Funny Firefly Moments

While brief, Firefly did have its funny moments, funniness which comes from the many lines which can be quoted over and over (such as weird and unexpected expressions to stating the obvious). But which of these scenes/quotes are the funniest ones?

In War Stories, there is a scene in which Zoe prevents the crew for helping Mal overcome his torturer. The reason? This is something the captain has to do for himself. However, overwhelmed by his situation, Mal yells, No! No, it’s not!, to which the crew responds and opens fire.

In a way, the captain has to deal with particular situations by himself, as the cliché would demand it. However, this is Firefly and, if you can, you will always give a twist to anything that was seen before in other series of movies.

Another funny moment (or rather very funny episode) is Jaynestown, in which Mal and his crew try to do some contraband. I’ll go beyond the folk song that praises Jayne, and even beyond the fact that River is trying to fix the Bible, and head straight to the line, You’re like a trained ape. *Without* the training.

A reference (if you will) from Guardians of the Galaxy can be found in this episode, when Mal says that this here’s all part of our new plan, but when asked how he says that he hasn’t figured out the details (yeah, I know, it’s a long shot, but it is pretty similar to the 12% of a plan from the Guardians).

However, probably the best quote/scene from the entire short-lived series is the one that introduces Wash, a scene in which the character is presented in his, well, entire glory. Playing with his dinosaur toys, Wash is just like a little kid who has too much on his hands.

However, when the time calls for it, he can be the man to get the job done. A best quote for him? Well, ah, curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal! If it sounds funny, then it is – however, it also speaks about knowing something until the point when you realize that, in fact, nothing was known before.

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