General Hospital Then And Now

You all know that General Hospital has been around for a very long time and has even garnered a lot of awards. Tagged as one of the longest running American soap operas, General Hospital has become a staple for many television enthusiasts. But as the years pass, there have been a lot of drastic changes that have contributed to the General Hospital that we all know today. Which of these changes make the 2012 General Hospital different from what it was in the 90’s? Read on to find out more about what changed in our beloved General Hospital.

One of the commonalities that the writers have been struggling with since the 90’s is the need to boost the storyline. The story has progressed from mere love stories and adventures to the mob stories that the writers seem to like so much nowadays. Basically, I think that the most drastic change ever done on General Hospital would be the storyline. In the 90’s, social issues like AIDS, alcoholism, organ transplants and rape were put front and center in order to engage the viewers better. Though the storylines were depressing in a sense, the storylines were solid and powerful – traits that the episodes nowadays greatly lack.

Even as I check on other blogs or articles, many also share my thoughts: that the mob storyline that the writers seem to be going for should be toned down. Though the mob storyline gave the show its much-needed boost, it still gets tiring in the end. Since 1996, General Hospital seems to be anchored around this storyline – that’s a decade and a half of the same theme. I think it is time to put an interesting twist to the storyline. Avid viewers, like me, are divided when it comes to what the show’s writers have to offer. It seems like the viewers are getting intrigued and the viewership statistics are on rise once again.

I certainly wish that they could bring back the 90’s feel of the show, especially during the time when social issues were in focus. Just like when Stone died in 1995 due to AIDS and Robin became HIV-positive, a lot of people really sympathized with the both of them. I bet that a lot of people also share the very same problem. Somehow, I know that by tackling these real issues, others will be given a beacon of hope as to how they could tackle their own similar problems. I also feel that the love stories should also be emphasized more instead of the mob. Emphasize on relationships, build them up, stay true to values and character.

What do you think? How has GH changed over the past several decades? For better or worse?



  1. Terri Quick says:

    I believe that General Hospital has definitely moved along with the times which does help keep it a little more realistic. Some of the gangster stuff was completely fake but I suppose you need that in television… But I like it that the most of the storylines move on with the times; such as bi racial relationships… I do wish that the economy would be a focus on the show at some point. It seems as though everyone has a good job and enough money to do whatever they want or the means to get the money. But all in all~ I pray that GH does not go anywhere. I truly miss one life to live!

  2. Barbara says:

    I happen to like the mob storyline I have watched GH over 30 years and once Sonny came the interest factor just went through the roof. What does need to calm down is the parade of characters from other soaps, This is GH not OLTL. Todd and Starr are fine but please NO MORE! Except Ted King but I want him back as Alcazar.

  3. Anna says:

    I believe that General Hospital, once a top rated soap has sadly
    become a pathetic, sorry excuse for a show. Frank.V. & Ron.C.
    have destroyed characters, storylines, and the show itself. The storylines
    today are beyond stupid, not even the witers know where the plot
    starts and where it ends, they’re going around in circles, grasping at straws in order to give their previous OLTL characters storylines-THAT IS THE REASON Steve Burton LEFT! This is the resason General Hospital will be cancelled!

    • SHERI says:

      Steve Burton left GH to move his family to kentucky. He didnt want to raise them in Los angeles. Also from what i heard storyline had NOTHING to do with his departure it was the above AND he had other projects he is involved with and need the time away from GH!

  4. Bettie says:

    I’ve been a GH fan since its inception, and am continuing to enjoy GH. Since one of my favorite characters is Sonny ( if he leaves, I’ll probably stop watching GH), I have no problem with the “mob-related” storylines…as long as Sonny is presented in a multi-dimensional way. His character may be a “criminal”, but he is also a human being, and faces the same quandaries as the rest of us. That’s what makes Sonny so interesting. I believe that Brenda should be brought back again, but this time make sure the writers are well-schooled in just what power the Sonny/Brenda relationship held over the viewers…they were pure magic…they tore-up the screen whenever they merely looked at each other! Get them married to each other again, but this time let them be themselves, and engage in a more mature, and meaningful way…let Sonny be a real father to Brenda’s son…not remain distant like the writers had him do… when Brenda returned the last time. And get Kate/Connie out of the picture…she is a waste of time as a character, and doesn’t portray the supposed “passionate love” she felt for Sonny.
    GH needs to get the Jason character back into the mix…he is central to so many storylines. I’ve suggested Cameron Matheson for the role, if he is available. Whoever thought to bring AJ back should be sent to pasture. He’s the last character we need to see again on GH, since there are more than enough “bad seeds” on the show at the present time.
    Bring Robin back, so Patrich and Emma can have a happy family once again. The Nurse’s Ball would be the perfect time for her to reappear!
    I am especially enjoying the addition of some of my favorite One Life To Live characters (Todd, Starr, Tea, Blair, John McBain) to the GH canvas! What a stupendous idea, and their storylines inter-weave beautifully, with the GH characters. I would just hope that Natalie and Liam could be added to the cast, so the John McBain character would have more to work with. He and Jason and Sonny are really fascinating together, and could do so much more with a strong storyline, that would require them to continue to cooperate with one another.
    I am also enjoying the return of some of my favorite characters from the past. As long as the writers can churn-out enough storylines for everyone, the more the merrier! Perhaps GH could generate enough storylines to require two hours, instead of one hour, of television viewing time…that way some of our favorite characters from All My Children could be incorporated into GH. Who knows what could come of such a merger? It could be a lot of fun!

    • Geri says:

      I agree with you. I love GH. I’m 36yrs old and have watched it since I was born. All My Children and One Life To Live as well. My Grandpa watched AMC and my mom watched OLTL and GH. I remember Robin when she was so little. I think she is about my age actually. Maybe thats why I feel I relate to her so much. She’s almost like a sister bcuz I’ve been watching GH for so long. Every day. My mom records and watches it every night. I think they should put GH Night Shift back on but on TV this time. I watched it on the computer when they played it. I liked it. I would watch that everyday after GH. Robin was on the show. She is the reason I started watching it to begin with. I’ve seen Robin (Kimberly) in other shows on tv or movies or something. She does so good no matter what show she’s on. I can not wait for Robin to come back. With all the rumors of Kimberly leaving, I am crosing my fingers she will be back as Robin. They showed Robin’s pic on Anna’a phone last week, so it’s most likely Kimberly. But either way we need her character. I have always wanted good things with Robin. She is a great person for the show. And the whole AIDS story and her surviving and getting married and having Emma just makes her return even more awesome and a great tearful ending (like the story with Maxi’s heart). I want Robin, Patrick and Emma to reunite and be a family again. Can’t wait till the Nurse’s Ball. Not only for Robin’s return but for the reason that I’ve always wondered if GH would do that again.

  5. Catherine Jydstrup says:

    The mob stories became prominent in the 70′s and early 80′s because there were so many unemployed men at home because of the recession then. They got interested in the shows, but pushed for more ‘action’ in the storyline.

    I do miss some of the adventures they had along the Ice Princess line and Luke and Tracy’s shenanigans later. Actually I sharply miss Luke and Tracy altogether.

    I adore Sonny, but he used to be more emotional-he seems shut-off right now.

    Speaking of Sonny’s emotions, I can’t stand him with Kate/Connie-But I just love her with almost anyone else on the canvas. One caveat to my criticism of the Sonny/Connie story: I am impressed with him for recognizing that if Connie is the original and not the alter, she’s also the girl who fell in love with him when she was 16. I didn’t expect that level of insight from him.

    But Sonny+Kate (as played by the current actress) just doesn’t work for me. Perhaps Tea for Sonny, somehow? I’d like to see Sonny with a loving, restful relationship (like he had with Megan Ward’s Kate).

    This Connie was delightful in her soft moment with Johnny, as well as being devilishly convoluted in her dealings with Todd.

    They could put Coleman, who has me howling every time he’s onscreen, front-and-center ANY old time, again with Megan Ward’s Kate…

    I, too, like the OLTL contingent, especially Todd-what a hoot! Howarth is a genius in this part.

    Ned and Alexis! (Alexis with anyone…but Jerry Jax)

    I’m torn too about the Jason recast. Jason is such a keystone character I’d hate to write him off for long, but Steve is the only real Jason for me. I’m well and truly torn.

    Olivia and her hallucinations are really good and a great plot-mover. Stephen, I’m sorry to say, doesn’t work for me at all. In spite of his legacy status, he seems disconnected from the story and other characters, like he’s always preoccupied.

    I like the new pacing, but I worry it will get a breakneck feel without some variation in the tempo.

  6. Mary says:

    I have watched GH since 1978, and i really enjoyed the storylines when sean and tiffany were on and there was alot of spy stuff ,it does seem to be heading back that way,would love to see sean and tiff back on,especially Lucy Coe,i heard her name mentioned a while back about the nurses ball…will that bring alot of old characters back? I hope so !

  7. Alice Main says:

    Of course they should bring back Robbin and Jason. If Jason doesn’t come back then Sam should go for John. They at least have an attraction to each other. It’s good that they brought back Lucy Coe and the nurse’s ball.

  8. diana bowser says:

    get rid of Kate and find a real women for poor Sonny. recast a Jason, I think it is important for Sam to have a her man and child. and please please bring back Robin. i don’t like this Duke guy – I can’t wait for Anna to tear off his face. let LuLu and Dante be happy w/a baby and most of all just please please bring back Robin. I don’t like that Jason is gone, but we should understand that he wants to do other things, like be with his own family but GH will never be the same w/o him. just recast so Sam and Danny have a daddy. Let Michael and Starr be happy , someone needs to be happy – I can’t think of anyone who is. but i will not miss a show. since they took away AMC and OLTL were taken from us (fans) GH is all i live for. cheers to all :)

  9. sherry says:


  10. I want Jason and Robin back and get rid of AJ AND FASON

    • Maggie says:

      I would like Jason to stay dead. I know this is not a popular view but I hated the
      lack of chemistry between him and Sam. Maybe it’s just Sam’s lack of
      acting she has no chemistry with anyone on the show. She and John McBain and
      baby Danny should move to LanView when that show returns.
      I got tired of the Mob stuff especially Mob Princess reality show crap. The new
      Kristina does not even remember she wanted to work in the fashion industry.
      The actress that plays Kristina may just be wrong or the writing is just off but I have no feelings for her and Trey. I know there are budget cuts to be made but Trey could really act and it made me care somewhat for the Kristina character. Now there is no where to go but down.
      I love AJ coming back on the show. I think AJ should be written as a good guy now. I honestly think he cares about Michael and love that Sonny and Carley are being stomped on after all their high and might crap about keeping the children safe!! Michael was shot in the head! Carley and AJ should get together that would be a story everyone would love to hate!!


  12. Dee says:

    It is the suspense and intrigue that keeps me watching GH. I understand that some people want more social issues like the 90′s but not me. I like to be entertained. Social issues are everywhere, news, special interviews, newspaper, radio and television shows. I want to be entertained and GH has kept my interest. However, AJ is not one I care for. For awhile there he had a crazed look in his eyes. No offense, but I fast forward past his part. Even though I didn’t watch OLTL, I do like the addition of talent they have brought to GH. Mob story, Casidines and intrigue keep this show going. I wish Sonny could get his lawyer back, get rid of Kate (her acting is good, story line is just worn out) and add a little more humor as well.

  13. Leslie says:

    Please, please don’t bring Brenda back!!! She’s a terrible actress and drove me crazy wearing sleeves that were 6 inches too long! Get rid of Connie/Kate, that’s been overdone. And stop bringing on OLTL characters! For those of us who did not watch that show, they do not add anything at all to GH. The detract from the beloved characters that are underused as it is, like Mac, Felicia, etc. Please recast Christina (where did you find her??)

  14. Ruth says:

    I will be glad when the 5th anniversary stuff is past so we can all see what we have left. The characters from OLTL will move to the new shows on the internet……wish we know when to expect that and how to access it once it is in motion…..I’m getting so confused about all this stuff it is boggling my mind. Wish I had a simple reference and way to find out what is true and what isn’t. I love all 3 soaps……OLTL and AMC and GH…..Dang, Why can’t it all be a simple path to follow instead of all uncertainty and the dramatics all the time

  15. Dee Curtis says:

    I have been watching GH since 1964, With Jessie, Alan, Monica, Steve Hardy, etc. I have always enjoyed the show. I do Miss Jason, and agree he should be replaced with Cameron as a side kick to Sonny. Sonny should have a real love as should Carla. Keep up the good work.

  16. Kim says:

    I have loved this show seems like forever.
    I really think Olivia and Sonny belong together because
    She is the only one who accepts him and his lifestyle and isn’t afraid to put him in his place when needed. Plus they have a past together along with son Dante.
    I like the story line about Kiki and how she is not really cousins with Michael…makes it very interesting.
    Not sure about this Franco/Jason story yet …I guess we’ll see where that goes.
    Love the Maxie and spinel I drama and also Brit and Sabrina pregnancy saga.
    Thanks for the entertainment GH!

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