General Hospital 3 Characters We Loved to Hate

frank smith

“Frank Smith”

As the longest-running soap opera that is still under production, General Hospital has been drawing viewers since 1963. In a span of nearly fifty years, there have been plenty of villains that fans have loved to hate but some of them take the cake as being considered the most memorable.

If you’re a true General Hospital enthusiast, you’ll recognize the names immediately and be ready to give the characters a good slap or kick in the pants, whichever seems most appropriate!

Topping the list of General Hospital’s most notorious would have to be Frank Smith, the crime mobster who terrorized fan favorites, Luke and Laura. Frank headed the underworld element of Port Charles and Luke did money laundering services on his behalf. Smith’s intent was to draw Luke deeper into the web of the mob scene with murder and Laura overheard sensitive information that drew death threats in her direction. After a series of unfortunate mishaps, Laura helped Luke and they went on the run, a storyline that was a major, long-running component of the show. Thank you, Frank! Eventually, Luke would kill Smith in a fight to the death.

Trailing in at a close second would have to be Damian Smith. Guilt by association would definitely be one of his major crimes as Frank Smith’s son. It would only make sense that Damian followed in his old man’s footsteps. He made his first move in the wrong direction when he seduced Bobbie Spencer, destroying her marriage in the process. Throw in the fine art of blackmail and plans to bring in a toxic waste incinerator and we have ourselves a real winner. Don’t forget more affairs, vengeance and an attempt at burning down the house around Laura Spencer and her children. Smith was supposedly left for dead after being clunked on the head by Justus Ward. Proof of his death remains to be seen and we all know how it works in soaps. A miraculous revival could occur at any time, bringing back Damian for more dirty deeds.

While there were many other villains during General Hospital’s long run, one can never forget Ryan Chamberlain, a foul fellow that was made even spicier because he had a good twin, Dr. Kevin Collins. Confusions and mishaps surrounding the two were common. The character began his run as Todd Wilson on the soap by committing a murder which was witnessed by another fan favorite, Felicia Jones. Unable to process such a terrible sight, she was struck by amnesia. When Wilson came to Port Charles, he changed his name to Ryan Chamberlain, began to date Felicia and stuck to her like glue to reassure himself she wouldn’t rat him out. He even gave her a memory-loss drink to reassure himself. However, as he was about to propose to her, her memory was conveniently restored and she tried to kill him. Felicia was locked up in prison for stabbing him and eventually he admitted to murdering his mother, proving how very bad he was. He later beat Audrey Hardy, mistaking her for his mother, and was locked up for insanity, only to escape. He murdered an occupational therapist to get out, pretended to be Kevin Collins and kidnapped Felicia’s baby. A group effort brought down his death as he was consumed by fire.


  1. linda castellano says:

    Jason belongs with Sam they have a true love . Elizabeth seems to be in everyones business but her own. And sleeps with anyone who looks at her. Jake is dead because of her negligence, her falling around with Nicolas and not knowing her sons father was . If you want us to keep watching General keep Sam with Jason or I’m done and my fellow works as well.

    • im with linda castellano.. Jason and Sam belong together. Elizabeth needs to stay away from Jason , sure she can find someone else, shes good at sleeping around..
      And yes, if you want GH fans to keep watching, i suggest you keep Jason and Sam together…

  2. Donna LaPoint says:

    Sam needs to find her baby, maybe even with Jason. they truely are in love and need to stay together….Maybe finding the baby will bring them back together. John and Elizabeth have their own things to worry about…Hope things stay exciting , Iv’e been a fan for over 30 years, I’d hate for this show to be cancelled too…

  3. grace posa says:

    sam and jason togeather need to find their baby…. first of all i dont think it was the right thing to do and to let it go on this long…. jason and sam needs to know that it was his baby.. its about time that they are happy at last they love each other so much let them be happy and in love…. i also been a fan for ovef 30 years, i would hate not to watch anymore….joh macbain should fine some one else like elizabeth….leave them alone……

  4. Toure Cannon says:

    JaSam does need to stay together, but for now they split up, until they get news on finding out that their son is alive! That sick twat Heather is going to get it! Now that her son Steven knows all of her dirty deeds: WAIT A MINUTE! When he finds out that she switched a dead baby What In The Hell! With a living one he’s going to be SUPER PISSED OFF! John needs to work things out With Natalie by explaining himself and being truthful & not leaving anything out. I still feel THE POWERS THAT BE ON OUR FAVOR ARE GOING TO HAVE OUR BELOVED OLTL BACK ON ABC! We need to know why Allison Perkins has a very much alive Victor hostage & is Vicki going to marry Clint after she said yes.

  5. LaTanya says:

    It’s funny how people say Elizabeth sleeps with everyone when she and Sam both have had five partners. Actually three of the guys is the same Jason, Rick and Lucky while Elizabeth also was with Zander and Nicholas then Sam also had Sonny and Jax. So if one is considered a slut then both should be!

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