GH: Reappearance of the Old Cast

The recent episodes of the General Hospital have been through a complete turnaround, and it’s definitely a great thing (or not so much). With the appearance of Cesar Faison and Robert Scorpio, the audience is given the assurance that all the subsequent episodes will even be more appetizing. The return of the old cast will make a significant impact when it comes to the plot of the story.

Who Is Cesar Faison? He is the villain extraordinaire, and he’s got a lot of tricks on his sleeves! His powerful performance in General Hospital will surely showcase another rabbit out of its hat, and if you really want a new twist to the story, then you should get ready to view the show’s scariest villains.

Can you just imagine that terrified, shaking, and shivering look on Robin’s face during the encounter with Cesar Faison? Just from her reactions, Robin was clearly having a terrible day. Faison is considered as one of the most evil players. He stalked and kidnapped people, smuggled precious items such as diamonds, brainwashed innocent minds, and the worst thing of all is that he manufactured a nerve gas that can cause lots of deaths, and sold the same to third world nations! The return of Cesar Faison is definitely one that should not be missed!

Now, here’s the guy that will make the new episodes of General Hospital exciting. Robert Scorpio is one character that you will surely love. This former WSB agent has been in hot pursuit of his only son Ethan, but he’s now back in town. The audience would like to know the reason why Robert Scorpio’s character has been revived. Is he in town because of Robin, or is it because of the mysterious return of Duke?

The appearance of Robert Scorpio is one that should likewise not be missed. In the first place, he’s got a lot of villains to pursue in the new episodes of General Hospital. The genre has definitely changed since Robert Scorpio last joined the show. The pretty exciting character of Robert also makes people wonder as to whether or not the other renowned character, Colin, will finally be returning to The Young and the Restless.

It would seem like all eyes will be focused on the return of the old cast of General Hospital. These characters are here to stay, and the viewers will certainly be intrigued, and at the same time mesmerized with the characters that they portray.

But there are more characters that are being brought back! Some we’re thrilled about, others not so much. Who do you think deserves a revival (I think we’re better off leaving Jason out of the picture as it probably not going to happen) and who didn’t need one?



  1. Jackie says:

    I love the idea of the returning characters. This shows just how great the writers are and what they are doing to make sure GH stays on the air.
    I would also love to see the return of Sean and Tiffany Donnelly now that Robert is back on the show. Can you imagine another caper with Robert, Sean, Luke and Anna? Wow that would be awesome.
    I would love to see more of Felicia. She has always been one of my favorites.

    • KateS says:

      Yes! I would love to see Sean and Tiffany…and what about the child that Tiffany fought Bobbie for….Tiffany’s sister Cheryl’s? I absolutely LOVE bringing back some of the “old” characters. Bobbie could walk right into a storyline as Carly’s mom–she could referee between Michael, Sonny, AJ and Carly!

      • Paula Kate Prince-Meserole says:

        I really like that idea. Bobbie was always a great mediator and Carly, Sonny,Michael and AJ are going to need the voice of reason.

    • Maggie says:

      THAT WAS A GREAT STORY LINE WITH THEM I THINK IT WAS THE ICE PRINCESS ONE , I want to see Robin come back soon it has been so long as long
      Jason does not look like he will be back it will help out a bit with her reunited with her family . Oh my why can’t Anna see this is not Duke i would like to see her united with the REAL Duke that would be cool they made a nice couple/ I just love this soap have been watching since it was black and white with Jessie STEVE and the rest of the gang ‘

    • Gayle says:

      I’m enjoying the return of past characters, and the addition of Todd and David. BUT, some of the regulars have little or no storyline, like Elizabeth. Come on, GH, find her a new man and a great new storyline!!!!

  2. Dianne Langley says:

    Well since you brought back Robert and Faison, why not Shawn and Tiffany? We are all well aware that Jason does this every time his contract is up and he will come back because he has said it himself he loves working with Maurice Bernard.

  3. Mary says:

    Bring Laura Back!!

  4. Marcia says:

    Love GH bringing back the old characters & the other actors from previous soaps! As well as keeping our favorite regulars!!! GH is more exciting then ever, you never know what will be next! Thank You and keep it up.

  5. Buddy says:

    I am loving having the Vets back into real storylines again, they are the ones Who made “GH” the BEST show of all… Monica finally gets to be in action, rather than just Her name paged over the Hospital intercom occasionally!!! Now WE NEED OUR LAURA, Genie Francis back permanently this time!!! Would also LOVE to see Bobbie and Lukas come HOME as well… It is great having MY favorite show of all-time back to itself again, and once again being Must See TV!!!

  6. Suzy says:

    LUCY!!!!!! We LOVE LUCY!!! She was the most exciting and fun character on GH! And her duck, Sigmond!! Recently watched the Q’s Thanksgiving eps on SoapNet and there was Lucy!! That would be great to see her again! Surprised that Robin led on that she knew it was Faison. She should have played along and tricked him, unless there is some master plan the writers have for revealing him to her so soon!? Keep up the good work, GH Writers!!

  7. Cathy says:

    BRING BACK ROBIN!!!!!! It’s been LONG enough and I want Robin back with her husband and child. Emma misses her mommy as does the viewers.

    • Nancyi says:

      I so agree that’s its been far too long……………..please bring back Robin!! also, I’d love to have Bobbie Spencer back with Jake. Or even a new love interest. Great Lucy Coe is back and Grant Putnam would be super as well. It would be awesome to have Monica have a major story line as she did in the 80′s, along with Lucy and Bobbie. This show is by far my #1 favorite show even over prime time shows. Keep up the awesome work!
      What would be wrong having Sean return with Tiffany, and Bobbie with Tony!!

  8. sue says:


  9. Marie Prieur says:

    I have watched this show since I was very small, my Mother use to watch it. I have love this show, their stoey lines have always been good, lagging abit but good. Now I think they are just pulling at straws. It all started with Robins leaving the show, now with Jason gone, well he has been a main character for years, and I don’t think they could replace him even if they tried. Also bringing in these people that have been gone for 25 years is really desperate. I am sorry but who ever is writtingthis show had better get a wake up call. I can see in the very near future I will not be watching GH, which is a shame. I always waited for 3 o’clock every day to come, it was get a cup of tea and watch GH, but now I just tape it and run through it.. I say get some new blood not 25 year old blood…

  10. Jean says:

    I just love Todd Manning….I am so glad GH brought him onto the show. He does keep it interesting.

  11. Tom M. says:

    It’s GREAT having the old school characters back on GH, especially Cesar Faison, Robert Scorpio, Anna Devane and Duke Lavery. The NEXT one to come back? Only ONE possible answer here…….GRANT PUTNAM! When we last saw him back in the mid 80′s, he was commited to an insane asylum. Stll alive, Grant would be easy to bring back to cause havoc on Robert and Anna’s lives. Here’s an idea…..Faison working with Putnam after Robin is rescued! That way we can keep Faison on the show and add another great character all at the same time. Thoughts anyone???

    • Cynthia Anne Womack says:

      Grant Putnam could be a good villain (Could he be in the same high security asylum as Heather?) but how about letting us see the hero who took his place and married Celia? Celia and Jimmy Lee need to return. (Let’s hear from Jimmy Lee’s wife and family.) Dillon,his dad,(Tracy’s ex),stepmom (Ned’s ex),stepsister,Susan (another partner for Lucky?),Sly Eckert… All could do decent cameos or arcs. Morgan and Lucas and Bobbie could be restored along with many other favorites. The creative minds need to ask themselves: Would a re-introduction of a character at this time feel more awkward and contrived than their absence? (Bobbie better have a good reason for not being present when her granddaughter was ill,her grandnephew was killed and her brother,Luke was facing interventions and guilt over the possibility that his drinking caused his grandson’s death.) A character’s visits or off-screen mention can work wonders.

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