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general hospital

‘General Hospital”

Through the years there have been many twists and turns in the lives of the characters on the hit daytime drama “General Hospital”. Many fans will remember most of these facts and bits of trivia. Some newer fans may learn something , how much about the show do you remember?

“General Hospital” originally was going to be called “Emergency Hospital”

The first episode of “General Hospital” was aired on April 1, 1963

The show started as 30 minutes, went on to 45 minutes and finally to 1 hour

General Hospital was located in Port Charles in New York State.  Its zip code (fictitious) was 16543

The University of Southern California Medical Center is used for the exterior of General Hospital

Rachael Ames’  father, Bryan Fougler, was the minister at Audrey March and Steve Hardy’s first marriage

When she was three Christine Cahill played Rachael Ames’ son Tommy.  Christine was really Rachael’s daughter.

When Anna Devane married Duke Lavery the brooch she wore on her wedding dress belonged to Ian Buchanan’s grandmother

In November 1981 the wedding of Laura and Luke drew almost 30 million viewers. As of 2010 it’s still the highest rated hour ever for American soap operas

Elizabeth Taylor’s scenes from the wedding of Laura and Luke were edited in.  She was never on the set during the wedding.

John Ingle first appeared in the show as a Police Commissioner years before his portrayal as Edward Quartermaine

Anna Lee was given a crash helmet as a joke after she ran over Stuart Damon’s feet with her motorized wheelchair

Emma Samms was playing a role in both “Dynasty” and “General Hospital“.   She could not decide which show she wanted to do. She would dye her hair back to brown for one show after dying it red for the other. Finally she decided to go with the “Dynasty” role.

In 1982 Demi Moore got her start playing Jackie Templeton on “General Hospital“.  Demi was 19 years old at the time

In October 1993 Laura and Luke Spencer returned to the show

On April 17, 2002 the show celebrated its 10,000 episode

TV Guide named “General Hospital” the “Great Soap Opera of All Time’ in 2003

The program was listed as one of Time magazine’s “100 Best TV Shows of All-Time in 2007

“General Hospital” started broadcasting in high definition in April 2009

The 12,000 episode of the series aired on February 23, 2010

In September 2010 “General Hospital” became the oldest American soap opera when “As The World Turns” ended

The show is included in the  Guinness Book of World Records as the longest running American soap opera currently in production

It has won the most Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Drama series with 11 awards

“General Hospital” helped launch the singing career of fan Rick Springfield

Other famous  fans of “General Hospital” are said to be Wayne Gretzky and his wife, Kristi Leskinen, famous skier, Jason Gray-Stanford, actor, Billy Currington, singer, Elizabeth Taylor, actress and Mike Metzger, driver.


  1. bobbie mabe says:

    i remember my mom watching GENERAL HOSPITOL when i was just a little kid and all through my teenage years who would have know then but i became a GENERAL HOSPITOL fan,i have been watching it for over 40 yrs now from when it was still in black n white at a 1/2 long to when it became a hour long and in color and i still watch it now,i love all the characters but have to say that JASON and SAM and SONNY are my favorites.i love my G.H. and hope it stays on for many more years because even my daughters and my husband love it,who doesn’t love GENERAL HOSPITOL.

  2. I love Gh. I am happy they brought some of the characters from One Life to Live. love, John McBain. I wish they would have brought Natalie to Gh. If they don’t I would like to see John with Sam.

  3. linda says:

    Luck and Laura,Frisco and Felischa,Duke and Anna , Jason and Sam and Sonny and Carly….I CANT STAND LULU AND LIZ…AND i HAVE BENN WATCHING SINCE 1975 :) LOVE MY GH

  4. Marsha says:

    Thnx for bringing Kirsten Storm back. She looks a little different, like she had some work done, but she is the best for the role. We need to end Heather Weber’s role, after the baby is returned. Love John and Starr being there.

  5. Jean says:

    I love that Roger Howarth is on General Hospital. I love the role he is playing and love that he is interacting with Sonny, Luke and Spinelli. I watched him interacting with Tracey and the both of them made me laugh so hard. They should do more scenes together. I Love General Hospital.

  6. I love GH. I agree Heather needs to leave. Although it was good to see her after all these years. I loved the karma between Anna & Luke. I love how Tracy & Monica get into it.

  7. Peggy says:

    Started watching in 65 with my Mom as a small child I remember Steve and Audrey, Jessie, as a teen watching Luke and Laura. I got my husband hooked on it when he worked nights lol. My daughters and now my grandson comes over and wants to watch the weeks episodes I DVR he is nine and says let’s watch that crazy hospital show he loves Sam. GH has been a part of our lives we laugh and cry with the characters. Going to miss me some Steve Burton. Hope it stays on forever. :)

  8. Margaret says:

    I love G/H. I have been watching on and off for about 40 years. I hate to see Jason go, now that they have their back. I am glad to see Star and Michael together. The crew and writers are all very talented, Keep up the good work.

  9. karen davidson says:

    I miss Jason !!!

  10. Laneta says:

    Thinking like that is really impsrseive

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