mine is worn out, would love a shiny new one!!! I want to watch the leaves on the wind.

  144. Joel Ranger says:

    Remember to keep calm and bring Grenades

  145. Anthony Cutrara says:

    Firefly is one of the best TV shows ever made.

  146. Scott Johnson says:

    If I don’t win, I aim to misbehave.

  147. Paul Ferris says:

    Good luck everyone… so miss the series

  148. SB says:

    So love this movie!!!

  149. brad kinna says:

    loved the show , sank on its maiden voyage s1 , never coming reaching its true destiny as the best ever scfi ever

  150. Wendy Packan says:

    I would love to have this!

  151. Austin Cisneros says:

    I love Firefly.

  152. Helen joy says:

    My last two copies were not returned. I need one to put in the non-loaner library.

  153. Chris Thompson says:

    I’m in love with Firefly and Serenity and I’m aiming to misbehave!

  154. Irvin says:

    Love the show even hot my daughter in to it. Wish it had lasted longer.

  155. mike says:

    I love firefly

  156. kelli porter says:

    I love Firefly!!!!!!

  157. Ben Grady says:

    I think Joss did a terrific job of tying up the loose ends from the unfinished series with this great movie. Thank you Joss Whedon, cast and crew for an unforgettable journey into the “verse”.

  158. Karen Rodriquez says:

    Have borrowed this movie and rented it, too. Would love to have me own copy to share with my friends that haven’t been turned on to it.

  159. Emily says:

    No power in the ‘verse can stop me

  160. Ann White says:

    My son turned me on to the show when he visited me. It was great to watch it with him. the show was very imaginative and well written. Loved the characters and the actors that played them.

  161. John Austin says:

    Firefly is awesome!

  162. Wendy Chevrier says:

    One of the best shows ever!

  163. Steveksi says:

    They need to bring this show back. If not for Main Stream Media, but for Online only release.

  164. Steve Shepherd says:

    Would absolutely love to win this movie. I loved the tv series ;)

  165. S.R. Gordon says:

    Browncoats forever!

  166. Patricia Langley says:

    I am a huge Firefly fan! I’d love to win this movie!!

  167. Hughesy says:

    Fire Fly the best concept for a show that was cut down before its time. Great characters, good juxtaposition of genres exciting story lines and the humor was hilarious.

    So glad Serenity was made but not happy about Wash.

    Conciliation will meet him at Perth Supanova woo hoo

  168. Frank Hovie says:

    ….. we have strawberries!

  169. Barb says:


  170. Dustin says:

    Fire Fly needs to be brought back!

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