1. chris says:

    I’ve been watching from the very beginning when I was 4 years old! If I can’t be home to see it I dvr it! Love the Drama of it all!

    • JENNIFER BELL says:

      i love days u never know wht to expect i have been watching days since i was a lil gurl ..and still watches them and so far itishas been soo goodim always ready to see wht is next

      • skyangl55 says:

        I started watching DOOL when I was 14,now 58 with my Aunt who passed away some time ago.We never missed an episode when she was still here and I’ll never miss one without her.Love and miss you Auntie XOXO

    • Jewell George says:

      It Sure would be neat to win….I wish they would have made a big deal about Julie and Doug being in Marshfield Mo for the rainy Cherry Blossom Festival…They did have a nice picture in the local paper afterwards….Thanks for Coming!!!!!That was Really Cool of You

    • I love Days. im have the series recorded so ill never miss it. Thanks DOOL for all the memories,drama,laughs,crys,good,bad & the twisted.

  2. Debbie Hackett says:

    I’ve been watching since the beginning. Wish the stories firm the beginning would be mentioned more now. Keeps the memories going.

  3. Sondra says:

    I’ve been watching Days since I was about 4 years old, sitting next to my Mother! Love all the charters!

  4. Sheila Hunley says:

    I can remember my mom watching this when I was little and she still does she is 75 but there nothing like days to her keep up the good work

  5. Sina Buckner says:

    I love DOOL, Have been watching it since I was 8 yrs old ( 1972) and this is the only show I watch. I think it’s great that you don’t have a “No H8te” policy. thanks for tall the years of fun:)

  6. Mary says:

    Love, love, love, Days of Our Lives.

  7. vickie says:

    love days of our lives!!!!!!!

  8. Amy mcconnell says:

    Love DOOL!!!


    love days have watched all my life

  10. I love the show and have been watching it since it started. I really miss Bo and want you guys to bring him back also shawn D he has been gone long enough. I will continue watching the show and love the way you guys incorporate things into the show that are in every day life like having a gay story line. it is life now and is happening every day

  11. Barb Richards says:

    Have been watching DOOL for 45 years. Lived with my grandma and her, my mom, sister and I watched every day. Love all the characters through the years and they are like family. Keep the good story lines and again love, love, love it!!!!

  12. linda klein says:

    I EJ and Sami together! !

  13. Mona Skidgell says:

    I have watched Days since it Began. I try never to miss it. It I am not home it is taped. I watch other soaps but have given them all up except Days. Bring Bo home!!!!

  14. Carol Harris says:

    I love the Show…know it’s gonna be a great week so enjoy.

  15. Carmel McCartney says:

    love this show have watched it since it started

  16. Charlotte B says:

    Love DOOL. Have been watching since the very beginning. Used to share it with my daughter, who passed away 12/30/2012. PLEASE GET JOHN AND MARLENA BACK TOGETHER. They are the backbone of the show. But at any rate, LOVE DOOL.

  17. Peggy Barry says:

    I’ve watched DOOL since nearly the beginning. Julie Olsen and I grew up together! But she left me far behind! Have laughed, cried, been mad at and happy for so many of the characters in Salem. I feel like they are part of my own family. Sometimes I wish they were;-) Long live Days Of Our Lives and thank you for the sands of all of our hourglasses.

  18. carol drake says:

    I grew up with Days of our lives! I love you all!

  19. Mel says:

    Love this show!!!!!! Hope to win :)

  20. Melodie Brown says:

    I have been watching days of our lives for 33 yrs now. I am 39 so it is part of my family! Thank you so much for keeping this show on air!! Xoxox

  21. martha gugelman says:

    happy may monday

  22. Tina says:

    I watched Days of Ours Live with my Grandmother Jessie as a child. Remember climb up in her bed every afternoon and watching it with her.

    • Sam says:

      Hi Tina,

      Congrats! You are the winner :) you have been notified via email.

      Thank you for participating!

  23. Lori hall says:

    I love days of our lives especially bo and hope.

  24. Dani says:

    I am a DOOL addict! I have been for close to 30 years! One year, my daughter told me the I love DOOL more than God, and my family – thus to be a good example of my faith I gave it up for Lent! It was the LONGEST 40 Days of my life!! Gods Truth!!

  25. Jodi Bromley says:

    Been a fan of Days for over 35 years. Its the best show on tv!

  26. lisa cardinal says:

    I love days of our lives. I have been watching for over 25 years.

  27. Susan LaChance says:

    I have watched Days Of Our Lives since the very beginning. I love this show and all the actors and the storylines. I will continue to watch for as long as I live or until the show goes off the air. I have been a fan since day one and always will be.

  28. Lisa Paine says:

    Love Days if our lives. Been watching since 1980.

  29. I’ve loved Days for 22 yrs.

  30. I love Days and have watched it since 1975.

  31. Frances Lusby says:

    I have been watching Days since 1977. Days is the best daytime soap, I may have missed a few episodes but not many. Even though I do watch 1 other soap, Days is my favorite, I will leave u with what the other soap I watch, even though there r not that many left to watch, so the guess work will not be that bad. I will give u 1 hint, the other soap I watch is not on CBS. lol

  32. sharon duquaine says:

    ive been watching this show since the early 80s and i love it, all the characters are like family and friends to me. try to never miss a day, sure hope it stays on for many more years

  33. Amy says:

    I am 45 years old and have watched DOOL since the 6th grade! I am a faithful fan and will continue to watch forever! :)
    Sincerely, Amy Sendaydiego

  34. Jeannie Waugh says:

    Have watched DAYS for year, love this show! Keep up the great writing and all the great cast and crew!

  35. Ellen Flora says:

    I would love this book. All the Flora’s are Days fans!!!

  36. Starr says:

    1love, love, love this soap

  37. Elizabeth Poe says:

    I love DOOL .. I have watched it since I was a child with my Grandmother for as long as I can remember an now with my children an grandchild. Its become a family tradition. We have all grew up with the all of the Hortons & Bradys. Hope to carry on the tradition for years to come!

  38. Days is a story you just can’t miss. I have been watching it most of my life.

  39. suzi eslick says:

    Love “Days”. Where can I get the Days romance books from years ago. Need to complete my set.

  40. Amy lowe says:

    I love days. I love what your doing.. Keep up the good work.. I hate nick tho can’t wait for him to go back to prison..

  41. i have been watching days for as far back as i can remember…
    me,my mom,my granny,my other granny and papa, both aunts, and even my husband watch days of our lives! i even have my little girls watching it and they are only 3 and 11 years old…we all love u guys!! thank u for being a part of Our lives.

  42. I love Days! I have been watching since i was a kid with my mom!

  43. Jennifer Phillips says:

    I have been a fan since I can remember (over 35 years) and I watch every day. My favorite actress is Alison Sweeney and favorite actor is James Scott. I am so excited to finally see them together (and they truly want it this time; which makes it all wonderful).

  44. Kay says:

    Happy Monday Everyone!!!!!

  45. Jennifer Arndts says:

    Love Days. And would really love to have the book. Also would like to say RIP for Jeanne Cooper. She was an awesome actress.

  46. susan dufresne says:

    i love days so much i record the show on three tv,s just is case the first one dont work and the same with the others seems that the world always has something going on at 1 00 pm and they always break in at that time so i record the show at 1 and then again at 8 i dont want to miss a single moment

  47. Nancy says:

    I have been watching Days since Hope was a very young girl. I would hate to see it go off the air. Its a great show. Yes I holler at the “bad” guys, and talk back to the TV all the time, but some very great actresses and Actors have gone threw the doors there. Would be happy to see Bo back, he is a real big part of the show but if not, well guess I can take that too. Keep up the good works. Love it.

  48. d says:

    I have watched DOOL since it began – I was in high school – in the 60s. Love the show!

  49. patti bullock says:

    Days of our lives is my all time favorite show.

  50. Linda says:

    I just love the show. I have watched it for over 20 years.

  51. Sandra Andersen says:

    I am so addicted to days of our lives I can’t miss a day of it thank god for dvrs. Its like a second family to me I love it

  52. Teresa Klobassa says:

    I love Days

  53. Hope we continue to see the good programing for the next year and that you guys are renew again. Wish it wasn’t just a yearly or season renew either but years like 10 or 20. Love you and Thank you

  54. Tammeracookgreen says:

    I love Days!

  55. Robin Scher says:

    I am a solid DOOL fan having been watching since I was born- 47 years ago… both my grandmother and mother were big fans too! I DVR it every day and love my mini-marathons each week if I can’t watch the same day. I have the 35th Anniversary “The Complete Family Album” and truly enjoyed reading it and would love to add this one to my coffee table. :)

  56. Sherry Smith says:

    I love the show Days of Our Lives! Don’t ever go off the air!!

  57. Mary Odom says:

    Used to watch this with my grandparents. When I watch today I still think of then

  58. Linda Pennington says:

    Love the show

  59. Sabrina Kellett says:

    I really would love to win this.I have been watching Days Of Our Lives since I was five.My grandmother and my Mother would watch it everyday(with me by their side.I am such a huge fan,and have been for years!!!

  60. Michelle Mannno says:

    Love Days Of Our Lives, been watching since I was just a kid, like 8 years old and now I’m almost 40

  61. Maria says:

    Been watching since I was old enough to focus on a tv! My grandma and my mom have been loyal fans since episode 1. Fond memories of watching it with them and eating my lunch! Thanks for the good times, DOOL!

  62. Jerry Comer says:

    I love Days and have been watching since I was 9 years old. I began watching during the possession story line!

  63. Michelle Arthur says:

    My great grandma got me started watchings days when i was little, still have to watch it. I have my DVR set. I even try to watch it when I am at work.

  64. anna raye cates stinnett says:

    i love dool been watching since i was a baby, my mom would sit and make me sit with her and watch days i was 2 or 3 and im 49 now…….. i loved tom and alice horton…

  65. Shelly says:

    I have watched Days of Our Lives since the beginning.

  66. Denise Hansen says:

    I have been watching Days of our Lives since 1992. I have never missed a show since. Even when I am on vacation I watch. I love all of the actors and actresses on Days!! haha even when I was in labor at the hospital, I watched lol, I am so happy my baby waited for Days to be over, she was born at exactly 3 pm. DOOL was over at 2 :) Love love love Days!! I think I would die without it

  67. Sondra says:

    I have watched Days for as long as I can remember. I would go visit my grandparents and they would watch it daily and never missed a show. I now dvr it so that I don’t miss an episode.

  68. Mindy says:

    My mom started me watching at 1 yr from the beginning… before VCRs/DVRs when I was in school I got updates from my mom, grandmother and aunt along with the weekly newspaper summary on Sunday’s. When we got a VCR I started recording it, and to this day I still record it and watch it everyday. My Days Family has been more consistent in my life than my own family. I grew up with them, and find comfort at the end of my day connecting with them.

  69. CJ says:

    The ONLY soap I watch and never miss. Watching DOOL since it was in Black & White with the original Horton clan <3

  70. Jessica Vanni says:

    Days is really dear to my heart , thank you for keeping it alive

  71. Michele Wolfe says:

    I started watching Days from day 1 with my mother & MacDonald Carey is from my hometown!!!!

  72. Linda Becker says:

    Happy Monday Everyone!!!!!

  73. Anne Kayotuk says:

    Love watching Days! I work, so at 1 pm I always record it and watch it in the evening with either myself or with some of my family!

  74. JEAN johnson says:

    best soap opera i watched

  75. I watched this show with my grandma and my mother starting in 1969,I was 2yrs old …now that they have both passed on I would love to know all the secrets just wish they were here to share it with them .

  76. min d seals says:

    I have watched since the first episode. Love ,love this show.

  77. Yolanda Rios says:

    I love watching Days of our Lives. I DVR the show and then like to watch a whole week during my days off. this is one show that I must watch if someone is recording another show there’s will get deleted because everyone know not to touch my DOOL recording…. and do not bother me while I’m watching my program.

  78. Marie stroud says:

    My grandmother has been watching from the beginning and I have all my life. I love it. It’s the only show on tv that my grandmother and never miss.

  79. ella gray says:

    i been watching since i was a kid now im 52 still watching watch fvery day my favorate show on tv hope to win

  80. Lindsey Abing says:

    I love Days of Our Lives.

  81. Angie Carroll says:

    Love Days best soap to watch. Keep those stories going and we all will watch. Eric and Nicole is my favorite..

  82. darla dukes says:

    Love DOOL!

  83. I love days. would love to win the book. good luck everybody.

  84. jen says:

    love Days!

  85. Doris Wright says:

    I love DOOL. I taped it when I was working but I’m retired now and still won’t miss an episode, Please don’t cancel my favorite show.

  86. Deb Marino says:

    Love Days Of Our Lives, been watching for years.

  87. Mary says:

    Love Days of Our Lives. Its like the show is so real to me even though of course its not. I need this book!

  88. I watch days every day and I love it !!!!!!!!!!!

  89. kelly irby says:

    Love love days have been watching the show since it first aired!

  90. I absolutely love DOOL’s it is my afternoon, put up your feet and get excited over what is going to happen next… my best friend got me watching it back in 1984, been a true fan ever since, even when I am away, my DVR saves the day… thank you DOOL’s you give me just the excitement I need at 12 o’clock everyday…

  91. Penny says:

    I have been watching with my Mom since I was a little kid. We still watch it together even after 34 years! I love DAYS, and it truly is the best daytime drama ever to be on TV

  92. Sheri Mose says:

    Been watching this (my mom actually was) since it started – I became a fan about 14… almost 49 now still watch!

  93. Jude Crandall says:

    I have watched Days from day 1 and it is has amazing watching the young ones grow up and the older ones age.. Also seeing some come and go. Love DOUL

    Jude :)

  94. Erica Foster says:

    I could be having the worst day but when I watch Days of Our Lives it just makes my day so much better!! Thank u for always making my day better♥

  95. Jimmie Holly says:

    Been watching since 94. Still watching. Love this show.

  96. Kimberly Quackenbush says:

    Love watching Days, can’t wait to see what the writers will bring us next!!

  97. Esther Roa says:

    Can’t even imagine what I would do without Days Of Our lives, its has been a part of my life for over 20 years. I will forever be a fan!!!!

  98. Bev Storz says:

    LOVE Days of our Lives. Have watched for over 40 years. I have the 30th Anniversary celebration book, The Complete Family Album and love looking at it. It reminds me how the story was years ago, when I was watching.

  99. chrissy says:

    Love DOOL!!!! Been watching since I’m 12 years old….1985. Never missed an episode!!

  100. Sandy says:

    Love, love, love, Days of Our Lives. Will always watch it never miss it if it can be helped. Watched this soap in like forever as long as I can remember.

  101. Monica says:

    I’ve been watching DOL since I was home sick with mono in High School. It’s always either been recorded on VHS or now DVR so I can watch it if I’m not available live.

  102. Helen Walters says:

    My mother would watch “her stories” and this is the only one that is still on. When I hear the theme song, I am instantly transported back to my childhood watching it with her. My father even started watching it after mom passed and he would scratch his head and say – What’s that Sammy up to now?” so it has been a part of my family and is like my family still.

  103. i’ve been watchin days since it 1st aired i never miss a show i love it all the actors & actresses r great they make the show look so real they all deserve an emmy

  104. Laurie Watts says:

    I have been watching Days for the past 47 years and I am only 48! I remember when I would come home from school and either my mom, my aunt, or my grandmother would update me on the goings on of the Horton’s. Then, when I attended college, I made sure I scheduled all of my classes around DOOL’s. Once I graduated and could afford a VHS, I recorded every show. Now, I make sure my DVR is set every day. I have now recruited my son and daughter to watch with me. It has become a family affair for us.

  105. Sara Glapa says:

    I absolutely love days of our lives. My grandpa got me into it in the early 80s and I’m 35 now. Please keep on the air forever, with Stepheno as the bad guy. He makes the show interesting to watch with all the other actors.

  106. Madaline says:

    My days would not be the same without Days! Also it isn’t the same watching Days on DVR.

  107. I love Days of Our Lives. It’s one thing that no matter where I’m at, my mom and I stop what we are doing and watch it. Then talk all day about who did what to whom.

  108. Kat Duncan says:

    I have watched this show from the beginning. Can’t imagine what I would do without my Days. Not crazy about the John/Marlena/Kristen storyline but I guess ya gotta have those villains!!!!

  109. Mary Jo Reiher says:

    I have watched Days for 40 years. It was a fight with my Mother because she watched all of the CBS shows. ( I got her a recorder and solved that Problem) When I was in my own home I recorded every day and still do!) The Horton’s are like family to me!

  110. Penny Wolfe says:

    Love Days! DVR it and watch it first thing when I get home! Been watching for about 30 years!!

  111. Chelsea says:

    I treasure DOOL!

  112. donna loop says:

    love love love days! :)

  113. Been watching for 43 yrs now. I love this show. Keep the story lines coming, and I will be here watching them. True fan here.

  114. My day is not compete without watching!

  115. Judy Cooper says:

    I have watched Days for well over 30 years. My roommates got me watching it with them. I then watched my other 3 SOAPS that were recoded. Now it is the only one I still watch after all these years.

  116. Robin Pabis says:

    I love Days of your Lives! I have watched it for a lot of years!!!

  117. Cheryl Familant says:

    Days of Our Lives is the ONLY soap I still watch and have been watching since the 70′s. BTW, Kristen Alfonso & I are from the same home town.

  118. V Vance says:

    Hope you aren’t going to kill off Rafe.

  119. Melinda says:

    I love Days of Our Lives been watching it since i was 5 years old now am 33 watched it with my mom and we would get so into it just love the Drama especially with Stephano, Roman, Marlena and so forth the actors are great and i love the storylines great soap opera :)

  120. Rocky L says:

    EJ and Sami deserve each other. They are the perfect example of good meets evil. They both have their faults and could turn on each other at the drop of a dime.

  121. Dot Sanford says:

    I’ve been watching this show since Jennifer Rose was a baby and Hope was 5 years old. In 1979, I shared an office with a lady who also watched DOOL. Since we only got half hour lunch hours, we staggered them so I could go home and watch the first half of the show, and she would go home and watch the second half. When lunch was over for both of us, we filled each other in on what we had to miss. We didn’t own a VCR then.

  122. Sheila Hayes says:

    Days of our lives and myself are both the same age 49 years and I bet I can remember as far back to when I was 4 and my mother watching it and as I got older, my mother,my 2 sisters and I have watched it together for many years, in 2010 we lost the great Frances Reed and in 2012 I lost my mother and one of my sisters, but I still watch DOOL everyday. That will always be the one thing that bonds us together,and I fill like there right there watching it with me.

  123. wanda paul says:

    Ive been watching Days of our lives since 1984 and i love it sometimes its a little crazy ,or they drag a plot but other then that love the characters ,please bring Either Bo back or someone new for Hope

  124. Kelly Pare says:


  125. Kathy LaMaster says:

    Like sands through the hourglass…<3

  126. Ken Webb says:

    Days is part of our dinner routine. We DVR daily and it’s “Dinner & Days.”

  127. Anita Brown says:

    I love days I don’t miss it for nothing. If I am not home I DVR it every day

  128. Audrey Vandenbusch says:

    May 13th, 2013
    I have been watching Days since it started. I love that show very much. I wish they could bring some of the old characters back which are still alive. Yes I agree they should bring Bo for Hope.

  129. peggy says:

    i have watched days of our lives for 40 years now or more i even skipped school to watch it i was a fan club of Julie and also have see Peter and wife and Drake when they were here in my hometown i also have taped all the shows of weddings and all that i am a big fan of everyone in the show i would love to see bo come back he made the show i love DAYS i got so involved with FRANCES REED that even as today i do what she has and made the CHRISTMAS BALLS with the names on them of my family of course and we hang them on my tree CHRISTMAS EVE my family loves this and now they do it on there tree so many memories that touch our hearts and to remember by

  130. Monica Kosakowski says:

    I have watched Days of Our Lives since I was a little girl. I am glad they have alot of the characters from when the show started. Need to have more of the older characters back more often & they need to bring back Peter Reckell (Bo). Miss him and Kristian Alfonso (Hope) has no story line without him.

  131. I can’t remember how many years I’ve been watching the show. But it’s my favorite show. I hate to miss a day of it, if I have to make a doctors appointment or something I always try to make it so I don’t have to miss my show. I get upset if I have to miss it for any reason. I miss seeing Shawn & Bell & Bo can you bring them back Also are you going to bring Melony back? I hope you don’t ever cancel the show.

  132. Lee Ann Mann says:

    I have been watching Days since I was a little girl with my Mom. Unfortunately she passed far too young at 67 in 2002 but I am still watching and now with my 6 month old daughter. I miss some of the older characters like Melissa, Dr Mike Horton and want Bo back. I also miss the shows patriarch and matriarch Dr. Tom and his wife Alice Horton.

  133. Renee Dubarko says:

    Have been a hugh fan of days from the beginning. I miss Alice!!!

  134. carolyn says:

    Please do not let Rafe die on the show.He got mugged today ,keep him on the show

  135. S Abshire says:

    My mother started watching Days from the beginning and because of that I did too. She would watch while she did the ironing while I played in the room and watched along with her. I fell in love with the show and all of the characters. I cried when Macdonald Carey died and again with the loss of Francis Reid. Since I was so little when this show started, they were like another set of grandparents for me. I still watch today. Whether in real time, on video tape or online; I keep up with my Days.

  136. Linda Larsen says:

    I watched Days as a teenager in the late 1960′s, my Mom loved it, and so do I! I still can’t wait to come everyday and watch it! I wish they would do re-runs of the old shows! I would bet they would get lots of watchers!!

  137. ConnieHines says:

    Have a woderful Mother’s Day everyone and bring Bo Brady back to Days

  138. Dawn Hoffman says:

    I have watched Days since 1980. Very happy with where the show is going, but you need to bring back Bo Brady, one way or another. The disappearance is leaving too many missed opportunities with the storyline.

  139. I’ve been watching days ever since it started, have had 5 children and 13 grand children and 3 great grandchildren,and still enjoy it every day. There has been alot of things I did not like and alot more things I have loved about the days, show, keep up the good work, I really enjoy watching it !!

  140. Kathy Trianosky says:

    I love Days of Our Lives. I have been watching it for over 40 years.

  141. Cheryl Mound says:

    I’ve watched “Days” for years…back at my first job as a telephone operator,several of us die hard fans would eat lunch in the break-room from 1:00-1:30(when it was a 1/2 hour show) then when it switched to an hour, we would ask for “comp” time to watch the entire episode. That was back in the 70′s-now I if I am out-having my hair done-the stylist will switch from her “soap” to “Days” and we watch it together with whoever else is there:) “Days’ has been like a “second” family to me-love everyone-even Stefano-the dog:( best actors/actresses bar-none…

  142. Linda Bailey says:

    Have watched since the beginning. Taped when I worked. Now DVR it. Love it, do have my favorites and least favorites. I think Rafe has gone through more in his time in Day’s than most other characters normally do. I like him, but still like Sammy with EJ.

  143. Carol Pedroso says:

    i LOVE Days of our lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have watched it from the beginning when it was in black and white. All my family and friends watch and love it too!!!!!!!!!!! My daughter and i have seen several of the actors and took pictures with them. It was so exciting! We loved meeting Bo and Hope! I met Doug and Julie in Florida.They are the two sweetest people and so very friendly. I love when they bring Doug and Julie back on the show every once in a while and especially for Christmas when they all put the ornaments on the CHRISTMAS tree! Chloe is so gorgeous and warm and friendly! EJ is very handsome and speaks exactly the way he talks on the show. Chloe,EJ AND LUCAS gave us their autographs and took pictures with us,so much fun! We also saw Tony, Kate and Shawn,and Jack, very nice people and friendly.I missed seeing Marlena but my sister in law was in an elevator with her. Please always keep Days on television ,it is the only soap i watch and have enjoyed all my life. My Grandma used to watch Days and no one could talk or make noise until the story was over. She has passed away now ,in those days you could not record! I cannot wait to meet Daniel,Rafe,Brady ,Nicole and Jennifer and Sammi!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  144. Love days alot. I have been watching sence it started. When I had 2 start school, my mom had 2 tell me what happened b4 I would do my home work. Now I DVR it and watch it when I get home.

  145. Jenny says:

    I was SO saddened when Australia unexpectedly dropped Days Of Our Lives after 40+ years. There was no warning at all…just gone from our screens! I watched the very first episode of it when I was having my first child and he is 47 this year! Now I have to rely on snippets I read on your Facebook page :( SO SAD! I miss it terribly!

  146. margaret fisk says:

    have also been watching since the first episode, only problem now the only channel that aired days here in australia has declined to renew their contract and our last episode was shown on the 26/04/13. So i miss watching days plus we where 2yrs behind America n its hard to catch up with what people are writing on facebook. Tried to watch a video clip but it says something about not available in this area.

  147. Kathy Petree says:

    DOOL has been a member of my family for 35 years. They go everywhere with me, and like a family member, if I miss a day I get very cranking! It’s the only show that I watch where I can see the members grow up, grow on, and changes in life is very similar to real life. I’m very fond of each member of the DOOL family!

  148. Sandy McElhenny says:

    I started watching Days with my mom as a young girl and haven’t stopped, so its been over 35 years now. Absolutely hands down the best soap on TV and the only one I watch to this day! Never miss an episode. I DVR it and watch every night. Days has never been afraid to touch on any subject and that is what I believe has kept them #1 in soap operas. They bring only the best actors to their show to entertain us every day. So much so that many of them that used to be on the show keep coming back!! It’s so nice to see the veteran actors come back to the show after being gone for a while. I love ALL of them! They too know what a quality soap opera Days is! Thank you for such a great show!

  149. Sarah says:

    I love Days. I’ve watched it since I was a kid. I love the heart felt stories. That would be nice if the writers could bring back some older characters like Mike Horton played by Michael T Weiss and Shawn Douglas, and others. There’s magic in character’s that some just light up the screen and some get into stories you just can’t leave your seat. I’ve met Alison Sweeney and Bryan Datillo and have seen Peter Reckell and would like to see others. I could go on and on!!
    A BIG fan!

  150. Theresa Morris says:

    I have watched DOOL’s for 40+years now. I used to skip school to watch it. Now I DVR it and watch it in the evening. I would love to have The Untold History of DOOL.

  151. Nancy says:

    I have watched DOOL since it started and I tape it is I can’t be home to watch the show. Please bring Bo back to the show, he is sure missed and don’t kill off Rafe.

  152. Kathleen says:

    I have lost so many friends and family members this last decade it’s comforting to know my “TV” family(all cast members DOOL)is/are in my living room to greet me promptly at one !…Thank You

  153. Love “Days”. Started watching again a few years ago when I was hurt. Use to watch a long time ago before ‘Tom’ died. He and Alice are both still missed greatly.

  154. sherry Ritchey says:

    I have watched Days of our Lives for 26 years. Since I was 16 years old when my grandma got me watching it. And I do not miss an episode. If I am not going to be home I record it on my Dvr. I love this show so much. If it goes off air I would be lost. It is the only show I care to watch. Please don’t ever take it off television. Days of our lives is #1

  155. barb says:

    I have also watched from the beginning. I would hurry home from school and my mom and I would watch it together.

  156. Billy Vick says:

    Have a very happy Monday!

  157. Tina Turner says:

    I have been watching Days since I was Old enough 2 Remember! It’s the Only Soap I watch. The Main Reason why I watch is 4 EJ & Sami. I LOVE them 2Gether!!!

    • Oh, I LOVE EJ! I often think how Allison Sweeny doesn’t really want to get down and dirty with that man. He is so beautiful and sexy! A crembulet’. (Hope I spelled it right) Oh EJ!

  158. Christine Edzek says:

    I have been watching for 30 years love it. I DVR it everyday and watch it faithfully

  159. All you “Days” fans! It’s time to bring Bo back. Look if we can’t get Peter, let’s get a new Bo! Otherwise Hope has got to go! Brady needs to be kicked in the butt, hard, and the John line is just out right STUPID! I have been watching this show since I was little. What has happened? Can we please bring these actors somewhere else other then the Brady Pub, Hospital, and the Town Square Bushes, with the silly park bench? What happened to really going out doors? Let’s make it a tiny bit real, PLEASE? I love this show with all my heart, but we need to mix it up a bit. If Bo does not come back, let’s say GOODBYE to Hope.
    All have a great “DAYS”.

  160. I’ve been watching forever. By far the best show on TV. I love each year’s Christmas show when they put the ornaments on the tree. Just shows you how the years go by.

  161. Debra Moore says:

    I have watched DOOL since it began. Mom is gone now, but one of my best memories is that she and I had fun talking about our “salem
    family”! I still watch daily. Hope Peter Rickell comes back as Beau!

  162. Judy Blake says:

    I have been watching Days for over 40 years. I love this show and it has only been getting better. I miss Doug & Julie but Sami is such a great character. I could not imagine my days without Days of our Lives!

  163. Debbie G. says:

    I have watch DOOL for around 40 years now I miss watching with my mom she was a huge fan too. We used to record it and watch it together when I got home from school. Love all the characters. Miss Alice n Tom. They were adorable together. Along with Kayla n Steve ( Patch ) Shane n Kim I could go on and on But my fav soap ever. Hope to see 45 more years and them some. <3 all

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