Game Of Thrones Season Three Early Preview

Game Of Thrones

“Game of Thrones”

Game of Thrones, the fantasy epic that has taken the viewing public by storm is set to begin its third season on March 31st, 2013. Without revealing any spoilers from the book, it’s safe to say that fans have plenty to look forward to as events in Westeros and beyond continue to heat up. Heroes and villains from the major families have been scattered and thrown together, but the conclusion of the last season made it clear that their political machinations pale in comparison to the threat marching from the North.

House Stark
The primary protagonists of the series, the Stark family is still reeling from the death of Eddard Stark and struggling to reunite. Robb, now crowned as the King in the North, leads a successful war against the Lannisters and will soon have to face the consequences of a broken marriage vow. Following the sack of Winterfell by the treacherous Theon Greyjoy, Bran and Rickon flee into the safety of the wilderness with Osha, Hodor and their direwolves. Sansa has been released from her obligation to marry King Joffrey, but her position is more precarious than ever and her sister, Arya, now travels the countryside in search of both her family and revenge.

House Lannister
The Lannisters are only marginally better off than their Stark opponents. Although Joffrey sits on the throne, guarded by his mother Cersei, he was only saved from the forces of Stannis Baratheon by the timely intervention of his grandfather. Lord Tywin is losing the war against Robb but has recently secured several powerful new allies. His son Jaime is finally free of the Starks and on his way home under the guard of Brienne of Tarth. Meanwhile, Tyrion is recovering from a grievous wound inflicted by his own nephew’s servant. Surrounded by enemies and more disfigured than ever before, the dwarf will need all of his considerable brainpower to survive the coming months.

House Targaryen
Far from the squabbles of the Seven Kingdoms, Daenerys Targaryen escaped the city of Qarth with her dragons intact and a valuable lesson learned. She still lacks the funding and men needed to reclaim her rightful place on the Iron Throne, and so heads to the city of Pentos, where she had wealthy friends as a child. She intends to purchase for herself an army of slaves and mercenaries, even if it comes at a terrible price.

An Approaching Menace
Westeros is plagued by five different kings asserting their right to a throne, but that division could not come at a worse time. As the Starks say, winter is coming, and it looks to be long and dangerous. An army of wildlings under the leadership of Mance Rayder are heading toward the Wall, running from a legend that has crept out of the ancient stories and into cold reality. Eddard Stark’s bastard son Jon Snow and the rest of the Night’s Watch are the only men standing between the White Walkers, the wildlings and the Kingdom.

With so many threads splitting apart and twisting together, Game of Thrones is a daunting show to get into. And yet, as its unparalleled fan enthusiasm attests, it is well worth making the effort. The beautiful settings, deep characters and action-packed plot-lines combine to make this show the best hour on television.


  1. marydd1959 says:

    Love the books and love the show….cannot wait until March 31st.

  2. Tina Holmes says:

    It would be SO nice to watch these during the winter months starting in January…Spring is such a busy time (March,April) I have to record and then I forget and wind up watching them all at once after the series ends.
    I cannot wait…Love this show.

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