Gilligan’s Island: A Will, A Hunter and Vegetables

The Hunter 1967

“The Hunter- 1967″

A Will, A Hunter and Vegetables.  What do these have to do with Gilligan’s Island?  They are each the theme of one episode of the series.  Perhaps you remember these shows which are some of my favorites:

“Pass The Vegetables Please”, 1966

One day when Gilligan is out fishing he hooks a crate of vegetable seeds.  The castaways plant the seeds and are astonished by how fast the vegetables grow.  After harvesting the vegetables, they all sit down and each person feasts on his or her own favorite vegetable.  They all are enjoying the unexpected treat.  They have all missed having some vegetables in their diet.

Unfortunately, Gilligan did not notice the sign on the side of the crate warning the contents of the crate was radioactive experimental material.  A side effect of the vegetables is that they dramatically increase the strength of each person.  Now it’s up to the Professor to find something to counteract the radioactive substances the castaways have eaten.  The professor comes up with some soap the castaways need to eat to counteract the vegetables.  As they consume the soap you see and hear soap bubbles coming from them.

“Where There’s A Will”, 1966

Mr. Howell is not feeling well.  He decides to draft a new Will leaving his large estate to the other castaways on the island.

They are thrilled and want to show their appreciation by having a surprise party for him featuring a roast pig.  Several unfortunate events occur.  Then Mr. Howell overhears their plans to roast a pig.  He misunderstands, becomes paranoid and gets the idea that they plan to murder him for his money.

“The Hunter”, 1967

Jonathan Kincaid is a big game hunter who comes to the island to hoping to bag some game.  When he learns there are no animals on the island for him to hunt he decides to hunt “the Most Deadly Game” – human.

Gilligan is chosen as his prey.  If Gilligan can avoid being killed for 24 hours Mr. Kincaid says he will rescue all the castaways from the island.  Of course, if he loses Gilligan may be stuffed and displayed with the hunters other trophies.  Gilligan is successful and eludes the hunter, but there is no rescue.  Kincaid just leaves the island without the castaways.

Later the castaways hear that Kincaid shot 100% at a trap shoot only to be removed because he constantly mumbled Gilligan.

This is just a small glimpse into the entertaining shows of “Gilligan’s Island”.  The series ran for three years so there are many other episodes to enjoy.

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