Firefly Online

This year’s New York Comic Con has brought quite a few surprises for all the Firefly fans. While the series will surely remain just a one season hit, that doesn’t mean that the universe it described can’t be expanded any further.

So, as said, this year has brought the announcement that the cast of Firefly will be reunited once again, but this time for voiceover work in the new Firefly Online, which will be a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) where the player can assume the role of the captain.

There are 14 interviews with the cast of the original series (including in here Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin), as well as with newcomers (to the Firefly universe at least) Michael Dorn (Worf from Star Trek: Next Generation) and Kelly Hu (China White in Arrow, or Lady Deathstrike in X2).

As the stars of the original series said, this was the longest time they spent together talking about the show and the characters since the abrupt ending from 2003. Morena Baccarin, during her interview, says that she was excited to work with Joss Whedon, whom she knew to write female characters very well.

The actress, who played Inara Serra in the series, said that her favorite episodes were Shindig (because she played a princess) and Heart of Gold. She continued her interview by talking about Inara’s relationship with Mal, saying that it would have went back and forth like it did in the first season no matter how much the show would have been continued.

All the interviews will be available to the players when the game is released.

The Firefly Online game is set for release in the early spring of 2015. However, any fan can sign in The Cortex, which is an application that lets the player manage an account no matter where he/she is (and by managing I mean also selling goods – whether they were attained rightfully or not).  As the homepage says, signing in is completely free of charge.

So are you ready for the adventure to begin? There are only 5 months until it all starts!

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