1. Tiffany B>E.S. Wiley says:

    Ok so first off , the new Morgan is a cutie !!! Olivia and Sonny ? Umm, I think she still needs to get over Steve. The whole Dante and Lulu .. memory lost .. was cool at the beginning . Carly and AJ … PRICELESS!!! LOL . I think Liz and Aj would be a great couple together but they are ganna have to fight to be together . Due in part bc Nickolas has just admitted his LOVE for her . Britt being pregnant with Patrick’s kid . This what I think , her crazy mommy implanted her with one of the embroys (spelling) from Dante and Lule or she did get PREGnant . Regardless, I cant wait to see her get what is coming to her!! Felix .. BY FAR THE BEST add ONTO GH in a HOT MINUTE !!! Writers please find him LOVE !! I can tell this summer on GH is ganna be SO STEAMY AND HOT !! Oh and Luke telling Laura ..hmm this is ganna work WOW .. now he needs to go back to Tracy !! Where is this Laurne Frank .. I think I know who she is … I am just ganna say it .. Kristen Alderson . Then again the chemistry that her and Michael aka Chad Duell have on the screen is BLAZING . I want more Empathy . I love Laura Wright’s new hairdo .. u go girl !! The triangle btw Rafe, Tj, and Molly . Molly is a teenager having to deal with a very protective boyfriend.. TJ but I didnt like how he set up Rafe to meet him . DUH Tj .. if u keep on giving her grief about dude then she is just ganna want to be with him more . Oh and can a new Lucky or an old Luck come back to the show ?
    Loyal Fan
    Peace Love Happiness

    • Tina says:

      I think AJ deserves a break as well..Elizabeth on the other hand..makes me sick to my stomach. Not a fan of hers never have been and if they put her with Nikolas I am done with the show. Bad enough we lost Jason then we lost Lulu. The new Lulu is horrible..can’t stand her either. Bringing McBain back as yet another character..ridiculous. I like the guy a lot but how many times can they bring him back as someone else?? Stupid writing in my opinion. Love Michael and loved him with Star, bringing her back as Kiki or whatever her new name is..crazy too. Who is Todd suppose to be now?? I just think the writers have lost their touch and need to get back to reality. The show has gone down hill since Jason left and I watch it maybe twice a week if I can tolerate the episode that day. The crazy chic Brit…needs to go, Robin needs to come back permanently even though I really like Sabrina. A new Lucky or even an old one needs to resurface..btw where did Ethan go?? I saw a couple of episodes with him and then nothing. I thought he was GREAT but then again…everyone that is great LEAVES and we are stuck with new people who suck. They need to leave dante and lulu alone although with this new lulu I could care LESS if they stay together now or not.

  2. Tammy says:

    I know this may not be a popular post, but……Let’s give A.J. a break and let him win for a change. Basically the only major screw up he’s made since he’s been back is having sex with Carly. He and Elizabeth both need a break. Just saying….

  3. james frederick says:

    luke and laura belongs together let them get together then leave to paris

  4. Ginny Capotosto says:

    I am truly upset that Julie Berman was replaced as “Lulu”. I don’t like the new actress she does work with “Dante” at all.

    • Holly says:

      I agree

    • suzanne fortushniok says:

      I also agree bring back the old lulu. as far as the new morgan, Hate him! dont buy him as morgan at all! I hope everyone is right about the britch being pg. with dante and lulus’ baby, spinelli and maxi need a do over!


    • Suzanne says:

      Julie Berman LEFT the new Lulu is doing a great job!!! GH did not want Julie to leave they recasted the character

  5. Debbie says:

    first let me get this off my chest, I can’t believe that GH is advertising on The Chew. That show is why ABC Cancel All My Children and One Life To Live has everybody forgot that. second if you put Luke and Laura back together and send them off to Paris we lose another fine actor in Anthony Geary. Third the original Lulu up and left, maybe they could get somebody else to do the part. forth Why not Sonny and Olivia they both been hurt and keep losing at love apart so maybe this will work I say yeah. The Britt story is ridiculous get rid of her the story line is just like Lisa Niles the only different is instead of Robin be tormented it is Sabina. As for Kristina Alderson I hope they bring her back as love instead for Michael he needs to be happy. And last if they were killing of Todd Manning character On One Life to Live why didn’t just keep him alive and let go to GH. That would be to easy.

    • suzanne fortushniok says:

      I agree,I never thought I would say it but, love todd on gh. so now who the heck is he? he better not be an old caracter, I dont know if I can accept it. well see today, I hope.

    • Eva says:

      I felt the same way! These writter’s have gotto go!

    • Suzanne says:

      If Alderson;s character is Lauren Frank SHE is Michaels cousin! Kissin cousin? I do not think so!!!

  6. vicki says:

    no i think luke and laura should not be together what they had is over. move on, also let AJ be the man of ELQ love AJ so cute, and please bring back lulu

  7. Sandra Finney says:

    Please bring back Robin and Lulu,these new actresses doesn’t fit the part?!! Also,when are you all going to bring Jason back,soo ready for that to happen.I vote Sonny and Carly and Luke and Laura to get back together

  8. Kelli says:

    Please no Liz & Nik! Give Lulu her memory back & stop this AJ & Tracy feud!!

    • Suzanne says:

      LOVE Liz and Nic Tyler Christopher is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who misses Burton…we got Tyler back!!!!!

  9. darlene says:

    i think luke and laura need to move on with their lives. Dante and Lulu need to work it out, they need to find a NEW love for sonny, and olivia, and kate. I like the idea ob Star Manning being Lauren Frank but unless the writers are very creative, i dont know how this would work. Blaire and Todd had her, the story would have to fit for those of us that know the story. I like Sabrina and Patrick together. One great twist would be if brit were actually pregnant with Patricks baby only the twist would be she was atificially inseminated with her mom doing the proceedure and the egg is Robins. the mom has already said that after brits bombshell that she was pregnant, she still had a life changing piece of info for patrick. It would fit. Maxie and spinelli are star crossed lovers who love each other but dont fit together and should stay that way for awhile. They are much more interesting that way. Find Maxie a new guy. Carly needs to be with Roger H. on his return. Sam needs to get with the new guy from OLTL. Love them together. I dont really like the new Morgan. But and saving my opinion to see how he works out.

  10. Jeri Torrance says:

    I love Sabrina and Felix, and hate the Britch. I have watched the show for 38 years, and I have never fast forwarded through any thing, but thank goodness for my DVR now, because I am tired of the Britch.

  11. maria says:

    Please bring Steve Burton back as jason and bring back lulu ur killing GH AS WE KNOW IT AND WE MISS THE GH WE ALL LOVE ..

  12. Samantha says:

    I think that Elizabeth should go back to Nicolas and have all the love that she deserves and that jason would come back to and that Molly and raf would get together

  13. Christine Robinson says:

    I’m really not liking this Morgan kid already. Also, I think that Nicolas is better suited for Liz than A.J. in fact I hope Liz finds out about A.J.’s fling with Carly behind her back. Then there’s the finding out about what role the old Todd Manning is playing that involves his being behind the relish sabotage.

  14. zesdorn says:

    I feel bad for Sabrina when Robin finaly comes back! :-( How about Patrick’s daughter?…She must be sooo confused!…Poor child :-(

  15. Kathi says:

    where is the live chat??

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