General Hospital’s John Ingle (Quartermaine) A Fine Character

edward quartermaine

“John Ingle as Edward Quartermaine”

Edward Quartermaine – One of the most memorable characters on General Hospital – passed away last September 16th.  Well, the actor playing him – John Ingle – passed away. Ingle played the character of Edward around 1993 after David Lewis (the original Edward) left the show. Until his death, Ingle was still the one playing the role of Edward Quartermaine. Considering how long General Hospital has been on-air, that’s quite a feat.

The Actor

Born in Tulsa and finished high school in California, Ingle attended Occidental College, studying theater and journalism. He got his teaching credentials around 1951 – the same year he met his future wife Grace-Lynne Martin.

Ingle’s position as Quartermaine has mostly been blotch-less aside from the 2003 fiasco. During that time, Ingle was fired and his character was supposed to be killed off, but fans cried foul and stopped Quartermaine’s death. Ingle was rehired but since he didn’t have any contract with ABC, he was free to dabble in other acting work.

Ingle’s character wasn’t really likeable to say the least – but he definitely played it to the hilt. See, Edward Quartermaine is the richest guy in the fictional world of Port Charles, New York. The family patriarch, he balances between being the good protector and the ruthless businessman. Even Ingle used the word “ruthless” to describe his character – which isn’t really surprising since Quartermaine is the epitome of an old curmudgeon.

 Teaching Career

Outside General Hospital, John Ingle has also been active and was actually credited as the source of various and notable acting careers. His contribution to the art didn’t stop with performing in front of the camera though. Ingle also founded the performing arts departments of Beverly Hills and Hollywood High Schools. You might recognize the names Nicolas Cage, David Schwimmer, Swoosie Kurtz and Jonathan Silverman – they’re just some of Ingle’s students during his stint as a teacher, retiring only in 1985 and moving on to his most memorable role of Edward Quartermaine.

 Acting Career

Edward may be his most notable role, but it’s not the only one. Since he had no contract with ABC even though he was a recurring cast member, Ingle managed to take on several jobs in distinct films. He’s actually part of Batman and Robin and appeared in Robocop II. He also did some voiceovers in the animated show Land Before Time as Cera’s dad. As for TV, his appearance included Beverly Hills 90210, Doogie Howser, Dallas, Cheers, Days of Our Lives and more. He also did some commercials for Revlon together with supermodel Cindy Crawford.

No doubt, John Ingle managed to contribute so much to the acting industry today – not just as Quartermaine but also as the mentor of well known actors today. This is to John Ingle, 84 years, dad to five kids and grandfather to 9 children. General Hospital will surely miss you!


  1. Susan Albert says:

    Not only Gh will miss John Ingle, but this fan will.

  2. E M Lauinger says:

    John Ingle was a WONDERFUL Edward Quartermaine… Miss him already…

  3. DAWN says:


  4. Wendelyn Sullivan says:

    He was a wonderful actor, he was funny too, and brought so much to the show. He made you feel for his character. His last scenes with Tracy, JE, and Emma, they were so touching.. He will be missed by his many fans.

  5. Bessie Hollie says:

    hope GH will have a special program with his funneral in it. i have enjoyed watching this man on GH and it would be nice to pay my final respects to him. Thanks John Ingle.

    • Sandra Green says:

      I loved to see John Ingle in the role of Edward Quartermain yes he was Ruthless when needed to be but he was a doting grandfather to Emily & a very goo Husband to Lila…oh he Edward loved Lila so much at least now they will be together again…I do hope that they give us the fans a chance to say good bye to him…good bye sweet Edward may you rest in peace you will be missed not only by your co workers but by your fans to .

  6. S. Marie says:

    I had the pleasure of treating Mr Ingle during his hospital stay a few months back. He was gracious and friendly, even when not feeling well. We loved to hear his stories! It’s so sad to lose the good ones. RIP.

  7. Alene williams says:

    Will truly be missed.

  8. Linda Smith says:

    You will be missed John Ingle,may you RIP

  9. kristin ray says:

    Wasn’t the last episode he played in on General Hospital on 9/11/2012? He was giving Emma the antiserum over taking it himself. It was a very moving part of the episode and that’s how I will remember him. He was absolutely a very good character on the show and will be missed. RIP.

  10. The best grandpa, father, and friend
    on tv ever is gone.. Rip Edward we will miss you.

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