General Hospital Shake Up

One of The US’ longest running soap opera – General Hospital – definitely has its viewers at the edge of their seats. Another year is ending and marks an interesting chapter for this soap. In one of the more recent episodes, there have been alliances forming around some of the characters while others have it out for each other.

In every movie, soap or series that one watches, there is a particular scene that sticks to us. The scene – that moment – reaches out to you and makes it so compelling that it makes the viewers want to watch it over and over again. Yes, it’s that moment that viewers never get tired of recalling even months after it has been aired.

In one recent episode, the writers have really done an incredible job. Connie’s character is one that has been quite amusing to watch on the show. Whenever a scene with her in it comes up, I sit at the edge of my seat waiting what her next move would be. It is interesting how much emotion she can stir up in me. It says a lot about her and the script as well.

That scene with Connie and Sonny was incredibly moving despite the fact that it was gut-wrenching and heart breaking. Even with all the heart ache and pain, I think Connie would still be able to move past it. And once she has overcome all that pain and anguish, her character would become much stronger. Perhaps Sonny would be pivotal to this change in her. Although, it would not have hurt if Sonny even thought of hiding or stashing Connie some place safe. But then again, this makes the story all the more interesting.

On the subject of surrogacy, Lulu and Dante think that Maxie seems to be the most logical choice. They have gone through several “potential” surrogates but none seem to be a perfect fit. The only catch with their main pick is that she wants more money. This part of the story seems kind of typical for a soap but it makes one interesting plot to see if any other twists would turn up. We’ll just have to wait for the next episode to see if they take the deal.

As for Spinelli and Maxie, there’s still some tension that that could lead to more romantic feelings. It begs me to ask the question whether anything could happen between these two while Maxie accepts being the surrogate for Lulu and Dante’s child or if Maxie would make him wait patiently on the sides.

Another scene on the recent GH episode that had me entertained was the one with Todd, Starr and Molly. Starr was quite persistent in having Molly meet Todd. While all that time, Todd thinks of Starr as a traitor when he finds out that Blair was getting married. Molly on the other hand impresses Todd with her manuscript but he doesn’t say whether it would get published or not. As the tension between the two builds up, it makes me wish that the next episode would be released sooner!



  1. Catherine Jydstrup says:

    Sonny and Connie are a much more interesting couple than Sonny and Kate were. Their scenes lately have been tremendous, and I’d been saying what a bore S/K were, so it’s surprising to find genuine passion between Sonny and Connie, but really gratifying to see.

    I like the surrogacy story. It will be lots of fun to see Maxie coping with the whole body image issue, and maybe-finally-she’ll grow up enough to stop needing Spinelli to validate her existence. Spinelli is showing a fascinating part of his character (loved his conversation with Todd) in his dealings with Ellie, and I wanted to slap Maxie for being unkind to Ellie, who has finally brought some happiness and fulfillment into Spinelli’s life.

    Todd and Molly bid fair to set off Port Charles style sparks in whatever dealings they get up to, getting Molly’s book manuscript back. These two crackle around each other! Fun!

    If they’re bringing back old characters, how about the Morgan before the last one? (He had dark straight hair, and was a fantastic actor.)

  2. Buddy Lee says:

    I have been LOVING the Kate/Connie/Costansa, whatever Her name is in that particular scene, storyline very much… Those scenes, where She was hospitalized and began reliving the rape, were nothing short of amazing!!! I know there are some saying that this particular storyline has been dragging out too long, I strongly disagree… On a well-written SOAP like “GH” there are always one or two long-term storylines, along as several shorter story archs, something for ALL of Us to enjoy, and to see it unfold… I also think that Kelly Sullivan replacing the former Actress was brilliant, as Kelly has made this storyline so real and believable, that I forget that She is acting… I would NOT be the least bit surprised to hear Kelly’s name called out from the podium at the next Daytime EMMY Awards ceremony; Yes, I think She is that good!!!

  3. I have watched G.H. since Day 1 back in 1963 and loooooooooove the show..So happy the story lines are Soooooo Awesome!!! Love the characters from OLTL have joined the show and that GH is bringing back old characters! Looking forward to seeing Lucy Coe back on Monday..Look out, Lucy is back in town……..Keep it up GH..Great writing! Look forward to every episode!

  4. I miss Jason…………

  5. brenda says:

    love that
    GH is bringing back some of the former cast…robert is still a handsome guy i think!!! now it looks like lucy may be coming back??
    have been a fan since the beginning!!

  6. paula says:

    I am so thrilled Lynn Herring is returning to GH as Lucy Coe. She is awesome! I hope they keep her on permanently!!!!

  7. Judy I says:

    Can’t wait for Lucy to arrive in town. She is one of the best actresses and keeps everyone wondering what is her next move. Kate/Connie she deserves a EMMY for her double role just amazing.

  8. Helen Baker says:

    I have watched GH since the 90′s, love it and record it every day to watch later. Sonny/Kate/Connie has been fun to watch. Connie’s antics keep me laughing, but I really liked Kate and Sonny together, and want her to emerge as the stronger personality.
    Anna, Duke, and creepy Faison keeps me guessing who the real Duke is.
    Looking forward to Lucy Coe returning for the Nurse’s Ball.
    I don’t think Maxie is “Mother” material to carry Lulu/Dante’s baby, but who knows–the writers may have a surprise in store for us.

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