1. Burt says:

    Just send the DVD directly to me :)

    • Lisa Henrich says:

      I would love to get that DVD!!! I was such a die hard DS fan and my favorite two guys on there was Jonathan Frid and David Selby.

      Just send it to me, please????

    • david hess says:

      loved Dark Shadows, I would rush home from school to watch the show. what a great cast. wish it was still on in one form or another. I listen to the audio cds now and still enjoy this show after all these years. I think the show was ahead of it’s time.

    • Mary politano says:

      I would love to have this DVD. Was so disappointed in the Tim burton movie. Nothing like the real thing.

    • Belinda Bowman says:

      I am so hooked on this show it came out the year I was born so that had to make it special lol :)


      I have never forgotten “DARK SHADOWS” the orginal cast and photography and screen writes were absoutley thrilling…..BARNABUS COLLINS (played by Jonathan
      Fried was a fantastic talented actor…..I always admired his HUGE BLACK RING….and of course his DISTINCT CANE AND HANDLE…..Many months ago I placed a note on Facebook ……I WAS CURIOUS TO SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE REMEMBERED THE SHOW! I didn’t get to many responses at that time…..but in a few months WOW!!!! I’m so happy to go back in time and enjoy some of my childhood memories …….Thanks ….Trisha

    • Cecile says:

      I love dark shadows.I was it when I was a early 20 maybe late teens. I have a lot of the collectons.I saving up to get The complete series some day. I find the show very exciting.

  2. Was a fan from childhood on. Would come home from school just in time to watch. I miss this show so much.

  3. JODI Frasier says:

    Love seeing these fb posts. Dark Shadows (the one and only) will always be a big part of my memories.

  4. Karen Rosen says:

    Always loved Dark Shadows !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. My all time favorite show….”Dark Shadows”!

  6. rebecca williams says:

    love dark shadows

  7. I have a big collection of Dark Shadows items. I even got to meet J Frid when i was a teen. I really need this dvd, i have the old vhs. TRUE Dark Shadows lover

  8. Laura Johnston says:

    I love, love,love Dark Shadows!!!!!

  9. Mike Brown says:

    I would love to win the House of Dark Shadows DVD…I’ve watched Dark Shadows since its heyday

  10. Love Dark Shadows!

  11. Robin Daughenbaugh says:

    I love this show, i watched it after school everyday… hated seeing it taken off..

  12. Nansi McDaniel says:

    OH YES A GIVEAWAY!!! I LOVE DARK SHADOWS!!!!!!! i used to rush home from school with my sister her bff my bff daily and we would take turns at whose house we were gonna watch every day (that is till my bff got the first color tv on the block and it went to color then it was her house LOL) oh the memories

  13. anthony says:

    Oh man I would love to have this classic. It’s my favorite from when I was younger and in my eyes the best series ever.

  14. beth pool says:

    I would LOVE to win this!!!!!!!

  15. Robert Stanley says:

    I want to win

  16. Roni says:


  17. Karen Logan says:

    always a fan of Dark Shadows. would love to win this!!

  18. Charity Sims says:

    I love Dark Shadows!!! :-)

  19. billy todd says:

    grew up watchng and loving this show… seriously miss sci-fi replaying it everyday..never missed and episode

  20. Joseph Ott says:

    YES! YES! YES!

  21. cgcollier says:

    Gothic movement began here but it was authentic. Now it is a circus. The lessons of this show that most of us are not from this world but some will be doomed to always stay. And yes LIGHT overcomes the darkness. I grew up with this show as a child and saw the movies as a pre teen. It was not the only “occult”show on TV,but the best. The scariest thing to me was the wave at the beginnigand the music. I have the sheet music fir that theme and it isnot so easy to play. The remake was for tourists,nothing like this. We all have a bit of craft in all of us ;-)

  22. karol casey says:

    When I was a young teen, and went to see this movies, it acared the bejeepes outta me. Hell I was scared for weeks. My family lived in an ole farm house with woods, in the back! I just knew I saw shadows back in dem dark woods!

  23. Carole says:

    Loved watching as a child and enjoying renewing the experience as an adult.

  24. cindy salyer says:

    I really enjoy fan pages its refreshing to see there are a lot of people like my self that still like to talk and check up on the things that we enjoyed in the past as well as the present. great job fan pages.

  25. Sandy Jones says:

    Loved Dark Shadows, remember coming home from school and watching.
    Have been watching on Netflix.

  26. Renee Hamlett says:

    I grew up watching Dark Shadows!!! Best show ever!

  27. Leslie Stankiewicz says:

    I used to run home everyday after school to watch Dark Shadows. Never missed an episode!

  28. Brandon Roberts says:

    love this movie

  29. amanda says:

    love dark shadows

  30. Wayne Hudnall says:

    I Loved This Show As A Kid! I Watched It With My Grandmother! Went And Saw All The Movies And Loved Them As Well!

  31. Valerie Hayden says:

    Would love to add this to my new collection!

  32. I would rush home every evening to watch Dark Shadows when I was a little girl (8~11 years old)…I love, love, love Dark Shadows especially vampire Barnabas Collins (Jonathan Frid)

  33. Tom Kipp says:

    Thrilled that the two DS movies are now so easily-accessible once again!

  34. Absolutely LOVE Dark Shadows!! But extremely hard to find any of the videos or book s for purchase where I live and very wary of buying online. I’ve been burned before. Would LOVE to win this.

  35. Jennifer McDannell says:

    I would love to win this and add to my new collection. I started watching this show in reruns as a kid and got back into it again when I got older. I also watched the new series run too, but nothing will ever compare to the original casr and the feel of the time they made it in. I hope the love for this series lives on and will never be forgotten.

  36. walter says:

    Groovy- digging on Dark Shadows!

  37. Barbara Holliday says:

    Watched Dark Shadows from the very beginning and it has always been my favorite!

  38. Vickie says:

    always loved DS

  39. Ceridwen says:

    As a kid, while flipping channels, I this strange spooky soap opera-like show, Dark Shadows. My mother didn’t care for it, so I had to sneak to watch it. If I got caught, she’d turn the channel to something ‘appropriate’ for a child. I ‘d wait until she left and switch it back. I got into plenty of trouble but it was worth it. I’m still a huge fan to this day.

  40. michael n lecouter says:

    i have all the dvds from the original datrk shadows.i havent had the chance to get house or night of dark shadows.i would really love it so i dont have to watch on you tube anymore! thank you

  41. Tracy Stevens says:

    I enjoy this fansite. It brings back lots of memory’s when I recorded Dark Shadows on Sci Fi channel. It took 4 years to do it, but was well worth it. :)

  42. Frank Wagoner says:

    Addicted to the show!

  43. Cindy Fecher says:

    I LIVE and BREATHE Dark Shadows!! The best thing is turning new people on to the series that are enjoying it now as much as we all did at 4pm after school in the ’60′s. Dark Shadows had such an influence on me that I began making Super 8 ‘Shadows’ like films and eventually graduated college with a BFA in Filmmaking and Fine Art. Many of the location shots in D.S. were shot both in my own of Old Lyme (Maggie Evans’ cottage) and Essex, CT (the Griswold In was ‘The Blue Whale’).

    My Halloween pumpkin this year was an elaborate carving of my all time fav Vampire BARNABAS COLLINS!!!!!!!!

  44. Dennis Witwer says:

    I LOVE D.S. when I was a kid of the 1990′s I used to watch the old repeats of the original Series and loved the revival. My cousins and I used to make our very own Home Video movies of D.S. We wrote scripts and played the parts. Our favorite story lines with traveling back in time.

  45. Donna Stamatin says:

    long overdue release for House of dark shadows!!! thank you for the opportunity to win this fabulous film

  46. LOVE LOVE LOVE Dark Shadows!!!!!!

  47. Heather Lambert says:

    Love Dark Shadows – thanks for all of the info!!! <3

  48. Please send me the dvd House of Dark Shadows.

  49. Amy K says:

    LOVE Dark Shadows! This would be an awesome thing to win!

  50. cheryl says:

    love this movie! would love to have it in my collection!!

  51. jan waller says:

    Dark shadows was my guilty pleasure as a young mom and helped establish my love for the “vampire”genre in books to this day at the age of 62. Still love the original cast.

  52. Virginia Tadrzynski says:

    oh when vampires were vampires and not sparkly boytoys…..

  53. I’ve always loved Dark Shadows and was so happy to find you on FB. Thanks for the posts. Best, Jackie

  54. i use to run home everyday after school just to watch darkshadows i loved every minute of it and couldnt wait till the next day to see it again quentin was my boyfriend but i would let barnabas bite me anyday

  55. DJH says:

    Love this show! DS for life!

  56. Would love to own the DVD!

  57. Jason Donegan says:

    I did not like the Johnny Depp Movie remake. If given the chance to play Barnabus I would shroud myself in 2013 mystery that would haunt the viewer as Jonathan Fried mastered!

  58. David Shepperd says:

    I ‘got into’ Dark Shadows, when the local TV stations re-ran the show in the late afternoon. I was in 2nd grade at the time. My mom had watched the show when it was on the 1st time, and she got me into it.

  59. deborah klein says:

    my absolute favorite show of all time.i need this for my collection

  60. Dark shadows is a classic,never to be duplicated.

  61. Juan says:

    I love Dark Shadows!

  62. maria kamieth says:

    Dark Shadows use to come on at 3:30 pm and school got out at 3 pm and i had to run home to catch the show with my mom. I really loved the show.

  63. B. Bat says:

    Loved Dark Shadows as a kid. Have a Dark Shadows board game and paperback books. Dark Shadows Rocks!

  64. Jennifer Jones says:

    Absolutely FAB!!!!

  65. ed victoria says:

    dark shadows was a fantastic gothic tv show that I watched when I was 9 years old in 1966 .
    that show was the measuring stick for all other horror shows to come .

  66. I have loved dark shadows seance it started i was never scared of the program but my sister was scared of Barnabas i used to tease her u don’t behave Barnabas is coming to get u lol , I even have grandchildren named after some players quentyn, Sara . loved all the actors lots of memory’s as as child

  67. Leslie Stem says:

    Jonathan Frid is the only Barnabas!

  68. Rick says:

    I think it was a great show to bad they ended it.
    would love to see them to bring it back on.
    I would rush home from to school to see it

  69. Kerry says:

    love dark shadows :)

  70. love this series as a kid i know i saw it all and one movie in theatre the one that had kate jackson in it i believe maybe night or house of dark shadows and even loved the newer series with ben cross which i wished they at least tried moving it around different night instead of just cancelling it..that too was well done

  71. Marilyn Auman says:

    So happy to see the original Dark Shadows Movies made available. The remake was lacking the gothic element that made the original such a hit. I have seen this movie once before on an old VHS copy borrowed from a friend. Looking forward to being able to see and enjoy it again.

  72. Angel Bernard says:

    Happy Monday Everyone

  73. STEVE says:


  74. Mindy says:

    Love dark shadows, watched as a kid, never missed. needed a vcr in those days, lol

  75. Pick me!! Pick me!! Pick me!! I want to win this soooooooooo badly!!!! I LOVE DS!!! When I was a little girl, I used to RUN home from the bus stop every afternoon so I could watch Barnabas and Angelique and Judith and all the rest!!! I would be one happy girl if I could win this!!!!!!! (pick ME!!!) :D

  76. Debbie says:

    I loved DarkShadows!!

  77. Rick says:

    Dark Shadows is life. The rest are just details.

  78. Karen Richtman says:

    Would love to see this movie again……from my favorite show.

  79. Philip Bezzone says:

    Ive watched every episode of this series when it was first run
    and i LIVE For Grayson Hall as Dr. Julia Hoffman

  80. Jackie Scopa says:

    My dad and I love Dark Shadows! My dad grew up with Dark Shadows and watched it every day when he came home from school. Back when it was on Sci-Fi, my mom would record it and he and I used to watch it together when he got off work and I was home from school. Not too many 10 year old girls in 2000 knew about Dark Shadows like I did! And to this day, my dad and I watch the series from the DVD collection that came out not too long ago. Great series. And my dad and I grew closer because of it. Many memories were made watching that series together :)

  81. Edgardo Rivera says:

    Dark Shadows a true classic that will live on forever.

  82. Beth McLean says:

    I’ve enjoyed watching the ’66 episodes and hope I can continue to keep up with it!!!

  83. ann says:

    I watch you growing up love it!

  84. Love House Of Dark Shadows and all of its spookiness….These days, people have taken a lot away from the vampire and the horror that surrounds them by romanticizing the supernatural and turning it into something it is not. House of Dark Shadows keeps the supernatural the way that it is supposed to be..no Ninja fighting equipment, no sexy vampire to sparkle in the sunlight as in Twilight, House of Dark Shadows and Dark Shadows keeps the vampire and other supernatural creatures strictly in the realm of horror and spookiness…..and therefore it REALLY gets me into the Halloween mood….Twilight does NOT….

  85. Amy Anderson says:

    Love, love, love Dark Shawdows. Just started from the beginning for the 3rd time.

  86. Kathy Matheny says:

    Barnabas Collins was my first crush…PLEASE pick me, Im helping to raise my granddaughters and cant afford to buy the DVD’s plus I want to share the best parts of my childhood with them! Thank you!

  87. Oh how I love Dark Shadows brings back such fond memories with my Sissy’s when we were kids.

  88. Kristin Gagnon says:

    Would love to own this! Good luck to me :)

  89. I have always loves Dark Shadows. I am only 31 yrs old and it was before my time. It was one of my mom’s favorite shows and she would watch it and that’s how I got hooked. I was only 10 I think when I started watching with her and it as a fun mother and daughter time together.

  90. Nick says:

    I love some Dark Shadows.

  91. Mary McGee says:

    I so miss this show..will you please bring it back!

  92. josie gates says:

    i watched dark shadows as a kid and loved it, still do….

  93. Bob Collins says:

    Happy Monday Everyone!

  94. grew up watching…loved the show!


  96. Evelyn Rivera says:

    Dark Shadows was one of those soaps you wanted get home on time to watch! I love it and still believe it was one of the best shows on television!

  97. Cynthia says:

    Barnabas Collins and his devoted servant Willie, fond memories of these Vicky and other regular characters with all the week days filled with terror and fright, but could not wait to get home each afternoon to watch Angelic and all the drama the series had to offer. Miss this show very much. My friend and I used to cover our necks with our hands so we would not get bitten while watching the show.

  98. Laurie says:

    I watched Dark Shadows as a small child and it held me spellbound, it still does.

  99. wes anderson says:

    dark shadows is vintage tv

  100. Gail says:

    Dark Shadows should be put back on daily for those who have not seen to enjoy writing,script and most superb actors and actress’ who worked “LIVE” yes live where those movie stars needs dozens of takes the actors performed live at $pm EST.The storylines were very unique un-like today who no imagination whatsoever.I want to win the DVD

  101. Joan Bixler says:

    I use to hurry home from school every day so I didn’t miss Dark Shadows and watched it again when (I believe it was) the Sci Fi channel ran it for a while.

  102. Julie Bain says:

    I’ve loved Dark Shadows since I was 5 yrs. old!

  103. Janet says:

    This is a fantastic movie! Nancy Barrett is particularly good in it.

  104. Julie Bain says:

    I’ll ALWAYS love Dark Shadows.

  105. W. Neal says:

    Absolutely love the original 60′s Dark Shadows (I have a Barnabas-type ring I really like wearing!). Was a bit before my time, but used to watch on Sci-Fi channel —– please get back on television for newer generations to discover and enjoy!

  106. Richard Ashcraft says:

    I loved this movie. I never saw it when it first came out because I lived overseas. But I was able to get it through interlibrary loan in VHS format (remember that?). Seeing it in DVD form gives me new hope. I’d love to see it as it was meant to be seen.

  107. Erin McRaven says:

    Long live Barnabas Collins!!!!

  108. Veronica Morrison says:

    I just love Dark Shadows and have since i was a little girl, My mom Grew up watching the show and she is even named after Angelique. I can watch the show all day if i didnt have to go to work. lol

  109. Linda says:

    Have had a love affair with Dark Shadows since I was in my 20′s and still can’t get enough of the original series.

  110. Redawn K. Ward says:

    Dark Shadows was the best show on T.V. during the late sixties and early seventies. I was only 5 when it came on and I fell in love with it, also my Great Grandfather would come in from the fields just to watch this show. He wa a farmer.

  111. Ted Singleton says:

    I would love the opportunity to receive this. I saw it in my youth. I’m now 51 years old living in England the last three years of my life. I have discovered a new found connection that with the Collins families UK root that I failed to understand growing up in NewYork City in the 70′s when the series was shot at ABC studios, I believe. Althought I am now seasoned in age, I’ve ever lost my fondness for Dark Shadows or my long search now that I reside in England to find the same exact caped coat that Barabas made so famous. Please help me locate te cape and win this tape.

  112. Sharon King says:

    Hello what I would like to see is DarkShadow’s return to TV one network show’s the next version of it but it’s not the same I would run home from school to make sure at 4 in the afternoon when the music started as the ocean crashed against the rock’s I was seated in front of our TV waiting for it to start

  113. vicki mclemore says:

    i love dark shadows so much big fan my mom got me in to it as a kid she loves the show just as much as me

  114. Ted Singleton says:
    May 13, 2013 at 7:49 am
    I would love the opportunity to receive this. I saw it in my youth. I’m now 51 years old living in England the last three years of my life. I have discovered a new found connection that with the Collins families UK root that I failed to understand growing up in NewYork City in the 70′s when the series was shot at ABC studios, I believe. Althought I am now seasoned in age, I’ve ever lost my fondness for Dark Shadows or my long search now that I reside in England to find the same exact caped coat that Barabas made so famous. Please help me locate te cape and win this tape.


  115. nelson says:

    I loved the House of Dark Shadows!! I was privileged enough to see it when it came out on the big screen

  116. Dana Davis says:

    What a nice gift that will make for someone.

  117. Ted Singleton says:
    May 13, 2013 at 7:49 am
    I would love the opportunity to receive this. I saw it in my youth. I’m now 51 years old living in England the last three years of my life. I have discovered a new found connection that with the Collins families UK root that I failed to understand growing up in NewYork City in the 70′s when the series was shot at ABC studios, I believe. Althought I am now seasoned in age, I’ve ever lost my fondness for Dark Shadows or my long search now that I reside in England to find the same exact caped coat that Barabas made so famous. Please help me locate te cape and win this tape.

    Revised statement with alterations.


  118. Bill says:

    I didn’t even know it was out on DVD. I need to get a copy this way or from Amazon, ASAP.

  119. Jackie C says:

    My late father and I would watch this show everyday. It was our bonding time together. I still watch the how to this day and love it! :)

  120. Carroll Galvin says:

    LOVE Dark Shadows! My best friend and I watch it all the time!

  121. I grew up watching this show thanks to my sister. I love it even to this day and this movie would be an absolute treasure to own. Although my sister’s gone now I will always thank her for introducing me to Collinwood and Dark Shadows.

  122. Kathy Wallace says:

    Dark Shadows is a force of nature. It enchants me still after all these years. Love it.

  123. Jack Holloman says:

    Boy this movie brings back some good memories.

  124. Michelle says:

    Enjoying Dark Shadows from the beginning, and loving it

  125. Philip Carrubba says:

    Love it, wish they made more like it. too bad they didn’t add the cut scenes…

  126. Vanessa Carpenter says:

    I know I am a young fan compared to many but I remember watching Dark Shadows on Si Fi Channel with my mother. It was her favorite show when it was on and it soon became my favorite when she shared it with me.

  127. Barry says:

    I watched Dark Shadows when i was a little kid and i wish that they would have a reunion on tv.

  128. Richard Clark says:

    “House of Dark Shadows” is one of my top-five vampire movies! Tim Burton’s 2012 “Dark Shadows” movie was an insult to the legacy of the TV series.

  129. Faith Martin says:

    I’ve been a Dark Shadows fan for 4 decades!! Used to race home every day.

  130. DENISE KILLIANY says:


  131. Christopher Crosslin says:

    I really need this. We both know the box would look great on my dvd shelves, but the movie would be fantastic in my player, where I can share it with my friends, making them want there own copy.

  132. Melodee C says:


  133. tim mayne says:


  134. Susan Roper says:

    The first horror movie I saw in a theatre when I was a kid. House of Dark Shadows and the series spawned my love of vampires and creepy movies.

  135. Melodee C says:

    Benn watching Dark Shadow since I was little and the repeats were on the SYFY channel! My mom, who use to watch when it was first on tv, taped it for me. My first crush was on Barnabas Collins!!!! I would love the oppertunity to see this movie!!

  136. Laurie Edwards says:

    I miss knowing Jonathan Frid is alive somewhere, I really do.

  137. i was so obsessed with this show, i even went down to the studio and met Jonathan Frid in person – i used to make my poor mother write down what happened if i had to miss it becasue of Glee Club practice

  138. Christy Nevarez says:

    Need that DVD… Go Dark Shadows!!!

  139. Frances Gilson says:

    Like a lot of us, I watch Dark Shadows after school. I looked so forward to getting home to watch. The day my network was not airing the show anymore, I was heartbroken. Now I have started a collection. I have the dvds of all the episodes, the Dark Shadows album (which I have since 1968) and all the books (autographed) by Lara Parker and Kathy Leigh Scott. I also have 2 Scream magazines dedicated in memory of Jonathan Frid. I would love to add this to my collection.

  140. Stephanie Biliunas says:

    I love Dark Shadows! I’m watching for the first time, I’ve finally hit the color episodes! I’m addicted and watch a few episodes every night!

  141. Gina Little says:

    Just seeing the Dark Shadow post makes the series start in my mind.. Then the actress that played Victoria Winters I still sorry for her since she left the show and was mistress that to Kurt Von something that gave shots to his wife Sunny… Anyway there will always be magic for me since My Mom would watch the first 10 minutes of the show since we never got home from school in time to watch from the beginning. What a nice memory for the day after Mom’s Day.. I would love to win this!!

  142. John says:

    I didn’t catch Dark Shadows until the late 90′s when they were being ran on SciFi. I was instantly hooked. Barnabus is thebest Vampire since Dracula. I love how the writers made him “lovesick” and how this love had transcended time.

  143. Irene Ryon says:

    I used run home from school to watch Dark Shadows, now I run home from work to watch it. I have been borrowing the series DVD’s from my public library. I am up to episode 680…way too much fun to watch this all over again. Love Dark Shadows! I think my husband is going to join up with the librarians and do a little intervention…lol. Would love to receive this DVD! Pick me! Pick me!!!

  144. Hollie says:

    La Casa del Vampiri!

  145. Scott W says:

    I have loved Dark Shadows ever since my parents showed me my first episode as a kid.

  146. BadRonald says:

    Oh good, just a couple entries here…

  147. Jessica Napier says:

    I would love to receive this DVD! I’m in love with the show and I had seen the new movie and honestly it doesn’t come close to the show at all! Jonathan Frid is Barnabas Collins no one can fill his shoes.

  148. Rickey L. Westbrooks says:

    My Mama had orders from me, that if I were still on the school bus when “Shadows” came on, she was to sit through every minute and then give me a full detailed report of every aspect of what had happened that day on the show! There were time changes at some points and I would not get home in time to see it! Deep affection always for “D. Shadows!”

  149. Chuck Tyrrell says:

    One of my favorites of the 60′s and early 70′s. I still watch it on DVD.

  150. Robin Moody says:

    Wed. I’ll be 54 yrs. old, I used to get off the bus and run home to watch Dark Shadows Saw all the movies, I got my daughter interested when she was a little girl she;s 29 now, both of us have got my 8 yr old grandson hooked. he named his kitten Barnabas. I would love to win to continue teaching my children and grandchildren about one of my favorite childhood memories, It’s a legacy that lives on.

  151. Alicia Morris says:

    Love Dark Shadows we watched it every day even if we went to town we would go to JCPennys and watch on there display TVs till it was over One of my best memory’s .

  152. Mary says:

    I gave up Dark Shadows for Lent when I was 8…… That lasted exactly ONE DAY. No longer Catholic, will always be Dark Shadows fan.

  153. Larry Lapka says:

    I have been a big fan of “Dark Shadows” since it went on the air, and this movie remains the best of the movies based on the TV show. I would love a copy!

  154. John says:

    Would love to win House of Dark Shadows.

  155. Chris Schindler says:

    I love dark shadows!!!

  156. C.J. Barnette says:

    I’m a big Dark Shadows fan and I’d love to win the DVD!!!!

  157. Tom Hooper says:

    I loved Dark Shadows as a kid. My friends and I would stop whatever we were doing to go inside and watch it.

  158. Gina Smith says:

    This show was a big part of my childhood and I never missed an episode. I have three collection that I bought on Amazon and The Haunting of Collinswood. This DVD would go nicely with my collection.This show never gets old.

  159. palominocowgirl says:

    Love Dark Shadows !!!

  160. Dorothy Dixon says:

    Happy Monday….I would love to have the DVD…I have DS entire collection but would love this to go with my collection.. I started watching DS in 1966 when it began and as a lot of kids I would run home from school to watch… I have passed this great series down to my daughter and now my granddaughter, we love it!!!

  161. Debbie Alger says:

    I would love to win this!! I really loved this show when i was younger and still do, TY..

  162. Michael W. Ettore says:

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t see the later years of Dark Shadows as I got a job after college and couldn’t be home by 4 o’clock. The VCR wasn’t available back then. I think if one of the networks would get smart and replay the original series from day 1 and continue up to & including the last episode, skipping nothing, they would find one hell of a large following. Myself first & formost.

  163. Virginia Ware says:

    I would love the chance to have this DVD, it has been far too long since I have been vamped!!! LOL :)

  164. Ebby Troche says:

    I remember running home from school in time to see Dark Shadows with my mom. Although she didn’t speak or understand much English, this was her favorite soap opera and I would translate the episodes to her. It was a bonding share we had everyday at the same time. Thank you Dark Shadows for the wonderful memories.

  165. Glenda says:

    I really like the Dark Shadows soap opera.

  166. Sue Smith says:

    Couldn’t wait to get off the bus in the afternoon to watch! It always seemed to cloud up outside when it came on. Really would like to add this to my collection.

  167. Lisa Jones says:

    i’ve loved dark shadows since grade school ! …. there is ONLY ONE Barnabas !!!

  168. Debrey Baldwin says:

    I so love Dark Shadows. I was one of the lucky ones in that I got to meet Jonathan at one of the few DS conventions held here in Dallas. Even got to hold THE cane and have my pic made with him!

  169. marieh says:

    I have never seen this movie!!! PLEEEEZE send directly to me!

  170. Dark Shadows was the original vampire series from which all others have since evolved. But none of them have come close to the drama, charm, thrill, and enchantment that Dark Shadows brought to our young lives. Each day, I would get home from school and run to the TV to watch the next episode. It is one of those great memories of things from the past that I truly enjoyed. Thank you!

  171. James Coldiron says:

    I remember staying up to like 2:00 a.m. once when I was 12 years old back in the 1970′s to watch the move version of Dark Shadows (what I believe you are giving away). A few years before that, I used to sneak as a smaller kid behind my mom’s couch and watch it behind her because she thought it would scare me. I’ve literally always been a fan.

  172. Debra Keel says:

    i would run home fromschool to watch dark shadows. i enjoyed your soap,would love for it to come back on the air,thankyou,everyone

  173. Mr Graves says:

    Dark Shadows was by far the best show to ever be seen on tv. No other show has or will come close to it.

  174. An excellent movie, though Michael Stroka only gets to be the pallbearer, we get to see Nancy Barrett as a vampire!

  175. Frank A Dizonno says:

    I love Dark Shadows. I have thewhole show on dvd. Love it love it love it…. I would come straight home from school, just to watch it. I wish they could redo it on tv again. That would be great with all the new technology today. I was really disappointed in the new Dark Shadows Movie. The comedy ruined the thing……

  176. lacey says:

    I love Dark Shadows!! I watch a few episodes every night, I would love to win this!

  177. i remember watching darkshadows with my mama & my grandma when i was 5yrs old,i love to watch j.frid,& all the other’s, i love the old houses on there,i have got some of the volumes on VHS,when i watched it back then on TV,it was on our black & white TV,love the show & always will,& yes i’am a true fan of this show !!!

  178. sally says:

    Love Dark shadows..especially the old series!!!

  179. Tumeria says:

    Love Dark Shadows. I watched it as a kid. I remember all of us racing home after school to watch! Would LOVE this!!!

  180. Sara Miller says:

    Dark Shadows was my favorite childhood show!

  181. Danna Sprankle says:

    Dark Shadows started my lifetime of loving the vampire/werewolf/fairie persona. I have passed this love along to my children and grandchildren.
    We started watching when I lived in Conn. so when we moved to Okla I was more than excited to have it there as well. Thank you Barnabas Collins. RIP

  182. Bert A Spearman Jr says:

    Dark Shadows scared the hell out of me.

  183. Joyce Messenger says:

    I would love me some Dark Shadows, but only the originals, none of that newer crap and there is only ONE Barnabas Collins! I would rush home to watch it everyday too!!!!

  184. Columbine Darling says:

    I would love to own this. I have it on tape but who knows how long that is going to hold up. Is this the original or the ‘changed’ version where David doesn’t fake hanging himself?

  185. Sean Cassidy says:

    I named my cat Barnabas!

  186. Marietta Falk says:

    I grew up watching Dark Shadows and was so glad when they started airing it on Sci Fi Channel (SYFY). I watched everyday and bought all the books and even went to the conventions!! There is no other show that scared me so much in my youth !!! LOVED IT !!!

  187. Jason Church says:

    Huge fan, I’ve seen every episode! Repeatedly!

  188. Michele King says:

    This show influenced my entire persona and at age 59, it still does. I’m the only grandmother in this small town with gargoyles flanking her front door steps…:) I loved this show…

  189. This show was before my time, but that doesn’t make it any less wonderful. I hate soap operas, but Dark Shadows will always be the exception.

  190. teresa clark says:

    dark shadows was always my favorite soap i love the supernatural

  191. mike says:

    Ran Home Every Day From School To Catch That Day’s Episode, We Also Played The Board Game.

  192. sue pell says:


  193. Stewart Kern says:

    I remember watching the very first episode in 1966!

  194. Tom Brazier says:

    I have been a fan of Dark Shadows for 40 years. Dark Shadows is the best….

  195. Millie says:

    I would love to win the DVD. I was at the 45th reunion in Brooklyn and was so excited to see the cast members especially Jonathan Frid perform.

  196. linda johnson says:

    love Dark Shadows-use to hurry home from school everyday so I could watch it

  197. Mike says:

    If I catch this one, Caroline isn’t deeeeaaad

    • Mike says:

      Aaargh — I can’t believe I spelled it wrong!

      “If I catch this one, Carolyn isn’t deeeeaaad”

  198. Les McSparrin says:

    I have watched my VHS so much that I’m afraid of wearing it out. It would be lovely to have the DVD version for safekeeping. I was so happy to get to see Johnathan Frid at 45 Anniversary Convention before his passing. What a kind and great man!

  199. Donna Carlyle says:

    I would love to share a little bit of the classic series I grew up with. It was so awesome to come home from school and set down in front of the TV and get the s*@t scared out of you. Just a healthly dose of adreneline!! :)

  200. Jim Hunter says:

    Still a fan have HODS on VHS but would love to have it on DVD. would also love to have the entire series on DVD too.

  201. This is where it all began… the whole vampire with a past, a lost love, and a soul. It was Dark Shadows that brought the vampire to full (moon)light!

  202. Pam Greene says:

    I don’t know how I grew up without knowing about Dark Shadows, but I did. My husband was a huge fan though, and he introduced me to the show. Then he got our son involved. When our son was a senior in high school, he chose a black onyx ring as his class ring, and wore it on the same finger as Barnabus. (I have his cap and gown picture as proof). Any way … our son is now 28 years old and married. Long story short … we are a “Dark Shadows” family. REALLY … REALLY … REALLY want this DVD “PLEASE”.

  203. susan crawford says:

    oh how I loved this when I was younger and would love to watch it all again!

  204. Christy Malan says:

    Would LOVE to own this on DVD, the old VHS copy just isn’t what it used to be! Love Dark Shadows, I was born the day they introduced Barnabus, my Mom watched the episode from her hospital bed :-) I grew up imprinted with it!

  205. Charlene MacKenzie says:

    Have loved the original Dark Shadows since it first started airing. Missed the theater movies. Looking to get the entire series on DVD some day in the future.

  206. I’ve always loved Dark Shadows. I’ve watched the original Jonathan Frid television series, got hooked again into the Ben Cross series, saw Johnny Depp’s version., etc….
    I’m a fanatic. Love it, love it, love it!!!!!!

  207. Timothy J "Saddlebackmac" McCarthy says:

    House of Dark Shadows was so awesome. I wish a sequel was made mentioning Barnabas but the 2nd movie said nothing. RIP Jonathan Frid!

  208. Mike says:

    Need that DVD

  209. Cheryl says:

    We got totally hooked on the original series after watching the new movie Dark Shadows. We love the Gothic atmosphere.

  210. Cecile lewis says:

    I love dark shadows. I have the tapes and dvd

  211. Phill Boehm says:

    Started watching Dark Shadows while in Grammar school, running home to catch as much as possible of each episode. While in HS they brought it back onto a local station but only aired the first year of Barnabas before replacing it with You Bet Your Life with Groucho Marx. Fast forward years later and found out they put the series out on DVD and started purchasing a few box sets at a time until I had the entire collection of the Barnabas years. Then they come out with the beginning sets, and finally have them all. I am on my 2nd go around watching each episode on the day it aired, so today I will be watching the May 13 episode from 1968. I am more dedicated to watching these shows then any shows that may be on the air today. I loved the 1991 revival, and have the House of Dark Shadows on both of my DVR’s. I’d love to own both this and Night of Dark Shadows to add to my Dark Shadows collections!

  212. Wyndi C says:

    I loved watching Dark Shadows with my mom.

  213. Anitra Stone says:

    I was fortunate enough to meet Mr. Frid twice. He was gracious and kind both times. i still have the game and almost all of the paperback books.

  214. Theresa Gizinski says:

    My mom first told me about Dark Shadows and how she loved it when she was a teen. I began to watch it and just couldn’t stop! I would love to win!

  215. Sara says:

    The most awesome and unique soap EVER…STILL watch it…

  216. Bill Kammler says:

    I couldn’t wait to get home from school to watch it!

  217. Karlene says:

    I, like a lot of people, am a big fan of Dark Shadows! I still have some of the comic books as well as hundreds of the VHS tapes (series and movies). I’m working on switching to the DVD’s but I have not worked in over 4 years so it has to wait…unless you want to start my new collection.

  218. love Dark Shadows!!

  219. Alene Averett says:

    Would like to see this again.

  220. Susie says:

    Barnabas Collins Rules!!!

  221. Pamela Fox says:

    I watched Dark Shadows as a young girl (when my Mom was not at home) and now I watch the DVD collections. What great memories! The interviews on the discs are wonderful glimpses into what making the show was like. Barnabas (Jonathan Frid) is my favorite! Really love Quentin, too!

  222. Karen Blevins says:

    I love Dark Shadows! All of the actors were so good and I got so wrapped up in every episode. Those were the days!

  223. Diane says:

    I ran home from school every day to watch Dark Shadows, I never missed it…I hated weekends because there was no Dark Shadows to watch….Barnabas, Quinton, working both time periods was great!

  224. Donna S. says:

    I fell in love with Barnabas sitting in my grandmother’s lap at age 2. I never got over him. Long live the “Show that Wouldn’t Die.”

  225. DEBBIE says:


  226. DEBBIE says:


  227. Alan Meranda says:

    Dark Shadows has been a big part of whom I am. I grew up watching the show. It was fascinating to watch the tribulations of the Collins family.
    I was able to learn about things out of the mainstream that inspires me today about the cthulhu horror Savage World’s RPG I developed called Pulp Nocturne 1930.
    The score of Dark Shadows resonates with me today.

  228. Joanne says:

    When my sisters and I were young, we would watch Dark Shadows with my mom when she alive. It was one of the few shows we all watched together, sadly she passed away when I was in my early 20′s. My mom would talk about characters on her “show” like they were people she knew. We knew who everyone was at a young age. I remember my younger sister would make us check her room for Barnabas before she would go to bed.

  229. Elyse says:

    Dark Shadows was unique. Watched with my “conservative” mom every
    day and SHE even loved it. Still play my Dark Shadows record for trick-or-
    treaters every Halloween!

  230. Samuel says:

    OOOH looks so cool XD

  231. pam clampet says:

    I claim the title of number one fan!

  232. Jen says:

    I used to rent the episodes to watch from Hollywood video down the street. I adore the show and I don’t watch many. It will be well loved if i win. Good luck to all. ;)

  233. one of my all time favorites! Huge hit with the horror host community, hopefully you’ll send this along to me so all of us ghouls can have a fantastic movie night soon. ;)

  234. Michele M says:

    Just LOVE Dark Shadows! I’m a new fan and I’m totally hooked! It’s my nightly “guilty pleasure”, lol!

  235. jennifer mallernee says:

    I have grown up watching dark shadows with my mom. I still love dark shadows. It was beyond it’s time. An awesome show.

  236. Janie Jones says:

    Yes!!! Would love to add this to my collection! Love watching Dark Shadows! <3

  237. sue nestasia says:

    great show.. When I wa a girl scout, we were on the train home from Phily and I noticed Jonathan Frid sitting in the end seat with another gentlemen. There was a garment bag hanging and of course I decided that was definitely his cape coat! Well I kept walking past his seat to go the the bathroom (which was right after his seat). Finally our leader asked him if we could get his autograph – He gladly gave it and when it was my turn, my mom said this is Susan, he said “oh the young lady with the bladder problem” It was awesome – I’ll never forget!! Still have my autograph too!

  238. Angela Robertson says:

    I watched DS with my Mom, who is no longer with us. It was bonding. I will always treasure this show.
    So ahead of its time, good storylines and actors! This was on 5 days a week every weekday! Couldn’t be done today!
    Vampires were fierce and did’nt sparkle! Witches were powerful and werewolves were scary! Those were the days!

  239. Mardi VanEgdom says:

    When I was a kid, we made a club out of it, full of us kids pretending to be witches, vampires, werewolves, and so forth. We watched Dark Shadows every day!

  240. When I was a Kid I used to skip school to stay home to watch Dark Shadows.

  241. Dale Watson says:

    Sweet!!!! Love Dark Shadows!!!!

  242. David Morris says:

    Marry Me Josette!!!!!

  243. Bill Ostrander, Jr. says:

    I read the book based on this DVD. The ending sure keeps Collinwood’s Undertakers and Morgue busy, I reckon. It’s tragic how everything falls down like a proverbial house of cards in the end.

  244. Fran says:

    Watched Dark Shadows as a 4 yr old. Still love it. Folks could ACT back then !

  245. Rickey Dilley says:

    I love the original DARK SHADOWS and was so fortunate to meet Mr Frid and several occassions and even see him live on stage in “Arsenic & Old Lace” in the same role I would play 25 years later! Thanks to everyone, especially Katherine Leigh Scott for keeping the show alive.

  246. Frankie says:

    Can’t believe that there are still so many fans! I thought I was all alone. Now if can only win this my life would be complete! Lol.

  247. Jackie Renfrow says:

    Loved the show. It was a major part of my childhood. :)

  248. Penny Wasalaski-Adams says:

    Never missed it as a kid. Loved every episode!

  249. susan says:

    I also love dark shadows too

  250. Debbie Warila says:

    I was so addicted to Dark Shadows as a young teenager. I used to run home from school every day so I could turn on the TV at 4 pm sharp. It still ranks as one of my very favorite shows!

  251. Debby Taylor says:

    I was hooked on Dark Shadows the second I started watching it. Always liked mysteries and ghost stories so this was up my alley! It became my favorite serial and wish that there were shows like this on TV now.

  252. Wesley says:

    This series came out before I was born, but i saw reruns on Sci FI channel and fell in love with it!

  253. My favorite TV show ever! My mother never had to tell us to come straight home from school. As soon as we were dismissed from the last class of the day my younger sisters and I ran home to watch Dark Shadows.

  254. Denise says:

    I LOVE Barnabas-would love to change my name to Josette!

  255. Brenda Bloom says:

    Absolutely love Dark Shadows, have the complete collection, plus extras with the exception of this movie. This would make my day!

  256. Robert Evans says:

    i think dark is the best thing since sliced bread i really love it i want to win the d,v,d. probaly just like a million people want too.

  257. Tom Bianchi says:

    Great movie,my favorite out of the two.

  258. Edie says:

    I was introduced to Barnabus Collins at the age of 5. If he was on the t.v., I would run out of the house! Growing up, I feared that he would bite me in my sleep, so neck was always covered! :0) The Dark Shadow series is one that I would love to own. I can watch the saga at the Collins Manor forever!

  259. Lisa Carlisle says:

    Not that I have become a super fan, BUT…My neighbor loaned me the complete DVD Collection of the series in October, and I finished it in 3 months! ALL OF IT! I have always loved vampires, and have become obsessed with the sympathetic vampire that Jonathan Frid attempted, and I feel succeeded in portraying in the series. I refused to watch the Johnny Depp version until I finished the entire series. This would be a wonderful way to culminate my viewing experience! :)

  260. BigM says:

    Fanatical DARK SHADOWS fan in my youth; later became a writer and took to heart what it taught me about plot. Rushed to see this movie the second it came out. You can trace all of today’s lovelorn vampires back to Barnabas Collins. Love to have this on DVD!

  261. Karla Breeding Trammell says:

    Love this movie! It was the second movie I ever saw at a theater, and one of my all-time favorites; I was in junior high school at the time. My dad took me to see it. The Johnny Depp movie comes nowhere near the quality of “House of Dark Shadows!” Jonathan Frid and the others did a splendid job with this!

  262. Barbara Cutlip says:

    Barbara I have been a Dark shadows fan since I was 8 yrs old when the show first came on air! I have been to two ds festivals and have met alot of the actors and actresses! My so favorite tv show!

  263. Dave Wiseman says:

    I still love Dark Shadows after all these years.

  264. Mary Orem says:

    “There’s a lot of things we deserve and never get. And there’s a lot of things we get and never deserve.” Willie Loomis thinks I deserve this prize.

  265. riley norman says:

    My Mom and I would watch Dark Shadows every day when I was a child. I watched the reruns on my old black and white tv in 1999 while I was pregant Which I still have and it works.. Mom died in 1998 I was to have no children. I conceved on her birthday april 14th 1999 had a son in 2000. Then was carring another child in 2001. I wanted to name the baby if she was a girl some name different and wonderful, special. My name Is Riley the orginal female, my son in named Rayne and My daughter was the most beautiful creature I have ever seen she is named Josette. My mom wold be so proud to know I remembered our special time together watching Dark Shadows. I miss her, but the happy memories will always be me and my children. A true story from a women who was baren and my angels sent from a angel. Please Readers do not spoil my daughters name as many rileys are around now and there is only one Josette in the usa and several in France. Just to let you know I want her to feel special as she is a very special child and little girl.

  266. Doug Adair says:

    I have been a fan from the beginning. I saw “House” and “Night” in the original release. I have shared with a couple of my college professors where to view the beginning episodes.

  267. ross beatty says:

    I loved show while growing up in the 60′s. It was the one show i always stopped to watch.

  268. Michael M. Krzeminski says:

    It was the greatest soap opera of all time. The first and only to this day gothic, supernatural serial. Never be another one like it. The chemistry of all the actors and actresses were amazing. To get all the right people to play the appropriate roles at that moment in time in the mid to late 1960′s was incredible.

  269. Louise Risser says:

    always liked this movie!

  270. Susan L Anderson says:

    hello, thank you for the contest :) … Dark Shadows is altogether amazing

  271. James Valenti says:

    What a great show…..scarey movie and Great scripts, actors and memories!! This would make anyone Happy to have and revisit!!

    Thank You Dan Curtis and Jonathan Frid…RIP both of You!!

  272. jim robbins says:

    This is how you make a Dark Shadows movie!!!!! Burton and Depp should have paid more attention!…Jonathan Fridd’s Barnabas shows this is why he, not Dracula, is king of the vampires!!

  273. Vanessa A. Trombley says:

    Would love to have the dvd, another chance to watch an awesome show.. stayed home from school to watch it..

  274. Best movie to ever destroy a TV show! Love the movie anyway though! :) <3

  275. Greg Goodman says:

    still love watching D. S.

  276. Jeff Napoli says:

    This is my first show as a kid that I remember.. I still love it 40 years later.

  277. Chris says:

    When I was growing up, I would run home from the bus stop just to watch Dark Shadows . I was so addicted to the show. I loved every scene. Wish it would come back on.. The shows they have now a days, do not compare to Dark Shadows.

  278. John McMillan says:

    One of my favorite shows of all time! Loved it, especially Angelique…she was a gorgeous witch, but don’t spurn her!! I enjoyed the TV remake and the movie for their own merits as well. Anything Dark Shadows is a good thing!!

  279. Linda says:

    watched it when it was on in the 60′s then again when they ran it on SyFy in the 90′s.love it love it love it

    • Sam says:

      Hi Linda,

      Congrats! You are the winner :) you have been notified via email.

      Thank you for participating!

  280. Tamara West says:

    Have always loved this show. One of my all time favorites.

  281. Ricky says:

    If I don’t win the DVD, how can I buy it?

  282. C says:

    My mother loved Dark Shadows, and introduced me to the show last year. Since then, I have not been able to get enough of the show, and have been watching it constantly.

  283. Delvin says:

    Will my copy be a regular DVD or Blue-Ray?

  284. would love to win this grew up watching this with my mom and brothers

  285. Having a blast trying to explain Barnabas Collins to some of the people who never got to see the original… It is as if some people forget there WERE things before…

  286. Wow, Thanks DS. I was another that would RUN home from school everyday to get to the TV on time to see Dark Shadows. Ohhhhh, how I wish they would rerun the series again, I’m sure they would have a whole new fanbase of young and old people alike. To possibly win this would be a dream come true. Thanks for the opportunity.

  287. Raymond Zinsius says:

    House of Dracula…meh
    House of Frankenstein…whatever
    House of Dark Shadows…PRICELESS!!!!

  288. JoAnne says:

    Dark Shadows was & still is one of the Best Stories ever happening! I was attracted as addicted as a child and how collect & talk daily of Dark Shadows… Even now my Grand Children can tell you about Dark Shadows as I share what I have collected and the stories I tell of what an awesome story the twisted through time! I will always be a True Blue Fan!!!

  289. Tracy says:

    I would love to win. My favorite show!

  290. dotty harris says:

    I need this ” I cant find these dvd’s …
    I only have 3 no wheres near the beginning ”
    help getting them would be very nice …
    I use to run home from school when I was younger to watch the tv show;
    still love to watch it ( over & over ) …

  291. Bill says:

    House of Dark Shadows is one the best looking vampire flick ever! Authentic costumes & locations, lots of original DS cast members; lots of gore! Love it!!

  292. Mark Tucker says:

    No one can take the place of Jonathan Frid as Barnabas nor any of the original cast and original Dark Shadows. I miss that show! My nephew used to watch the reruns on SyFy he liked Barnabas but was scared of Quinten.

  293. Awesome contest!! I’m so glad House of Dark Shadows is finally available on DVD, too. Yesss!

  294. Leaving obligatory comment, because the original series was just so much win. That’s using a current idiom, of course. :)

  295. Keli Cook says:

    Ive loved Dark Shadows since the 60s and have all the dvds of it, Thank you

  296. Virginia Black says:

    I used to run home from elementary school just to watch Dark Shadows. I absolutely was hooked. I wish so much I could afford to buy all the DVD’s, but at this time in my life that is simply not possible. Just barely making it each month on $1800 a month from my husband Social Security and still 3 daughters at home. I wish so much they would re-play them all. I’ve seen some parts on the computer but they don’t start at the beginning and go all the way through to the end. God bless you all. Think of me, Ginny :)

  297. Eric says:

    I hated my 3rd grade teacher. She would keep the class stay after school quite often, and because of that horrible woman, I missed a lot of Dark Shadows that year. Now that I have the entire series on DVD, I can watch what I missed all those years ago. Now all I need is the feature film “House of Dark Shadows” on DVD and my life would be complete.

  298. Roxane Goodwin says:

    I am 57 years old now and when I hear or read about Dark Shadows my heart and mind go back to when I ran home everyday to make it on time to watch Dark Shadows, and I NEVER missed a show. I went to the theaters to see the movies and I still love to watch the reruns when I get a chance I would cherish this DVD set with all my heart THANKS xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  299. Tom Mazzuchi says:

    I love Dark Shadows! I love this movie! I can never watch it enough!

  300. malissa says:

    I would love to get the dvd. I love DARK SHADOWS and I miss it dearly PLEASE SEND TO ME!!!!!!!!!

  301. Rose Stauner says:

    I still love Barnabas. After all these years. But what does time mean….

  302. Lori says:

    This would be a great one to own, dark stormy night when the satellite is out!

  303. Pam says:

    I would rush home from school every day to watch this. Loved it

  304. Jose M. Argibay says:

    I love Dark Shadows, specially Barnabas and Angelique!!!

  305. Love to get this in the mail. I have loved Dark Shadows since day one. Never had the books. But I have the whole set in VHS and working on the DVDs I used to run home from school to catch the last 15 mins of the show as it couldnt get home fast enough for the whole show. Lo Lo Loved it then and love it now!!

  306. anela says:

    Loved Dark Shadows as a kid! Watched it again in 2001 when it was on cable!!! Bring back Dark Shadows!!!! PLEASE and THANK YOU!!!!!

  307. Christie Smith says:

    Love Dark Shadows. My oldest daughter is named after Angelique.

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