Forget Saying No to Drugs, Brady….Just Say No to Women

It seems Brady doesn’t have a preference for a specific type of woman, just as long as she’s a warm body in his bed, then he’s all the happier for it. Starting with Chloe Lane, who he subsequently married and divorced, this relationship went from good to bad, as suddenly Brady went from good guy to drug addict overnight. Could it be that he couldn’t handle the idea of marriage? Or could it be that he was jealous of the friendship between Philip, his uncle, and his own wife? Hard to say. What I will say, however, is that I’m glad that relationship has been nipped in the bud and now the two are just friends.

And then, there was Nicole Walker. By this point, I scratch my head thinking, “Brady, if Chloe wasn’t the right woman for you, what in God’s name do you think will make Nicole the one?” What makes me hate Nicole so much is the fact that she just buts in on EVERYONE and tries to get things to go her way, as in the case of Brady and Arianna.

Now, with Arianna Hernandez appearing in Salem, I must admit, I fell HARD for this pairing. Maybe it was because the actors had been an on screen couple on the former soap opera, Passions (which is my all-time favorite show), but man, I LOVED these two together. The chemistry between them both in and out of the bedroom was enough to keep me rooting for them….until of course, Nicole buts in and causes drama just to win Brady back. Nicole, take note, drama follows you no matter who you’re with. Sometimes, it’s just better to be friends than lovers.

When Madison came into the picture, I was skeptical at first, but then I grew to like these two together. I had even hoped it would work out in the end…until I slapped myself silly and told myself “It’s a soap opera, no one ever gets a happy ending” And true to fact, Madison and Brady never got their happy ending as she was killed, leaving behind a devastated Brady.

So, what does a man who has gone through at least four women, a drug addiction, and loneliness do next? Why, sleep with his father’s ex, of course! Pairing Brady and Kristen together…ugh, bad bad move. Does Brady realize that Kristen is just using him to shake up John’s nerves? Sure, the mattress shaking may be fun, but come on, Brady, and wise up to your bed mate. Marlena is skeptical, as I admit she should be, for I don’t even buy Kristen’s “changed for the better” mantra. Let’s hope that Brady is onto Kristen’s game, and stops this madness before it goes any further….


  1. Simone William says:

    uuugh! ikr? this is just pure madness kristen n brady!?!?

  2. Irish says:

    Your website has to be the elctnroeic Swiss army knife for this topic.


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